[DNS] dineonline.com.au

[DNS] dineonline.com.au

From: Sean K. Finn <Sean.Finn§ozservers.com.au>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 10:38:49 +1000


Nice to see you have a vested interest.


This wasn't really targeted at you, but its surfacing that you are one
of the exploiters.


I thought as Managing Director of Ausregistry you would stand aside and
be impartial, as well as show some integrity.


You have the most to gain out of seeing more .com.au's sold, and it
doesn't matter to you to whom, so its obvious which side you are on. I
cant hold this against you though.


I seem to be the only voice of criticism, looks like there's no-one left
on this list who actually cares anymore.


Yes, it is good to sell more domains, no its not good to sell out your
values in doing so.


For the past year there has been long arguments on this list that did
not want to see domain camping, yet this is exactly what is happening.


Something is wrong here.





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Hung drawn and quartered hey?


Thanks for the Monday morning laugh... much appreciated.


The laughter will cease should anyone attempt to respond to this drivel,
so please... let's keep the posts to a minimum... if only for today...
(resist the urge Vic, I know you are out there!)



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Subject: [DNS] dineonline.com.au


dineonline.com.au had a legitimate business associated with it.


Dineonline.com.au was let lapse by a client's client.


As an expiring domain, dineonline.com.au is now registered to HITPRO PTY
LTD, and now redirects to a search page that shows rubbish content i.e.
search pages redirecting to other content.


A legitimate user and prior registrant of dineonline.com.au is now
deprived of using this domain, whereas one month prior it would have
been no worries for them to get their domain name back.


Yes, I know they should have been vigilant and not let it lapse, but
that's the reality of Australian businesses.


This policy favours only the registrars, and domain speculators, and


This policy does not facilitate e-commerce in Australia, and growth of
the Australian internet economy, but serves only to act as a block to
legitimate business. This point is not arguable, it is being
demonstrated as we speak, and the landslide is starting already.


JON: Its simple, I suggest rolling back this policy to disallow
advertising and camping, it is the ONLY responsible use.



Don't you people get this yet?


You've completely rooted .com.au with this policy of allowing B.S.


You are not care takers of this ccTLD domain, you are exploiters, and
you will be hung drawn and quartered when the appropriate time comes.


Spineless Bastards.


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