[DNS] domain name news - September 25

[DNS] domain name news - September 25

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 23:02:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Japan Domain Market Demystified by Darshaun Nadeau

400,000 .no Domain Names Registered

EU Agency investigates the potential to improve Internet security by protecting Domain Name Systems (DNS) [news release]

Aust Govt can do more on cyber security: report

Australia's cybersecurity needs work [AAP]

Kentucky Governor Seizes 141 Illegal Online Gambling Site Domain Names

NZ could lead world on IPv6, says INZ director

CNNIC: China's Internet Will Be Short Of IP Addresses Soon

Industry expert denies China's IP address shortage

Father of the internet: 'web is running out of addresses'


Bulk Transfer of Best Registration Services Domains to Dotster
As a result of the de-accreditation of registrar Best Registration Services, Inc. dba BestRegistrar.com ("BRS"), ICANN initiated a process to identify a gaining registrar to receive BRS's gTLD names. In accordance with ICANN's Interim Terminated Registrar Transition Procedure, on 6 June 2008, ICANN initiated a Request for Statements of Interest (RFI) from registrars interested in receiving the names.

Proposed Bylaws Revision Open For Comment
Today ICANN is opening a public comment period on a proposed bylaw revision [PDF, 21K] from the ICANN Nominating Committee. The proposed revision would update the diversity requirements for selecting ICANN Board members to include domicile with country of citizenship.

Abkhazia, Kosovo, South Ossetia, Transnistria... My oh my. by Kim Davies
Every year there are new world events that see possible border changes and a restructure to the way the world?s countries and territories are configured. Think back to 50 years ago, and the world?s map was very different. There are literally a hundred countries that exist today that did not exist a hundred years ago. I wonder what country code the Ottoman Empire would have? As these events occur, ICANN invariably receives requests to recognise new sovereign entities.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Japan Domain Market Demystified by Darshaun Nadeau
Ever sat at one of the VeriSign "State of the domain" meetings at any of the ICANN meetings? Or read their reports about countries with the greatest opportunity in domains? Almost without question you will learn that Japan is earmarked as the country with the greatest opportunity for growth in the domain market. They take into consideration important factors such as GDP of a country, internet population, and current domain registration levels. With this they compare registrations with nations from around the world to come up with some predicted level of domain registrations a country should have.

400,000 Norwegian domain names [news release]
Yesterday the counter at Norid rounded 400 000 domain names for the first time. The number has increased tenfold in ten years, and the growth is still strong. A domain name within .no is an obvious first choice among Norwegian companies.

400,000 .no Domain Names Registered
Norid, the ccTLD registry for .no (Norway) announced this week there were now 400,000 registrations of .no domain names, increasing tenfold in ten years. Today there are 400,331 domain names registered.

EU Agency investigates the potential to improve Internet security by protecting Domain Name Systems (DNS) [news release]
The EU Agency ENISA is investigating the use of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and other advanced technologies for improving the resilience of public communication networks.

Aust Govt can do more on cyber security: report
The quick and ferocious nature of cyber attacks on government must be recognised in the next generation of security, a previously unreleased report from the Attorney-General's Department urges.

Australia's cybersecurity needs work [AAP]
A previously unreleased report from Australia's attorney-general's department has urged the government to take action to curb the quick and ferocious nature of modern cyber-attacks.

us: Feds tighten security on .gov
When you file your taxes online, you want to be sure that the Web site you visit -- www.irs.gov -- is operated by the Internal Revenue Service and not a scam artist. By the end of next year, you can be confident that every U.S. government Web page is being served up by the appropriate agency.

Uncle Sam to fight cache poisoning with switch to DNSSEC
DNS security has been a hot topic this summer, ever since the news broke that security researcher Dan Kaminsky had discovered a new flaw in the system. That particular issue has since been patched, but the announcement refocused attention on the DNS protocol and its many security shortcomings. Now, the United States government has announced that all .gov domains will begin to transition to the secure DNS protocol known as DNSSEC, and must complete the adoption process by December 2009. .gov is the second gTLD to announce such a switch; .org announced it would convert to DNSSEC in late July of this year.

