[DNS] team beatie told to bugger off

[DNS] team beatie told to bugger off

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 20:48:28 +1000
Jon Lawrence [jon&#167;jonlawrence.com] wrote:
> Which takes us back to the original question of why is the QLD ALP not using
> the .au domain space?

a) exactly match: 
	(i) the registrant's company, business, trading, association or
	statutory body name; or
	(ii) the words comprising the registrant.s Australian Registered Trade
	Mark or application for an Australian Registered Trade Mark; or

b) be an acronym or abbreviation of 2a) (i) or (ii); or

c) be otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant,
because the domain name refers to.

	(i) a product that the registrant manufactures or sells; or
	(ii) a service that the registrant provides; or
	(iii) an event that the registrant organises or sponsors; or
	(iv) an activity that the registrant facilitates, teaches or trains; or
	(v) a venue that the registrant operates; or
	(vi) a profession that the registrant's employees practise

which one does teambeattie fit?

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