[DNS] domain name news - 17 August

[DNS] domain name news - 17 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 22:22:03 +1000 (EST)
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Internet governance ? growing issue for InternetNZ

United States Department of Commerce Executes Contract
for Technical Management of the Internet with ICANN
(news release)

Internet could suffer more DNS ?brown-outs?

au: auDA in new domain stoush

nz: Warning Of Illegal Domain Name Mail Out    

ax: The Aland Islands Country Code Top-Level Domain
.Ax Goes Live

Internet governance ? growing issue for InternetNZ
The question of internet governance in New Zealand is
an increasing issue within InternetNZ, with a
discussion document on relations with the government
due to be placed before the next meeting of the
society?s council later this month.

United States Department of Commerce Executes Contract
for Technical Management of the Internet with ICANN
(news release)
The United States Department of Commerce has executed
a new contract with ICANN to continue to perform the
IANA function.

Internet could suffer more DNS ?brown-outs? (free for
limited time)
Internet users in the US and potentially elsewhere
face the prospect of slower Web page access and
frustrating ?broken? page links and outages unless
leading internet service providers invest more in
their DNS (Domain Name Server) infrastructure, Paul
Mockapetris, the inventor of the DNS system has

au: Domain name wars not yet over in Australia
While Australia never suffered the extreme examples of
Internet domain mania seen in the US, it seems many
local registrars are still prepared to go to extreme
lengths to secure desirable domains.

au: auDA in new domain stoush
AUSTRALIA'S peak internet name authority auDA has
marched into another regulatory stoush with another
business linked to bankrupt former domain registrar
operator Chesley Rafferty.

au: Linux conference domain faces uncertain future
A proposed review of little-used second-level domains
by auDA has left a cloud hanging over the domain for
Australia's biggest Linux conference.

nz: Warning Of Illegal Domain Name Mail Out    
The Commerce Commission is warning about a mass
mail-out asking people to pay hundreds of dollars for
a website address.

US govt awards internet domain contract to ICANN (sub

nl: SIDN registers 2 millionth .nl name (sub req'd)
The Dutch foundation for domain name registration SIDN
registered on 10 August the 2 millionth .nl name.

ru: Number of Russian domain names up 24% in H1
The number of domain names registered in the .ru zone
(www.name.ru) increased 24.13% year-on-year in the
first half of 2006 to 554,519 since 2005, the company
Ru-Center, the largest registrar of Russian domain
names, said in a report.

ax: The Aland Islands Country Code Top-Level Domain
.Ax Goes Live
Today the Aland Islands ccTLD became operational. The
Aland Islands is an autonomous administrative province
of Finland and has up until now been using aland.fi,
which is part of the Finnish ccTLD .fi.

Dotmobi gains support of brands
More than 4,000 companies, including big names such as
the BBC, BSkyB, Virgin, Marks & Spencer and Nike
registered '.mobi' sites within the first two hours of
the new mobile top-level domain's (mTLD) early
registration period last month.

uk: Master of your domain (free for short period)
Damien Hirst is the latest celebrity to find that
someone else has a site bearing his name. It's a
lesson for us all - if you want your own web address,
snap it up while you can. Danny Bradbury explains how

New .travel Search Portal Makes World Debut
Consumers now have a quick and easy way to find
information about legitimate travel and tourism
suppliers online with the introduction of .travel?s
new vertical search portal, www.search.travel.

us: Web is no bottomless pit for dot.com name seekers
The hundred or so members of the secretive young
Pittsburgh up-and-comers club "Forge & Flask" had
hoped to launch GoBobGo.com, a Web site showing their
support for Mayor Bob O'Connor during his illness.
Only GoBobGo.com wasn't available. It was already
registered to someone else, in Florida, who after four
years had yet to launch the Web site.

us: Federal jury in LA says public owns Malibu Pier
A businessman who used the name Malibu Pier for his
Web sites and a clothing line has been told to take a
long walk.

us: Fifth Third loses Web dispute
The legal battle pitted Fifth Third against 5th3rd.
Fifth Third Bancorp, the $106 billion Cincinnati bank
holding company, tried to shut down 5th3rd.com, a Web
site owned by a part-time rock guitarist in Muncie,
Ind. It accused the owner, J Hopkins, of using the
name in bad faith and causing confusion for bank

us: Buyer beware: Domain name not included
When Carole Fischler purchased architectural document
services firm Redmond Plan Center in April, she
thought she acquired a Web site along with the
company. So she was surprised to find that the content
on the site was taken down in May, soon replaced with
a simple page linking to a competitor's Web address.

