[DNS] Root Servers & .net.au

[DNS] Root Servers & .net.au

From: David Sexton <david§dscomputing.au.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 20:11:54 +1000
Hi Kim,

Thanks for that clarification. I've never noticed this before, but then 
I don't handle .au domains often.

The client in question has the "www" set as a CNAME to a third party 
host (they provide online payment processing), which has in the past 
worked (they actually ask their clients to do that if they have their 
own domains). It's mysteriously stopped working. I suspect that there 
might be an issue with that provider. Looks like a bit more work to do 
this weekend.


Kim Davies wrote:
> Quoting David Sexton on Saturday September 13, 2008:
>> Has any one noticed issues with .net.au at the moment?
>> One of my clients called saying their site was down - which is actually  
>> CNAME'd elsewhere, but when I used my secondary's DNS checker, I was  
>> getting an error saying that domain wasn't listed at Root server.
> No net.au domains are listed in the DNS root servers, so it is correct
> other than that it is an "error". The root servers will only provide a
> referral to the .au authorities.
>> Tried a few other websites that do similar things on other .net.au  
>> domains, and seem to be seeing the same thing - they don't appear to be  
>> able to query .net.au addresses.
>> Has any one else noticed this, or have any idea whats going on? It's  
>> possible that I'm just plain mad.
> If you give an example of one that doesn't work it would help to
> identify any problems.
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