[DNS] domain name news - September 5

[DNS] domain name news - September 5

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 10:17:30 -0700 (PDT)
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ICANN cast as online scam enabler

At the front lines of protecting the Internet

Domain name disputes jump 30 per cent

VeriSign Domain Report Shows Internet Growth Remains Strong [news release]

Internet access a human right, NZ minister says
The internet is now so much an essential part of life and commerce that access to it can be seen as ?a human right?, says Culture and Heritage Minister Judith Tizard.

Cook Islands PM boosts internet governance
Cook Islands Prime Minister Jim Marurai wants Internet governance to be his legacy for the country and its 14,000 people.


ICANN cast as online scam enabler
Two recently issued reports portray ICANN as a bureaucracy that enables cyber criminals. In one report (PDF), researchers Jart Armin, James McQuaid and Matt Jonkman detail how a one of ICANN's prized sponsors has ties to one of the net's more prolific sources of malware and illegal online pharmacies. It's called LogicBoxes, and over the past two years, ICANN has listed it as a sponsor for meetings that took place in Los Angeles and Delhi, India.

New gTLDs Questions Not Answered: Which Kind of Auction? by Eric Brunner-Williams
I was expecting something that would discuss the unique properties, if any, of the domain name market, and the types of inventory theoretically available to allocate, and the expected outcomes for the various types of auctions, and some showing that for some desired policy goals, whether greatest gain to seller or lowest loss to buyer, or something entirely different, the expected outcomes.

New gTLDs String Theory for Bidders by Eric Brunner-Williams
The following is most of the generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) strings applied for in the 2000 and 2003 applications. Some are two, and even one character ASCII strings. Some have since been approved, or disapproved (which of course means nothing in the 2008 round). It is a universe of 180 strings. Enjoy.

ICANN Announces New Expansion Of The Internet Domain Name System [reg req'd]
ICANN ... recently approved a series of recommendations which could dramatically change the Internet landscape.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
.INFO names locked since 2001 set to be released
Afilias has asked ICANN to okay its proposal to release names that have remained under lock ever since the .INFO Sunrise in 2001.

At the front lines of protecting the Internet
VeriSign is in many ways synonymous with managing the Web, thanks to its handling of key DNS root servers and of name resolution for .com, .net, and other domains. In recent years, it's had both strong ups and strong downs.

Georgia hacking stirs fears of cyber militias
Attacks that hit Georgian Web sites after Russian tanks rolled across the border have U.S. officials concerned that independent "cyber militias" will play a growing role on the electronic battlefield.

Local ISP warns RP websites of risk from DNS flaw
Philippine websites remain at risk of being redirected even if their ISPs have patched their DNS servers.

Web braces for wave of hurricane scams
Security experts are warning users of a high risk of phishing operations connected to Hurricane Gustav.

Hurricane Could Cause Wave of Scams
The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-Cert) and security firm Sans issued warnings about a rise in the registration of domains connected to relief efforts for the storm. The hurricane hit the US Gulf Coast on Monday after tearing through the Caribbean.

Tighten Up On Your Domain Ownership
Fasthosts Internet today warned UK businesses to tighten up on the legal ownership of their Web site addresses.

Domain name disputes jump 30 per cent
Businesses must improve their domain name management or risk being embroiled in lengthy and costly dispute resolution processes, according to web hosting firm Fasthosts Internet.

uk: Increase in domain name disputes Recently Published
UK businesses should tighten up on the legal ownership of their website addresses, as one web hosting company reported a 30 per cent rise in the number of domain ownership disputes.

Domain name disputes up 30%
Disputes over who is the legal owner of company domain names have risen by more than 30% over the past year, according to a leading web host.

ph: Legarda seeks probe of ?bogus? website, email address
Senator Loren Legarda has asked the Senate to investigate the construction of what she described as a ?bogus? website and email address named after her and which is apparently being used in e-mail fraud.

ph: Senator wants fake Websites probed
Senator Loren Legarda on Monday asked the Senate to investigate the existence of fake websites and electronic mail addresses using her name and soliciting funds.

Do "brandsucks.com" Names Really Have a "Destructive Potential"?
"'Sucks.com is the rightmost anchor of nearly 20,000 domains registered today. Two thousand domains have 'stinks.com' on the right and about the same number of domains begin with the term 'boycott'," write the authors of the recently released paper The Power of Internet Gripe Sites.

