[DNS] domain name & governance news - 13 November

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 13 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 04:10:22 -0800 (PST)
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Internet governance: it's like an arranged marriage

When elephants make love, the grass gets trampled

InternetNZ commissions New Zealand history of the Internet (news release)

Spam blocker under gun

Internet governance: it's like an arranged marriage
Lithuania vs Azerbaijan has to be one of the least likely conflicts imaginable. But as attendees at the UN-backed Internet Governance Forum in Greece learned last week, never underestimate the internet's ability to throw up novel problems. "First of all, in the name of all the Lithuanian delegation, I want to thank the Greek government for the hospitality of the Internet Governance Forum." So began the government of Lithuania's request last Thursday that it be allowed to host a meeting of the newly founded forum in 2010.

When elephants make love, the grass gets trampled
The first IGF wrapped up last week, providing an appropriate point to reassess the state of international Internet governance activities.

Gates heralds the next revolution
... At the recent Internet Governance Forum in Athens his senior policy counsel, Fred Tipson, admitted that China's persecution of bloggers was worsening, and there might come a time when Microsoft would no longer be able to comply with government censorship. Quizzed about this statement, Gates said: 'I don't know what thing you're referring to. We don't set those rules. We're not involved in that. We follow the law - that's what we do.'

The Inaugural Session of the IGF: Informal Summing-up by the IGF Secretariat
The first session covered a very broad range of issues. The moderator himself recalled that 10 years a similar gathering was mainly attended by engineers and academics from North America and Europe, while this meeting had a much broader participations, both in terms of geography as well as stakeholder groups. One panellist made the remarks that four years ago many people assembled in the meeting room would not have spoken to one another.

A glimpse inside the real IGF
You've seen the show, read the reviews, bought the t-shirt, but now it's time to reveal the real IGF, the kind of IGF that only photographs with pleasingly childish captions can provide...

ITU admits it must change or die as it faces cash crunch (reg req'd)
Some 2,000 delegates including 80 government ministers from 150 countries have converged on Antalya, in southern Turkey, for the 17th Plenipotentiary Conference of the ITU. The Conference opened with the ITU?s own media unit admitting that the agency faces some grave financial challenges resulting from declining funding and massively increased mandates.

Hamadoun Tour? is new Secretary-General of the ITU
The election to determine the new Secretary-General of the ITU held within the context of the regular ITU conference has furnished a winner: On the third ballot the representatives of the 157 member states of the ITU chose Hamadoun Tour?, who up to now was director of the ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau, to head the organization. 

Hamadoun Tour? neuer Generalsekret?r der ITU
Die Wahl zum neuen Generalsekret?r der ITU im Rahmen der turnusm??igen ITU-Konferenz ist entschieden: In der dritten Wahlrunde haben sich 157 Mitgliedsstaaten der ITU auf den bisherigen Direktor des f?r Telekommunikation und Entwicklung zust?ndigen ITU-B?ros, Hamadoun Tour?, geeinigt. Er wurde mit 95 Stimmen gew?hlt. Der deutsche Kandidat Matthias Kurth, Chef der Bundesnetzagentur, bekam 60 Stimmen. In der letzten Runde waren nur noch Tour? und Kurth angetreten, die auch in den ersten beiden Runden klar gef?hrt hatte.

Story in Arabic

Harry Potter author wins back domain name
The Daily Telegraph reports the author JK Rowling, she of the Harry Potter fame, persuaded an international arbitrator that she is entitled to the domain name jkrowling.ir rather than the Iran-based cybersquatter who registered it.

.eu rules at odds with 'Internet for all'
Business and internet communities were right to insist on ?dotting the EU? to offer pan-European domain names, but the registration process is dumbing down the principle ?Internet for all.?

Bahrain Meeting Will Bring Together Internet Experts to Discuss Regional Issues (news release)
ISPs, regulators and government representatives will have the opportunity to discuss developments in IP networking in the Middle East at the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Manama, Bahrain, to be held 14 ? 15 November 2006.

InternetNZ commissions New Zealand history of the Internet (news release)
InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) is pleased to announce the commissioning of a book on the history of the Internet in New Zealand, to be released by September 2007. From a short list of excellent candidates, experienced technology journalist and author Keith Newman has been selected to write the book, which will explore the impact of the Internet on New Zealand economically, politically and socially.

