[DNS] domain name news - August 1

[DNS] domain name news - August 1

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:28:32 -0700 (PDT)
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US: We Will Not Give Up Oversight Of Internet Domain Name Root Zone

Olympic organisers agree to China blocking 'sensitive' internet sites

DNS patches cause problems, developers admit

With Security at Risk, a Push to Patch the Web

Asia Pacific Internet Community to descend on Christchurch - NZ to host APNIC 26 [news release]


US: We Will Not Give Up Oversight Of Internet Domain Name Root Zone
The Bush administration has no intention of giving up United States oversight role of the management of the central root zone of the internet domain name system (DNS), the essential database storing information on how to reach domain names on the global internet.

U.S. Intends to Remain in Full Control of Internet Root Zone, Says Letter from NTIA
In a letter sent by bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to ICANN, the department has made it clear that despite recent discussions in Paris meetings, the U.S. department intends to remain in full authority over the Internet root zone.

Public Comments: Improving Institutional Confidence in ICANN
Dear Chairman Dengate-Thrush: On June 16, 2008, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) posted for public comment a series of interrelated documents prepared by the President?s Strategy Committee (PSC) regarding improving institutional confidence in ICANN. The Department of Commerce (Department) takes this opportunity as a member of the community and ICANN?s partner in the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) to offers its views on such an important topic.

ICANN Publishes 2008 Semi-Annual Contractual Compliance Audit Report
ICANN's Contractual Compliance Department publishes its second semi-annual Registrar and Registry Contractual Compliance Audit Report. This report summarizes ICANN's audit activities from October 2007 through June 2008. During this period, ICANN conducted three registrar contractual compliance audits and one registry contractual compliance audit. ICANN conducted each audit by following consistent audit procedures established before each audit commenced. This report contains details regarding the audit methodology, findings, observations and conclusions.

ICANN Opens Comment Forum on .COOP and .MOBI Proposed Contract Changes to Allocate Single-Character Names
ICANN is today opening a public comment forum on proposed amendments to Appendix 6 of the DotCoop and DotMobi Sponsored TLD Agreements.

Egypt / ICANN meeting [news release]
The Government of Egypt has the honor to host, in Cairo, the next ICANN meeting, from 2 to 7 November 2008, at InterContinental CityStars Hotel. The ICANN meeting was previously hosted in Cairo in March 2000, by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications, the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) and the Internet Society of Egypt.

ICANN To Offload Domains from De-Accredited Registrar
When RegisterFly lost its ICANN accreditation, GoDaddy swooped in to take over the registration of RegisterFly clients? domain names. It was a nice pickup for GoDaddy of nearly 1 million domain names.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Olympic organisers agree to China blocking 'sensitive' internet sites
Olympic organisers 'regret' agreement to restrictions but China claims censorship will not affect reporting of Beijing 2008 ... Chinese officials said the censorship would not hamper journalists in their job of reporting the Games. A BOCOG spokesman Sun Weide said that the plan had always been to provide ?sufficient? Internet access for foreign reporters. Sites run by the Falun Gong religious sect remain inaccessible, as do most with the word Tibet in their internet address.

Personalize your domain using .ME
The .ME Registry officially opened for live, real-time registrations and was met with huge international demand. .ME after .com, .biz, .eduis spreading around the world with more than 50,000 new domain names with the first "live" name registered being: yusu.me.

Barack Obama Goes .Mobi
United States Presidential candidate Barack Obama is leveraging the mobile web to get his message out. His campaign is using ObamaMobile.mobi. And unlike most popular .mobi domain names, it actually resolves to a .mobi domain rather than just forwarding to a mobile version of a .com we site.

Dot-na Doman Remains Hot Potato
THE controversy surrounding Namibia's Internet domain name (.na) is not likely to die down soon, given the recent formation of a new Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

InternetNZ selects web advocate board members
InternetNZ has appointed four members to its executive board, formed earlier this year as part of a structural review of the society in order to act as an advocate for internet users.

The WashBiz Guest Blog: A Day At .ORG
Welcome to Day 2 of our little experiment in guest blogging, something we hope captures a small slice of Washington at work. All this week we plan to run posts from Adam Palmer, policy counsel for .ORG, the Public Interest Registry based in Reston. Adam works on policy issues dealing with Internet governance, cyber security, and e-commerce. Today, he talks about what one actually does at .org.

