[DNS] domain name news - 12 January

[DNS] domain name news - 12 January

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China?s Internet body says no domain names lost after all

Review of the structure and operation of the .au Internet domain

Korea Increases IPv6 Address Number to 10 Million by 2010

AntiSpyware.com Attracts $550,000 at Afternic To End 2006 With a Bang 

ICANN looking at porn again

China?s Internet body says no domain names lost after all
Beijing News? report on 10,000 lost domain names according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is now said by China Daily, a Chinese news web site, to be wrong, with the CNNIC denying that it made those comments. So, what?s going on?!

Review of the structure and operation of the .au Internet domain
In 2006 the Department for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts released a discussion paper as part of a review into the structure and operation of the .au Internet domain. Public comment was sought on a range of issues including the administrative structure of the .au Internet domain, naming structures, policy development, competitiveness and cost effectiveness, international participation and emerging technical issues. Nineteen submissions were received, four of which were confidential, from a range of industry, consumer and government organisations as well as members of the public. The publicly available submissions are now available online.

Korea Increases IPv6 Address Number to 10 Million by 2010
The Ministry of Information and Communication is set to increase the number of IPv6 addresses, the next generation Internet Protocol, to 10 million by 2010. To that end, it plans to encourage IMv6 registration by improving the related system, developing business models and disseminating information. 

uk: Betting firm falls at second hurdle in domain name challenge
Online betting firm Sportingbet has failed to force the handover of sportingbet.net from its Canadian owner for the second time. It also failed to force the transfer of the domain name sportingbets.biz.

Beckham move sparks domain-name rush
David Beckham's big money move to the United States prompted a frenzy of 'cyber squatting', a leading domain name firm said today.

Cisco Sues Apple Over 'iPhone' Name
Even though the brand was in Cisco's portfolio of trademarks, Apple's potential move into cell phones had been talked about unofficially for several years as the iPhone, particularly by bloggers and analysts. Apple registered the domain name iPhone.org in December of 1999.

Dell sues cybersquatters for URL diversion
Dell has taken legal action against individuals alleging they infringed its trade marks by registering domains that could be confused with its own.

us: New York rules affect online activities of law firms
The New York courts have issued new rules, due to take effect on February 1, on lawyer advertising ? some of which affect the way that law firms promote their services online, E-Brief News notes. While law firms may have a Web site, they may not use domain names that promise a specific result, says the Financial Times.

ICANN looking at porn again
It may have been abandoned last year, but plans for the adult-only dot-xxx domain could be staging a comeback in 2007.

Podcast: CES news and the infamous .xxx domain (IT Week)
This week, Martin Veitch rounds up the latest news from the CES event in Las Vegas and Phil Muncaster discusses the potential benefits for IT managers of the proposed .xxx domain.

ICANN Reconsiders Virtual Red Light District
Nearly seven years after its initial proposal, the controversial .XXX domain, intended as an online "red light district" for pornographic websites, is soon to be reconsidered by ICANN, which voted not to approve (but did not reject) the proposal in May of 2006.

Plans firm up for .xxx domain (VNUnet)
Icann dusts off plans for internet red light district. Icann has announced that it will try once more to start up a .xxx domain for pornography.

.xxx domain extension proposal resurfaces
Icann has revived a plan it had shelved in May 2006 to create an exclusive domain for online pornography.

Number of .ru domain names up 60% - domain name registrar
The number of second-level domain names, registered in the .ru zone (www.name.ru) grew by 60.78% in 2006 compared with 2005.

Domain Name Registration Increases Over 350% From 2005, Says Dot VN (news release)
Domain name registration company, Dot VN, Inc., the official authorized global registrar for the Country of Vietnam, has reported that the total number of .vn domain names registered by the Company via online has increased over 350% since 2005.

dotMobi Carries Momentum of Successful Domain Registration Into 2007 by dotMobi
Building on a successful launch that has generated more than 330,000 name registrations to date, dotMobi, the official worldwide registry for the .mobi domain, enters the new year poised to continue providing consumers with the best mobile Internet experience possible.

Handicapping New DNS Extensions and Applications
Back in May, Paul Vixie and I presented a webinar in which we discussed five new extensions to and uses of the Domain Name System: the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), IPv6 support, Internationalized Domain Names, ENUM, and the DNS Security Extensions. These subjects represented most of the new topics in the fifth edition of O'Reilly's DNS and BIND, released in April 2006. At the end of the webinar, we gave our assessment of the future of each of these technologies. Six months later, after conducting a survey of the Internet's namespace, consulting experts, and generally keeping an ear to the ground, it's already time to update our original assessment.

How to Invest in (Even Misspelled) Domain Names
Stockerblog submits: You may have read about how the domain name business.com sold for $7.5 million, and even the misspelled word mortage.com recently sold for $242,000. Suppose you've tried to register some domain names as investments for yourself, but found that all the good ones were taken.

ICANN Appoints New Chief Operating Officer
Names Doug Brent to the new position of Chief Operating Officer based in the Marina Del Rey office

ICANN Publishes Revised Proposed Agreement on sTLD
Proposes a revised agreement with ICM providing for designation of a .xxx sTLD registry; open for public comment until 5 February 2007.

