[DNS] domain name & governance news - 12 October

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 12 October

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Internet privacy 'sacrificed' by Icann by Michael Geist

Warning over 'broken up' internet

Globalising governance - The Guardian - Leader

Spamhaus.org faces threat to its domain name

ICANN: Spamhaus Litigation Update (news release)

ICANN Announces New Staff Appointments - Savenaca Vocea: ICANN Global Partnership -- Australasia/Pacific Islands Liaison (news release)

Internet privacy 'sacrificed' by Icann by Michael Geist
Internet law professor Michael Geist argues that the internet oversight body has sacrificed the issue of privacy for a shot at independence.

Warning over 'broken up' internet
The internet could one day be broken up into separate networks around the world, a leading light in the development of the net has warned. Nitin Desai, chair of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), set up by the UN, warned that concerns over the net's future could lead to separation.

Globalising governance - The Guardian - Leader
The question "Who should run the internet" ought to be a no-brainer. It is, despite its US provenance, a global phenomenon and its governance should reflect that. Nothing previously devised has put people and communities around the world in touch with each other to such an extent. This week's purchase by Google of YouTube, which claims 100m downloads of its videos each day, will expedite that process.

Internet's future to be discussed at ISB conference in Barbados
The future of the Internet and the ways in which Government and business will be shaped are coming under the microscope during a two-day conference and trade fair organised by the Information Society of Barbados (ISB), on October 19 and 20.

La patata bollente dell?Internet governance
Sviluppo commerciale, societ? dell?informazione, gestione tecnica: i nodi della Rete sono molti e complessi. Potr? aiutare a scioglierli la consultazione pubblica lanciata dal governo italiano?

Spamhaus.org faces threat to its domain name
A U.S. company accused of being a spammer is escalating its legal fight against Spamhaus, a British organization that maintains a blacklist of junk e-mailers. e360 Insight, which filed suit against Spamhaus in federal court in Illinois, on October 6 asked U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras to delete the spamhaus.org domain name.

Spamhaus fights US court domain threat
Spamhaus is at risk of losing its domain because of court action by a firm it has labelled as a spammer. The threat comes after the anti-spam organisation refused to comply with a September ruling by a US court requiring it to pay $11.7m in compensation to e360 Insight, pull the organisation's listing, and post a notice stating that it was wrong to say e360 Insight was involved in sending junk mail.

ICANN: Spamhaus Litigation Update (news release)
ICANN has been advised that a Proposed Order referencing ICANN has been submitted to the court in the matter entitled e360Insight, LLC et al. v. The Spamhaus Project, Case No. 06 CV 3958. This lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois.

A Few Thoughts About that Spamhaus Story by Bret Fausett
I don't think that the pursuit of ICANN over a specific domain name is going to go anywhere. ICANN doesn't operate any registry infrastructure, and as far as I know, its contracts with registries and registrars don't require those companies to take instruction from ICANN about the disposition of individual domain names. So to the extent that e360Insight thinks that ICANN has the power to suspend the domain name "Spamhaus.org," it's lawyers are woefully mistaken. This attempt will go nowhere.

US court threatens Spamhaus with shut down (IDG)
A U.S. court has threatened to shut down the Spamhaus Project, a volunteer-run antispam service, for ignoring a $11.7 million judgement against it. In a proposed court order dated Friday, Judge Charles Kocoras of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois calls on the organizations responsible for registering the Spamhaus.org Internet address to suspend the organization's Internet service. Both ICANN and Tucows Inc., the Spamhaus.org registrar, are named in the proposed order.

Anti-spam group says it may lose domain name (AP)
The anti-spam group Spamhaus Project warned Monday that it could lose its domain name as a result of a lawsuit by a company it has accused of sending spam.

Spamhaus Domain Name Under Fire
According to Spamhaus, more than 650 million Internet users -- including the White House, the U.S. Army, and the European Parliament, among others -- use its blacklist system to filter unwanted bulk e-mail. Spamhause contends that if the Spamhaus.org domain name is stripped by a U.S. court, the world could see an additional 50 billion junk e-mails each day.

Second Annual DNS Survey Reveals Growth and Improvements, But Many Systems Still Vulnerable to Attacks (news release)
Infoblox announced availability of the ?2006 DNS Report Card?, featuring results of their second-annual survey of DNS on the public Internet.

Arbitration Is Weapon of Choice in Growing Number of Domain Name Disputes (Law.com/The National Law Journal)
Internet domain-name arbitration disputes have risen by more than a quarter since January 2005 -- despite the expansion of generic top-level domain addresses like .biz and .info -- as cybersquatters find more sophisticated ways of encroaching on legitimate Web sites.

Value in Direct Navigation: Empirical Evidence by Alex Tajirian
ABSTRACT: The paper points out the limits of two empirical studies on the value of direct navigation. To more accurately predict the value created through direct navigation, these issues must be addressed.

