[DNS] IPv6 DNS Wish List

[DNS] IPv6 DNS Wish List

From: Narelle Clark <narellec§gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 11:28:02 +1100
[apologies for cross post]

This year at the Australian IPv6 Summit we will be having a DNS BOF.
In that BOF we will compile a wish list for how we want the IPv6 DNS
to be improved, at least as far as it operates in the .au name space.
Thus we are reviewing what works now, what needs to work and what
needs to be tested to ensure it all can work.

What I need from this list, are any additional inputs that people want
to contribute.

There may be irc etc on the day of the BOF that people can participate
in, so people wishing to participate at the time should let me know in

This is part of the ITOL IPv6 for e-business project being conducted
by ISOC-AU (and partners).

BOF Abstract:
The Domain Name System has been nominally IPv6 capable for some time,
however the global DNS infrastructure is yet to be considered reliably
reachable via IPv6 protocols alone. In this session, the requirements
of the Australian and regional DNS services will be discussed and a
'wish list' compiled. This wish list will then be considered as part
of the test bed program under the IPv6 ITOL project.

More info on the IPv6 for e-business project is at www.ipv6.org.au

Please note, this is not intended to replace all the usual
methods/standard practices in the operation of the registries, but to
assist in the initial analysis of what works, what doesn't etc and
help us figure out what needs to be tested.

Thank you for your inputs.

vice-president isoc-au for ipv6 itol project team
freshly resubbed to the DNS list and sheesh there's a few names here I
haven't seen for years!! LOL
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