[DNS] domain name & governance news - 31 August

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 31 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 23:24:53 +1000 (EST)
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Staking a claim on domains beyond dot-com

es: Spanish internet blackout affects 400,000 websites

us: Fraudsters Jump On 'Ernesto' Domain Names 

Tiered pricing coming to top-level domain names?

How Much Do You Think a .ORG, .BIZ, or .INFO Domain
Costs? By John Levine

Why We Need to Find Solutions on Internet Governance
As Soon As Possible By Konstantinos Komaitis
Internet Governance is the buzzword, especially over
the past couple of years, with debates and
negotiations taking place almost with the same
intensity and pathos of delicate issues, such as
terrorism. But Internet Governance is a delicate
issue. At the beginning, there was the web that made
everything better... Life was good and exciting. That
was Internet 1.0. But consider Internet 2.0, currently
in development. No longer an egalitarian utopia, it
has become much like the rest of our society --
divided by class, geography, culture, religion and
politics. And its growing fragmentation threatens us
all -- because we will be asked to take sides.

"IPv4 exhaustion: what's the real story?" - APNIC 22,
6 September 2006 (Online participation available)
At the APNIC 22 meeting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan next
week, we will be holding a special panel discussion,
"IPv4 exhaustion: what's the real story?". The
research community is predicting that the current free
pool of IPv4 addresses will run out some time between
2009 and 2015. The APNIC 22 panel discussion will look
at research done on the issues and examine the
responses needed to cope with the exhaustion of the
free pool. Please join us for this panel and put your
comments or questions to the panelists. You can follow
the panel via webcast, audio stream, and live
transcript. During the discussion time, we invite you
to talk to the panel participants via live chat.

Staking a claim on domains beyond dot-com
In the $1 billion market for Web addresses,
country-specific domain names are the latest sector to
heat up. By some estimates, the market for registering
and trading domain names could reach $2.5 billion this

es: Spanish internet blackout affects 400,000 websites
The biggest black-out in Spain's internet history shut
down websites, e-mail and other services using the
domain .es for at least two hours, reports said
Wednesday. Tuesday's interruption was caused by a
software error at Esnic, which manages the country
domain name .es, from the word Espana meaning Spain.

us: Domainers See Rip-Off in New ICANN Contracts (sub
ICANN has received a deluge of complaints over
proposed changes to the contracts under which .org,
.info and .biz operate.

us: Fraudsters Jump On 'Ernesto' Domain Names 
A security firm thinks possible fraudsters have been
busy registering domains with the name "Ernesto,"
hoping to cash in on another Katrina-style disaster.

Tiered pricing coming to top-level domain names?
Imagine, you've built a great website, and are on top
of the world due to all the incoming visitors and
sales revenues. Your competitors envy you, as do your
neighbours. Your online brand has become very
valuable, and when people think of widgets, the first
website that comes to mind is your site. Life is good.
You open the mail, though, and see a renewal notice
for your domain name that is $75,000/yr, instead of
the $10/yr that you were used to. You call up your
registrar, thinking "this must be a typo". But,
instead, you are told, "due to the success and high
value you are receiving from your domain, the renewal
fee really is $75,000/yr."

How Much Do You Think a .ORG, .BIZ, or .INFO Domain
Costs? By John Levine
Whatever you think the answer is (typically about ten
bucks), the answer is likely to change radically for
the worse, based on new contracts that ICANN is
planning to approve. On July 28th ICANN posted
proposed new contracts for .ORG, .BIZ, and .INFO, for
a public comment period that ends four days from now,
on the 28th. There's a lot not to like about these
proposed contracts, but I will concentrate here on two
related particularly troublesome areas, pricing and
data mining.

String Theory by Bret Fausett
Here at the Amsterdam meetings of the GNSO, the key
issue for the first hours has been how to evaluate
proposed strings. Everyone agrees that the
acceptability of the applicant's proposed string
should be performed up front. You wouldn't want to get
all the way to the end of a costly and time-consuming
process only to find that the string you proposed
wasn't acceptable for some reason (can you say
".iii"?). The harder question is against what criteria
you judge the proposed strings.

