[DNS] domain name & governance news - 7 September

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 7 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 13:49:00 +1000 (EST)
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.vn domain names to be transferrable

Korea to Streamline Internet Addresses

Did China Create Its Own Domain Names?

APDIP e-Note 9 - Internationalized Domain Names By
Danny Butt
Internationalized Domain Names have become a hot topic
in the field of Internet governance. As the number of
non-English speakers on the Internet grows
exponentially, the limitations of the Domain Name
System have become evident to many. This APDIP e-Note
examines how IDNs relate to cultural diversity and the
basic human right to communicate in one's own language
on the Internet. While the bulk of the content on the
Internet has been in English, this is rapidly
changing. In China, for example, over 60 million of
the nation's 100 million-plus users browse the web
only in Chinese, yet top-level domain names remain in
Roman script for all users.

.vn domain names to be transferrable
Domain names are natural resources so speculation is
banned. However, the state will allow the transfer of
.vn domain name under certain conditions, said Deputy
Minister of Post and Telematics Le Nam Thang.

in: Curbing the Menace of Typosquatting (reg req'd)
Every website has a unique and distinctive Internet
Protocol Address. This IP Address comprises of a set
of numerals. The Domain Names System allocates an easy
to remember name to the numerals and these are the
domain names. Thus these alphanumeric identities are
used to reach an IP address. Usually a domain name
consists of two or more parts separated by dots, the
right most part called the top-level domain and the
left, a subdomain.

Korea to Streamline Internet Addresses
Internet addresses or URLs in Korea will be simplified
to eliminate the needless bit in the middle, the
National Internet Development Agency of Korea said
Tuesday. Thus for online trading site Auction?s
domestic address, Koreans will only have to type
auction.kr instead of auction.co.kr.

Did China Create Its Own Domain Names?
China's Ministry of Information Industry has
established a set of new top-level and second-level
domain names, according to People's Daily Online, the
Web site of the official People's Daily newspaper.

Firefox fan owns IE 7 domain name
Users who go to IE7.com looking for information on the
latest version of the Microsoft browser will be
greeted with a full-page Firefox logo

Vintners.com Sells for $45,000
Sonoma resident and Bulgarian wine importer Vance T.
Petrunoff sold Vintners.com domain name and web site
to a Pennsylvania web developer for $45,000.

$185,000 Sale of Slimming.com and Prices Revealed for
Two Huge .EU Deals 
DotcomAgency.com booked the highest sale in company
history, closing a deal for Slimming.com at $185,000.
And CNN.com confirmed that Hotels.eu and Shopping.eu
were purchased by the same buyers in a pair of
six-figure deals.

us: Advice for parish Web addresses: Simple,
Our Lady of Hope, Dundalk, had the perfect Web
address, www.ourlady?ofhope.com. But when the man
maintaining the site disappeared, a Virginia health
center swooped in to secure the unprotected domain
name. The parish found itself searching for a new
home, said Lucille Knach, business manager for the

When are leading hotels no longer simply good, well
known hotels - are trademarks stealing our English
language? (news release)
In March 2005, a trademark infringement claim filed in
Paris by The Leading Hotels of the World Ltd resulted
in a judgment ordering transfer of the domain name
leadinghotels.com from Online Travel Group to The
Leading Hotels of the World Ltd. However, the
Australian registrar of the domain name has refused
transfer of the domain on the basis that it is not
governed by French law and in particular because of
the unusual circumstances under which the judgment was

.travel Expands Global Executive Team
Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry,
announces the expansion of their global business
presence in Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf States
and Africa with the addition of high-profile industry
leaders Daniela Wagner and Dr. Tanya Abrahamse to
their executive team. 

Multiple Domain Names Penalty
If you own a web site AND you have multiple domain
names registered, you might want to read this with
your full attention. There are a great many web sites
out there which, by inappropriate use of multiple
domain names, effectively cripple their search engine
rankings by blatantly breaching search engine
guidelines!Site owners often register more than one
domain, and there are sound reasons for doing this.

The basics of Internet domain name registration
Website domain names are crucial to any enterprise
that wishes to have an online presence. While sites
like MySpace.com allow anyone to post information
online, a domain of one's own is still a professional
standard. As a Web developer and owner of a Web
hosting business, I have learned that many people do
not fully understand some of the issues involved in
domain registration and ownership. The article then
lists some tips and tools for getting a handle on
domain names.

au: Kids' online safety program launched
The Federal Government has launched a new initiative
to educate children about safety on the Internet. The
Justice Minister, Senator Chris Ellison, and the
Communications Minister, Senator Helen Coonan, visited
a Canberra primary school today, where students took
part in a national exercise to help protect themselves
from online dangers.

au: Exclusive school expels cyber bullies
FIVE students at an exclusive Sydney boys' school have
been suspended or expelled in the past month for
cyber-bullying other students on the internet.

au: NetAlert steps up online safety campaign during
National Child Protection Week
Internet safety advisory body, NetAlert has stepped up
its Internet safety education campaign across the
nation as it joins with NAPCAN to promote National
Child Protection Week this week.

us: Internet libel case in the court
THE ROBED but not wigged ones of the California
Supreme Court are ruminating on the vexed question of
internet libel. The key issue is whether someone who
posts a defamatory comment by another person on the
Internet can be sued for libel. If the judges say it
is possible, then it could have some far-reaching
implications for free speech on the World Wide Wibble,
particularly in blogging.

ca: Jail for hate on web site
A judge handed a Two Hills man an 16-month sentence
Friday for promoting hatred on his website in what is
being called a groundbreaking Internet hate-crime

au: Qld firm's reputation ruined by e-mail scam
A small Queensland-based casting agency's credibility
is in tatters after phishers used the company's name
in an e-mail scam.

de: Germany cracks down terror Web sites
Germany plans to change its law to crack down on Web
sites it says have become vehicles for radical
Islamists to promote their causes.

U.S. Internet gambling bill still sought
Aides to Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist said on
Tuesday he is still trying to find a way to pass a
bill to outlaw most forms of Internet gambling, but
offered no guarantee a deal could be struck before
lawmakers recess at the end of September.

nz: Spam okay if not for profit
A select committee has recommended a major change to
the Government's anti-spam bill, suggesting anyone
should be able to send unsolicited emails that are of
an entirely non-commercial nature and need not desist
even if asked to do so by the recipient.

Junk food makers using internet to target children,
says watchdog
Children are being targeted by junk food manufacturers
through internet advertising, chatrooms, text messages
and "advergames" on websites, an obesity watchdog
warned yesterday, calling for global action to protect
their health.

au: Crocodile hunter's death clogs Web sites
In death as in life, iconic TV naturalist Steve Irwin
captivated millions worldwide and clogged the Internet
as fans from Guam to Glasgow reacted with disbelief to
news that "The Crocodile Hunter" was dead.

us: Digitial divide still separates white and minority
Many more white children use the Internet than do
Hispanic and black students, a reminder that going
online is hardly a way of life for everyone.

Samsung unveils vision of wireless
Samsung Electronics Co. showed off its vision for the
future of mobile technology Thursday, sending data
wirelessly at blazing speeds (100 megabits per second)
to a moving minibus.


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BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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