[DNS] dineonline.com.au issue

[DNS] dineonline.com.au issue

From: Sean K. Finn <Sean.Finn§ozservers.com.au>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 12:58:32 +1000
Edwin, You've missed the point completely.

My representation of this issue isn't with one domain in particular, I'm
using this domain as it was brought directly to my attention this
morning, and is an excellent example to illustrate my points.

My argument is against the system, which condones this type of use of a
domain. It is not the individual event, but the collection of many of
this type of event that will cause larger problems.

Are you implying that this is not the appropriate forum for this debate?

If you are trying to play down the issue by confusing it, it didn't

I am seeking nothing less than rousing support for a reversal of the
rules that allow misappropriation and misuse of a public resource.

.Au was fine before these changes, it didn't need these changes.

We were all aggrovated at ansearch's use of their domains only a year
ago, with appropriate action taken by Auda, now a backflip?

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> On Sun, Sep 03, 2006 at 09:04:02PM -0500, steven&#167;hitpro.com wrote:
> > I agreed to authorise its transfer back.
> My bet is that he even more thinks of you as a spineless bastard
> now that you, without putting up a fight, have given it back! J/K
> Anyway, let's hope this is a positive lesson for everybody who
> thinks that shouting out loud and calling the local hate-radio-station
> to complain is the way to go, that there are other steps which could
> be taken first and can resolve the issue without much trauma on
> both sides.
> Edwin
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