[DNS] domain name & governance news - 24 August

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 24 August

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Microsoft puts cybersquatters on notice

USA still dominates the Internet

Vietnamese banks lose domain names

au: Melbourne IT eyes lapsed domains

au: Melbourne IT reports $7.1m profit

au: NetRegistry cries foul at failed WebCentral bid

au: MelbIT bid gets shareholder nod

au: Domain name entrepreneur goes west

Wrestling.com Pins the Competition With One of  the
Year's Biggest Domain Sales

Microsoft puts cybersquatters on notice
Microsoft on Tuesday launched a new offensive against
cybersquatters who allegedly gain illegal profits from
thousands of Web sites, such as
WindowsLiveTutorial.com and HaloChamp.com, that
include the company's trademarked names.

MS defends brand on web
MICROSOFT has moved to protect its brand
"typosquatters" and "cybersquatters" seemingly using
its brand to increase traffic to their websites.
"Microsoft has witnessed a virtual land rush for
internet domain names with the goal of driving traffic
for profit," Aaron Kornblum, head of the company's new
campaign to stop the practice, said.

au: Melbourne IT eyes lapsed domains
MELBOURNE IT will auction off the domain names of
clients who allow their registrations to lapse as it
looks for new ways to broaden its revenue base in the
wake of its successful bid for Queensland internet
company WebCentral.

au: Melbourne IT reports $7.1m profit
Melbourne IT reported a profit of $7.1 million for its
half year ending June 30, following the sale of its
Neulevel business, netting it a gain of $4.5 million
for the period.

au: NetRegistry cries foul at failed WebCentral bid
Domain name registrar NetRegistry has rejected claims
its failed bid to buy rival Melbourne IT's acquisition
target WebCentral included too many uncertainties.

au: MelbIT bid gets shareholder nod
SHAREHOLDERS in the Lucy Turnbull and Sean
Howard-backed WebCentral Group have voted
overwhelmingly in favour of Melbourne IT's $64 million
takeover bid for the Queensland internet company.

au: Domain name entrepreneur goes west
Domain name entrepreneur Blair Rafferty has a
spectacular view from his office on the 50th floor of
a Melbourne high-rise but doesn't seem to have enjoyed
it. After receiving a shot across the bows last week
from .au domain name administrator auDA, and an
injunction from a New Zealand court, he appears to
have moved to Perth and gone into the mobile phone

au: auDA Warns of Mass mail out by DomainsAustralia
Pty Ltd
auDA has become aware that DomainsAustralia Pty Ltd is
sending letters and/or faxes to some domain name
registrants offering to arrange registration of the
net.au or .com equivalent of the registrant's com.au
domain name for $225.

Vietnamese banks lose domain names
More than 100 second-level domain names ending in .vn
used by Vietnamese banks have been registered for
re-selling by non-banking entities, said the Vietnam
Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC).

USA still dominates the Internet
Two-thirds of all domain names are hosted in the
United States. This corresponds to almost twelve times
as many domain names as Germany in second place.

Wrestling.com Pins the Competition With One of  the
Year's Biggest Domain Sales
Wrestling.com is the undisputed king of the ring this
week, after throwing all of the competition over the
top rope with a blockbuster $500,000 sale.

us: Libertarian Threatened with Lawsuit in Senate Race
(news release)
The campaign office of Karl Dickey for Florida Senate
said today that a key member of Irv Slosberg?s
campaign threatened, via telephone, to litigate for
using the letirvserve.net and .org domain names. A
complete review of ICANN?s Uniform Domain-Name
Dispute-Resolution Policy, the U.S. Anticybersquatting
Consumer Protection Act and the Florida Department of
Elections rules do not prohibit such activity. The
campaign is not using Mr. Slosberg?s name or any
registered trademark belonging to him or his campaign.

How Could the Internet be Governed: Perspective from
Bulgaria by Veni Markovski
In the last few years there have been many discussions
on how the Internet is governed, and how it should be
governed. The whole World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) ended talking about this problem. It
caused exchange of letters between the US Secretary of
State and the European Union presidency. 

IANA seeks comments on root zone technical checks (sub

us: Harris to sue over smear on Web site
Jimmy Harris, Democratic candidate for DeKalb County
Sheriff, has filed a lawsuit against an Internet
domain name registrar, claiming violation of Alabama?s
Fair Campaign Practices Act.

New Web Site Offers Information on Domain Name
www.onedomainnameregistration.com is a new site that
has information about Domain Name Registration and a
lot more.

Internet names agency renews US contract
The agency that supervises Internet domain names,
Icann, has renewed its contract with an arm of the US
Department of Commerce to administer the technical
workings of the global computer network.

fi: Renewal of fi-Domain Names - Tens of Thousands of
Domain Names Will Expire
The Domain Name Act which took effect on 1 September
2003 prescribes all fi-domain names to be valid for a
fixed period. The validity for three years will
expire, if the domain name is not renewed before the
expiry date. The domain name will be free for other
applicants after three months from the expiry.

au: Mobile porn laws to protect kids
THE Federal Government last night vowed to introduce
laws protecting children from pornographic images
being distributed via mobile phones.

au: Phone porn suspension rule 'unclear'
The suspension of a Year 5 student who showed
classmates nude photographs on his mobile phone has
prompted a call for clearer guidelines on when
principals should use suspension or expulsion to
punish students.

au: Coonan: mobiles a ?pipeline for perversion?
ICT Minister Helen Coonan has stepped up her campaign
for the regulation of mobile content with the flagging
of impending new legislation.

uk: Can't censor the internet? Tell that to your
compliant ISP
One of the canonical adages of cyberspace is John
Gilmore's observation that 'the internet treats
censorship as a defect and routes around it'. This has
traditionally been interpreted as a techie's way of
saying that you can't censor the net. It sits
alongside John Perry Barlow's comment that 'in
Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance'.
Both quotations date from the early 1990s, when it was
widely believed that the internet lay outside the
control of earthly jurisdictions.

nz: Internet users warned off religious scam
Police have warned people not to be influenced by an
internet scam which plays heavily on references to

NZ govt settles authentication standards
After a long process of research and consultation that
began in 2004, the New Zealand government today
released its authentication standards for

us: FTC chief critiques Net neutrality
The head of the Federal Trade Commission on Monday
expressed sharp skepticism toward proposed laws that
would levy extensive Net neutrality regulations on
broadband providers.

au: Parents use Net to help sick kids: study
An alarming number of Australian parents turn to the
internet for medical advice when their child is sick,
a new study has revealed. And they're not just
reading, with up to 20 per cent altering treatment
decisions based on what they find.

Microsoft offers to help Firefox into Vista
The Redmond giant is offering to help Firefox join the
Vista community

au: Vic TAFEs embracing VoIP
Nine Victorian Technical and Further Education
colleges are in varying stages of migrating to VoIP
telephony, the project's networking vendor Cisco
revealed today.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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