Has the war on terror scored a virtual victory?
Score one for the good guys ? if, that is, you believe that some websites are just so wrong that they are fair game for a takedown. Alternatively, bemoan the demise of a voice that you may not agree with, but which at least gave you the opportunity to understand better what the other side in the ?war on terror? are thinking.

76 Pro-N.Korea Websites Working Overseas
The National Police Agency is monitoring a total of 76 pro-North Korea websites overseas. According to data on the NPA submitted to Grand National Party lawmaker Lee Bum-rae of the National Assembly's Public Administration and Security Committee, of the websites with servers abroad, 31 in the U.S., 19 in Japan, 13 in China, 4 in Germany, and 9 in other countries. Some pro-Pyongyang websites reportedly use disguised domain names, such as "...book center," "...Korean music," "...university," "...bank," "...baduk," or "...travel agency," instead of names that are easily indicative of North Korea.

Estonian Cyber Security Strategy Document: Translated and Public
The Estonians have a public version of their cyber security strategy translated into English (currently available offline only). The concept of a national strategy for cyber security is one which I am particularly fond of... The following is the Summary section from the document which might be of interest

US leads the world in computer attacks
The US is leading the world in the number of computer attacks that originate from within its borders, according to new data from SecureWorks.

ca: 2010 Olympic organizers apply for trademark on lines from national anthem
... Vancouver organizers have already taken small businesses in the Vancouver area to court for using the word Olympic in their names - even ones in existence long before the Games were awarded to Vancouver - and have launched lawsuits against people who've tried to register Olympic-related domain names for the Internet.

Kentucky Governor Seizes 141 Illegal Online Gambling Site Domain Names
In an effort to clamp down on illegal and unregulated online gambling, the Kentucky Govenor Steve Beshear sought and was granted an order transferring the domain names of 141 illegal online gambling sites to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

ENOM transfers HighRollersLounge.com to Kentucky Governor
It looks like popular domain name registrar ENOM is complying with the online domain name seizure order issued by a Kentucky judge to the delight of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.

LuckyPyramidCasino.com seized by Kentucky Governor, Who is Next to fall?
As earlier predicted, the Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has already successfully seized at least one online gambling domain name called LuckyPyramidCasino.com.

Kentucky tries to seize gambling site domain names
Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has found an innovative solution to dealing with the drop in state revenues as spending on horse racing drops. When all else fails, blame the online gambling sites, and attempt to seize their domain names.

Kentucky USA Court Orders Seizure of 141 Poker, Gambling Domain Names
The Franklin Circuit Court of Kentucky, USA, has issued an order of seizure against 141 internet domain names related to online poker and online gambling, including AbsolutePoker.com, Bodoglife.com, Cakepoker.com, Doylesroom.com, Fulltiltpoker.com, and PokerStars.com, according to reports today by the Gaming Intelligence Group. ... Here is the List:

Kentucky Seizes Domain Names Of Web Gambling Sites
A Franklin County Circuit judge last week ordered the transfer of the domain names of 141 illegal Internet gambling sites to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in an effort to stop illegal and unregulated online gaming. Kentucky is the first state to bring an action against Internet gambling operators that has resulted in the seizure of domain names.

Ky. governor seeking to block online gambling [AP]
Kentucky's pro-gambling governor is looking to make sure all bets are off for more than 140 online gambling Web sites that operate in the state known for the world's biggest horse race. Gov. Steve Beshear said his administration has asked a Franklin County Circuit Court judge to give the state control of 141 gambling Web site domain names.

State cracks down on Net gambling
Kentucky is commandeering 141 domain names of Internet gambling sites in a novel legal move to crack down on the unregulated industry.

