[DNS] domain name & governance news - 9 November

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 9 November

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The UN launches the Internet Governance Forum, in Athens

The 27th International Public Meeting of ICANN

Number of ".in" websites touches 2-lakh mark

The UN launches the Internet Governance Forum, in Athens
The IGF is a model for global governance. It is also a work in process. The differences between the IGF and previous UN bodies are significant and several. I will focus on the few that seem most important. The IGF is formally a "multi-stakeholder" body. That means the actors include not only government officials, but also businesses, NGOs of various types, academics, journalists and individuals. This appears to be pretty fundamental to the way the IGF operates, including equal participation and access to panels, workshops and social events.

Globalization and Global Governance by Pascal Lamy
[This article doesn't deal with the internet, but is relevant in its ideas] Increasing globalization has led to more intense discussions of global "governance." But what does "governance" really mean - and how is it different from "government"? Pascal Lamy, director general of the World Trade Organization, provides insights into the history, meaning, benefits and limitations of governance - and explores how to achieve it.

End of the digital divide? Will India and China's growth in the online world impact the internet's evolution?
As the world debated the web's future at the IGF, one thing was clear -- countries like India and China will see the biggest online expansion. If the Asian users outnumber North American and European users by a wide margin, will we see a radically different internet in a few years?

IGF rules, OK?
Last week you may have noticed some of the news coming out of the inaugural Internet Governance Forum, a "forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue" set up at last year's UN-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). As always with these events, nothing concrete can really be decided because it is, after all, just a forum for knowledge transfer, best practice dissemination and other terrible marketing synonyms for "discussion". But a few proposals grabbed the headlines, none more so that the Internet Bill of Rights which, I seem to remember being bandied around before.

Dynamic Coalition on Privacy launched at UN Internet Meeting in Athens
At the IGF a diverse group of stakeholders has agreed to launch a Dynamic Coalition on Privacy, which will address emerging issues of internet privacy protection such as digital identities, the link between privacy and development, and the importance of privacy and anonymity for freedom of expression. It will initiate an open process to further develop and clarify the public policy aspects of privacy in internet governance in the perspective of the next IGF meeting in Brazil in 2007. The group will use online collaboration tools as well as facilitate meetings at related events all over the world throughout the year.

The 27th International Public Meeting of ICANN
About 600 delegates are expected to attend the 27th international public meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Sao Paulo, Brazil in December 2006.

ITechLaw Official Lauded by Czech Arbitration Court for Groundbreaking Decision on First .EU Domain Name Dispute [pdf]
In the first case resolving disputed ownership of a .EU domain name - www.pst.eu - the Czech Arbitration Court found for the defendant, PST Business Solutions B.V., in a decision written by Court panelist Enrique J. Batalla. Since that April 18 decision, hundreds of other cases involving .EU domain name ownership disputes have been settled by the Czech Arbitration Court, underscoring the speed and efficiency of the Court's arbitration process.

uk: Let?s talk about sex.com
What does the sale of the sex.com name for $12m mean for UK companies? domain-registering policies?

Fast track for global net name system
Critical tests of non-English domain names will start in December following a promise by ICANN to have an internationalised domain name system up and running by the end of next year.

ICANN Nominating Committee for 2006 Completes Selections (news release)
The ICANN Nominating Committee for 2006 has completed its selections. For the selections see:

Number of ".in" websites touches 2-lakh mark
According to National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) and Afilias India Private Limited, the ".in" registry has grown to nearly 30 times the initial size of approximately 6500 domains prior to the January 2005 re-launch.

ph: CICT to deal with .ph issue soon, says chief
RAMON Sales, chairman of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), has said the agency will deal with the .ph domain issue soon.

vn: Centre offers free domain names
The Viet Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) has begun giving its users an additional, free domain name in Vietnamese, a move aimed at making web surfing easier.

Cook: 'Cybersquatting' shows need for close oversight of Web domains
The Web is opening up exciting new opportunities for businesses, especially small ones, in the greater Lansing area and around the world. But the availability and integrity of this expanding online marketplace are being undermined by abuses that threaten the basic infrastructure that allows the Internet to function.

Make Money Selling Domain Names on the Internet (news release)
Ever since the Internet was born, everybody has tried to harness its revenue-generating power. But all these ambitious ventures, from eBay auctions to affiliate programs, have since dried up as the market became saturated with newcomers and profits shrank as pieces of the pie were chopped into smaller and smaller pieces.

Gays.com Sold for US$500,000 as Online Auction Drives Domain Sales Boom (news release)
Sedo announced the sale of gays.com through its online domain marketplace for US$500,000. The buyers of the domain name were Internet entrepreneurs Julius and David Dreyer of Germany.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East Auctions Book Over $5 Million in Domain Sales While 6-Figure Deals Elsewhere Produce Over $1 Million More!   
At the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference 115 domains were sold in the live auction Friday (Oct. 27), generating more than $4.7 million  in sales. That more than doubled the previous live auction record set at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West conference in Las Vegas last May. The silent auction, which ran for several days, concluded today (October 31), adding another $607,000 to the pot from 288 sales. That brought the total auction proceeds to $5.3 million. Cameras.com was the marquee name in the live auction, taken for $1.5 million.

