[DNS] domain name & governance news - 4 September

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 4 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 02:07:38 +1000 (EST)
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eu: In Europe?s Auction Of New Web Names, Strife and
Confusion (wsj.com - sub only)

ICANN names DNS security experts

"IPv4 exhaustion: what's the real story?" - APNIC 22,
6 September 2006 (Online participation available)
At the APNIC 22 meeting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan next
week, we will be holding a special panel discussion,
"IPv4 exhaustion: what's the real story?". The
research community is predicting that the current free
pool of IPv4 addresses will run out some time between
2009 and 2015. The APNIC 22 panel discussion will look
at research done on the issues and examine the
responses needed to cope with the exhaustion of the
free pool. Please join us for this panel and put your
comments or questions to the panelists. You can follow
the panel via webcast, audio stream, and live
transcript. During the discussion time, we invite you
to talk to the panel participants via live chat.

eu: In Europe?s Auction Of New Web Names, Strife and
Confusion (wsj.com - sub only)
Type ATT.com into your Internet browser, and you end
up on the Web site of AT&T Inc., one of the world?s
largest phone companies. Type in ATT.eu -- with a new
Web suffix created by the European Union -- and you
find ATT Sp. z o.o., a 70-worker company in Krakow,
Poland. This ATT makes stainless-steel products used
in slaughterhouses and chemical plants. 

ICANN names DNS security experts
ICANN named the 25 domain name system security experts
that will be responsible for deciding whether proposed
domain registry services could cause internet security
and stability problems.

Goldman Sachs wins in Web site matter
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has won an arbitration panel
decision to require adult entertainment Web site
goldmansex.com to change its name.

Tiered (Variable) Pricing Compromise? by Michael D.
PROBLEM: The new and proposed ICANN registry contracts
contain no definite price terms, and thus permit
potential tiered pricing on a per domain name basis.
This has raised concern within the community that a
registry operator might abuse its sole source position
to engage in pricing practices detrimental to

Dot-eu Speculators Play Musical Domains
There's more confusion over .eu domain assignments
than stinkeye at the French Embassy. Lumbering
American giants were beat out by smaller, quicker
natives for domain dibs, as the same natives are
crying foul over American speculators in a domain gold

ICANN Tackles Domain Name Dilemma at Morocco Summit
Anticipation grows as ICANN prepares for one of its
most significant meetings, to be held in Marrakech,
Morocco. The meeting will cover aspects of the ongoing
heated debate over the September 30, 2006 expiration
of the Memorandum of Understanding with the United
States. Pressure builds as the international community
favors that the authority of ICANN be relinquished to
an international organization such as the United
Nations for the purpose of adding diverse flavor to
the corporation.

Domain Fest - Domainers gathering to talk domains,
mingle, laugh, cry, and make some great industry
connections. The event is meant to cater to topics
that domainers themselves are interested in hearing
about, rather than a sales pitch from various
sponsoring members. For the seminar sessions, current
domain industry shifts and upcoming business movements
will be the focus of discussion, followed by
Q&A--valuable for the business of the domainer today.

The grand sale of Ganesh.com
...when Sai Pola purchased and subsequently listed
Ganesh.com on eBay, it was certainly not something
that merited attention. On second thought it did, as
the domain name was listed on eBay India and the price
tag was a handsome Rs. 12,50,000. Ganesh is a special
and fairly common Indian name. According to Hindu
scriptures Ganesh is Shiva and Parvati?s eldest son,
and is the one of the most revered God in the Hindu

After Ganesh.com, it's Detriot.info
After Ganesh.com, it could well be Detroit.info up for
grabs on eBay. The owner of the domain,
WebsiteGuru.com Inc. today bought detroit.info for an
amount of US$10,000.

Typo-Squatting, DNS Wildcards and the Sucky State of
Domain Affairs
Opinion: There's more evidence that the domain
registration system is failing to serve the public's
interests, and it's going to get even worse. Early in
August someone on Circle ID noted that a wildcard
entry had been added to the .cm country domain, which
is the TLD for the West African nation of Cameroon.
Cameroon? Who cares, you may be thinking. But a
wildcard entry in the DNS (Domain Name System) for a
TLD lets the administrators define an entry to handle
all failed lookups, and, in case you didn't notice
already, ".cm" is a common typo for those who really
wanted ".com". So, in other words, if you surfed to
"www.eweek.cm" instead of "www.eweek.com" you would go
to the page they defined.

