[DNS] domain name news - 14 May

[DNS] domain name news - 14 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 20:03:52 -0700 (PDT)
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Headings from the latest edition of the news include:
The Olympic games infringement case, and the winner is... Paris |
Positions on Icann, the Internet addressing agency, are open | Domain
name Porn.com sells for US$9.5M | UK 'running out of web addresses' |
Dutchman stops using domain names containing 'google'


New domain names could come in mid-2008 (AP)

ICANN to consult public on new Net domains

Have Your Say on New TLDs

Vint Cerf: Do you care about the Internet?

Partnership to Grow Internet in Pacific Island Nations

CIRA's Response to ICANN's Request for Public Comments (news release)

ca: CIRA Trashes ICANN's Transparency Consultation by Michael Geist

TelNIC: ICANN Whois Contracts Break UK law by Milton Mueller

RegisterFly update: 11 May

Domain name density around the world

Dutch domain owner faces legal action from Google

Experts scramble to quash IPv6 flaw

Do people care how environmentally friendly their PC is?

New domain names could come in mid-2008 (AP)
New internet addresses for general use could start appearing in mid 2008 under a timeline announced by ICANN. ICANN invited public comment on procedures for creating new names, the first expansion for general use since 2000. Names added since then have been limited to specific regions or industries. "This is all about choice," ICANN Chief Executive Paul Twomey said in a statement.

ICANN to consult public on new Net domains
ICANN is asking the public for its views on the development of a new process for creating, approving and adding new gTLDs.

Have Your Say on New TLDs
ICANN wants public input on its development of a new process for creating, approving, and adding new gTLDs to the Internet.

Vint Cerf: Do you care about the Internet?
Earlier this week, we released an interview with Vint Cerf in which he discussed ICANN, what it did, the fact he was stepping down as chairman this year, how the Internet has changed in the past ten years and who he hoped would join ICANN to continue the work of the organisation. When that interview was over, Vint also recorded a short message in which he explained why people should get involved in ICANN?s processes. ?Do you care about the Internet?? he asks ? because if so, you need to take a look at ICANN. ?Your opinion won?t be heard if you don?t participate.? We have posted the message on YouTube and Google Video and have linked to it above. You can also download it.

Partnership to Grow Internet in Pacific Island Nations
Building partnerships to better share information about the Internet with the island nations of the Pacific is the goal of a MoU signed by ICANN and the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA).

ICANN Draft IDN Guidelines, v.2.2 for Public Comments
This is the first version of the IDN Guidelines to make specific reference to IDN in top-level labels. It is anticipated to be amended and supplemented in subsequent drafts in preparation for the release of internationalized top-level labels in the production environment.

ICANN Opens Comment Period on Telnic Proposal
On 27 April 2007, ICANN posted for public information a proposal from Telnic Ltd., the sponsor of the .TEL TLD, to amend the .TEL Registry Agreement. Specifically, Telnic is seeking to alter the public display of Whois for .TEL customers pursuant to Appendix S, Section VII of the .TEL Registry Agreement.

CIRA's Response to ICANN's Request for Public Comments (news release)
We write in response to your Request for Public Comments and dialogue on ICANN?s performance dated May 8, 2007. In the past we have raised concerns over the transparency and accountability of governance at ICANN including how it conducts its public consultations. More recently, we have been encouraged by the steps ICANN has undertaken to increase transparency, and have stated this opinion publicly at the ICANN Lisbon meeting. Although improvements have been made, ICANN?s recent Request for Public Comments represents a clear step backwards in ICANN?s journey towards becoming a truly transparent and accountable organization.

ca: CIRA Trashes ICANN's Transparency Consultation by Michael Geist
[Last] week ICANN launched a public consultation on its performance. The global manager of the domain name system asked the public to comment on whether it has become more transparent and accessible as well as whether it has increased international participation. CIRA wasted no time in completely trashing the consultation. After noting that ICANN had taken steps over the past year to address transparency concerns, it states that this consultation "represents a clear step backwards in ICANN's journey towards becoming a truly transparent and accountable organization."  CIRA argues that there is insufficient time to respond, inadequate background documentation, no context, and overly broad questions.

TelNIC: ICANN Whois Contracts Break UK law by Milton Mueller
The newly authorized operator of the .tel registry has sent a letter to ICANN asking for permission to deviate from ICANN's contractual requirements to display registrant contact data, in order to avoid conflicts with UK Data Protection law.

RegisterFly update: 11 May
ICANN?s motion for civil contempt against RegisterFly has been granted by the court. That means that ICANN is able, with the assistance of a law enforcement official, to enter RegisterFly?s premises and seize all its customers? registration data, as well as gain access to RegisterFly?s books and records in order to carry out a full audit.

Domain name density around the world
The top TLD's density is listed in DomainesInfo.fr. Obviously at the top is .com. Following is .de, .net, .org, .uk, .info, .eu, .nl, .cn and .au. The brief article is in French and lists changes from February to May 2007.