Kentucky A Little Late Into Online Gambling Enforcement Game
The state of Kentucky has come up with a plan on how to stop the illegal online gambling that is taking place. The only problem with the plan is that it comes at a time when the American government is moving closer to regulating Internet gambling. A Franklin County Circuit judge ordered domain names of illegally operating online gambling site to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. His goal was to stop unauthorized Internet gambling.

Metatags and the Trademark Law Part II
... The relationship between Metatags and domain name disputes: The use of Metatags has also been considered in cases which have come before Nominet?s dispute resolution service (DRS) and before ICANN under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). In Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc v Graeme Hay (DRS 00389), the complainant, the registered owner of the Scooby-Doo trade mark and other trade marks consisting of the names of other characters from the series, brought an action regarding use of these marks as Metatags on the respondent?s website for a Scooby-Doo fan club.

 - IPv4/IPv6
NZ could lead world on IPv6, says INZ director
New Zealand is well placed to lead the world in the shift from IPv4 to IPv6 internet addressing, says InternetNZ executive director Keith Davidson.

CNNIC: China's Internet Will Be Short Of IP Addresses Soon
The Internet in China may soon run out. According to the China Internet Network Information Center, under the current allocation speed, China's IPv4 address resources can only meet the demand of 830 more days and if no proper measures are taken by then, new Chinese netizens will not be able to gain normal access to the Internet.

Experts: Chinese Internet Armageddon Not On The Horizon
China's technology media reports have been awash this week with news that China might soon run out of Internet Protocol addresses, and therefore Chinese Internet users will lose their ability to get online. But now a new wave of reports say this is all exaggeration.

Industry expert denies China's IP address shortage
Contrary to reports that claim China will soon run out of IP (Internet protocol) addresses, a local industry observer says Internet users will still be able to access the Internet despite the shortage of IPv4 addresses.

China running out of IP addresses
Chinese officials are calling for a mass migration to IPv6 after disclosing that they have only 830 days of IPv4 resources left.

Father of the internet: 'web is running out of addresses'
The world is about to run out of the internet addresses that allow computers to identify each other and communicate, the man who invented the system has told The Times.

European Parliament to postpone IP address privacy issue [IDG]
European parliamentarians, set to vote on changes to the European telecommunications legal landscape this week, will put off at least one crucial question: Should IP addresses be considered private data?

GoDaddy Files Patent for ?Domain Name Hijack Protection?
GoDaddy has filed a patent for a system to protect against domain name theft. The patent lists GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons as the sole inventor and was filed last year, but was not published until this month.

Who spent $3,200 for the domain and developed web site DNHour.com & why? We know the answer ....
A company called USpeakWeType Technologies purchased dnhour.com from Quy Al Vin for $3,200 at the SEDO auction which concluded two weeks ago. USpeak also owns overflowlegal.com, another Digg-Style site for law. The domain name itself - dnhour -was not worth much, but the web site boasted solid traffic, Page Rank 4 and over 2,000 registered users. The site stacks up well against domaining.com, dnjournal.com and conceptualist.com.

Sedo Calls for Domain Investor Case Studies!
Built up an online empire at Sedo? Used parking earnings to buy a car? Used domains to raise business/personal capital? We'd like to hear from you!

Aftermarket.com Takes Different Approach to Domain Auctions
While many are focusing on big ticket domains at Moniker and Rick Latona , I?ll be paying attention to Aftermarket.com auction.

Domain Auctions aren?t for End Users. Get Over It.
Domain name auctions have never been, and will never be, for end users: I?ve read a lot of complaints over the past week about how late the domain auction houses have released their auction lists for this week?s TRAFFIC show in NYC. That?s a fair complaint. Domain lists should be released weeks, not days, before an auction.

dotMobi Announces Special Online Premium Domain Name Auction with Leading Auctioneer Sedo [news release]
dotMobi ? the company behind the .mobi internet domain designed to help consumers find mobile-friendly content ? today announced a special online auction for 200 highly desired premium .mobi domain names including actors.mobi, bands.mobi, blackjack.mobi, boys.mobi, cellphones.mobi, doctors.mobi, games.mobi, homeloans.mobi, house.mobi, model.mobi, quotes.mobi, racing.mobi, stamps.mobi, vip.mobi and xxx.mobi.

