[DNS] domain name news - 27 November

[DNS] domain name news - 27 November

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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 18:16:15 -0800 (PST)
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Update: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Draft Implementation Plan

281,000 Domains to be Transferred from EstDomains to Directi

Nominet fingers governance scrutineer

Experts to Feds: Sign the DNS root ASAP: US government urged to deploy DNS security measures, but through ICANN not VeriSign

Microsoft files new cybersquatting charges [IDG]

As free as they decide we can be
The internet offers us an illusion of total freedom of speech. But simple changes to the law would protect us from censorship ... This online discussion culminated in a major offline conference last week at Cumberland Lodge, No Frontiers: Free Speech and the Internet, co-hosted by English PEN and the 21st-Century Trust, where these questions were debated by lawyers such as Tom Frederiske, journalists including Lifen Zhang, editor of the FT's China site, philosophers such as Jonathan Ree, sociologists like Digby Anderson, internet specialists including Ross Anderson, Jonathan Briggs and Ian Brown, activists like Jo Glanville of Index and Isabel Hilton of China Dialogue, and technocrats such as Maria Farrell of ICANN.

Africa to exploit Internet Global Forum in Egypt
AFRICA will be hoping to exploit the forthcoming Internet Global Forum (IGF) in the Egyptian capital, Cairo early next year, to push their agenda for the advancement of technology on the continent.

Internet Governance Forum 2008 kick starts on Dec 3
The proposed theme for deliberations in the Hyderabad meeting - 'Internet for All' charts out an ambitious and inclusive growth path for Internet.

India to host Internet Governance Forum 2008
Under the aegis of the United Nations, the third meeting of the Internet Governance Forum would be held from December 3 to 6, 2008, at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Hyderabad.


Update: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Draft Implementation Plan
ICANN is pleased to release an updated draft Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD fast track process [PDF, 265K]. The updated document contains clarifying information about the notion of IDN tables.

281,000 Domains to be Transferred from EstDomains to Directi
An estimated 281,000 domain names held by EstDomains will be transferred to ICANN-accredited registrar Directi Internet Solutions following the termination of EstDomains' registrar accreditation yesterday.

ICANN to transfer 281,000 domains to new registrar
ICANN said Tuesday it will transfer about 281,000 domains that formerly were managed by a registrar whose right to issue new addresses was revoked last month.

281,000 Domains to be Transferred from EstDomains to Directi
An estimated 281,000 domain names held by EstDomains will be transferred to ICANN-accredited registrar Directi Internet Solutions following the termination of EstDomains' registrar accreditation yesterday.

ICANN to Open New Top Level Domains Mid 2009
ICANN is entering the final stages of a four year process to open up the Internet to the creation of a (largely) unrestricted range of new gTLDs, like .com, .net and the current 'country level gTLDs like .au

ResellerClub to Take Over EstDomains
Domain registrar ResellerClub announced on Tuesday that it will be taking over the business of controversial Estonia-based domain registrar EstDomains as a result of the latter's recent de-accreditation by domain name regulation body ICANN.

ResellerClub Announces Takeover of EstDomains Inc.
Company to take over EstDomains Inc Registrar operations as a result of the latter's recent de-accreditation by ICANN.

Bulgaria Surveys Suggestions for .eu Internet Domain in Cyrillic
Bulgaria's State Agency for Information Technologies and Communication announced Monday a procedure for suggestions about the potential registration of a .eu Internet domain in Cyrillic.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
tel: The time to register for a domain name is now
The new .tel Internet top level domain, or TLD (.com is an example of a TLD) launching soon may revolutionize the way we keep in touch -- assuming it becomes widely adopted.

Telnic to launch new .tel domain for marketers
Registry operator Telnic will next week launch a new .tel platform that won?t require a Web site and is optimized for mobile delivery with even less code than a small-screen-formatted site.

Analysis: ".tel" Domain Name To Become Available Soon
There's a new TLD on the block, and broadcasters and other media companies will want to protect URLs that include their call signs, unique slogans and positioning statements or other registered marks or names.

Tech Weekly: YouTube on video rights, and dottel
YouTube's director of video partnerships on fingerprinting technology, and we check out a new web domain: dottel ... Bobbie Johnson meets Telnic's Justin Hayward and learns everything he wanted to know about the dottel domain, but was afraid to ask.

Important News For Trademark Owners: .TEL Domain Sunrise Period Opens December 3, 2008 [reg req'd]
We no longer have to imagine one global online directory where every company and brand owner can provide all of its contact information in one place in a fully interactive, fast, easy to use format, thus making it quickly accessible to any Internet user worldwide.

.TEL Domain the Ultimate Business Card for Executives
Dotster expert available to discuss why the newest TLD, .TEL, is a must-have for business owners and executives.

.uk Domain in the Primary and Secondary Markets
Last week Nominet, the registry responsible for the .uk domain extension, released its annual Domain Name Industry Report for 2007. This annual report includes not only information about the .uk domain market but also some very interesting statistics on the global primary domain market. Below are some impressive growth statistics.

Nominet fingers governance scrutineer
Nominet has appointed management academic Professor Bob Garratt to conduct an independent review of its governance structures as it aims to steer though a crisis prompted by member unrest and pressure from Whitehall.

Nominet appoints man to lead corporate governance review [sub req'd]
UK domain name registrar Nominet has appointed Professor Bob Garratt to lead an independent review of its current corporate governance structure.