Spam blocker under gun
Some entities, such as e360Insight (e360), did not like the volunteers to whom we are indebted and sued them for blocking their spam. Spamhaus ignored the e360 lawsuit, which, if successful, would shut down or suspend the Spamhaus domain name, because Spamhaus refused to recognize the U.S. court's jurisdiction and $11.7-million judgment.

Internet Censorship in China
Li Yonggang, a professor at the School of Public Management at Nanjing University, is the well-known founder of the Frontiers of Thought Website (www.sixiang.com), a collection of articles and commentaries by many prominent Chinese intellectuals. ... Another tactic employed by the Internet police is the hijacking of domain names; a person logs on to a website only to be instantly redirected to a CCP propaganda site.

eu: Helpful tool on ADR .eu decisions
Thomas Schafft, a German attorney at Lovells and CAC panelist, has built up a wiki on ADR decisions. This tool may prove helpful if you have to deal with ADR procedures. Not only will you find there all the texts related to .eu names, but also additional resources of great interest. For example, Thomas was abllowed to publish a recent Discussion note which the Arbitration Center for .eu Disputes recently circulated, to initiate a discussion on the divergences of CAC jurisprudence.

Netcraft November 2006 Web Server Survey
There are now more than 100 million web sites on the Internet, which gained 3.5 million sites last month to continue the dynamic growth seen throughout 2006. In the November 2006 survey we received responses from 101,435,253 sites, up from 97.9 million sites last month.

net.wars: ICANN dreams by Wendy M Grossman
This week ICANN announced its three new board members for 2006 to 2009: Persistent readers of this column will know that I put my name in for the job. I made the short list - but I'm not one of the three.

ICANN: RSTEP Report on Tralliance Proposal Posted for Public Comment (news release)
On 18 September 2006, ICANN referred the Tralliance Corporation search.travel proposal to the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP). The RSTEP had 45 calendar days to review the proposal and prepare a written report on whether the proposed Registry Service creates a reasonable risk of a meaningful adverse effect on Security or Stability.

us: Commerce Web site goes offline
The Web site for the South Carolina Department of Commerce went offline Tuesday and Wednesday after the department did not renew the site?s domain name ? www.sccommerce.com.

International Dispute Resolution (reg req'd)
In a civilised society, citizens look to the courts to settle their disputes. The courts put judges at the disposal of the parties, the courts determine the substantive and procedural law which is to be applied and the courts enforce their own orders through court officers, when necessary. It is a one-stop shop. For those engaged in alternative dispute resolution ("ADR"), the courts are available not merely to enforce decisions and awards but also to supervise and control the chosen ADR procedures, should matters go awry.

us: Overstock files suit against imitator
This is not the real Overstock, but an alleged upstart calling itself Apparel Overstock.com. And the real Overstock is suing to put the purported e-commerce usurper out of business. ... The real Overstock, which has levied charges ranging from trademark infringement and false advertising to unfair competition and cybersquatting, also seeks $100,000 in statutory damages. It asks that punitive damages be determined at trial.

World's Standard of Online Poker (WSOP.com) Raises HARRAH'S Bluff
Provided by wsop.com - In a dispute between World's Standard of Online Poker and Harrah's Entertainment, Frederico Schiavo filed a lawsuit in the state of California alleging that prior to the sale of Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada to Harrah's in 2004, the former president of Binion's Horseshoe, Becky Binion Behnen, gave Schiavio the rights to the WSOP.com domain name and that Binion's saw no conflict between this domain name and the World Series of Poker. The lawsuit claims that Binion's was not using the term WSOP as a trademark, and exhibits filed in the lawsuit show that WSOP was not mentioned in the trademark assignment agreement from Binion's to Harrah's. Filed court documents allege that Harrah's has admitted that the trademark assignment from Binion's to Harrah's, which explicitly lists dozens of trademarks included in the transfer, such as World Series of Poker, "does not specifically identify the WSOP mark".