UCC abandons attempt to control Uganda domain name
The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) says it is not interested in taking over control of the Uganda country code, .ug. The country code is registered to and controlled by Charles Musisi, an Internet entrepreneur who has managed Uganda domain names over the past 12 years.

Number of domains in the UZ zone exceeds 7,000
The number of domains registered in the .UZ zone exceeded 7,000 as of 25 July, the administration of the .UZ domain zone said. According to the statistics, the number has grown by about 22% from 5,766 since the beginning of the year.

DNS patches cause problems, developers admit
Patches released earlier this month to quash a critical bug in the DNS (Domain Name System) have slowed servers running BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain), the Internet's most popular DNS software, and crippled some systems versions of Windows Server.

Apple skewered over missing DNS patch
Apple has come under fire for failing to patch the critical Domain Name System (DNS) flaw which prompted a (rest of) industry wide response earlier this month.

With Security at Risk, a Push to Patch the Web
Since a secret emergency meeting of computer security experts at Microsoft?s headquarters in March, Dan Kaminsky has been urging companies around the world to fix a potentially dangerous flaw in the basic plumbing of the Internet.

Hackers start DNS attacks, researcher says
Hackers are now actively exploiting a critical flaw in the Domain Name System, but they're not using any of the already known exploits, said a researcher who crafted the first attack code to go public.

Internet providers in Vietnam battle DNS flaw
Local internet service providers (ISPs) say they are taking action to overcome a serious flaw inherent in the Domain Name System (DNS) that could allow an attacker to re-direct unwilling web users to dangerous sites.

Asia Pacific Internet Community to descend on Christchurch - NZ to host APNIC 26 [news release]
Next month, InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) and the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) will jointly host APNIC 26, one of the most important meetings in 2008 for the local Internet community.

InternetNZ appoints Executive Board members [news release]
InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce it has appointed Peter Dengate-Thrush, June McCabe, Miki Szikszai, and Judy Speight as members of its recently-established Executive Board.

InternetNZ launches Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation [news release]
InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) is pleased to announce the launch of an Internet entrepreneurship foundation established in memory of Liz Dengate Thrush, a former Councillor of the Society.

Barack Obama Goes .Mobi
United States Presidential candidate Barack Obama is leveraging the mobile web to get his message out. His campaign is using ObamaMobile.mobi. And unlike most popular .mobi domain names, it actually resolves to a .mobi domain rather than just forwarding to a mobile version of a .com we site.

Why We'll Never Replace SMTP by John Levine
John Levine An acquaintance asked whether there's been any progress in the oft-rumored project to come up with a more secure replacement for SMTP. Answer: No. Truly, spam isn't a technical problem, it's a social one. If we could figure out some way to make mail recipient networks and hosts willing to shun known bad actors, even at the cost of losing some real mail for a while until the bad actors cave, it would make vastly more difference than any possible technical changes.

Emirates airline website plummets offline in A380 excitement
Dubai's government-owned airline, Emirates, forgot to renew its domain name this week, sending its website crashing offline on the same day it was trumpeting delivery of its first Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Find an Undervalued Asset. Fix It Up. Flip It. (Now It?s Web Sites, Not Houses)
Dave Hermansen did not own a bird or a cage when he bought bird-cage.com, an online store, for $1,800 three years ago. He simply saw a Web site that was ?very, very poorly done,? and begged the owners to sell it to him. He then redesigned the site, added advertising and drove up traffic. Last December, he sold it for $173,000.

Matt Bentley Leaving Sedo
Sedo Chief Strategy Officer Matt Bentley is leaving the company, Sedo announced today. The move is effective the end of this month.

Imminent Domaining: The domain name market is a hot investment opportunity for entrepreneurs.
One hundred domains. Sounds like a good, round, impressive number. And 100 felt like a lot for Howard Hoffman, who began snapping up domains like HealthWater.com and SportsWater.com to help redirect web surfers to his bottled water company's site, taking advantage of what's called "type-in traffic," when users just enter words or a guessed-at domain into the browser address bar.

