[DNS] Monetised

[DNS] Monetised

From: Kirk Fletcher <kirk§enetica.com.au>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 15:04:06 +1000
> I have nothing agains the practice of monetisation as
> a business. 

Sure you don't, David....

So, just to clarify: your *sole* objection to monetised domains
is in cases where ads don't relate to the domain name?  You sir,
are full of rubbish!

> As I said it is just an excuse to abuse the australian
> name space. And auDA should crack down on this
> practice.

Monetisers make money when people click on an ad... the more
that an ad relates to what the user expects, the more likely they
are to click, and the more money the monetiser makes.

To suggest that monetisers simply want an excuse to "abuse the
Australian namespace" is ridiculous.

Kirk Fletcher
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