Beijing ticket conmen ready to run same scam in London
Fraudsters are planning to exploit the public?s newfound enthusiasm for the Olympic Games in London three years before tickets go on sale.

Details Emerge on Sofa.com Heist
In 2007 it emerged that the sale of Sofa.com for $200,000 in 2005 was not approved by the actual owner of the domain. An employee sold the domain to what is now an online sofa company. He managed to have the buyers wire the money directly to his personal account.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Avoid chaos, prepare for IPv6
South African organisations and service providers must begin preparing for the shift towards Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) or risk facing significant operational and technical headaches when they're forced to implement the new protocol in two to three years time.
InfoWeapons and Next-Gen Internet, IPv6      
InfoWeapons announced the release of the first IPv6 Forum Gold Certified Domain Name Services (DNS) management platform for IPv6 and next-generation internet capabilities.

VeriSign Domain Report Shows Internet Growth Remains Strong [news release]
VeriSign ... released the Domain Report for the second quarter of 2008, highlighting the continued growth of the Internet globally. At the midpoint of 2008, there were 168 million domain name registrations across all of the Top Level Domain Names (TLDs). This represents a four percent increase over the first quarter of 2008 and 22 percent growth over the same quarter last year. 

Top level domain registrations up 20 per cent
The demand for domain names surged ever higher this year, according to the latest figures from .com registry VeriSign.

Anonymous domain registration nixed amid fraud complaints
A company that provides a controversial service to domain name registrars says it is severing ties with Estdomains amid complaints that the Eastern European company makes it too easy to register sites that are used by spammers and scammers.

Online scammers prep for Gustav, say researchers
Nearly 100 domains related to Hurricane Gustav have been registered in the past 48 hours, security experts said Sunday, some of which may be used by bogus charity and relief scams after the storm strikes the U.S. Gulf Coast.

GoDaddy?s 60 Day Transfer Lock Closer to Termination
One of GoDaddy ?s most complained about policies is that it blocks transfers of domain names that have had certain changes to their whois information within the past 60 days.

Nearly half of Britons suffer "discomgoogolation"
Feeling stressed or anxious at an inability to access the Internet? Don't worry, you're not alone and now there's a word for it: "discomgoogolation".

Asia leads mobile growth, but lags on Internet
Asia will continue to deliver strong growth in the mobile phone market due to sustained demand from China and India, the world's two biggest markets of such services, industry officials said.

Internet traffic growth slowing, research firm shows
Despite prognostications that the Internet is about to collapse from the weight of traffic growth -- especially video -- international Internet traffic grew 53% between mid-2007 and mid-2008, down from 61% the preceding year, according to a market research firm.

Internet traffic grows 53 percent from mid-2007 [AP]
International Internet traffic kept growing in the last year, but at a slower rate than before, and carriers more than kept pace by adding more capacity, a research firm said Wednesday.

Broadband subscribers rise in OECD countries
The number of broadband subscribers in the OECD rose to 235 million by December 2007, up 18% from 200 million subscribers in December 2006.This growth increased broadband penetration rates to 20 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, up from 16.9 in December 2006.

Widening broadband's reach
Many broadband users may find the wind has gone out of their sails, especially if they live in rural areas. What are the solutions?

Getting up close and very personal in virtual worlds
People have been getting it together online for years now, whether it's via dating and contact websites or virtually via their avatars in online worlds such as World of Warcraft and Second Life. But it took a Florida plumber to develop a system that further blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds.

Serious Potential in Google?s Browser
Does the world really need another Web browser? Google thinks so. Chrome, its new browser, was developed in secrecy and released to the world Tuesday. The Windows version is available for download now at google.com/chrome; the Mac and Linux versions will take a little longer.

What is Google up to with Android - and what's Chrome?
... It's impossible to see the arrival of a browser from Google as anything but a push into the last internet space that it doesn't yet have a foot in - and hence as an elbow in the ribs to Microsoft, which is releasing Internet Explorer 8, as well as Firefox and Mozilla. Existing browsers date back to the 1990s, it says - a subtle dig. Does the future have a chrome finish?

Google Chrome at risk from 'carpet bomb' bug
Attackers can combine the months-old "carpet bomb" bug with another flaw disclosed last month to trick people running Google Inc.'s brand-new Chrome browser into downloading and launching malicious code, a security researcher said today.

