[DNS] domain name & governance news - 28 August

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 28 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 22:31:16 +1000 (EST)
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Development Agenda for Internet Governance-Call for a
Framework Convention on the Internet

ICANN Confirms: Tiered Pricing Not Forbidden in New
.BIZ, .INFO and .ORG Contracts by George Kirikos

au: Melbourne IT rides the internet wave to riches

au: Mass mail out by DomainName.com.au Pty Ltd (news

au: Rafferty's rules

Will Splogs Kill .INFO Domains?

ax: Aland gets to rel.ax at last

Development Agenda for Internet Governance-Call for a
Framework Convention on the Internet
'Development agendas' in WTO and WIPO mark a new era
in global policy spaces, whereby the rights of the
global south are being asserted. However, the
governance of new ICTs, chiefly the Internet, remains
a nebulous zone, with practically no global policy
frameworks. As these ICTs reconstitute reality around
us in so many different ways, of which we keep
discovering more every passing day, their governance
is an important area. As they say, in ICTs
'architecture is policy' and 'code is law'. And, more
and more of it is being written every passing day,
perhaps irrevocably, deciding the contours of an
emerging world for us, but without our participation
in these decisions. IT for Change submitted the
following paper to Internet Governance Forum as an
input for its first meeting in Athens in October 2006.

ICANN Confirms: Tiered Pricing Not Forbidden in New
.BIZ, .INFO and .ORG Contracts by George Kirikos
Vint Cerf/ICANN confirm my interpretation of
.biz/info/org proposed contracts?tiered/differential
domain pricing would not be forbidden

us: Political fray includes domain names
Call it a case of cyberantics with a cause. The
dueling camps over Proposition 87, the November
initiative that would impose a fee on oil extracted in
California, have been duking it out all week over
control of Web site domain names.

au: Melbourne IT rides the internet wave to riches
THE internet's surging power is reflected in the
half-yearly results posted by domain name registry and
web services company Melbourne IT.

Will Splogs Kill .INFO Domains?
An article in the September issue of Wired explores
search spam and the role of .info domain names. The
article, titled "Spam + Blogs = Trouble" is a good
overview of the problems of search spam, blog spam,
and other various forms of web activity designed to
take advantage of search engines. (The article will be
online September 5, but you can read it on page 104 of
the print edition that is available to subscribers
now). For those not versed in search spam, it's
basically creating multiple websites, typically
auto-generated by computers, to get good search
rankings and then monetize the resulting search
traffic through AdSense or affiliate programs. The
article focuses much of its attention to splogs, or
auto-generated blogs.

ax: Aland gets to rel.ax at last
The .ax top level internet domain for the autonomous
?land (pronounced: oh-land) archipelago in the Baltic
Sea was taken live earlier this month.

.AX Country Code Top Level Domain Becomes Operational
(news release)
Last week, the ?land Islands ccTLD .AX announced that
they had become operational. This follows formal
approval of the new ccTLD by the ICANN Board on the
9th of June, 2006 and addition of the .AX domain to
the root zone shortly afterwards.

us: Local judges recused from Harris case
Harris filed the suit last week against GoDaddy,
claiming the domain name registrar violated Alabama?s
Fair Campaign Practices Act by sponsoring an anonymous
Web site containing allegedly inaccurate statements
about Harris. The site used Harris? name in the Web
URL, harrisforsheriff.com.

us: Political campaigns duel over domain-name tricks
Call it a case of cyberantics with a cause. The
dueling camps over Proposition 87, the November
initiative that would impose a fee on oil extracted in
California, have been duking it out all week over
control of Web site domain names.

au: Mass mail out by DomainName.com.au Pty Ltd (news
auDA has become aware that DomainName.com.au Pty Ltd
is sending letters and/or faxes to some domain name
registrants offering  to arrange registration of the
.com equivalent of the registrants com.au domain name
for $225.