Moniker/Snapnames accidentally sell the wrong domain
Imagine the following scenario: A registrant owns a .NET version of your .COM domain and decides to list it with SnapNames. However he mistypes the domain by entering the .COM version in the spreadsheet he sends to his account manager.

Crash Course Guide to Domain Name Appraisals
Ever looked for new domains to buy in auctions, pending delete, or expired? I?m sure all of us have some difficulty appraising the value of domains. The process is both easy and hard at the same time, especially when considering the long term value and not necessarily the present value. Grabbing a domain name now that holds a potential-value in the future is a real-niche and requires some strategy. Though the remaining names market and especially the gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domain Extensions, e.g. .COM/.NET/.ORG) is saturated and sometimes impossible to get a nice ones but there are some techniques to grab excellent and superior names using some technique we had successfully put on trial and lead us successfully to acquire many domains such as EVERNET.com and PreLanding.com. In this article, I will be highlighting some quick techniques to evaluate domains for the present or near-future resale value.

Google makes 6 Figure Offer for KNOL.com
For a vacuum cleaner reseller from Dordrecht in the Netherlands, Europe, this week may very well be the time of their life!. The family Knol have been the owner of the domain name knol.com for many years and it looks like Google is interested in purchasing the domain! Google has reportedly offered "a sum of five zeros."

Operators 'put brake on growth of mobile internet'
It was meant to be a key part of a new age of mobile telecommunications, giving consumers the same benefits that they could get from their computers at home, but yesterday mobile phone operators were told that Britain?s failure to embrace the internet via mobile phones was their fault.

UK Mobile internet use up 25 per cent in two years
Around 16.5m people in the UK accessed the internet through their mobile phone in May 2008, according to the latest quarterly data report from the Mobile Data Association (MDA), 25 per cent more than in May 2006.

NZ net revolution leaves dial-up users behind
The gulf between dial-up internet users and those with broadband is greater than that between dial-up users and those with no internet access at all, says the leader of an international internet survey.

NZ broadband use lagging
New Zealand's provision and use of broadband needs improvement to realise the full potential of the Internet, the NetSafe cyber safety conference in Queenstown heard this week.

Tepid response to rival search engine launched by ex-Googlers
A Californian start-up co-founded by engineers who helped create Google's market-leading technology launched a rival search engine yesterday. It claims to scan three times as many web pages as Google but met with a lukewarm response.

Cuil: Another Google Challenger Launches--to a Cool Reception
Just weeks after the last highly touted Google challenger, Powerset, was snapped up by Microsoft, a new one is launching Sunday night. Cuil (pronounced ?cool? and previously sporting an additional ?l?), boasts a Web index three times the assumed size of Google?s (though I?m not aware of Google admitting to a particular index size lately), a management team with an impressive pedigree (several people from Google), a different set of algorithms that in part analyze the content of pages, and a radically different presentation of search results.

Amazon takes on eBay with PayPal rival
Amazon has set out to take on eBay by unveiling an online payment service which will compete directly with PayPal. The new service, called Checkout by Amazon, will give online retailers the option of having Amazon manage their payments and allow them to avoid having to register customers afresh.

You've got too much e-mail
... According to a growing number of academics, "technologists" and psychologists, our dependence on e-mail -- the need to attend to a constantly beeping in-box -- is creating anxiety in the workplace, adversely affecting the ability to focus, diminishing productivity and threatening family bonds. The problem has become so severe that a new crop of entrepreneurs has sprung up with antidotes -- which sometimes involve creating more e-mail.

Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey Results [reg req'd]
Companies have adopted more Web 2.0 tools this year than in 2007, sometimes for higher-value purposes, according to McKinsey?s second annual survey on the business use of Web 2.0 technologies. Some 21 percent of the respondents are very satisfied with the way their companies use Web 2.0 tools, which are changing management practices and even organizational structures.

nz: Fighting off the great spam attack
The internet is under attack like never before, with spam accounting for 80 per cent of all emails sent worldwide, many of them money-making scams run by criminal gangs.

Spammers change tactics to beat security
Spammers are getting wise to the publicity and attention generated by their creations, security experts warned this week. Security firm BitDefender said that a malicious message which promised nude pics of Angelina Jolie has again been repacked and updated to beat spam filters and antivirus software.