Arizona Company Unveils Revolutionary Approach to Internet Domain Speculation (news release)
DotVentures, President- Dale Merritt reveals that most Internet domain name speculators do not have a clear marketing plan for their domain name prior to investing.

Saddam Hussein's Internet Namesake Up For Sale (news release)
On the heels of the life or death verdict in the trial of Saddam Hussein, the domain name that bears his name, Saddam.com, is being offered for sale.

Every Vista PC to get a domain name
The "Windows Internet Computer Name" -- a unique domain name for your computer. It will enable you to access you computer anytime anywhere without all the hustle that goes into buying a domain name and configuring dynamic DNS.

Microsoft gets into domain name registration game
Last week Microsoft was added to ICANN list of accredited domain name registrars.

'Enemies of the internet' named
For the first time, Egypt has been added to the list while Nepal, Libya and the Maldives have all been removed.

A gigantic world map of Internet black holes projected on Parisian monuments (news release)
Reporters Without Borders projected a gigantic world map of online censorship onto some of Paris?s leading buildings late this afternoon as part of a 24-hour protest against the world?s 13 Internet enemies. The map was projected onto the facade of Saint-Lazare station, onto the building that houses the French headquarters of Yahoo! and onto the Bastille Opera.

List of the 13 Internet enemies in 2006 published

Reporters without borders organises 24-hour online demo against Internet censorship (news release)
Everyone is invited to connect to the Reporters Without Borders website (www.rsf.org) between 11 a.m. on 7 November and 11 a.m. on 8 November.

Staying safe online: EU programme leads the way (news release)
An independent evaluation finds that the EU?s Safer Internet programme, which promote safer internet use, particularly for children, has been very effective in tackling illegal and harmful internet content, whilst respecting people?s freedom of expression. The Commission is taking into account the recommendations of these experts, in its implementation of the ?Safer Internet plus? programme in 2007-2008. Meanwhile, the current programme is being used as a model by other regions of the world.

nz: Joint force on text bullying
The police, Vodafone and Telecom will work together to speed up their response to text bullying and abusive phone calls.

us: Do the Rights of the Disabled Extend to the Blind on the Web?
According to an advocacy group, Target declined last year to make its Web site fully accessible to blind people with specialized screen-reading technology last year. If true - and Target has denied the accusation in court - it was a public relations blunder, and it may have been illegal as well.

ITU meeting in Turkey will tackle key Internet issues
Government officials will meet in Turkey for the next three weeks to discuss the future of the Internet and take action on key issues such as cybercrime and Internet oversight.

Company fined US$3m for adware use
An online advertising company, Zango, is to pay US$3m for "unfairly and deceptively" downloading its software onto people's computers.

au: New Australian copyright rules 'restrictive': Google
Internet search engine Google has asked for more flexibility in new federal copyright laws, warning Australian businesses could be held back because the new rules are too restrictive.

au: Google warns Aust copyright laws could cripple Internet
Plugging a word or phrase into a search engine may soon give you fewer results if proposed new Australian copyright laws are adopted, according to Internet giant Google.

au: Policeman's YouTube email goes to utube
An email from a Victorian police officer has been cited in a lawsuit filed by a US company which complains of being swamped by millions of web surfers looking for the popular YouTube video-sharing site.

Google Moving Fast to Curb YouTube Copyright Concerns
Google is reportedly offering media companies millions of dollars in upfront payments if those outlets allow their content to be shared on the YouTube video sharing site that Google has agreed to buy. Reports say Google CEO Eric Schmidt is leading an effort to convince media companies to allow users of YouTube to share video clips of their television shows and movies.

Google in bid to halt YouTube legal threat
Google executives have met CBS, Viacom, Time Warner, NBC Universal, News Corp and others in a frantic round of negotiations, offering tens of millions of dollars in upfront payments for the right to broadcast their video content legally on YouTube.

de: Privacy Prevails: German ISP Forced To Delete IP Logs
The highest appeal court in Germany has decided that T-Online, one of the largest German ISPs has to delete all IP logs to guarantee the privacy of their customers. This ruling makes it impossible for anti-piracy organizations to trace an infringing IP-address back to a customer of T-Online, once their dynamic IP address has changed.

Web 2.0 potential unmet, say experts
Despite the explosion of new Web services, a number of hurdles stand in the way of consumer- and business-oriented social-networking applications, experts at the Web 2.0 Summit said.

nz: Life of Riley All in Cyberspace
Christchurch man Jason Riley clocks up 40 hours a week on the internet -- joining a growing number of people addicted to cyberspace.

nz: 'Rundown network' slowing broadband
InternetNZ says the fact that few broadband customers have experienced significantly faster download speeds at peak times since Telecom removed broadband speed caps for most customers late last month shows New Zealand has a "rundown network that does not appear to be capable of delivering an OECD-class service".

Jury still out on BT split
The splitting of Britain's BT into three operating divisions is the blueprint for reforms to Telecom. But, as Tom Pullar-Strecker reports, the British experience has not been an unqualified success.

au: Top prosecutor's child porn case adjourned (AAP)
A child pornography case against NSW prosecutor Patrick Power has been adjourned until December. The NSW Deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor, Patrick Power, SC, is charged with possessing child pornography.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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