[DNS] domain name & governance news - 14 February

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 14 February

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Net grows to meet fresh demands

uk: British web surfers opt for .uk

VeriSign?s Internet cloud fortress

Lessons learned from 'Net root server attack

Registrations of Chinese domain names surge as Spring Festival approaches

Net grows to meet fresh demands
The net is facing the need for serious upgrades in order to meet fresh demands such as high definition video on the web and social networking. A recent report from Deloitte said 2007 could be the year the internet approaches capacity, with demand outstripping supply. It predicted bottlenecks in some of the net's backbones as the amount of data overwhelms the size of the pipes.

uk: British web surfers opt for .uk
British users are six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than a .com address when using internet search engines, an online survey has found. The survey of over 2,000 internet users, carried out by YouGov, found that 62 percent believe a .uk address suggests a company name is local or more relevant than a .com.

VeriSign?s Internet cloud fortress
During his keynote at the RSA 2007 Conference, VeriSign CEO Stratton Sclavos announced Project Titan, a three-year investment from the company's capital spend of $150 to $200 million to add capacity to its network infrastructure to keep up with growth of the Internet. "We have to stay ahead of the curve and build capacity to help with RFID and content distribution," Sclavos said.

Lessons learned from 'Net root server attack
There's some good news and some bad news for corporate network managers about the latest Internet root server attack. The good news is that the Internet demonstrated once again that it is the most resilient network infrastructure ever built. Companies shouldn't be afraid to put mission-critical applications such as voice and streaming video on the `Net because of these attacks, security experts say.

Registrations of Chinese domain names surge as Spring Festival approaches
Now that website technology supports domain names with Chinese characters, many of Chinese companies and netizens are cheering the upcoming Spring Festival in a new way. Mr. Meng, a private business owner, recently registered "Cai yuan gun gun" -- a traditional Chinese idiom which means endless streams of income -- as his company's domain name.

uk: Cherie 'is cashing in' on Blair website name
Cherie Blair today faced fresh accusations of cashing in on her husband's name after registering a potentially lucrative website. The internet domain name www.cherieblair.org.uk has reportedly been registered by American socialite Martha Greene on Mrs Blair's behalf.

RSSAC and SSAC Seek Community Feedback on DNS Resolver Support for IPv6 DNS Records and DNS Extensions (EDNS0)
The joint committees are soliciting feedback from the Internet community on whether DNS servers (software and hardware appliance) organizations use to provide recursive name service will operate correctly when IP version 6 (type AAAA) resource records are added to the root hints file and root zone.

ICANN Office of the Ombudsman Introduces Web Log
The ICANN Office of the Ombudsman, www.icannombudsman.org, has introduced a new blog at http://omblog.icann.org/

DotMobi strengthens mobile web with new products
3GSM World Congress kicks off in Barcelona today, so IT PRO spoke to dotMobi's chief executive Neil Edwards to get a flavour of what lies ahead for the mobile internet. DotMobi plans to use this week's 3GSM conference in Barcelona to prove that it is more than just a domain registry by announcing a set of tools and certification standards to ease mobile website creation.

Domain Name Market in 2007: Will the Growth Continue? (news release)
The domain name industry experienced unprecedented growth in 2006. Leading domain industry news source Domain Name Wire (www.domainnamewire.com) is conducting a study of the domain name market and where it's headed in 2007.

Attempted attack on Net backbone highlights potential risks
When hackers recently targeted the backbone of the Internet, they caused little damage. But the attempt underscores the risks associated with our reliance on the Web. John McCormick weighs in on the attempted attack and brings you up to speed on other recent threats.

Registration of ?.HK? domain names in Hong Kong
The registration of domain names under ?.hk,? the two-letter Top Level Domain for Hong Kong, is administered by the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (?HKDNR?) since June 1, 2001, which follows the provisions of the HKDNR Domain Name Registration Agreement, effective on the same day (the ?Agreement.?) The dispute resolution policy regarding the use and registration of domain names (the ?Dispute Resolution Policy? or ?DRP?) also took effect on the same day.