November Auction is Defining Moment for .Mobi
Auction of 200 reserved domain names will test the aftermarket for .mobi domain names.

au: Confessions of a shady underhand domain name dealer
Domain name after market vendor NetFleet has been celebrating the recent opening of an aftermarket for .com.au domain names by revealing prices paid for some popular names, and branding all trades made prior to the new regime coming into force as having been through "shady underground negotiations."

Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Opening Night Auction sells 46 domains for $96,750
Once more we were will be live blogging the auction results of the auctions at the Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in New York. Tonight the Moniker/Snapnames Opening Night auction takes place, featuring selected domains from Rick Schwartz?s domain portfolio.

Moniker Auction Nets $100k; Shows Market Weakness
The first of four auctions at the TRAFFIC conference in New York has concluded. Moniker sold about $100,000 worth of domains, with the bulk of them in the $xxx to low $x,xxx range. The results were respectable, but definitely show that buyers are skittish right now.

Aftermarket.com Sells $150,000 in Live Domain Auction
The Aftermarket.com auction at TRAFFIC just concluded with $148,700 in sales according to my unofficial tally.

Rick Latona Domain Name Auction Nets $750,000
Unofficial results show nearly $750,000 in sales at domain auction.

Yahoo Overhauls System for Selling Display Ads
Yahoo announced on Wednesday the details about its system to buy and sell display advertising online, with the hope that the company can dominate the display ad market in the same way Google steers the search market.

Yahoo to transform Web ads with new system - Yang
Yahoo Inc's chief executive said his company's new system will make Internet advertising cheaper and easier for publishers and advertisers.

uk: Google in Shift on 'Abortion' as Keyword
After a lawsuit from a Christian anti-abortion group, Google is allowing religious organizations to take out ads using the keyword ?abortion,? a rare case of the search giant admitting it was wrong.

Aussie wireless broadband use doubles
Australian wireless broadband subscriptions have almost doubled in the last six months to reach 809,000, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Internet Activity, Australia, Jun 2008

Kiwi broadband not sufficient for new web applications
Broadband speeds in the UK, Italy and Australia and many other countries are barely keeping pace with the demands of web-based applications and video services, whose bandwidth needs are expected to only rise, according to a new survey.

Microsoft research tackles teen social networking
Microsoft Corp. is throwing computer scientists and physicists together with economists and psychologists in its new East Coast research facility.

Blogs becoming entrenched in mainstream, and more profitable
Blogs have become entrenched in mainstream life, according to the 2008 "State of the Blogosphere" report that found bloggers are adding new posts at a staggering rate - more than 37,000 per hour - to their increasingly profitable blogs. That growth, the report said, has attracted the attention of companies who are turning to such blog sites to promote their brands.

Facebook ban for odd names
Facebook users with even slightly unusual names beware: your account can be suspended by the site's draconian administrators without warning and your personal information held to ransom until you show them a government-issued ID.

Nokia tops latest Greener Electronics Guide [news release]
Company scores plummeted in the previous edition of Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics, when new criteria on climate change were introduced. However, leading brands like Nokia and Samsung are now making significant progress in greening their electronics products, with improved environmental policies responding not only to these new energy criteria, but also to the more stringent chemical and e-waste criteria.

With Google Phone, HTC Comes Out of the Shadows
When executives from Google and T-Mobile converge on a stage in New York Tuesday to unveil the first mobile phone powered by Google?s software, the event will be a coming-out party of sorts for another, far more obscure, but no less ambitious company ? HTC.

Google's Android mobile unveiled
The first mobile telephone using Google's Android software has been unveiled. The T-Mobile G1 handset will be available in the UK in time for Christmas.