Aljazeera - Website Domain Name Dispute
When the word "Aljazeera" is mentioned what do you think of?  That is exactly the dispute that was recently argued and settled before the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, in Jazeera Space Channel TV Station v. AJ Publishing aka Aljazeera Publishing in Case No. D2005-0309.

Dutch domain owner faces legal action from Google
Google England plans to take legal action against a Dutch man who uses the word "google" in the domain names he has registered. Marcel Van der Werf has registered a number of domains that include the word "google," such as Googledatingsite.nl, Googleonlineshop.com, Googlecommunity.nl, and Googlestore.nl. Google contends that Van der Werf is infringing on its trademark.

Experts scramble to quash IPv6 flaw
A flawed feature that could amplify denial-of-service attacks on next-generation networks has vendors and engineers rushing to eliminate the potential security issue.

RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2007 Highlights (news release)
The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) May 2007 was held on 9 May 2007. The GM was held adjacent to the RIPE 54 Meeting which took place from 7 - 11 May 2007 at the Sokos Viru Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Poker.com Mystery Remains a Mystery
So who bought Poker.com in the Moniker.com domain silent auction and how much did it go for? We know that Scores.com was sold for well over a million dollars but Poker.com was expected to fetch $10 to $20 mil according to Marc Lesnick, whose Casino Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam hosted the silent auction.

More than $1.2 Million Worth of Domain Names Sold During Moniker's Silent Auction at the Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam 2007; Scores.Com Is One of the Top Five Domain Sales of 2007 (news release)
Moniker's Silent Auction of premium domain names at the Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam 2007 closed yesterday with more than U.S. $1.2 million worth of gaming and casino industry domain names sold during the week-long online auction. In total, 33 domains were purchased during the silent auction as well as one large domain name portfolio that consisted of 393 domains including betsmarts.com and sportsbookpros.com. Scores.com was purchased for $1.18 million, making it one of the top five domain sales of 2007 according to the year-to-date sales.

Internet Real Estate Group Buys Patents.com
Company short-circuits auction, buys Patents.com for undisclosed amount.

uk: Questions raised about BSJA.TV website
Officials from the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) will meet the owner of a new website that bears a strong resemblance to BSJA branding this month. ... Mr Davies, who funds the site himself, said the BSJA had been supportive of his idea, but had expressed some concern over the design. He explained: "After buying the domain name, I spoke to the BSJA about the site and they thought it was great. But after I did a mock-up page, they contacted me saying the look was very familiar. I did this not to deceive or offend, but because I want the site to be associated with the BSJA's success."

Capitalizing on an American Tragedy
Let me say at the outset that I'm a firm believer in the capitalist system.? There is nothing indecent about earning a profit if the work you're doing is honest and you're not engaging in any immoral means in order to accomplish it. But I find it strange that when the tragedy at Virginia Tech exploded onto our television screens, some people started seeing dollar signs. Attempting to capitalize on a particularly horrific American tragedy, some individuals rushed to buy Internet domain names bearing the marks of the massacre.

za: Internet squatters beware
In today?s marketplace, having your own website is becoming a very important part of running a business, and gaining control of your domain name in South Africa need not be an expensive and drawn-out legal battle. Now there is a better way to lodge a dispute, instead of admitting defeat because you didn?t have the means to fight the abuse of your domain name.

Technology feature: Cybersquatting
MONEYWEB: We're now going to have a look at the technology feature. We have a look at this every week, and our Geoff Candy has had a look at something called cybersquatting.

Interview: Dot TK Registry CEO, Joost Zuurbier
Ever wondered where domain names come from? Neither have we, really. It's always just been easier not to think about it, like with the food we eat and the clothes we wear. We just go to the store assuming they fell from the sky. In the case of the most common domains, the origins are pretty straight forward. There's dot com--short for commercial, dot org for non-profit organizations, dot edu for educations sites, and the more popular country codes, like-- dot uk for the United Kingdom and dot ca for Canada.

Hostalia becomes the first basque registry of domains
The Basque enterprise, Hostalia, specialist in hosting web pages, has become the first in the Basque Country to be accredited for registering domains. These authorisations are conceded by the international organisation, ICANN, which has authorised only six such companies throughout the whole of the Spanish state.

Market for Premium Financial Domain Names Heats up as E-Money.com is Put on Public Auction
Web Management S.A., located in the Republic of Panama, is auctioning off the domain name e-money.com this week. The company had acquired e-money.com last year with plans to hold the domain name as a long-term investment. Repeated inquiries from financial service providers prompted the decision to auction off e-money.com on Sedo.com, the world's largest domain marketplace.

F-Secure researcher calls for banks-specific domain
A researcher from security technology company F-Secure has called for a TLD to be created for banks, in a bid to help address the ever-increasing problem of internet banking fraud.

'Brandjackers' make profit feeding off 'Net brands
Criminals hijacking online corporate brands to hide behind, and masquerading for profit, are ramping up their efforts, a report released today says.