Why Nigeria?s domain name remains in foreign hands
Nigeria?s Country Code top level domain name, .ng,
remains in foreign control, two years after President
Olusegun Obasanjo intervened to resolve a deadlock
over the formation of a broad-based non-governmental
organisation to manage the national information
technology resource.

In Europe's Auction Of New Web Names, Strife and
Confusion (sub req'd)
Type ATT.com into your Internet browser, and you end
up on the Web site of AT&T Inc., one of the world's
largest phone companies. Type in ATT.eu -- with a new
Web suffix created by the European Union -- and you
find ATT Sp. z o.o., a 70-worker company in Krakow,
Poland. This ATT makes stainless-steel products used
in slaughterhouses and chemical plants.

Could it cost you thousands to renew your domain?
Tony Hung, over at deep jive interests, posts about
how ICANN is lifting its price controls on .info,
.biz, and .org domains: Basically, it appears that
with the lifting of price controls, ICANN has the
potential to engage in ?variable-pricing? so that they
might charge whatever the market will bear for a
particular domain (with those top level domains).

ICANN ponders variable pricing
If you register an Internet domain today, typically
you pay a flat fee, no matter what the domain name.
That could be about to change, according to blogger
Ken McCarthy. A new proposal is being shepherded
through ICANN that McCarthy says could lift the price
caps on domain registration. A variable pricing
system, he says, would inevitably lead to dramatically
escalated prices for domain registrations -- think
thousands of dollars, or more, for popular domains.

us: Domain Name Registrar eNom Makes List of 500
Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America
The world's second-largest Internet domain name
registrar eNom Inc. placed 261 among Inc. Magazine?s
list of America?s 500 fastest-growing private
companies. This is eNom?s first appearance on the
magazine's 25th annual list

20.com Leads Our Weekly Top 20 Chart After $75,000
Sale at Sedo
20 was the lucky number at Sedo.com this week where
20.com sold for $75,000 to claim the #1 position on DN
Journal's new Top 20 chart. That was one of seven
domains that Sedo placed on the Big Board, more than
any other venue.

vn: Hundreds of companies may have to re-buy their
Speculation and trade of domain names is banned in
Vietnam. However, as soon as the Vietnam Internet
Centre allowed broad registration of .vn domain names,
hundreds of domain names connected to famous local and
foreign brands were registered by unrelated companies.

UK readers blocked from NY Times terror article
The New York Times has blocked British readers from
accessing an article published in the US about the
alleged London bomb plot for fear of breaching the
UK's contempt of court laws.

Search engines - They know all about you
Every time you use an internet search engine, your
inquiry is stored in a huge database. Would you like
such personal information to become public knowledge?
Yet for thousands of AOL customers, that nightmare has
just become a reality. Andrew Brown reports on an
incident that has exposed how much we divulge to
Google & co.

ca: Tough Choice for CRTC in Hate Blocking Case
More than a decade ago, John Gilmore, one of the
founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, coined
the phrase "the Internet interprets censorship as
damage and routes around it." Last week, the Canadian
Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
declined to wade into this issue in a case that placed
the spotlight on how Canada's Internet service
providers treat illegal content that originates
outside the country.

uk: Mother to win ban on violent porn
A mother whose daughter died at the hands of a man
obsessed with violent internet porn is set to win her
fight for a ban on possessing such images.

New internet browser enables safe browsing
Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed has launched his next
global freebie, Browzar, a new internet browser that
allows people to surf the internet without leaving a
history of websites visited and protects against
leaving personal details on the computers they use to
access the internet.

us: The mobile Internet: Are we there yet?
After years of hype, wireless users in the United
States are waiting for all the technology pieces to
come together to make surfing the Internet from their
handsets as easy as it is on their PCs at home.

Al Gore wants TV to welcome more users Internet-style
Although the Internet is a democratising force,
television is still the most influential form of media
and citizens ought to have more control over its
programming, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said
on Sunday.

au: Man accused of luring boy in internet chat room
A MAN who allegedly tried to lure a 13-year-old boy
into taking part in an indecent activity via an
internet chat room, appeared in Parramatta Bail Court


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BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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