[DNS] the future of .info.au and .conf.au 2lds?

[DNS] the future of .info.au and .conf.au 2lds?

From: Lea de Groot <dotau.org§elysiansystems.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 22:45:41 +1000
Jon Lawrence wrote:
> Price and cost are not the same thing.

OK, I exaggerated with the '$0' crack,. but lets call it a rounding 
error, shall we?
my math goes like this:
Original cost for domain: $4.95 (per http://www.whatsinaname.com.au/ )
Final cost to 'public': $550
Original cost as percentage of Final cost: 0.9%

OK, so you could argue I should have rounded up to 1%, but thats my call 
- I rounded down.
Cost, effectively zero.

Damn, I let you draw me into it... :(

Lea de Groot
Elysian Systems
Brisbane, Australia
Received on Fri Aug 18 2006 - 12:45:41 UTC

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