Fee for '.info' domain name to increase
Wholesale prices for Internet addresses ending in ".info" are going up 2.5 percent on October 15, the same day fees for ".com" and ".net" are increasing.

us: Google sticks by censorship policy
An attempt to force Google to stop censoring its search results in repressive countries has been rejected by its shareholders. The office of the comptroller of New York City, which oversees New York City pension funds, proposed the motion at the search giant's annual shareholder.

Fiji's war on bloggers
The military in Fiji is moving to shut down access to anti-government weblogs after unsuccessful attempts to find those responsible for the sites.

Thailand won't sue over YouTube (AP)
The Thai government abruptly scrapped a plan to sue Google after the U.S. company agreed to remove from a website video clips deemed insulting to the country's revered king, an official said.

The YouTube Police
As Viacom's $1 billion copyright-infringement lawsuit against Google and YouTube grinds through the courts, another drama is unfolding behind the scenes. In a cramped office in New York's Times Square, dozens of twentysomethings work day and night scouring YouTube for Viacom TV shows and movies that have been uploaded by just about anybody. For each clip deemed stolen, Viacom's team sends out a "takedown" notice requiring YouTube to remove it immediately. Back in San Bruno, Calif., a crew of young YouTubers finds the specified clips and pulls them.

au: Fears emerge as teens race for cyberspace
Hastings schools have growing concerns about cyber-bullying among students. They try to control it, and do so with some success in the school yard. But out of class hours it is open slather.

au: Government crackdown on adult content
The Federal Government yesterday introduced laws to make it harder for children to access "adult" content on the internet and via mobile phones.

au: Crackdown on websites to protect children
Internet and subscription mobile phone services that carry "adult" content will have to verify their customers are at least 18 under proposed new laws.

Google searches web's dark side
One in 10 web pages scrutinised by search giant Google contained malicious code that could infect a user's PC. Researchers from the firm surveyed billions of sites, subjecting 4.5 million pages to "in-depth analysis". About 450,000 were capable of launching so-called "drive-by downloads", sites that install malicious code, such as spyware, without a user's knowledge. A further 700,000 pages were thought to contain code that could compromise a user's computer, the team report.

Google may use games to analyse net users
Google has drawn up plans to compile psychological profiles of millions of web users by covertly monitoring the way they play online games. The company thinks it can glean information about an individual's preferences and personality type by tracking their online behaviour, which could then be sold to advertisers. Details such as whether a person is more likely to be aggressive, hostile or dishonest could be obtained and stored for future use, it says.

Alleged Aussie software pirates raided
Old-fashioned software piracy -- the kind that uses actual media rather than peer-to-peer networks -- is alive and well down under, it seems. Two brothers in Ballina on the NSW North Coast have been raided by police, who seized 5,000 CDs and DVDs featuring pirated software, games and music.

Suspended jail term for British gambler who tried to sell kidney on net
A salesman who tried to sell one of his kidneys in an internet chat room to pay off gambling debts walked free from court yesterday after receiving a suspended jail sentence. Daniel Tuck, 26, the first person in Britain to be convicted of contravening the Human Tissue Act, agreed a price of ?24,000 for the organ with an undercover reporter, Wolverhampton crown court heard.

MySpace adds new anti-piracy feature
MySpace and Dailymotion, a popular French video site, announced Friday separate initiatives to prevent copyrighted material from being misused, increasing pressure on Google to more aggressively police its YouTube

Active Home Internet Users by Country, March 2007
The number of active Internet home users increased 1.83 percent in March for the 10 countries tracked by Nielsen//NetRatings. More people went online in Brazil (15.56 percent increase); Spain (3.87 percent); and Japan (2.31 percent). Active users fell in Germany (-0.84 percent) and France (-0.08 percent). US users rose 1.30 percent and UK users advanced 0.69 percent.

US online sales rise 29% to $146.5bn
Americans bought more clothing and shoes online last year than computers and software in a sign of the growing mainstream acceptance of internet retailing.

eu: Broadband Gap 2007
The Information Society offers enormous benefits to Europe's less developed regions and rural and isolated areas, yet commercial investment in broadband infrastructure for these areas is problematic. Launched by four European Commissioners, this Conference and Exhibition will investigate how the strategic use of ICT can support regional and local development, ease infrastructure and geographical handicaps and make these areas more attractive to business and individuals alike.

The law arrives in Wild West of Webcasts
Webcasters are suffering severe growing pains in the form of a looming increase in U.S. royalty rates and the free-wheeling atmosphere of the Wild West with competing collection agencies all over the world in search of royalties.

Do people care how environmentally friendly their PC is?
Not judging by the reaction to the latest ruminations from Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, whose latest bit of blogging, entitled "A Greener Apple" has drawn noticeably less interest than his previous one.

Study: iPods Threaten Pacemakers
Research finds that having the device two inches from the chest can cause interference.

nz: 'World first' VoIP claim questioned
The recent story about the launch of Dunedin company VentureVoIP has prompted some feedback:


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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