TRAFFIC Domain Name Auction to be Open to Public
The next TRAFFIC conference live domain name auction will be open for bidding by non-attendees.

us: GoDaddy.com Converts - Spikes Sales With Super Bowl Savvy (news release)
GoDaddy won the Super Bowl for advertisers ? defying critics and converting its big game ads into bottom-line business. Although it was rated as one of the ?least favorite? commercials, GoDaddy.com attracted more new customers and enjoyed record sales with its Super Bowl strategy this year.

Mydomain.com Launches Tiered Discounts On Multiple Domains (news release)
MyDomain.com introduces its plan of simplified tiered discounts for multiple domain registrations with an improved bulk registration tool.

ICANN U-turn over outdated domains
According to Cnews, plans by ICANN to delete some of the more ?outdated? domain extensions in their index have been derailed. They had opened a public discussion in San Paulo with a view to removing these extensions, which ended last month. Top of their list of their list for deletion was the Russian .su (Soviet Union) extension and the former Yogoslav Republic?s .yu.

France publishes decree on top level domain names (sub req'd)

The elusive world of child porn dealers
The alleged international paedophile ring smashed in Austria highlights the ease with which criminal gangs have been able to exploit the internet to make money out of child abuse.

us: MySpace to launch video filtering system (AP)
MySpace said Monday it will experiment with a video-filtering system designed to block clips containing copyright materials. MySpace is licensing technology from Audible Magic Corp to compare with vectors stored in a database. Video can be blocked from appearing on MySpace when there is a match.

Child porn offenders "similar to paedophiles"
Men who download and distribute child pornography on the Internet share similar characteristics with convicted paedophiles, according to a study on Thursday.

Belgian Court Rules That Google Violated Copyright Laws
A court in Brussels ruled today that Google violated copyright laws by publishing links to articles from Belgian newspapers without permission, a case that legal experts say could have broad implications in Europe for the news services provided by search engines. The ruling, which Google said it would appeal, may be the first of its kind in relation to a search engine?s news service. It was hailed by newspaper industry representatives internationally and may also have an impact on an ongoing legal complaint against Google by the news service Agence France-Presse.

be: Google loses court battle with Belgian publishers
Google could face fines of ?25,000 (?16,750) a day after losing a court battle with Belgian publishers over the scope of its Google News service. A court in Brussels ruled today that the search engine had infringed the copyright of several newspapers after it included their stories in its news services.

Why the Belgian court ruled against Google
Every search engine should obtain permission from a website before copying its pages or even snippets of text, according to a ruling by a Belgian court today.

Google will appeal Copiepresse decision
Google will appeal today's judgment from a Belgian court that it broke the law when it used newspaper material in Google News. The company will have to stop publishing links to certain newspaper sites having been found liable for copyright infringement.

be: Google loses newspaper copyright case (AP)
Google Inc today lost a copyright fight launched by Belgian newspapers who demanded the Web search service remove their stories last year, claiming it infringed copyright laws.

Belgian court rules against Google over copyright (Reuters)
A Belgian court ruled on Tuesday that Google may not reproduce extracts from a variety of Belgian newspapers, imperiling one of the Web search leader's most popular services if other courts follow suit.

us: Networks and film makers accuse Google of encouraging pirates
America's biggest media companies have accused Google of knowingly encouraging copyright theft by suggesting to illegal movie download sites that they place adverts to appear in response to search terms such as "pirated" and "bootleg".

us: WiFi Turns Internet Into Hideout for Criminals
Detectives arrived last summer at a high-rise apartment building in Arlington County, warrant in hand, to nab a suspected pedophile who had traded child pornography online. It was to be a routine, mostly effortless arrest. But when they pounded on the door, detectives found an elderly woman who, they quickly concluded, had nothing to do with the crime. The real problem was her computer's wireless router, a device sending a signal through her 10-story building and allowing savvy neighbors a free path to the Internet from the privacy of their homes.