Mobile Phones and the Digital Divide [IDG]
Whether you're building an application for the 3G iPhone in the United States or trying to figure out how to deliver health information via SMS (Short Message Service) to a rural community in Botswana, the mobile space is diverse and exciting in equal measure.

Game over for Scrabulous on Facebook
Scrabulous, the popular Scrabble-based game on Facebook, has been taken down from the US version of the social networking site. The makers of Scrabulous said today that they had agreed to a request from Hasbro, the toymaker which owns the rights to the board game in the US, to remove their application from Facebook.

Scrabulous pulled from Facebook in US and Canada [AFP]
The creators of online Scrabble knock-off Scrabulous say they have pulled their application from US and Canadian Facebook pages due to a lawsuit filed by game-making giant Hasbro.

Scrabulous suspended on Facebook
The developers of the popular Facebook application Scrabulous have suspended the game for some users following legal action by toy maker Hasbro.

Scrabble owner sues Facebook play-a-like
The popular Scrabble-like Facebook game Scrabulous has been suspended on the social networking platform. The game has been the subject of a fierce rights battle but had stayed available on the site until now.

Scrabulous returns to Facebook as Wordscraper
Less than two days after it was pulled from Facebook after a lawsuit, the popular online version of Scrabble - Scrabulous - has returned.

Scrabulous game back on Facebook
Scrabulous is back on Facebook but the popular word game has a new name, new rules and circular tiles. Developers suspended the game for users in US and Canada on Tuesday, after legal action by Hasbro, the makers of Scrabble.

au: eBay fraud probe could take months
It could be months before police can unravel the spectacular collapse of one of the biggest Australian sellers on eBay, which left hundreds of users out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars.

PayPal to reimburse Aussie eBayers
The Australian division of eBay subsidiary PayPal has confirmed it will reimburse customers left out of pocket by the collapse of local eBay seller EBS International.

'Bumbling nerd' who broke into Pentagon computers loses battle against extradition
A British hacker who broke into the Pentagon's computer systems said he was disappointed and angry after the House of Lords yesterday dismissed his appeal against extradition to the US.

Gary McKinnon ? 'world's most dangerous hacker' ? to be extradited
A British man who hacked into computers at the Pentagon will face trial in the US after the law lords ruled that he should be extradited. At the House of Lords this morning, Gary McKinnon, 42, was told that his appeal against extradition would not be granted.

UK Hacker vows to fight extradition
A Briton accused of hacking into top-secret military computers has vowed to fight extradition to stand trial in the US after losing a court appeal.

Gary McKinnon, British computer hacker, loses appeal over US extradition
A British man accused of the biggest military computer hack in history is facing extradition after losing his last-ditch appeal in the House of Lords today.

Lords reject NASA hacker's appeal against extradition
NASA hacker Gary McKinnon has lost his appeal against extradition to the US. Five Law Lords have unanimously rejected his argument that plea bargaining by US prosecutors undermined his human rights.

FBI warns of new Storm Worm attacks
A rash of complaints prompted the FBI to issue a warning of a new round of spam e-mails bombarding the Internet to spread the malicious Storm Worm.

Symantec: New Attitude on Security Needed [IDG]
Government agencies and private companies need to move their focus away from single-point security solutions to more holistic, information-based security, Symantec officials advised.

Legal Opinion: Privacy on parade in Fleet Street and the law courts
What is our nation coming to, when Fleet Street is censored for publishing clandestinely obtained, intimate details and images of sexual activities, carried out on private property between consenting adults? The privacy action brought by the Formula One boss Max Mosley, over the publication of details, images and footage of his S&M sessions with five dominatrices, has had tongues wagging. But, according to Mr Justice Eady ? the judge who heard the case and who has been criticised openly as the media-unfriendly foe of Fleet Street ? this was not a "landmark case".

UK watchdog clears Google's street cameras
Google's controversial Street View service - which will offer ground-level pictures of every UK street online -can finally be launched in Britain, after a privacy watchdog said it had no complaints about the service.

Comcast Illegally Interfered With Web File-Sharing Traffic, FCC Says
A majority of the Federal Communications Commission has concluded that cable operator Comcast unlawfully disrupted the transfer of certain digital video files, affirming the government's right to regulate how Internet companies manage Web traffic.