Google G1: A first look at the first phone
Neither Google nor T-Mobile would even pronounce the name of their obvious rival at the launch event for the search giant's first mobile phone today, but anyone picking up a G1 when it comes to the UK in November will immediately compare it to the iPhone.

Google Introduces an iPhone Rival Open to Whims
Google and T-Mobile unveiled their answer to the iPhone on Tuesday, pulling the wraps off a slick mobile device that combines a touch screen and a keyboard and is aimed at putting the Internet in the pockets of millions of cellphone users.

Google?s First Phone: The iPhone With More Buttons
If the HTC?s new G1 cellphone, featuring Google?s Android software, were introduced two years ago, jaws would drop. But Apple?s iPhone already won the wows that go to the first small phone that is truly good at Web browsing. So the G1 offers some interesting evolution, but not a revolution in the concept.

Android phone makes its debut [IDG]
Open-source HTC smart phone sold by T-mobile has a touch screen similar to the iPhone's, sports 'Chrome-light' browser

Android to debut in T-Mobile's G1 smartphone
When Google announced the Open Handset Alliance (a group of wireless industry players looking to get their names associated with Google's Android open mobile platform project), true open-source smartphones were a great idea that seemed far from commercial realization. This will change on October 22, when the T-Mobile G1 ? the product of an exclusive partnership among T-Mobile, Google, and Asian handset manufacturer HTC -- becomes the first shipping mobile device based on the Android platform.

G1 Android phone is only half 'open,' with T-Mobile lock-in
"It appears they have provided an Android phone that is only half open," said Jack Gold , an analyst at J. Gold Associates in Northboro, Mass.

Barracuda opens up spam blocking list
Barracuda has announced it is opening up its spam blocking list for companies to use for free.

What's the Deal with Skype Spam?
How long before Skype Ltd. ends up as an item for bid on eBay? Ever since its acquisition by the Internet auction site, Skype has been a rudderless boat ? and without a captain, following the departure of cofounder Niklas Zennstrom, who took $1.4 billion of Skype?s $2.6 billion value with him. Now, after a wave of complaints regarding Skype?s complete lack of real-time customer service, comes a new trend: Skype spam. 

Skype spam on the rise
For those who regularly use instant-messaging services like Yahoo Instant Messenger and Microsoft's MSN Messenger, you know that IM spam arrived long ago and shows no signs of leaving. Tuesday, however, I received my first Skype spam. Lucky me.

UK PM pledges internet access for all children
Parents are to receive vouchers worth up to ?700 to ensure that all 1.4 million children growing up in homes without computers can have access to the internet, Gordon Brown will announce today. In his speech to the Labour conference, Mr Brown will trumpet the ?300m scheme as evidence that the Government has not run out of steam and still has a radical agenda for the next 10 years.

uk: Defiant Brown prepares to face down Labour rebels; address digital divide
Gordon Brown will seek to end the corrosive speculation surrounding his premiership today with a speech in which he will promise to extend the welfare state, close the digital divide and steer Britain through the global fiscal turmoil. ... Rather than dwelling on the setbacks and mistakes of the past 12 months, Brown will unveil a series of initiatives specifically aimed at lifting families and pensioners who are most vulnerable to the steep economic downturn, including computers and free broadband access for children deprived of internet usage. ... He will tell delegates that to "ensure we are prepared for the times to come" he will spend ?300m over the next three years giving 1.4 million children access to the internet with free broadband and computers.

Brown promises internet access for all children
Gordon Brown's plans to give families ?700 so that all children have internet access at home has been warmly welcomed by teachers and educationalists.

Low-income homes to get net links
Parents on low incomes who have not provided their children with computers and internet access will get "vouchers" to do so, the government has said.

uk: It's speed the British people need
Helping children access the net is great, but the government needs to invest in faster broadband to aid the UK economy

Internet Shuns U.S. Based ISP Amid Fraud, Abuse Allegations
A California based commercial Internet service provider whose clients included a laundry list of spammers and scammers is now offline, after the last of the company's upstream Internet providers decided to the pull the plug.

