[DNS] domain name & governance news - 24 January

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 24 January

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Google.de Snatched by Cyber-Squatters

Domain Tasting: Hard to Swallow

ph: RP gets first 'open' Internet exchange

Google.de Snatched by Cyber-Squatters
Google is searching for answers after its German domain name gets temporarily stolen. Google's German domain name, google.de, was temporarily "stolen" in the early hours of Tuesday. However, "the problem was solved within a short time," Google spokesman Stefan Keuchel told the German news agency DPA. Google officials were initially unsure how their German domain name had gotten transferred to another owner. Keuchel emphasized that it was not a hacker attack, adding that Google was investigating what had happened.

de: Domain drama halts Google
Google's German website was waylaid for two hours on Tuesday because its address was mistakenly reassigned when DeNIC made an error and registered www.google.de as available and immediately gave it away.

Google.de domain gets kidnapped (IDG)
Visitors to the German Web site of Google were met with a strange sight early Tuesday morning: Gone was the Google logo, replaced by the name of a local Internet service provider with the message that no content was available for the domain.

Google's German Web Site Seized by Hacker
Google said Tuesday that its German Web site was unavailable temporarily after its domain name was reregistered by a hacker. In place of Google's search form, users saw a Web site hosted by German Internet service provider Goneo. It took 12 hours before Google corrected the problem and its domain name was registered properly.

Domain Tasting: Hard to Swallow
Domain tasting and domain kiting have been highlighted by the press lately. They're the bane of trademark holders, though they don't always have to be. If you're wondering what these practices are, why they're so profitable, and whether you need to worry about them, keep reading.

ph: RP gets first 'open' Internet exchange
The Philippines will soon get the country's first open and non-commercial Internet exchange, managed and owned by a consortium of companies, as well as the first Internet exchange in the Philippines to fully support the old Internet protocol (IP) version 4 and the new IPv6. 

au: Melbourne IT lifts profit sights
Domain name registrar Melbourne IT has lifted its pre-tax earnings forecast for the year to December 31 after the company recorded lower than expected costs from its $61 million acquisition of Queensland internet firm WebCentral.

Domain registrar lifts its forecast
Melbourne IT has lifted its forecast of earnings before interest and tax for the 2006 financial year from $7.2 million to above $8 million.

Second Highest .Mobi Sale To Date
Sportsbook.mobi commanded the big bucks - a whopping $129,800 in a private sale that Domain Name Journal carefully examined during our verification process.

us: Restaurateurs not pleased about Web link
It's not ruinous like identity theft, but when you're a victim of cyber-squatting, it's a bit of a surprise. Andrew and Cynthia Bugna, owners of Lock 31 in Ellenville, were surprised to find their restaurant's name on the Internet not only at their own Web site, but at another site named lockthirtyone.com. They checked it out, and found that lockthirtyone.com immediately linked visitors to the site of Aroma Thyme Bistro, another popular Ellenville restaurant. Bugna, who formerly had a small business creating Web sites, did some research, and found that the Web site is owned by Marcus Guiliano, owner of Aroma Thyme Bistro.

Acquisition doubles size and enhances earnings
Group NBT this week made an acquisition that will almost double its turnover and establish it as a leading domain name management operator in Europe.

Understanding Domain Name UDRP
Later this week Domain Name Wire will cover the pending spat between Rogers Cadenhead and MGM regarding his domain name, WarGames.com. I have procured a copy of MGM?s original complaint and Cadenhead?s response. Before going into the details of the case later this week, let?s review what a UDRP is.

2007 Domain Name Wire Survey Opens
Domain Name Wire announces the official launch of its 2007 Domain Name Wire Survey. This is the second annual survey undertaken by Domain Name Wire. Last year?s survey attracted respondents from over 80 countries. Many of these respondents are some of the biggest players in the industry, owning thousands of domain names.

ICANN hires journalist critic
Congratulations to Kieren McCarthy, a technology writer who many of you may be familiar with (he's written for The Guardian, The Register and Techworld, among others). Now, though, he's joining ICANN. Interestingly, Kieren's been tracking ICANN very closely over the years and has written some pretty critical articles at times.

Techworld stalwart gets ICANN job
ICANN has responded to criticism of its lack of openness and accountability. It has appointed Techworld?s news editor, Kieren McCarthy, as general manager of public participation.

Google, Yahoo! commit to ethical code
Some of technology's biggest names are joining together to create a code of conduct to protect freedom of expression online. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Vodafone will create a human rights charter along with academics and social groups.

Kazakh blogger sentenced for insulting president (Reuters)
A Kazakh court gave a pro-opposition blogger a two-year suspended jail sentence on Monday for libeling President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Egyptian blogger stands trial, accused of insulting Islam, inciting strife (AP)
An Egyptian blogger went on trial Thursday on charges of insulting Islam and causing sectarian strife with his Internet writings. Egypt's first prosecution of a blogger came as Washington has backed away from pressuring its Mideast ally to improve its human rights record and bring democratic reform.

us: MySpace to send U.S. users missing-children alerts (Reuters)
Popular online social network MySpace said Tuesday it will begin sending online alerts to users in certain U.S. regions to help find missing children as part of an expansion of plans to expand safeguards for users.