IFPI, Italian police take down "Italian Pirate Bay"
A popular torrent tracker in Italy closed up shop today, handing the international music trade group IFPI another victory against P2P. Colombo-BT.org now points to a page that says, "Access denied in execution of an Italian Court Authority injunction." The shutdown came after action was taken by the Guardia di Finanza, an Italian police force that operates under the Italian Armed Forces. Unsurprisingly, the IFPI applauded the move and took it as a sign of progress against piracy online.

Illegal filesharing: A suicide note from the music industry
This month's announcement of a back-room deal between ISPs and the big record companies to spy on suspected copyright infringers and reduce the quality of their internet connections is just the latest paragraph in the record industry's long, self-pitying suicide note, and it's left me wishing they'd just pull the trigger already and stop beating their chests and telling us all how unfair it all is.

IOC to investigate apparent internet censorship
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will investigate apparent censorship of the internet service provided for media covering the Beijing Olympics, press chief Kevan Gosper said on Tuesday.

IOC loses control as Beijing orders freedom of speech to take a hike
What is happening in Beijing is a disgrace. World press freedom is being dictated by a totalitarian Government that censors free speech and jails anyone who disagrees with the ruling Communist Party.

Outrage over internet great wall of China
China's vow to open up its country to the world through the Olympic Games was in tatters last night as an International Olympic Committee member, Kevan Gosper of Australia, apologised to the global press for misleading them about access to the internet.

Beijing unblocks BBC Chinese site
The BBC's Chinese-language website appears to have been unblocked in China ahead of the Olympic Games. An International Olympic Committee spokesperson called it a "good sign", after complaints about internet access.

IOC to challenge internet censorship in Beijing
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is planning to lobby the Chinese Government to improve internet access after the Chinese Olympic Committee declared it will censor the internet during the Games.

China 'spying on Olympic hotel guests'
China has installed internet-spying equipment in all the major hotel chains serving the Olympics, a US senator said overnight.

Olympic organisers agree to China blocking 'sensitive' internet sites
The International Olympic Committee disclosed yesterday that some of its officials had struck a deal with Beijing organisers, allowing the Communist authorities to block sensitive internet sites.

Olympic organisers agree to China blocking 'sensitive' internet sites
A deal with Beijing has allowed the Chinese authorities to block sensitive internet sites, the International Olympic Committee has disclosed.

Web curbs for Olympic journalists
Journalists covering the Beijing Olympic Games will not have completely uncensored access to the internet, Chinese and Olympic officials say.

China to Limit Web Access During Games
The Chinese government has confirmed what journalists arriving at the lavishly outfitted media center here have suspected: contrary to previous assurances by Olympic and government officials, the Internet will be censored during the upcoming Games.

au: Critics warn Govt's porn filtering trial set for failure
A glowing report on the government's national Internet content filtering scheme has again outraged telecommunications providers and privacy advocates who declared the results bias and worthless.

au: Report gives tick to filtered Internet
The government's clean feed Internet scheme has been buoyed by glowing results from tests into the effectiveness of Internet Service Provider (ISP) content filters.

Critics claim govt's porn filtering will fail
A glowing report on the government's national Internet content filtering scheme has again outraged telecommunications providers and privacy advocates who declared the results bias and worthless.

Sysadmins slam ACMA web filtering study
The System Administrators Guild of Australia has criticised the Australian Communications and Media Authority's report on ISP-level content filtering, questioning its relevance to real-world conditions. A major objection is that the ACMA tests did not align with the actual bandwidth expected and demanded by today's Internet users.

ISPs encouraged to self-regulate ? NetSafe and InternetNZ [news release]
NetSafe, New Zealand?s cybersafety organisation, and InternetNZ have called on New Zealand telecommunications firms and Internet Service Providers to implement a full self-regulatory framework for the good of the Internet and its users.

NetSafe, InternetNZ call on industry to self-regulate [reg req'd]

Kiwis well protected from child porn websites
New Zealanders were some of the best protected citizens in the world from online child pornography, the Netsafe '08 conference in Queenstown was told yesterday.

nz: Internet safety worries parents
The world of chatrooms and instant messaging is foreign to many adults, but a British advocate for children's cyber safety says they need to understand its importance to young people.