Accused of tolerating scammers, an ISP goes dark [IDG]
Internet service provider Intercage has been knocked offline after being linked with malicious Web sites.

Controversial ISP Intercage Now Back Online [IDG]
Pressure from computer security researchers may have knocked ISP (Internet service provider) Intercage offline, but not for long.

Computer Users Overeager to Click Popup 'OKs' [IDG]
Web surfers have a standard reaction to error messages that pop up in their Web browsers, according to new research published this week: They click "OK" and hope it will disappear.

Users fail to spot fake pop-ups
Internet users are unable to distinguish between genuine pop-up warnings messages and false ones, a study at North Carolina State University has found. The study examined the responses of undergraduates to messages which popped up while they did other tasks on a PC.

Study shows pop-up warnings are ineffective
A study by the Department of Psychology at North Carolina State University has shown that computer users largely ignore pop-up windows that warn of potential danger.

au: ACCC to name and shame dodgy Web sites
More than 20 agencies worldwide - including several from Australia ? will sweep thousands of sites for misleading or fraudulent claims in the next 24 hours.

International internet sweep targets false claims [news release]
Loose with the truth on claims on your website? Beware -- in the next 24 hours, thousands of websites will be examined by consumer protection agencies worldwide with just one question in mind -- is the message true or false?

us: Battle Over Stolen Goods Sold Online Goes to Washington
Does the freedom of selling on the Web lure otherwise law-abiding citizens into an addictive world of organized Internet crime?

us: Bills Take Aim at Online Sale of Stolen Goods [IDG]
Three bills focusing on the sale of stolen goods online would impose new obligations on Web auction sites while not putting enough responsibility on brick-and-mortar stores to protect themselves against shoplifting, two e-commerce representatives said Monday.

in: Scrabble wins word game with Scrabulous
Toy maker Mattel has won its trade mark battle against Indian company RJ Software, makers of the online word game Scrabulous, in the Delhi High Court. On September 17 Judge S Ravindra Bhat of the Delhi High Court restrained the brothers Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla from using the trade marks Scrabble, Scrabulous or any other deceptively similar trade mark.

Cybercriminals go mobile
The increasing use of smart mobile devices will make them a major target for cybercriminals, a security analyst warned today.

uk: Internet gamer 'may have been murdered by fellow gamer'
Matthew Pyke, 20, who ran a web-based gaming forum, was found dead in his Nottingham flat on Friday evening.

us: Judge grants new trial in music downloading case [AP]
A federal judge granted a new trial to a Minnesota woman convicted of pirating music files in the nation's first file-sharing trial, ruling Wednesday he made an error in the jury instructions that "substantially prejudiced" her rights.

MySpace finally rolls out music site with all labels
News Corp's MySpace, the world's largest social networking site, on Wednesday unveiled a long-expected joint venture with all four major music companies in a bid to compete with Apple Inc's market-leading iTunes store.

An epidemic in illegal downloading
More Australians are illegally downloading entertainment files, with little to fear from the copyright police.

China sends its troops into cyberspace
The authorities are paying bloggers 50 cents a go to push messages on online forums: John McCain's campaign team has been at it. Wal-Mart was revealed as doing it. Sony in the past dabbled with it. Online, astroturfing - whereby stealth PR tactics are passed off as grassroots enthusiasm for a product or candidate - is flourishing. But in China, things have gone one step further - with the establishment of the country's 50-cent army.

Euro MPs to vote on anonymous blog ban
Euro MPs are preparing to vote on proposals for European Union regulation of blogs with the aim of countering a "dangerous" and unregulated blogosphere.

Kuwait plans to block YouTube over Islam content
Kuwait has ordered local Internet service providers to block online video-sharing website YouTube over clips that could offend Muslims.

Malaysian blogger jailed for inciting racial tensions
A high-profile anti-government blogger has been jailed for up to two years in Malaysia, his lawyer said today.