in: More than Two Lakh Names Registered with 'in' Domain (news release)
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) and Afilias India Private Limited announced that the ?.in? domain has reached 2,00,000 registrations, nearly doubling its presence in the market place since last year.  The .IN registry has grown to nearly 30 times the initial size of approximately 6500 domains prior to the January 2005 re-launch. The re-launch included a more competitive price, expanded eligibility, a state of the art technology platform, and broader distribution through the global registrar network.

dotMobi To Dole Out Mobile Domain Names
dotMobi has begun the request for proposal process for four mobile domain names: news.mobi, ringtones.mobi, sports.mobi, and weather.mobi.

dotMobi Launches RFP Process for Premium Names (news release)
dotMobi launched the first round of its Request for Proposals process for four highly anticipated premium .mobi domain names: "news.mobi," "ringtones.mobi," "sports.mobi" and "weather.mobi."

Fast food on the internet - FastFood.com to be auctioned!
On November 28 the domain name FastFood.com will be sold up to the highest bidder.

NetMovie.com sells for US$31,500 (news release)

Property Domain Name Goes Under the Hammer
The domain name newflats.com, aimed at the property market, is being auctioned this week.

Cambridge co. sells gay.com domain US$500K
A Cambridge-based online marketplace for domain names notched a US half-million dollar sale yesterday when two German Internet entrepreneurs bought the rights to gays.com.

Microsoft becomes master of others' domains
Microsoft has joined the list of organizations authorized by ICANN to sell top-level domain names.

cn: Net controls defended after online protest
The Chinese government on Wednesday said accusations by a press freedom group that it was one of the worst culprits of systematic online censorship were "groundless" and that its citizens could freely access the internet.

Internet Censorship in China
Li Yonggang, a professor at the School of Public Management at Nanjing University, is the well-known founder of the Frontiers of Thought Website (www.sixiang.com), a collection of articles and commentaries by many prominent Chinese intellectuals. The website hosted lively discussion on a wide variety of intellectual and academic topics until, tragically, it was forcibly shut down by the Chinese authority on October 14, 2000. These past few years, Mr. Li has continued to express concern over Internet censorship in China, and has recently completed some research on the issue, which he has released as Internet Censorship in the People's Republic of China.

us: Are More Laws Needed To Protect Kids Online?
The Internet is a fixture in most kids' lives, but there is broad disagreement over the best way to protect children from things they shouldn't see online ? and what role, if any, new laws should play.

us: Judges: Mere Viewing of Child Porn Images on Internet Not a Crime
A Pennsylvania Superior Court decision issued late last week has shed light on a legal loophole that appears to let off the hook those who view child pornography on their computers but don't save those images on their hard drives.

us: Pennsylvania court says viewing child porn 'not illegal'
A US court has ruled that viewing child pornography on a website without deliberately saving it to a computer is not a crime. The judge said that the state penal code was ambiguous, so he must rule in favour of the defendant.

au: Internet child pornography a growing problem
For many people, the Internet of course has created an exciting new world of information and communication but as we've increasingly come to know, it has its very definite dark side. Broadband and high-speed Internet connections have helped a global market in images of abused children. Interpol now has a database of a staggering 200,000 images and only a fraction of these children have been identified. If anything, the problem is only getting worse.

German court says customers can order deletion of IP logs
The Supreme Court in Germany has ruled that ISPs must delete all customer logs when asked to by a user. The decision threatens to undermine entertainment industry and law enforcement attempts to urge ISPs to keep records.

us: Lawyers face right to blog
Online journals that contain legal discussions and background information are challenging traditional practices on attorney advertising

us: Law Firm Must Surrender Client E-Mails Shared With 'Lay Adviser,' Judge Says
A Morristown, N.J., law firm will have to turn over client e-mails in a federal court battle between a former client and his ex-employer, as a judge has rejected the firm's assertions of privilege.

us: LA police in YouTube beating film
An investigation begins after a video of a man being beaten by Los Angeles police is posted on YouTube. There is also a BBC TV report that includes the video.

uk: ISPs 'should be responsible' for hacker attacks
ISPs should be made legally liable for the damage caused by "denial of service" attacks carried out via their networks, a leading internet lawyer says.

U.K. outlaws denial-of-service attacks
A U.K. law has been passed that makes it an offense to launch denial-of-service attacks, which experts had previously called "a legal gray area."