Google Chrome browser: Review of reviews
Google Chrome, the search giant's first ever web browser, was released to great fanfare on Tuesday, amid talk that it could one day pass Internet Explorer as the world's most popular browser.

Microsoft Faces New Browser Foe in Google
This time, Microsoft?s opponent is Google, a familiar foe. On Tuesday, Google will release a free Web browser called Chrome that the company said would challenge Microsoft?s Internet Explorer, as well as the Firefox browser.

Google turns up heat on Microsoft with Chrome's global debut
Google has declared war on Microsoft with the launch across the world last night of its new web browser. As the first internet users tried out the free Chrome browser, analysts predicted a new front line in the battle to dominate the way in which users access and interact with the web.

Google's Chrome aims to kill Windows, make Web the OS of choice
Google Inc.'s unveiling yesterday of a new browser is not really about trying to outmuscle the other top browsers, it's a key weapon in the company's effort to kill Windows, according to industry observers.

Google brings out big guns in support of Chrome [IDG]
Google's famed cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin came out to support Chrome, saying that browser technology is fundamental to the company's success, so Google decided to get more involved in this area.

Google's Chrome Walls
When Google swallowed the security company GreenBorder in May 2007, the tiny Mountain View, Calif.-based firm seemed to be yet another promising start-up that had disappeared into the Googleplex's catacombs, never to be heard from again.

Google's Chrome Details
Call it Google's silent shot across the bow to archrival Microsoft. The Internet giant on Tuesday unveiled details of its new Web browser, Google Chrome, aimed at challenging the dominance of the software giant's Internet Explorer.

Search Giant Wants a Share of Browser Market
Google?s new browser, Chrome, is named for something it mostly lacks. Among software developers, chrome refers to the menus, buttons and boxes that surround the main window of a program. The Google browser, which was unveiled Tuesday, dispenses with most of these in favor of a stripped-down look that is in keeping with the spare aesthetic of the company?s search site.

Microsoft Faces New Browser Foe in Google
The browser war is back on. This time, Microsoft?s opponent is Google, a familiar foe. On Tuesday, Google will release a free Web browser called Chrome that the company said would challenge Microsoft?s Internet Explorer, as well as the Firefox browser.

With Web Browser, Google Launches Volley at Microsoft
For Web users, it's now possible to have all Google, all the time.

Facebook Ads Target You Where It Hurts
My Facebook page called me fat. Maybe it's my age, my sex or the fact that it knew I was engaged, but the site decided I was a gal who needed to drop a few pounds. And it wasn't shy about its tactics.

Evolution to turbocharge wireless broadband
Ericsson has demonstrated a new wireless broadband technology that transmits data 20 times faster than current 3G systems.

Cheated girlfriends take YouTube revenge
One young woman from the UK, calling herself 'Costacarta' got her own back in July, when she filmed herself getting intimate with a male prostitute.

Will bookworms get their teeth into the Sony Reader?
Outside the British Library the slim volume in my hands could mark the beginning of the end for slim volumes. It is the Sony Reader, the electronic book that hits the British market this week ? and the gadget that, if the publicity is to be believed, could kill off the book as we know it.

Internet speeds boosted in French Pacific
The French Pacific territory of New Caledonia can look forward to faster internet access, after the official commissioning this week of an undersea fibre optic cable.

A Social Network Where You Can Be Too Social
For many, Facebook has become an indispensable tool for managing their social lives. But all the friending, messaging and poking on the online social network has created a hazard: using it too much.

Facebook tests New Jersey's icon for reporting predators, pornography
Facebook Inc. has started testing a safety icon developed by the state of New Jersey to allow users of the social networking site to report potential sexual predators, cyber-bullies and inappropriate content, New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram announced Wednesday.

Facebook to test New Jersey's Web safety icon [AP]
The popular social networking Web site Facebook has agreed to test replacing its own link for reporting abuse with a bigger one developed by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.

uk: Kids may benefit from mobiles in class
A study from Nottingham University found that kids can actually benefit from using mobile phones in class.

Letter lottery defines spam load
How much spam you get may depend on the first letter in your e-mail address, a study reveals. The analysis, of more than 500 million junk messages, revealed those letters that get more junk than average.