AntiSpyware.com Attracts $550,000 at Afternic To End 2006 With a Bang 
The curtain came down on a banner year for domain sales this past week with a half million dollar deal that ranks among the biggest sales of 2006 and a score of solid five-figure transactions.

4Domains Reduces Domain Pricing
Domain registrar 4Domains announced it has reduced its domain name registration pricing to $6.95 per year, plus a 25-cent ICANN fee, for all new domain name registrations.

German child porn ring busted
German police have arrested over 300 people in ten different states after detectives analysed credit card transactions from 22m customers.

uk: Child porn probe 'shocked police'
Police, social services and experts were taken by surprise by the huge scale of internet child porn revealed by a major inquiry, peers have heard. 

uk: Advice for children and the web
A campaign has begun to give advice to parents and teachers after children as young as eight were found to have accessed internet pornography. A free computer CD on how to monitor internet usage is being made available by Warwickshire County Council. 

nz: Mother's fury as girl downloads phone nude
A mother is calling for tighter controls on mobile phones after her 10-year-old daughter accidentally downloaded a picture of a naked woman.

Computer-Generated Child Pornography Images still Represent a Gap in the U.S. Law
On August 11 and November 22, 2006, U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner from Massachusetts District Court confirmed a long standing U.S. precedent suggesting that to secure a conviction for child pornography, prosecutors must prove that the images are images of real- not virtual- children. The holding on this Massachusetts case centered on First Amendment rights. The Court on its November decision held that "The Government may not suppress lawful speech as the means to suppress unlawful speech.? Indeed, the Court further said, ?The possible harm to society in permitting some unprotected speech to go unpunished is outweighed by the possibility that protected speech of others may be muted.?

us: Teens opt to guard privacy on Web
Teens may be looking for new friends or searching for their identity. They may want to assert their independence, or maybe just flirt. Their reasons vary, but more than half of the nation's online youth ages 12 to 17 are connecting with one another via the Web, says a new report on social-networking sites such as MySpace.

Brazil's ISPs stuff YouTube
A Brazilian judge has lifted an order which caused the country's ISPs to block access to YouTube following a ruling last week over a sex-romp video of footballer Ronaldo's former missus Daniela Cicarelli.

Brazilian judge reverses YouTube ban
A judge reversed course Tuesday and lifted an order that led to a ban of YouTube in Brazil because a sexy video of supermodel Daniela Cicarelli had circulated widely on the video-sharing site.

Supermodel opposes YouTube ban in Brazil
Brazilian supermodel Daniela Cicarelli said she disagreed with a judge's now-reversed order to ban YouTube in an attempt to stop steamy footage of her from being viewed. But she stopped short of offering an apology.

Cisco sues over iPhone trademark at core of Apple plan
The multimedia mobile phone on which Apple Computer has staked its future hit a snag yesterday when Cisco Systems, the computer networking equipment maker, sued Apple over the use of the iPhone name.

Cisco on brink of losing iPhone name in Europe
Cisco could be on the brink of losing the rights to the iPhone trade mark in Europe, according to trade mark experts. Apple could end up with European rights to iPhone, in contrast to reports around the world suggesting that Cisco's rights were absolute.

uk: Technology law round-up
A case involving two Russian companies accused of hacking into a London computer system can be heard in English courts, a High Court judge has ruled. The allegations make for an exciting story of corporate espionage in the internet age, but the case serves as a reminder that, even today, cross-border lawsuits are anything but point-and-click operations.

nz: Text messaging scams on the rise in NZ
The Consumers Institute hopes it can stem the tide of a potential flood of text message scams as New Zealand mobile phone users begin to feel the sting that has been plaguing international counterparts for years.

us: Companies fear their workers' lax e-mail security
A growing number of Internet-savvy workers are forwarding their office e-mail to free, Web-accessible personal accounts offered by Google, Yahoo and other companies.

Google Anti-Israel Probe
Google has launched an enquiry into its interactive atlas program Google Earth after a TJ investigation revealed the online mapping and navigation service is replete with anti-Israel propaganda.

us: Congress off to slow start with tech
When newly empowered Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives launch into their much-touted 100-hours agenda on Tuesday, don't expect to see much in the way of issues important to the high-tech industry.

uk: Workers 'prefer lying by e-mail'
Workers do not like lying to colleagues face-to-face and prefer the anonymity of the phone or e-mail, a study says.

Shy shoppers go online for Ann Summers sex toys (Reuters)
Sex toys and lingerie retailer Ann Summers said on Thursday its festive sales improved on the previous year thanks to a surge in sales of lingerie and naughty novelties over the Internet.

us: Pew Study: Majority of teens stay private online
Just more than half of all U.S. teens use social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, according to a new Pew Internet & American Life Project study.

Yahoo! social networking push on mobiles
The new service, which being developed by the company's Connected Life division, hopes to recreate the popularity of Bebo and Facebook

China's first official blogger
A Communist Party secretary writes an official blog, and is encouraging others to do so

Australia trials low-cost laptop for indigenous Australians
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project aims to put low-cost laptops into the hands of impoverished children in the developing world, but work is already underway to trial them among indigenous populations in Australia.

au: NT schools to trial $100 laptop
NORTHERN Territory schools will become the first in Australia to test a revolutionary new laptop computer that costs just $US100 ($128).


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