[DNS] Licence Period

[DNS] Licence Period

From: David Jones <dj_david_jones§yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 05:07:08 +0100 (BST)
--- Bennett Oprysa <bennett&#167;enetica.com.au> wrote:

>  If someone
> were to register your 
> expired domain in the hope of making money from your
> brand/company name, 
> they would be in breach of the domain rules. Unless
> your domain is a 
> generic product or service, it would also not likey
> make money for a 
> monetiser.

I can't see how any of the following for example would
be protected by the policy.

eg. seek.com.au or abc.com.au or wishlist.com.au or
ipaustralia.com.au etc etc

We all have a right to register them we just have to
make sure we don't infringe on their trademarks. For
example I could register seek.com.au and launch a
search engine as long as I don't offer employment then
I don't infringe on their mark. 

> > Enetica is now monitoring dropped names
> We've been doing it for 3 and a half years actually.
> We're just ramping 
> up the level and range of monitoring.
> > I presume these are only those registered through
> enetica
> No, it's all domains.

Now that is an interesting fact. What other
information are registrars able to get their hands on.
I thought the whois info was not available to
registrars in full and that you could only monitor
domains by availability.


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