[DNS] domain name & governance news - 28 September

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 28 September

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Internet's future in 2020 debated

China builds an ultrafast Internet

IPv6 Coming Sooner Than You May Think

Internet Domain Name Disputes Still on the Rise

LSE report released: Another ICANN reform? by Milton Mueller

Mobile net names a bit dotty ...

eu: CONFERENCE: Internet Governance and the role of the civil society
The conference will be chaired by Catherine Trautmann and held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 10 October.

Internet's future in 2020 debated
The internet will be a thriving, low-cost network of billions of devices by 2020, says a major survey of leading technology thinkers.

The Future of the Internet II
A survey of technology thinkers and stakeholders shows they believe the internet will continue to spread in a ?flattening? and improving world. There are many, though, who think major problems will accompany technology advances by 2020. A predictions database can be viewed here.

China builds an ultrafast Internet
China has built its own version of an ultrafast next-generation Internet network that promises to reduce the country's dependence on foreign companies, the state news media reported Monday. The China Education and Research Network has linked 167 institutes and departments at 25 universities in 20 cities through IPv6, China Central Television reported.

IPv6 Coming Sooner Than You May Think
For many IT managers, IPv6 may seem like a far-off concern. But the technology will make its way into corporate IT systems sooner than many people realize, forcing IT departments to confront potential security vulnerabilities inherent in the new protocol, a security consultant warned.

us: Politicos mull data retention by Web hosts, registrars
Politicians on Tuesday urged domain name registries and Web hosting companies to do more to keep illicit child pornography off the Internet and indicated mandatory retention of user records is an option under consideration.

Internet Domain Name Disputes Still on the Rise
Another busy area for WIPO is its Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which arbitrates cases of bad-faith, abusive registration and use of Internet names under the generic top-level domains such as .com, .org, .net, .info and .biz. The UDRP centre saw a 20 percent increase in activity in 2005, which continued in the first half of 2006 at an average filing rate of about 4.5 new cases per calendar day, according to WIPO. 

LSE report released: Another ICANN reform? by Milton Mueller
The London School of Economics Public Policy Group finally released its long-awaited assessment of the GNSO, ICANN?s representative organ for making global domain names policy. The impartial X-ray the LSE group administered on the GNSO is, on the whole, excellent as an analysis of how things are. Many of the recommendations are good, too. But on the most critical issue of all * the distribution of voting power among GNSO constituencies * the LSE has put forward recommendations that cause serious concern.

ng: Control of Nigeria?s domain name
It is a national shame and embarrassment that the the country?s code top-level domain name, .ng, a spin-off of the the Internet revolution has remained in the hand of foreigners. This obtains even as President Olusegun Obasanjo had waded into the matter directing the formation of a broad-based Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) to manage the national information technology resource. This was the aftermath of contentions by rival bodies with diferring claims to the resource. As it was then, so it is now.The domain name .ng is still in the hand of an American, Randy Bush.

uk: Nominet board candidate interviews
Podcast: Two spaces on the board of UK registry owner Nominet will be decided at the company's annual general meeting this Wednesday.

The sordid saga of Sex.com  
NEVER stole it. He stole it!? cries Stephen Michael Cohen, pointing wildly at the man who had been chasing him for over a decade. ?It was you guys who went into court and explained that there was some cockamamie list and therefore he was the owner. The name sex.com has always been mine.? The cockamamie list referred to is the Internet?s most valuable document: a list of the owners of all the internet domain names ending with ?.com?.

Highest .Info Sale Ever Reported
In January 2004, New York.info  sold for $28,086 in what, at the time, was the largest .info  sale ever reported. This week, 32 months after the original sale, the domain was sold again, this time for $46,392.

Domain names stay with ICANN
The U.S. Commerce Department said last week it will extend its oversight of ICANN while finding ways to improve the group's accountability and transparency.

Mobile web shake-up gets started
The general public can now register websites ending with .mobi (dotmobi) as the backers of the mobile net hope to overturn consumer apathy. ... Almost 13,000 companies have already registered dotmobi addresses as part of a pre-registration process open to trademark holders.

Buy your piece of the .mobi internet today
The latest addition to the internet - new .mobi domains - will go on sale from 3pm today (GMT - 26 September). The .mobi top-level domain will be exclusively for use with mobile phones and other mobile devices, rather than relying on cut-down versions of normal websites, and so will "revolutionise the use of the internet on mobile devices" the company behind it says.

Mobile net names a bit dotty ...
NEW ".mobi" internet domain names will go on general sale today in an attempt to drive the use of mobile devices as platforms to surf the web. ... But critics across a broad range of business, the law and academe are railing against the proliferation of new domains, which they claim are costly and a cause of fraud.

Top-level domain .mobi launched
So far, the DotMobi registry has reserved over 5,500 so-called premium generic terms, which include such domain names as sex.mobi and sun.mobi. If you wish to apply for a premium name it will cost you $1,500 which you must pay to the World Intellectual Property Organisation for accreditation. Other than that, it costs about $25 (?14) to register a DotMobi site for a minimum two-year period.

Mobile web domain up for grabs
There is still some debate however about whether the new domain name is necessary. With many smart phones perfectly capable of running standard web pages it's likely there will be less need for mobile-optimised web pages in the near future.

'Pointless' .mobi landrush launched
The registration of .mobi domains has been opened to all-comers, although most of the decent names are likely to have been claimed already.

.Mobi domain names available to public
Websites that are optimised for display on mobile internet devices are now eligible for a .mobi domain name.

Mobile domain names open up to public registration
>From this afternoon, anyone can register domain names released specifically for websites that have been tailored to be surfed by mobile phones.

Rush is on for 'Dot-Mobi' domains
Registrations began Tuesday for .mobi top level domain names for mobile wireless devices and mobile phones.

Censors come calling
The internet opened fresh avenues for free speech and the explosion of ideas. But in some countries loose talk is banned and many are punished for their ideas.

uk: Cyber-crime cops have 200 'grooming' cases a month
Up to 200 reports a month of paedophiles trying to groom children on the internet are being investigated by a new police cyber-crime unit. Since the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre was set up in April, 1,500 calls have been received about potential threats to children. 

Internet crime to hit homes hard
Home computer users are now the favourite targets of hi-tech criminals, reveals research by Symantec.

cn: Blogging booming in China
More than 17 million Chinese citizens are now running a blog, although many dormant blogs are gathering dust


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