Google chief vows to protect users' privacy
The Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt, yesterday vowed to resist attempts by US president George W Bush's administration to obtain private information on internet users. On the day when the Republican administration faced dispiriting results in the US mid-term elections, Dr Schmidt launched a stinging criticism of the government's attitude to privacy.

Google video suit could signal YouTube trouble ahead (AP)
Google's online video service has been sued for copyright infringement, providing a possible preview of the legal trouble that may plague the Internet search leader after it takes over YouTube Inc. and its library of pirated clips, the company said.

Google faces legal challenges over video copyright (Reuters)
Google's video service faces at least one copyright infringement lawsuit, the company confirmed on Friday, and the Web search leader faces a separate subpoena tied to the service.

Internet at a crossroads
Decisions about the openness of the internet and the technology behind it will affect all web users. The next couple of years will define whether the internet remains open, but acquires more heavy-duty infrastructure to meet the demands that all of us - businesses, consumers, government - have come to expect of it, or whether it is hijacked by private interests. Several key technological choices will have to be made by internet users, IT suppliers, standards organisations and governments. Those choices will determine the shape of the internet for the next decade and how fast new applications develop and grow.

What the Democrats' win means for tech
Now that this week's elections have switched control of the House back to the Democrats--and they appear to have seized the Senate as well--the outlook for technology-related legislation has changed dramatically overnight. On a wealth of topics--Net neutrality, digital copyright, merger approval, data retention, Internet censorship--a Capitol Hill controlled by Democrats should yield a shift in priorities on technology-related legislation.

Spam Levels Up by 80 Percent
Researchers and IT managers are confirming security vendors' claims that spam levels have spiked in the past month--some say by as much as 80 percent--and show no signs of decreasing.

Why spam is out of control
Noticed a lot more junk in your inbox? Danny Bradbury of The Guardian reports on the increasingly sophisticated methods being used to pump out millions of unwanted emails.

Baffled GPs urged to try diagnosis by Google
If in doubt, Google it, doctors puzzling over a diagnosis have been told. The internet search engine used by millions of people to find a plumber or discover what their house is worth is also pretty handy when it comes to putting a name to unusual ailments.

Blogosphere sees healthy growth
100,000 new blogs are started each day and the number of blogs responding to political issues is also on the rise.

'BlackBerry Thumb' sparks new massage treatment (Reuters)
Sore thumbs after spending hours on a hand-held e-mail device? Sounds like a case of "BlackBerry Thumb"--but help is at hand.

Gates warns of return to Internet bubble era
Bill Gates warned Thursday against the rush to new Web-based software services, likening the frenzy to the days of the 1990s Internet bubble.

Bubble 2.0?
Venture firms are pouring money into Web 2.0 startups in hopes of funding the next MySpace. But is the frenzy getting out of hand?again?

Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense
Computer scientists and a growing collection of start-up companies want to make the Web less of a catalog and more of a guide.

IP world best practices: what lessons for Europe?
As many Nations (United States, Japan, now China and India) realize that a robust IP system is central to their economic future and a prerequisite for a successful economy, the Europeans still seem to be struggling with this notion. Two years ago, the first paneuropean intellectual property summit in Brussels, IP2004, has plainly confirmed so. Issues covered will include: Why can?t Europe get it right when it comes to IP?; Why should rights owners themselves be doing more to shape the debate?; Why European companies couldn?t be learn from the way which Japanese or Americans companies have grappled with intellectual property and its potential?

Punters converge on web summit
Tech luminaries converge on San Francisco to trade tips on how to create the next YouTube or MySpace.

Google's New Frontier: Print Ads
With a slew of big-city newspapers on its side, Google sets out to reproduce the success of its online ad programs?offline

ITU: Presentation: Evolution of Digital Media in a Convergent Era
A presentation entitled "Evolution of Digital Media in a Convergent Era", was made by Cristina Bueti, Project Officer, ITU Strategy and Policy Unit,at the Festival International du Film et de la T?l?vision on 4 November in Geneva, Switzerland.

nz: Gattung speech raises serious questions - InternetNZ (news release)
?Yesterday?s address by Theresa Gattung to a TUANZ audience in Wellington raises serious questions, and she should not attack those who ask important questions about how Telecom is behaving,? said InternetNZ President Colin Jackson today.


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