Price of cybercrime tools shrinks
It's becoming cheaper and easier to get hold of the tools needed to launch a cybercrime attack, according to security company RSA.

au: Sexually explicit material found in police emails
Inappropriate material, some sexually explicit, has been found in the email accounts of up to 150 NSW police officers, an internal investigation has found.

au: Police investigating quarantine porn claims
SEVEN officers of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service have been suspended over email pornography allegations, which are being investigated by federal police.

us: Bill Would Make ISPs Keep Data
The act, aimed at child predators, would give Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales broad discretion to write data collection and retention rules for Internet service providers.

us: Feds seek middle ground in Net neutrality feud
Federal consumer protection officials on Tuesday indicated they're not ready to side with fans or foes of contentious Net neutrality regulations and said a middle-ground approach may be preferable.

United Nations global audit of web accessibility report now available
The United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs commissioned Nomensa to conduct this audit to determine how accessible the Internet is for persons with disabilities. The report reveals that 97% of websites tested fail to achieve the minimum web accessibility level.

cn: Despite a Ban, Chinese Youth Navigate to Internet Cafes
There was no sign, but Gedong's teenagers knew the way. Down a dusty alley just off Jicui Park and a few minutes' walk from local schools, the curtained door beckoned. Inside, in a dingy back room off the kitchen, a clutch of adolescent boys crowded around six computers and stared at the images flickering on their screens.

Sex bloggers bare all on the Internet (Reuters) 
Be careful who you fall for this Valentine's Day -- they may just splash your most intimate secrets across the Internet.

fi: Ninety-six percent of Finns have broadband internet
Ninety-six percent of Finns have access to broadband Internet and 50 percent to third-generation (3G) mobile telephony, a study published by the communications ministry showed.

Unholy alliance - how the porn industry is driving technology - and vice versa
EVERY January, thousands of gadget geeks from around the world gather in Las Vegas to witness the unveiling of new toys at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. In an adjacent hall in the Sands Expo and Convention Centre is a show of toys of a very different kind - the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Old PCs help Africa's blind
Refurbished PCs and clever use of USB keys are revolutionising the lives of visually impaired people in Kenya

Google takes hits from YouTube's use of video clips
Internet search giant Google is under fire from Hollywood, mostly about the many unlicensed clips available on its YouTube video-sharing site.

Teraflop chip hints at the future
A chip the size of a fingernail and capable of more than a trillion calculations per second is unveiled by Intel.

Video driving the internet's future
MYSPACE.COM, the online social networking phenomenon that has exploded across the globe, has more videos than YouTube but chief marketing office Shawn Gold is struggling to find a way to make it work for advertisers.

New Energy Star ratings for PCs on the way
Standards for energy-efficient PCs are about to take a step forward for the first time in more than a decade.

IT goes green
As the climate debate heats up IT finds itself part of the problem ... and part of the solution. The inconvenient truth about IT can be found in a simple equation: at the heart of every computer is a machine that sucks in power, and creates information plus heat. The more IT there is in the world, the more power is consumed and heat expelled. It's a basic law of physics.

au: VoIP providers slow to sign
More than a third of voice over internet protocol service operators in Australia are operating outside the industry's regulatory framework.

VoIP minnows need to turn a dollar
AUSTRALIA'S voice over IP companies need to start making some money, with free services heavily outnumbering paid-for ones in a national market that now has more than a million subscribers, researcher Market Clarity says.

Consumers finally get a grip on VoIP
Known as "VoIP" in phone circles ? short for Voice over Internet Protocol ? it is the latest iteration of the communications revolution that began with Bell's telephone in 1876. Now VoIP, a 20-year-old technology, seems poised to become a fixture in the lives of millions of Americans.


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