Malaysian blogger jailed for 2 years [AP]
Malaysia jailed a prominent anti-government blogger for two years under a strict security law that can keep him in prison indefinitely for allegedly inciting racial tensions with his writings, a lawyer said today.

uk: Net Suicide Bill would breathe life into government censorship
Government moves to reduce the availability of suicide sites on the internet may herald a new era of online censorship in the UK.

YouTube treads fine line over Finnish gunman video
Within a couple of hours of the shootings in Kaujahoki, several videos posted by the YouTube user Wumpscut86 had been taken down by the site.

Finland massacre raises fears of online network for school killers
Police in Finland are investigating a possible link between the catering student who shot ten people on Tuesday and the teenage gunman who went on a rampage last November at a school near Helsinki. ... Tuesday?s shooting horrified Finland and was seen widely as a carbon copy of the attack in Jokela, where Pekka-Erik Auvinen killed eight people. Both had placed videos of their intentions on YouTube shortly before their attacks, and both killed themselves with a shot to the head rather than face arrest.

Authorities look for answers after Finnish mass shooting
A deadly shooting at a Finnish school has raised questions about tougher policing of the internet, and whether the thrill of posting threatening videos encourages other potential killers.

Finland deaths spark gun law and internet call
Finland's prime minister has called for gun laws to be tightened after a school shooting that left 11 people dead. ... Questions will also be raised about the police handling of the case and the role of the internet.

uk: Hi-tech help for children at risk
Children at risk of abuse will soon be able to use text messages and the internet to get help from ChildLine.

MySpace, Facebook show off tools that can ward off child predators
MySpace is using technology to analyze whether potential users trying to sign up for the social network may be registered sex offenders, the company's chief security officer said today.

Making The Internet Safer For Children - European Parliament
Children and teenagers are keen internet users - 12 to 15-year-olds spend at least three hours a day on screen - but they are not always aware of the dangers of certain sites or content: not only material containing child pornography or violence but also the risk of harassment by individuals with harmful intentions. The EP Civil Liberties Committee called on Monday for children to be better protected against these dangers.

us: School districts offer Internet safety programs
Riverside and Ellwood City Area school districts are combining efforts on a three-part series for parents and children on the positive and negative impact of the Internet.

us: Help line in the works for cyberbullying victims
A grassroots organization is working on a help line to support kids dealing with cyberbullying and other online issues, particularly on social networks.

Political barrels pushed in NZ internet debate
Some of the first shots in the election were fired last night, when the four main parties fronted up to a debate broadcast live over the internet and TV to discuss four of the key ICT-related issues; broadband, cyber-safety, copyright and the convergence of traditional and digital media channels. ... For the most part, discussions in the areas of broadband, cybersafety and convergence involved little more than the re-iteration of existing policy or idealogy; David Cunliffe pitched the government's recently released Digital Strategy and dissed National's Fibreco concept at every opportunity, Rodney Hide talked a lot about "choice", "competition" and "investment", Maurice Williamson doubted that regulation would or could be effective in most areas, and Metiria Turei from the Green Party talked about protecting New Zealanders from foreign interests.

nz: ICT industry moves to address copyright confusion [news release]
"A deeply flawed law that undermines fundamental rights and simply will not work.? That is what the telecommunications industry, internet service providers, user groups, internet advocates and IT professionals think of parts of the recently passed Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act.

Government buckles over Copyright Act amendment
The government has bowed to unprecedented ICT industry pressure, announcing a four-month moratorium on Section 92A of its new Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act.

NZ Government wavers on web cut-offs
The Government has issued mixed messages on whether it might freeze controversial new copyright law that could lead to customers being disconnected from the internet.

Ofcom and Whitehall jointly attack EU move to cut mobile charges
The British government and the telecoms regulator Ofcom yesterday attacked as ill-judged and premature the European commission's plans to cut the fees that mobile operators charge to connect calls on rival networks.