The next several billion internet users
Only a fifth of the world?s population currently has access to the Internet. That figure should be increased. ... Thanks to the Internet, an ever-increasing part of our economies and societies is at our fingertips. Today, more than a billion users access an online market place as well as a wealth of news and information online in ways hardly possible to imagine just a few years ago. They have joined the Internet economy and been empowered by the opportunities this presents for commercial choice, social interaction and civic engagement. Yet only a fifth of the world?s population currently has access to the Internet.

Removing road blocks on the information highway
Imagine an information highway that allows all citizens in the world to have unlimited access to unlimited content, from information to entertainment, from news to networking, in all technically possible formats.

Beijing ticket conmen ready to run same scam in London
Fraudsters are planning to exploit the public?s newfound enthusiasm for the Olympic Games in London three years before tickets go on sale.

au: Scam victims warn online lonely hearts
A construction worker and a business owner are warning lonely-hearts not to be duped by internet romance scams after losing thousands of dollars.

New phishing email hits NZ
A scam email targetting Bank of New Zealand customers is making the rounds of Kiwi inboxes.

Online identity theft: What can be done?
Would you shop in a store if you knew the credit card machine at the till was likely to send your bank details to an organised gang somewhere abroad? Such incidents happen every day in the physical world. In fact, credit card fraud from all kinds of real world transactions is a major global crime, and whole government websites are dedicated to fighting it.

Zombie plague sweeps the internet
The summer saw a surge in the number of hijacked home PCs or "zombies", say security experts. The Shadowserver Foundation, which tracks zombie numbers, said it had seen at least a threefold increase in the last three months.

Nokia buyers to get free music downloads
Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone company, will launch an all-out assault on Apple's iPhone today with a new range of phones that will give music lovers access to an unlimited service.

Thai government tries to shut down 400 websites
Thailand's Information and Communications Technology Ministry sought court orders yesterday to shut down about 400 websites and advised internet service providers to block 1,200 sites it considers a danger to national security or disturbing social order.

400 Thai websites shut down
The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry has detected more than 1,200 websites that violated the Computer Crime Act - of which 344 had content deemed insulting to the monarchy.

eu: Safer Internet Forum 2008, Luxembourg, 25 - 26 September
This year's Safer Internet Forum will take place in Luxembourg on September 25 and 26. The Forum is open for stakeholders from NGOs, governments, researchers, industry representatives, including Internet Service Providers, mobile network operators, social networking sites, software developers.

Ugandan ICT Laws Ready
While the developed world took close to 100 years to attain technological advances in communication, Uganda has realised a quantum leap and caught up in telecommunications technologies. This achievement is quickly drawing the attention of many African countries who also want to join the queue. Since last January, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ministry has hosted close to 100 visitors from other countries seeking to see and learn from Uganda's experience.

Politicians to debate ICT live online and on TVNZ 7
The internet looks set to play a prominent role in the looming New Zealand election just as it did in Australia and is currently doing in the US with a streamed online and television election debate between the major political parties.

EU to seek caps on text-message fees
The European Union's telecommunications minister plans to propose a new set of price controls that would sharply cut the roaming fees charged by mobile operators to send short text messages while also reducing the cost of surfing the Internet on a cellphone.

Intel invests in WiMax again amid doubts
Intel's investment arm has put another chunk of change into WiMax, a wireless technology that has not lived up to its billing as the successor to Wi-Fi.

uk: PC spy software snares paedophile
A father has told how he installed spy software on his 15-year-old daughter's computer to find out her ice hockey coach was having sex with her.

uk: Vicar admits child porn charges
A vicar is behind bars after he admitted possessing over 55,000 paedophile pictures.

Swiss break up Internet child porn ring, arrest 4 [AP]
Police have broken up an Internet child pornography ring operating in at least four European countries where men exchanged details about their contacts with young girls, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Swiss Bust Child Pornography Ring Reaching to Germany
Swiss authorities arrested four men and searched 13 homes while probing a child pornography ring, said the state attorney's office for the canton of St. Gallen.

au: Cop had 558 child porn images - court [AAP]
MORE than 500 child pornography images were allegedly found in the home of a Northern Territory policeman, who is also accused of bashing his wife.

Greek child porn viewers arrested
Police in Greece have arrested nine men suspected of browsing child porn over the internet in an international probe sparked by a tip-off from Brazil, the police department said on Wednesday.


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