Internet domain names as marks
Can an Internet domain name function as and be
registered as a trademark? An Internet domain name can
be registered as a trade-mark if it can make
con-sumers identify and distinguish the goods or
services of one manufacturer or provider from those
offered by others. For it to be registered as a
trademark, it should allow the consumers to identify
the source of the goods or services.

Wiki Is as Wiki Does
Domain name speculator John Gotts set off a wave of
online speculation three weeks ago when he agreed to
buy the Wiki.com website for $2.8 million. Now the
guessing is ended, to no great surprise, with the
unveiling of a website for creating -- wait for it --

Communicate.com Closes $500,000 Domain Name Deal
Communicate.com Inc. announced it has sold the domain
name wrestling.com for US$500,000 in a private

Vietnam offers top domain name on Internet
All companies are free to register Vietnam top domain
names, .vn, from August 15.

Master Domain of Your; Damien Hirst is the Latest
Celebrity to Find That Someone Else Has a Site Bearing
His Name. It's a Lesson for Us All - If You Want Your
Own Web Address, Snap It Up While You Can. Danny
Bradbury Explains How
Topay a visit to the online version of The
Independent, you'll probably type in www.
independent.co.uk - into your browser. But did you
know that you could get there by typing the number instead? That's because all web addresses
are really a series of numbers. The words we attach to
them - called domain names - are just there to make it
easier for people to remember.

au: ISPs should block child porn - survey
CHILD welfare advocates say ISPs should block child
pornography at the server level. A survey commissioned
by Child Wise reveals 83 per cent of Australians
believe ISPs should shoulder the responsibility of
blocking access to internet child porn regardless of
customer choice.

au: Australians Not Confident In Blocking Porn
The majority of Australians believe that their home
software Internet filters are not effective in
blocking child pornography, according to a new survey.

Thousands of Australian secondary students will become
empowered in safe websurfing following the launch of
CyberNetrix, the newest Internet-safety program
available through Australia?s Internet safety advisory
body, NetAlert.

nz: Email exchange amounted to contract, court rules
Tempus Fugit, maker of the Opus One payroll
application, has lost an appeal to the High Court
regarding whether an exchange of emails with a
reseller, Team Progress, amounted to a contract.

Why Google is right to rebuke brand abuse
Opinion: Google has been accused of lacking a sense of
humour after setting its brand police on publishers
who used its name as a verb. But the company has to
protect its name.

Apple lays legal claim to the word ?Pod?
Apple has laid legal claim to the word ?Pod,? arguing
that other companies that use the word as part of
their product names risk infringing the trademark of
its popular iPod music player.

au: MySpace.com comes to Australia
SOCIAL website phenomenon MySpace has landed in
Australia, touching down with the riff-laden thump of
1970s-inspired Melbourne rockers Jet.

au: Local MySpace launch prompts net safety warning
The social networking site MySpace has launched an
Australian version. The international site has more
than 100 million members and lets users create a
personal web page and meet people with common

uk: Ofcom Communications Market Report reveals new
industry trends and changes in consumer behaviour
(news release)
Ofcom published its annual Communications Market
Report for 2005 revealing new trends in the
television, radio, telecommunications and wireless
communications industries and analysing consumer usage
of, and attitudes to, communications services. The
Report combines original Ofcom research, data provided
to Ofcom by the companies it regulates and
publicly-available material. It provides a
comprehensive overview of one of the UK?s most dynamic
sectors, representing 4.1% of UK GDP and with retail
revenues which in 2005 exceeded the ?50 billion
threshold for the first time.

uk: Ofcom finds the generation gap
Ofcom research has found that spending on
communications equipment is falling - for the first
time in five years. In 2004, 4.63 per cent of total
household expenditure was on communications, but this
fell slightly in 2005 to 4.60 per cent.

Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites
How do we select our finalists? We evaluate hundreds
of candidates?some suggested by readers, colleagues
and friends, others discovered during countless hours
of surfing. Many of this year's choices are shining
examples of Web 2.0: next-generation sites offering
dynamic new ways to inform and entertain, sites with
cutting-edge tools to create, consume, share or
discuss all manners of media, from blog posts to video
clips. Think we missed one? Send us your thoughts and
we'll post a selection of your comments online.
There's always next year.

uk: VI Computer Law World Conference
The 2006 Conference will be hosted by the AHRC
Research Centre for studies in Intellectual Property
and Technology Law, located in the School of Law at
the University of Edinburgh. The conference brings
together legal academics and practitioners from around
the world to consider and debate all aspects of
information technology law. Previous years?
conferences have fostered links between educational
institutions and legal practices across the globe,
reaching out to a wider international audience each

nz: NZ television on threshold of a revolution
Kiwis will be able to watch their favourite TV
programmes over the internet within 18 months, says
Woosh Wireless chairman Rob Inglis, after securing
broadcasting spectrum from Sky TV.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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