Parents to track teens' internet use
Website MySpace is moving to protect teenagers from cyber-savvy paedophiles by developing software that allows parents to track their children's movements on the internet.

Cyber criminals move focus to web
Cyber criminals will increasingly turn their attention to the web and away from e-mail security in 2007, according to a new report. Security firm Sophos found that the US hosts more than a third of websites hosting malicious code, as well as sending more spam than other nations.

us: Cyberthreat experts to meet at secretive conference
Internet security experts are gathering at a secretive conference later this week to strategise in their fight against cybercriminals.

uk: Police struggling to cope with rise of cyber-crime
Police cannot cope with the huge rise in cyber-crime, such as computer viruses, fraud and the online grooming of children, Scotland Yard has admitted. And the scale of the problem has become so large that not all allegations can be investigated.

Israeli Police Orders Gambling Websites to Shut Down
The Israeli police has issued letters to gambling websites with an Israeli presence, informing them that their operation in the field of online gambling, including backgammon games, is a criminal offense and ordering them to cease their operations. Concurrently, the police has issued letters to credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, and informed them that it deems their cooperation with companies dealing in online gambling, and the provision of clearing services for the collection of payments by credit cards - criminal offenses.

us: MySpace lawsuits headed for new legal ground
MySpace.com is facing pressure after a new round of lawsuits filed last week that allege it failed to protect minors, and experts say the cases will enter murky legal territory.

us: Attorney general to talk data retention with new Congress
The Bush administration plans to approach Congress again this year about the possibility of new rules requiring Internet service providers to retain information about their subscribers for a certain period of time.

ug: Lack of Regulatory Laws Hurts Information Technology
Government should fast- track the enactment of laws and regulations for the information communication technology (ICT) sector. This would curb crimes that would arise in the sector. "The laws that include the electronic transaction, the electronic signatures law that would authenticate a person using online transaction and the law on computer misuse are not in place," says a source who preferred anonymity.

us: MySpace files law suit against 'Spam King'
MySpace.com has filed a lawsuit against the self-proclaimed "Spam King", Scott Richter, for allegedly blasting the portal with spam through the use of compromised user accounts, the Web site said on Monday.

China net use may soon surpass US
China could soon overtake the US to have the world's largest number of internet users, according to a state-controlled think-tank. "We believe it will take two years at most for China to overtake the US," an official at the China Internet Network Information Center told state media.

Internet usage in China hits record high
The number of Internet users in China made its highest recorded jump to reach 137 million at the end of 2006, a state information center said Tuesday.

BBC talking to Google about providing video on YouTube
The British Broadcasting Corporation said Monday that it was in discussions with the search engine company Google about putting some of the BBC's programming on the online video site YouTube.

Record Labels Contemplate Unrestricted Digital Music
As even digital music revenue growth falters because of rampant file-sharing by consumers, the major record labels are moving closer to releasing music on the Internet with no copying restrictions ? a step they once vowed never to take.

Italian court rules downloading isn't a crime if not for profit (AP)
Italy's top criminal court has ruled that downloading music, movies and software over the Internet isn't a crime if profit wasn't the motivation, though analysts questioned Monday whether the ruling would have much effect on copyright laws.

German, French groups join Nordic-led drive against iTunes restrictions (AP)
German and French consumer groups have joined a Nordic-led drive to force Apple Inc. to make its iTunes online store compatible with digital music players made by rival companies, a Norwegian official said Monday.

YouTube blocks mobile video encoder
YouTube has blocked a small company from making YouTube videos available on mobile phones. The action came just days after YouTube announced its own mobile deal with US mobile phone operator Verizon.

Record Labels Contemplate Unrestricted Digital Music
As even digital music revenue growth falters because of rampant file-sharing by consumers, the major record labels are moving closer to releasing music on the Internet with no copying restrictions ? a step they once vowed never to take.

Connecticut church gives porn sermons (UPI)
The Shoreline Church in Old Saybrook, Conn., has joined the fight against today's Internet porn issues. The church's congregation knew that Sunday was different when Pastor Mike Calo launched into his "Bust Lust is a Must" sermon, referring to masturbation, Hustler magazine and the saving grace of God, the Hartford Courant reported.

Vista to play second fiddle to XP until 2009: Gartner
Windows XP will continue to reign supreme, while Vista will have scant market share until 2009, according to new projections from technology research group Gartner. According to Gartner, Vista is just catching up to Mac OS X in the consumer space but will make steady progress as the years roll by.

au: Victorian charged over child pornography
A Melbourne man is facing charges for downloading child pornography following an investigation sparked in Switzerland.

us: Former Christ Church official guilty in child porn case (AP)
The former music director of a church where former President Bush once worshipped pleaded guilty on Monday to possessing child pornography.


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