[DNS] domain name news - 23 July

[DNS] domain name news - 23 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 01:42:50 -0700 (PDT)
Don't forget to check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/ for today's edition of the complete domain news, including an RSS feed - already online!

Headlines from the 26 July edition of the news include:
Podcaster loses cybersquat of 'Simpsons Movie' site | WIPO Rules for 'The Simpsons' | Internet Core Neutrality: Drawing a Line in the Sand at ICANN by Dan Krimm | Users urged to patch serious hole in BIND 9 DNS server | A revamp of ICANN?s public comment process | ICANN NomComm: Leave It Alone by Bret Fausett | nz: UK internet defamation case resonates here | Dot TK cleans up Tokelau?s web domain | Why Is Uncle Sam Dictating .Us Policy? by Larry Seltzer | Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse to combat cybersquatting | GayCalifornia.com acquired for a Cool Quarter Million Dollars

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Cyber squatters ride on Sochi's Olympic success

Is IT losing the battle against DNS attacks?

Web of confusion between domain names and trademarks
Mark Bender's guides us through the confusing array of rights attached to business names.

The Web: Are You Truly Master Of Your Domain? by David M. Kelly (Boston Business Journal)(reg req'd)

The Most Expensive Web Addresses

Netizens and WSIS: Welcome to the 21st Century
In the early 1990s, Michael Hauben and Ronda Hauben began to document the history and social impact of Usenet and the Internet. In 1994, they put their research online as the netizens netbook. Its title was "Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net." Then, in 1997 there appeared a print edition, Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet,(1) A small gathering was help on July 14, 2007 in New York City to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits ITU: Call to broaden ITU?s agenda to meet long-term development needs
UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-moon visited ITU headquarters on Friday, 6 July during his visit to Geneva in connection with the high-level ECOSOC meeting and the Global Compact Summit. He brought a clear message of support to ITU, which he termed "one of the most powerful organizations in the UN system". The UN Secretary-General emphasized the need for connectivity without which "the whole world would be in darkness" and we would continue to live in a medieval age without the means of communication. He said the work of ITU will act as a catalyst in reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015, and pointed to ITU?s work in bridging the digital divide, enhancing cybersecurity and strengthening emergency communications for disaster prevention and relief.

Second Meeting of the United Nations Group on the Information Society; UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France; 17 July 2007; Remarks by ITU Secretary General Dr Hamadoun I. Tour?
Introduction: As Chairman of the United Nations Group on the Information Society during its inaugural year, it a great pleasure to be here this morning at UNESCO to address this second meeting of the Group. WSIS has been an important landmark in the global effort to eradicate poverty and achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals by 2015. WSIS has placed ICTs at the center of the UN Agenda. A few weeks ago, I had the honour to welcome UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon to the ITU. I was very pleased to learn that ICTs were one of his 6 priorities.

Online Public Consultation on the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy
The OECD Online Public Consultation provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to comment on the topics and issues to be discussed at the OECD?s Ministerial meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy.
The Ministerial represents an opportunity for high-level stakeholders from government, business, the technical community, and civil society to consider broad social, economic and technical trends shaping the development of the Internet Economy, and to discuss policies that can respond to evolving societal needs.
The participation of all players in the dialogue is important to ensure that the Ministerial is able to benefit from a wide range of viewpoints and expertise.

OECD Recommendation on Consumer Dispute Resolution and Redress
On 12 July 2007, OECD Member countries adopted a Recommendation on Consumer Dispute Resolution and Redress to provide governments with a framework to help consumers resolve disputes and settle claims with business. The framework covers disputes in both domestic and cross-border transactions. It was developed to deal with issues arising from the rapid growth in electronic commerce, but it will also benefit consumers making traditional types of purchases.

FTC, Partners Offer Framework for Consumer Redress and Dispute Resolution
The Federal Trade Commission, together with other members of the OECD, adopted a Recommendation on Consumer Dispute Resolution and Redress.

Cybersquatters ride on Sochi's Olympic success
With Sochi nominated to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, a wealth of websites containing the name of the Black Sea resort have been created, including the website Sochi.info which was bought for for less than ?100 and is now on sale for ?3m.

Is IT losing the battle against DNS attacks?
Few things can strike fear into the heart of the IT department like an attack on a company's Domain Name System servers. That may explain why companies are spending so much time to deploy myriad, complex security measures to keep their DNS protected from malicious attackers.

Updated IDN .test Evaluation Plan
ICANN updates the IDN .test Evaluation Plan based on comment to the previously posted version of the plan for the insertion of evaluation IDN TLDs in the root zone

Independent Evaluator Seeks Public Input to Nominating Committee Review
Interisle Consulting Group was selected by ICANN's Board of Directors to conduct an independent review of the Nominating Committee (NomCom) in accordance with Terms of Reference approved by the Board. Interisle's review team is gathering information from many different sources, including interviews with people who have participated in or closely observed the NomCom process, and seeks public input from anyone who has information or observations to contribute concerning any aspect of the role, structure, or operation of the NomCom.