94% Annual Domain Name Price Appreciation (June 06)
Abstract: Using a new statistical methodology the annual price appreciation on a very large class of domain names is estimated to be 94 percent. The paper outlines the methodology and points out its advantages and areas for future investigation.

eu: Dot-EU: 24 generic domains annulled
In an ADR action before the Prague Arbitration Court, the complainant Axel Arnulf Pfennig from D?sseldorf has managed to annul the registration of the domain names ARZT, BLUMEN, ANAL, BOXEN, BUERO, CHARTS, FKK, GARTEN, ESCORT, FAX, FERIEN, HAUS, JOBS, LIEBE, KINO, KREDIT, MOEBEL, PARTY, SEGELN, WETTER, VOYEUR, WEBCAM, STRIP and TENNIS under the top level domain .eu.

Thursday Begins General Ongoing Registration For .mobi Domains
MLTD's logo CHICAGO ? October could mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the Internet and billions of mobile phone users across the globe. A new Internet domain called .mobi was unleashed to the public on Sept. 26 with a goal to make accessing Web sites on mobile devices less cumbersome for those on the go.

ICANN Announces New Staff Appointments - Savenaca Vocea: ICANN Global Partnership -- Australasia/Pacific Islands Liaison (news release)
ICANN is pleased to announce the following new staff appointment joining the Global Partnership's regional liaison network. This appointment demonstrates ICANN's continued commitment to build on existing outreach and support the increasing international participation in ICANN and efficiency of the ICANN multi- stakeholder environment.

Is your DNS server configured wrong?
More than half of the Internet?s name servers are configured incorrectly, leaving networks vulnerable to pharming attacks and enabling servers to be used in attacks that can wipe out DNS infrastructure.

Pair of Six-Figure Domain Sales Get Fourth Quarter Off to a Great Start
Camp.com sold for $150,000 and FunnyAds.com for $100,000.

US govt retains ICANN oversight
The US government will remain involved with the management of the internet?s domain name system after its current agreement with ICANN expires.

uk: Net crime 'big fear' for Britons
More people fear net crime than they do burglary or being mugged, a survey backed by the UK government suggests.

UK may loosen net betting laws
BRITAIN may introduced legislation allowing London-listed internet gambling companies to move their headquarters to Britain, the Sunday Times newspaper has reported.

eu: Making sense of today's media content: Commission begins public media literacy consultation (news release)
As new information and communication technologies make it ever easier for anyone to publish, broadcast or communicate, so the ability to judge the true merit of media content and make conscious choices - or 'media literacy' - becomes ever more essential for active citizenship and democracy. To cultivate and improve media literacy in the digital age, the European Commission opened on 6 October an EU-wide survey of best practices, and will set out its findings and proposals in a Communication in 2007. The survey questionnaire seeks the public's views on media literacy in connection with digital technologies, and information about initiatives in commercial communications, film and the online world. The deadline for replies is 15 December.

us: Politics Get Caught in the Web
In the quest for political office, modern campaigners deal in the currency of the moment, information. Information is power, and campaigns trade fiercely in it, exhaustively researching their opponents' past, scrutinizing the moods of the elusive swing voter and spewing (or leaking) favorable information about their own candidate. Of course, politicians try to harness the power of the internet, but some campaigns look more like they are stumbling than steering through cyberspace. The article also refers to a lawsuit alleging cybersquatting on a dozen domain names and asks "Why are so many campaigns tripping over the internet?" Campaigns are about collecting, controlling and disseminating information. The internet has a lot of rules about information transfer. These rules include complicated "unauthorized access" statutes, copyright law, trademark law and domain-name regulations.

Google VP says youth determine Internet future (AP)
Vinton Cerf says more than one billion people worldwide use it, and he believes its future is in the hands of young people.

eu: Web browsing beats page-turning
Europeans now spend more of their week online than they do reading newspapers or magazines, according to a report.

au: ACCC warns: ring tones don't ring true
The ACCC has told the providers of downloadable ring tones both in Australia and overseas to cease misrepresenting 'cover' versions of songs by popular artists as being by the artists themselves.

Google buys YouTube for $1.65bn
Internet search giant snaps up popular online video site.

Web a minefield and goldmine for publishers
Publishers could be the internet piracy boom's next victims after the music industry, but the web might also be their salvation, the head of the International Publishers Association says.

Commentary: Google-YouTube and the value of social computing by Forrester Research
Google's purchase of user-generated video site YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock is a massive demonstration of the power of social computing. The search giant already has the No. 3 video site, but now it will own a networking platform that makes video stickier--and better for advertisers.

Yahoo Feels Breath on Neck
As Google whips out its fat wallet to buy the video site YouTube, it is making Yahoo look even more out of step with the fast-changing Internet advertising market.

How much censorship can YouTube tolerate?
Last week, YouTube continued its recent campaign to spit-shine its image and, perhaps, to look a little less ragtag to potential buyers, including Google, which agreed Monday to acquire the upstart for $1.65 billion.

au: Man charged over possession of child pornography ? Newcastle JIRT (news release)
A man is due to face court today charged with child pornography offences following inquiries by the Newcastle Joint Investigation Response Team (JIRT).


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