[DNS] Licence Period

[DNS] Licence Period

From: David Jones <dj_david_jones§yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 01:08:22 +0100 (BST)
First of all I expect that Vic is grandstanding
especially with the current review on deletion policy
going on and having an Enetica representative on the
auDA board voting on policy. Personally I can't see
how people can agree with him. It's apparent that
domain tasting is a serious problem globally and IMO
monetisation is destroying the internet experience,
perhaps we should blame Google for that.

Secondly it seems that there is a push to extend the
grace period under the pretext that it enables
registrars to fight fraud. What a lame excuse. How is
anyone going to get away with fraud by registering a
domain. Its not as if they are going to sell it down
the local pawn shop and it's gone forever. Simple if
fraud is a factor cancel the domain. If a registrar
like MelbourneIT doesn't have in place real time
credit card verification processes then I would be

Thirdly the current three day policy is perfectly
adequate for those that register a domain erroneously
to cancel that domain. Plus it deters tasting as it
will take 24 hrs for the domain to resolve thus
reducing the effective tasting period. auDA should
100% introduce additional well worded clauses to
prevent registrars utilising the grace period for
domain tasting. And as part of its open and
transparent policy I suggest it makes available a list
of domains that have been cancelled through the grace
period policy so that the community is aware of the
extent, or lack of, this issue. 

And lastly how many of you in the last week have come
across a monetised .com.au domain. I know I have. Did
this make your experience of the internet better?

I also agree with Bruce's opinion that expired domains
should be allowed to go to auction similar to the .com
process where the original registrant benefits from
the revenue.


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