Netsafe ends with many questions
The Netsafe '08 conference in Queenstown finished yesterday with just as many questions raised as answered. Described by Netsafe executive director Martin Cocker as "an evolution in thinking rather than a revolution in thinking" , the conference discussed issues that had been raised at previous meetings.

Kiwi kids become online sex victims
New Zealand children as young as 12 are willingly sending inappropriate images of themselves to adults contacted on the internet, a conference has been told.

nz: Naming abusers complex issue
Naming people charged with child sex offences can pressure them into reoffending, a psychologist specialising in rehabilitating cyber-sex criminals told the Otago Daily Times.

NZ children 'complicit sex victims' on net
New Zealand children as young as 12 are willingly sending inappropriate images of themselves to adults contacted on the internet, a conference has been told.

nz: Children as young as 12 seeking sex on the Internet
New Zealand children as young as 12 are actively seeking sexual contact with adults on the Internet with little idea of the ongoing consequences of their actions.

uk: YouTube videos should be given '18' certificate, MPs say
Films posted on video-sharing websites such as YouTube should carry age certificates and those with pornographic or violent content should be subject to a television-style "watershed", MPs say today.

uk: Video websites 'must vet content'
YouTube has been criticised by MPs, who say it must do more to vet its content. In a review of net safety, the Culture, Media and Sport select committee said a new industry body should be set up to protect children from harmful content.

UK MPs tell internet firms to police 'dark side' of web
The internet industry must take more responsibility for protecting young people from the "dark side" of digital content relating to abuse, violence and suicide, according to a committee of MPs.

UK Government consults on web video regulation
The Government has published plans on how it might regulate the video on demand industry. It has also said that it is reluctant to relax rules on product placement on television.

uk: Protect children from 'dark side' of net, report urges
WEBSITES should do more to protect children from the ?dark side? of the internet after fears some sites are promoting violence and self-harm, MPs say today.

Comcast, NetZero agree to block Internet child porn
Internet service providers (ISPs) Comcast Corp and United Online Inc's NetZero have agreed to block access to child pornography, the New York Attorney General's office said on Tuesday.

MPs, step away from the internet
You know what the internet lacks, which drives MPs of a certain age mad? Bodies. To be precise, centralised bodies which you can invite to lunch and drop hints to, and which you can then rely on to promulgate your thinking to the wider world ? particularly the worlds that those bodies control. Top-down control, urging, nudging ? it's how MPs like to think the world works.

Internet in New Zealand explored
The first real picture of how New Zealanders are using the Internet can be seen with the release today of the World Internet Project New Zealand data produced by AUT University.

InternetNZ launches Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation
InternetNZ is establishing an internet entrepreneurship foundation in memory of Liz Dengate Thrush, a former councillor of the society who was killed in a car accident two years ago.

Aussies rush to mobile over fixed line
Australians are moving from fixed lines to mobile phones en masse, but using a mobile phone over a WiFi network is still a pipedream for many.

Fixed-Mobile Covergence in Australia
The substitution of mobile services for fixed line is established and growing in Australia, according to research released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. However the prospects for convergence of fixed-line and mobile services into a single seamless service - apparent in some overseas markets - are low in the short term.

NZ follows Europe for ultra wide band licence regime
The Ministry of Economic Development will create a General User Licence (GUL) regime, along the lines of that used in Europe, for the allocation of ultra wide band (UWB) spectrum, it announced today.

What are critical issues with VoIP service?
VoIP services are rapidly becoming the bread and butter of enterprise voice networks, as roughly 72% of all enterprise voice lines shipped by vendors in 2007 were IP-capable. Now that companies are definitively moving away from the traditional Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) voice networks and into Session Initiation Protocol-based (SIP) VoIP networks, we examine the VoIP industry's most pressing issues, including SIP interoperability, TDM-to-SIP transition services and VoIP security issues.

nz: Publication powerful deterrent, judge says
Publication of a certain type of offender's photograph could have a more powerful deterrent effect than a court sentence, a Dunedin District Court judge said yesterday.

au: Child pornography arrest at Elizabeth North
AN Elizabeth North man has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.

au: Teacher jailed for child porn [AAP]
A SENIOR teacher from an exclusive northern NSW school has been sentenced to at least 15 months in prison after being found guilty on child pornography charges in a Sydney court.


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