[DNS] interesting article about the geographics

[DNS] interesting article about the geographics

From: Mike <mjr§hydrocorp.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 11:08:17 +0930
A LOCAL, virtually secret, version of the internet funded by Australian 
web users is an expensive flop. Anyone who has bought an ".au" internet 
address has contributed to the $1.7 million that the administrator auDA 
has spent on creating the Community Geographic Domain Name system.

Chaired by former federal Liberal Party president *Tony Staley*, the 
system aimed to foster community groups to craft a website specifically 
for their locality. But only 18 of the 22,000 available "community" 
names ? 0.07 per cent ? have been registered, and board minutes show the 
target number of sites to be reached by 2009 has been revised downwards, 
to 75.

Chief executive of internet hosting company Net Registry, *Larry Bloch*, 
quit the board of the administrator in part because of the establishment 
of the system. "It's completely pathetic ? a monumental waste of cash," 
he said. "The way that auDA has embraced empire building is completely 
outside their brief as a regulator." The complicated process and poor 
internet access in some regional areas have turned off groups. Only 47 
applications have been received since the launch in August last year. 
Fourteen communities have cancelled their applications, with two 
reapplying and three on hold.

Major sponsor Sensis, the company behind the Yellow Pages, has not 
revealed whether it will continue its sponsorship of the project. The 
system's general manager *Leonie Parkinson* defended the program, saying 
it was in its infancy. "There's only 3000 (localities) which have more 
than 200 people," she said. "And because there's only one name for each 
location, it's very important they are preserving it for the community.


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