[DNS] Intaserve

[DNS] Intaserve

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 13:03:52 +1100
On 9 Jan 2007 at 9:52, Amin Kroll wrote:

> Have you registered a domain with us and followed through our
> correspondence? 

Client had a domain name registered with you via their previous developer who disappeared.

>Or are you just filling the list with baseless crap again?? 


> Did you email or in any other way contact us in the first instance to
> address the perceived problems you're having? 


The domain had been transferred to Intaserve from another registrar without the registrant's 
knowledge. The registrant email was correct however but no password had been sent to or 
passed to the registrant.
> Where does it state 24/7 support? 

It doesn't but at http://www.intaserve.com/support/index.html (specifically on 
http://www.intaserve.com/img/support_ad_02.gif) it does say "7 Days A Week 1300 850 071" 
without any limitation as to availablility.


> Domain and Account management is accessed via our homepage by clicking on
> the 'Account IntaFace' link at the top. Enter username and password. Follow
> the instructions as per our notifications ...

The link is to https://commandcentral.com.au/intaserve/login.asp but here to recover any 
password you have to know what the "Account Reference" is. No other .au registrar seems to 
use such a term and it is only meaningful to your accounts holders.

> Need Help? Feel free to either
> call our Free call number,

A 1300 number is not a free call number. Nearly free but not quite.


> We work on strict customer response and service SLAs which means that we are
> proud to regularly recieve great feedback for our customer service and
> support.

SLAs?  SLUGs as in "sluggish" would be a better acronym. There was an 21 hour turn 
around for a SLA submitted around midday on a weekday requesting help.

> Of course we always look forward to improving our service, and welcome
> intelligent feed back.

All we wanted to do was get the password to the domain management area so that we could 
redelegate the domain. Normally there is a link on a registrar's site for that purpose. Not only 
is there no password recovery tool at the Intaserve site  but there is no apparent link to 
http://myintaserve.com/ which for some arcane reason you have as your domain 
management area. Aslo there is no link to this URL at  
https://commandcentral.com.au/intaserve/login.asp which would actually help or as you 
would have it be "intelligent".

An intellegent registrar would not make it quite so difficult to make such changes.or to allow 
someone who is intelligent to deduce where they should go.

(And how intelligent are you as "Managing Director" when you haven't made an effort to 
check the quality of the html  at http://myintaserve.com/ - where &quot appears instead of " at 
least once. Pomposity and paying lip service to quality does not equate to intelligence.)

Even when one logs in at http://myintaserve.com/ there are issues not the least of which is 
that even attempts to redelegate time out and one gets into a re-login loop and has to come 
back later. I have given up trying to change the registrant contact email address. I haven't 
had such problems at other registrars.

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