ICANN: Announcement of Registry Services Technical
Evaluation Panel and Launch of the Registry Request
ICANN is pleased to announce additional information
regarding the process for considering proposed
registry services including the development of an
online tool for submissions, and the introduction of
the members of the Registry Services Technical
Evaluation Panel.

ICANN Formalizes Relationship with ccTLD Managers for
Peru and Hungary
ICANN announced on Wednesday that it has signed an
accountability framework with the ccTLD manager for
.pe - Peru, Red Cient?fica Peruana. ICANN has also
signed an exchange of letters with the ccTLD manager
for .hu--Hungary, Magyarorsz?gi Internet Szolg?ltat?k
Tan?csa Egyes?let.

New ICANN Registry Agreements Draw Strong Criticism
(Internet REIT news release)
New proposed .BIZ, .INFO, and .ORG GTLD registry
agreements were posted for public comment by ICANN on
July 28, 2006. The agreements as written would allow
registry operators to set registration rates without
price caps and allow them to implement tiered pricing
on domain names. This could have a profound effect on
every business, non- profit organization and
individual registering domains on the Internet. WHO:
Internet companies, domain entrepreneurs and other
organizations and individuals have quickly rallied to
voice opposition to key components of these

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .GD (Grenada)
Top-Level Domain

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .MA (Morocco)
Top-Level Domain

Why Top Level Domain Names Mean Better Search Engine
With the recent explosion in the availability of
website domain name extensions (i.e. .com, .net, .ws,
and others) it's never been easier to register a
domain name that is highly descriptive of your
website's subject matter. For example, if you want to
create a website about search engine optimization, it
would make sense to use a domain name including the
phrase "SEO" or "search optimization" or something
similar. However, you can bet that many other people
have had the same idea, so "seo.com" is no longer
available, nor is "seo.net", .org, .biz, or any other
simple domain name with a top level extension.

The significance of the new .mobi domain suffix by
David Ajao
ICANN has approved the new .mobi domain suffix for
websites that are built specifically for mobile phones
and devices. This write-up seeks to look at the
significance of this, to the mobile Internet. 

us: As Ernesto approaches, a domain storm
With tropical storm Ernesto now blowing off the coast
of Florida, Internet security experts are warning that
fraudsters may be hard at work claiming
Ernesto-related Web site domains.

Spanish internet blackout affects 400,000 websites
The biggest blackout in Spain's internet history had
shut down websites, e-mail and other services using
the domains for at least two hours.

Microsoft tests parental-control software
Slightly later than planned, Microsoft on Wednesday
released a trial version of a free parental-control
tool for Windows XP. Windows Live OneCare Family
Safety is designed to help keep Web content that
parents deem inappropriate from reaching their
children. The beta version of the tool, available to
the general public, updates an earlier preview version
of the tool made available to about 3,000 testers in

vn: Internet Filtering in Vietnam in 2005-2006: A
Country Study
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam regulates access to
the Internet by its citizens extensively, through both
technical and legal means. This study by the OpenNet
Initiative (ONI) finds that the Vietnamese state
attempts to block citizens from accessing political
and religious material deemed to be subversive along
various axes.

de: Germany Plans Tough Measures for Stopping Terror
on the Web
Since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the
United States, the number of Internet sites promoting
violent jihad have soared. Germany wants to crack down
on such sites and will change the law to do it.

uk: What a tangled web we weave
James Sturcke hears service providers claim obtuse
libel laws are stifling freedom of speech on the
internet and only protecting one group - lawyers: The
global nature of the internet means anyone reading an
article online anywhere in the world could sue under
UK libel laws. The government faces severe criticism
for failing to tackle the confusion over how
defamation law applies to online publications, four
years after a Law Commission report urged that the
issue be clarified.

Secrets spill from second-hand mobiles
Second hand mobile phones purchased over the internet
can surrendered credit card numbers, banking
passwords, business secrets and even evidence of

Online advertisers change tactics
Unlike TV or radio, the internet is a relatively new
arena for advertisers. With the clever consumer
knowing how to block the advertisers' pop-ups,
companies are having to find new ways to sell their
products online.

au: Coonan calls for clever broadband proposals
Federal communications minister Senator Helen Coonan
has extended her call for proposals on how to use
government funding to build bush broadband networks,
bringing an additional AU$113 million to the table for
key rural services.

ca: CRTC sticks by decision on VoIP, but announces
review on regulation
The big telephone companies that sell voice over
Internet service will continue to face regulation, the
federal regulator said Friday. But the Canadian
Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
(CRTC) also said it would be conducting a review of
its regulatory framework that covers local telephone


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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