Paris and Belgrade both want to host ICANN meeting
Next year's second ICANN meeting is scheduled for the European region. Two candidates have stepped forward: Paris and Belgrade. A final decision is expected in September.

 - (cc)TLD NEWS
au: Web of confusion between domain names and trademarks
Mark Bender guides us through the confusing array of rights attached to business names: Disputes between registered trademark owners and domain name registrants are likely to grow because of misunderstandings among business owners.
Business owners are not always aware of the significance, consequences and differing entitlements and protections that are attached to the confusing array of names, registrations and rights.

.eu - Less than 16% Of Websites Actively Developed? by John McCormac
The figure for active web development in .eu is now close to 16%. I?ve been refining the parsing (classifying holding pages and redirects based on frame src tags, duplicate content checking etc) and the active web figure now stands at 286222 websites out of the initial 1.436M websites. That?s 19.94% of the websites and 16.16% of the total resolving .eu domains. The .eu ccTLD is a disaster zone compared to real ccTLDs. In comparison, the .ie figure is around 57% of websites actively developed - a far higher figure.

Official Report on the implementation, functioning and effectiveness of the .eu TLD
You read it here first: The European Commission is satisfied with the way the .eu TLD works

Norid 2007 registrar survey: Minor changes since 2004 (news release)
The general findings from the 2007 registrar survey is that the satisfaction with Norid's services is at about the same level as it was after the last survey in 2004. Also this time the larger registrars are less satisfied with some services than the smaller ones, which confirms that the needs of the two groups to some extent are quite different.

'.asia' open for booking
Companies that want domain names with the extension ".asia" can start applying for them now.

DE domain breaks new registration record
Germany's Internet extension reaches new heights by crossing the 11 million registered domain mark.

The Web: Are You Truly Master Of Your Domain? by David M. Kelly (Boston Business Journal)
The Internet provides an important marketing and sales tool for many businesses. Companies large and small contract out to vendors various services relating to their lnternet presence, including Web site design and hosting and domain-name registration. It?s not unusual for these vendors to register, in their own names, domain names containing business trademarks.
In most cases, the vendors? ownership of the domain names poses no problems, for the parties have a good working relationship. But when the relationship sours or ends, the vendor?s ownership and control of valuable domain names, associated e-mail addresses, and possibly even Web site content become an important issue, frequently leading to costly litigation.

us: Fanning Usher's ire
You know things are rough when you're fighting with your own No. 1 fan site. Sources say Usher is trying to shut down usherforever.com because the woman behind the site, Erika Jackson, doesn't care for his fiancee, Tameka Foster. "He's had his lawyer send her papers," said an insider.

us: Usher F**ks With the Wrong Fan
Usher Raymond is determined to sanitize all the Usher news around, even if he's got to strong-arm his biggest fan site with legal action in order to keep it that way. But the webmaster of the site tells TMZ she's willing to slug it out in court with her fave R&B star, just to make her point. Erika Jackson, webmaster of usherforever.com, tells TMZ that she's been hit with a full-scale legal blitz from a tag-team of both Usher's personal lawyer and his label's lawyers, and claims that the trouble started earlier this year when she refused to turn her site -- the self-proclaimed "biggest Usher site" on the Internet -- into a sanitized official site.

VSNL wins vsnlinternet.com
Telecom service provider Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has won the battle over the ownership of vsnlinternet.com, a domain name registered by a cybersquatter, whose identity was hidden by Whois IDentity Shield, Vancouver, Canada.

Network Solutions and Google Announce Joint Webinar on Pay Per Click Services
With their new joint Webinar, ?Discover a New Audience with Pay Per Click,? Google and Network Solutions seek to help businesses increase their online visibility. This Webinar, which will be held on Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 2pm Eastern Daylight Time, will spotlight the differences between pay per click and organic search results and help business owners improve click-to-close rates.

The Most Expensive Web Addresses
... Growth in online advertising and the shrinking pool of available names are pushing URL price tags to new heights. Three of the top five deals in history happened in the last two years. "You're seeing a perfect storm created by converging factors that are resulting in an increase in domain values," says Bentley. Sex.com broke the eight-figured barrier in 2005 by nabbing $12 million, according to DN Journal, which tracks the domain name industry. Porn.com came in next, at $9.5 million last month, followed by Business.com ($7.5 million in 1999), Diamond.com ($7.5 million in 2006) and Beer.com (a reported $7 million in 1999).

Dictionary.com Shows the Rational Side of the Internet
... All of which suggests that the real value of the company comes from its generic and highly-trafficked domain names. One has to give credit to the folks at Lexico, who first launched the dictionary.com and thesaurus.com websites in May, 1995, when the Web was in its true infancy.

Take Domain Name Appraisals with a Grain of Salt
Domain name owners should not get overly excited ? or dejected ? about an appraisal of their domain names.