au: Rafferty's rules
THIS is an alert for the citizens of the wild west,
otherwise known as Western Australia. We believe they
are about to have in their midst one Blair Rafferty,
proprietor of Domains Australia Pty Ltd, a company
that recently came to the attention of auDA, the
domain names administrator in Australia.

vn: Banks lag in securing domain names
Recently opened registrations for Vietnamese .vn
internet domain names have seen more than 100 domains
registered with website addresses of large local
banks, but many of these domains have been registered
by businesses not involved in banking, according to
the Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre

Google unites with industry to stamp out child
Search giant Google is taking its role as a leading
Internet playing seriously by joining the fight
against child pornography.

us: From their own online world, pedophiles extend
their reach
At first blush, the two conversations - taking place
almost simultaneously in different corners of the
Internet - might have seemed unremarkable, even
humdrum. In April, with summer fast approaching, both
groups of online friends chatted about jobs at
children's camps. Did anyone, one man asked, know of
girls' camps willing to hire adult males as
counselors? Meanwhile, elsewhere in cyberspace, the
second group celebrated the news that one of their own
had been offered a job leading a boys' cabin at a
sleep-away camp.

us: On the Web, nearly nude child porn tests laws
In the photograph, the model is shown rising out of a
bubble bath, suds dripping from her body. Her tight
panties and skimpy top are soaked and revealing. She
gazes at the viewer, her face showing a wisp of a
smile that seems to have been coaxed from off-camera.
In just over seven months, the model has become an
online phenomenon. She has thousands of fans from
around the world, membership lists show, who pay as
much as $30 a month to see images of her. According to
the posted schedule, new photographs of her - many
clearly intended to be erotic, all supposedly taken
that week - are posted online every Friday for her
growing legions of admirers.

us: Barney the dinosaur sued after legal threats
Barney, the plush purple saurian, likes to sing about
love, hugs and kisses. But the dinosaur's lawyers have
taken precisely the opposite view when threatening Web
sites that display less-than-flattering images of the
plump T-Rex--a legal tactic that finally led to a
lawsuit on Wednesday from the Electronic Frontier

ca/us: CRTC asked to block access to U.S. websites
One of two U.S.-based hate websites was taken offline
Wednesday as an Ottawa lawyer and a Jewish lobby group
asked Canada's telecommunications regulator to take
the unprecedented step of blocking access to the sites
from north of the border.

Brazil prosecutors aim to sue Google
Brazilian prosecutors asked a federal judge on Tuesday
for permission to file a civil lawsuit against Google,
alleging it was withholding user information required
for a separate criminal investigation.

nl: Dutch farmers dating site loses Google court case
A dating site for Dutch farmers lost a court case
against Google on Thursday after demanding that the
world's biggest Internet search engine stop publishing
sponsored links to sex sites.

au: Inquiry into jail porn email claims
AT LEAST 22 staff at adult and juvenile jails are
being investigated for allegedly sending and receiving
pornographic emails. Two prison officers at Long Bay
jail are believed to have been suspended while they
are investigated over viewing and sending pornographic
material via email at the Department of Corrective

uk: Texan foils burglary in Britain via Beatles webcam
An American helped foil a burglary in northern England
whilst watching a Beatles-related webcam over the
Internet, police said on Friday.

Spammers manipulate stock markets
Spam messages that tout stocks and shares can have
real effects on the markets, a study suggests.

eu: 23% of EU population has broadband
23 per cent of EU households have broadband internet
access, says a report by Eurobarometer.

Net has attracted the eyeballs, now it waits for the
The online world is scratching its head over the
disparity between the internet's growing audience and
its share of advertising budgets.

VoIP subscribers up 83 per cent
Subscribers to VoIP services increased by 83 per cent
last year, new figures reveal. Worldwide retail VoIP
subscribers jumped from 10.3 million at the beginning
of 2005 to over 18.7 million by the end of the year,
according to broadband analyst Point Topic.

au: Man 'used internet to lure boy'
A 41-year-old man used an internet chat room to try to
lure a 13-year-old boy into sex acts, a Sydney court
has been told.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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