Copyright bill provisions trample Kiwi rights further, experts say
Draconian provisions in the amended Copyright Act ? due to come into effect by the end of the year ? effectively throw New Zealand?s ISPs under the bus.

nz: New Forum pushed to see the big picture
TUANZ chief Ernie Newman believes the Digital Development Forum could democratise the Digital Strategy, making it ?the nation?s strategy not just the government?s?.

Politicians Push for Net Neutrality, Broadband Policy [IDG]
The U.S. needs to adopt a comprehensive broadband policy to bring connections to many areas of the country that don't yet have them, two Democratic politicians said Monday.

Microsoft plans $40bn stock buyback
Microsoft unveiled a second mammoth stock buyback of up to $40 billion (?21.6 billion), raised its dividend by 18 per cent and said its board has also approved taking on up to $6 billion in debt.

Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Nike Announce Buyback Plans for Shares
Eager to project confidence in turbulent markets, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Nike announced plans separately on Monday to buy back a combined $53 billion of their companies? stock, a move that could benefit shareholders and attract new investors.

Microsoft unveils $40bn buy-back
Microsoft has unveiled plans to spend $40bn (?22bn) buying back its shares from investors, the biggest single buy-back plan in history.

Microsoft to take on debt in massive stock buy back [AP]
Chaos in the money markets gave Microsoft an opening to announce it would take on debt for the first time, launch a new $40 billion (NZ$58 billion) stock buyback plan and raise its dividend.

Microsoft plans debt issue, $40 bln share buyback
Microsoft Corp plans to buy back up to $40 billion of its own stock, lift its dividend and issue commercial paper for the first time in the company's history, the software maker said on Monday.

EU adopts law to raise telecom competition [Reuters]
The European Parliament adopted measures Wednesday to increase competition in EU telecommunications markets in a bid to give consumers a wider choice and less-costly services.

EU Parliament calls for telecom regulatory group [AP]
The European Parliament called Wednesday for a new, independent telecommunications regulatory group to help open up competition for Internet and phone services across Europe.

European Parliament approves single telecoms regulator
The European Parliament has today voted in favour of a single telecoms market for Europe, albeit with some compromises.

nz: Broadband not like other infrastructure, argues economist
Broadband is one of the most difficult infrastructures for which to arrive at a reliable cost-benefit evaluation, says economics researcher Arthur Grimes. In fact he hesitates to describe it as infrastructure at all, or at least in the same sense as roading or water distribution.

Ofcom sets out stall for fast net in UK
The price of super fast broadband should reflect the amount of money spent on investing in next generation networks, UK regulator Ofcom has said. It comes as part of its latest consultation on how fibre networks can flourish in the UK.

au: ACCC, ACMA big failures: Burgess
VOCAL Telstra spokesman Phil Burgess has fired a parting shot at the federal Government and regulators, and warned against companies getting too caught up in politics.

The mobile Internet you'll be using in 10 years
The US military's new space based communications network opens a glimpse at the sort of data rates and network that you might be using on mobile devices within the next decade.

Taking the next step to rein in European mobile phone industry
The European Union's telecommunications commissioner is gearing up for the next phase of her effort to bring the Continent's mobile phone industry under control and pass the benefits on to consumers.

EU to slash the cost of text messaging while abroad
The cost of using mobile phones to send text messages, to surf the internet and make voice calls while abroad are to be slashed under European Commissions proposals.

US wireless carriers trying to block free broadband
Mobile telephone service providers are trying to block a plan to create a free, nationwide wireless broadband network by insisting on protections from interference that would make it impossible to deliver wireless broadband, according to the company proposing the network.

Sprint's WiMAX network set for October launch
After months of anticipation, Sprint Nextel will make its WiMAX network available commercially for the first time in Baltimore next month.

au: Jail suspended for child porn offences
A 61 year old northern Tasmanian man convicted of child pornography offences has had a nine month prison sentenced suspended.


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