Sedo Closes Highest .Info Sale
Sedo recently announced they have closed the highest .INFO sale to date, with Travel.info selling for US$116,000.

For Sale: ?.com - The British Pound's Home on the Net
Another prominent domain name for sale, and this time ?.com.

More Than $680,000 in Premium Domain Names Sold During the Affiliate Summit East Domain Name Auctions (news release)
Moniker announced that it sold more than U.S. $680,000 in premium domain names during its inaugural Live and online Silent domain name auctions at the Affiliate Summit East at the Hotel Intercontinental, Miami.

us: Internet Brands Files for US$100M IPO
Internet Brands, Inc. has filed for a US$100M initial public offering, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company started its life as CarsDirect, but then switched to the generic ?Internet Brands? name when it diversified. Internet Brands focuses on big ticket purchases including autos, homes and home improvement, and travel.

Stadtluft erfrischt den Internet-Namensraum
Die Auswahl an Internetadressen wird vergr?ssert. Ausserhalb der bekannten Adressbereiche mit Endungen wie .com oder .net soll es neue geben, in denen Umlaute oder nichtlateinische Schriftzeichen verwendet werden k?nnen. Eine Internetzone .z?rich wird denkbar.

China hat 162 Millionen Internetnutzer
... China beherbergt 1,311 Millionen Websites. Erstmal ?bersteigt ? nach einem Wachstum von 137,5 Prozent in den vergangenen zw?lf Monaten auf 810.000 Sites ? die Zahl der .cn- die der .com-Domains. Die Zahl der Computer ist in den vergangenen sechs Monaten um 7,7 Millionen auf 67,1 Millionen angewachsen.

"Definitiv unschlagbar"
... Die Icann will neue Adresszonen f?r das Internet er?ffnen, berichtet Monika Ermert auf der Medien- und Informatikseite, "darunter auch solche mit Umlauten oder nichtlateinischen Schriftzeichen. Insbesondere sollen - neben den nationalen Adressbereichen mit Endungen wie .ch, .de oder .at - neue Zonen mit geografischem Bezug geschaffen werden.

Dollars.com rachet? 650 000 dollars par un europ?en
St?fan Renninger, cofondateur de Virtual Network, start-up Suisse, vient d?acqu?rir dollars.com pour 650 000$. Un investissement qu?il compte rapidement rentabiliser.

5000.no enregistr?s
Les noms en .NO uniquement compos?s de chiffres sont ouverts ? tous depuis le 19 juin 2007. Le registre norv?gien a d?voil? le palmar?s des combinaisons les plus demand?s pendant la sunrise.

Contentieux extrajudiciaire dans la zone .fr
La chose est suffisamment rare pour ?tre signal?e : deux parties qui se sont affront?es dans une proc?dure extrajudiciaire rendue ? propos du nom telecommande-express.fr, s'?taient pr?c?demment confront?es ? l'occasion d'une opposition devant l'I.N.P.I.

Ano Nymous perd en justice
Plusieurs soci?t?s du groupe 3 Suisses ont, avec leur maison m?re, d?couvert l'existence de noms de domaine en .fr reprenant leur marque ? une ou deux lettres pr?s:

'Cerfeando' la Red
Contrario a lo que muchos piensan, la frase ?surfear la Red? no se deriva directamente de su nombre. Pero eso no impide que Vint Cerf sea una autoridad mundial en el tema, ni que su conversaci?n est? matizada por la sencillez y el buen humor.

Aumenta el ?Cybersquatting?, una pr?ctica a trav?s de la cual se utilizan dominios similares de empresas conocidas para hacerse con los clientes
Expertos en la materia, aconsejan a las compa??as que se aseguren de que los posibles nombres parecidos a sus dominios est?n registrados, para prevenir p?rdidas de clientes, reputaci?n y dinero.

Podcast de Antonio Quirarte sobre las reuniones de LACNIC en Venezuela y la ultima reunion del ICANN (en Puerto Rico)

Finalizo Taller sobre IXP en El Salvador
Con la asistencia de 80 participantes provenientes de El Salvador, Costa Rica, Trinidad y Tobago, Antillas Holandesas y Francesas (Saint Maarten), Guatemala, Honduras y Panam? finaliz? ayer el Taller sobre Puntos de Intercambio de Tr?fico (IXP), tambi?n conocidos como NAP, que se llev? a cabo en el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Salvador, El Salvador, el d?a 18 de Julio en su sesi?n te?rica y el 19 de Julio en la Universidad Centroamericana Jos? Sime?n Ca?as (UCA) en su sesi?n pr?ctica.

Nuevo Servidor Raiz en Panama
En el marco del proyecto +Ra?ces, la Universidad Tecnol?gica de Panam? (UTP), LACNIC (Registro de Direcciones IP para Am?rica Latina y el Caribe), el ISC (Internet Systems Consortium) y Cable & Wireless Panam? instalan el primer Servidor Ra?z en Centroam?rica.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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