Experts to Feds: Sign the DNS root ASAP: US government urged to deploy DNS security measures, but through ICANN not VeriSign
Internet security gurus and leading vendors are urging the US federal government to rapidly deploy security and authentication mechanisms at the top level of the DNS hierarchy, which is known as the root zone.

Phishers Increase Abuse of Specific Top-Level Domains
A new study from the Anti-Phishing Working Group revealed phishers are increasing their use of TLDs in their campaigns. According to the research, the .HK and .TH domains led the way with the most phishing attacks per 10,000 domains.

China Suspends 300 Phishing Website Domain Names
According to Anti-Phishing Alliance of China, by October 30, 2008 it had suspended the domain names of more than 300 Chinese phishing websites with the help of the anti-phishing system based on the .CN domain names.

US government to consider encrypting root zone DNS hosts
The public comments period has officially ended for the NTIA's consideration of requiring domain name servers within the Internet's root zone to, at long last, encrypt their communications. Could there really be any opposition?

Microsoft files new cybersquatting charges [IDG]
Microsoft has charged a Florida company with cybersquatting in a new lawsuit filed Wednesday. Microsoft lists 23 Web addresses in the suit that it says are registered to Domain Investments and contain Microsoft trademarks or intentional misspellings of such names. The addresses include windoesmobile.com, wwwhotmajl.com, microsoft-games.com and zunedrivers.com. Many of the sites include advertising for various products and services.

Business ordered to surrender Custer-related domain names
A Keystone business has agreed to surrender four Internet domain names to the state of South Dakota, which in turn dropped a federal lawsuit over copyright infringement.

Cybercriminals gearing up for Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is just days away and cybercriminals are preparing for it like an athlete would for Super Bowl Sunday, one security professional said. ... In preparation for the event, cybercriminals are registering new domain names, purchasing advertisement space and creating user profiles on social networking and e-commerce sites to host malicious content and lure users into clicking on it, Judge said.

Internet.eu Sells for $26,250
Sedo has completed the sale of Internet.eu for $26,250, landing in the top ten publicly announced .eu domain sales of all time. Sedo has a lock on .eu sales, handling the top 20 sales of all time with the exception of one private sale, according to NameBio.

American youth trail in Internet use - survey
Fewer young Americans have Internet access than their peers in the Czech Republic, Canada, Macao and Britain, a survey of 13 countries around the world showed.

Mobile internet usage on the rise
Mobile internet use is growing while the number of people going online via a PC is slowing, analyst firm Nielsen Online has found. Some 7.3m people accessed the net via their mobile phones, during the second and third quarters of 2008.

More Australians use Facebook, but usage time declines
The Facebook website has opened a huge lead in Australia in the number of users it attracts against social networking rivals including News Corp's MySpace. Six months ago Facebook and MySpace were close to even in user numbers. Facebook was just 30,000 ahead. But the latest figures from Nielsen Online show Facebook's popularity has soared, topping 3.5 million users in September, more than 1 million ahead of MySpace, which has declined marginally since being pipped by the upstart for the top ranking in April.

US online shopping spend in decline
Online shops are suffering the same fate as the high street with fewer customers spending money.

ComScore forecasts flat holiday online spending
A researcher this week said that online spending declined during the first three weeks of November, an ominous note for retailers hoping for a strong "Black Friday" amid the worldwide economic crisis. ComScore Inc. this week also said that it is projecting that online spending through the 2008 holiday season will be about the same as last year.

comScore Forecasts Flat Growth for 2008 Holiday E-Commerce Spending [news release]
comScore reported its tracking of holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the first 23 days of the November ? December 2008 holiday season, as well as its official spending forecast for the season. For the holiday season-to-date, $8.2 billion has been spent online, marking a 4-percent decline versus the corresponding days last year.

Microsoft Examines Causes of 'Cyberchondria'
A study by Microsoft researchers suggests that self-diagnosis by search engine frequently leads searchers to conclude the worst about their health concerns, a condition known as 'cyberchondria.'

Web Suicide Viewed Live and Reaction Spur a Debate
For a 19-year-old community college student in Pembroke Pines, Fla., the message boards on BodyBuilding.com were a place to post messages, at least 2,300 of them, including more than one about his suicidal impulses. In a post last year, he wrote that online forums had ?become like a family to me.?

Web suicide watchers tough to prosecute
A teenager lay dying in bed after swallowing a lethal does of narcotics while his suicide attempt is being broadcast to the Web. A group of concerned viewers attempted to save his life by alerting the authorities. Others however prodded the teen to take his own life with messages such as "do it."

Compulsive gamers 'not addicts'
Ninety per cent of the young people who seek treatment for compulsive computer gaming are not addicted. So says Keith Bakker the founder and head of Europe's first and only clinic to treat gaming addicts.

Kiwis smart Net users - survey
A major international survey of Internet behaviour ranks New Zealand as a leader in its educational use of the Internet, but low in its broadband penetration.

Greenpeace: Companies not serious about climate change [IDG]
Consumer electronics giants Apple, Dell, Motorola, Microsoft, Nintendo and Samsung have been slow to get serious about climate change, and are notably lagging behind, according to the latest edition of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics.

Greenpeace: Greener Electronics ? Major companies fail to show climate leadership [news release]
The latest edition of our Guide to Greener Electronics has revealed that very few firms are showing true climate leadership. Despite many green claims, major companies like Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and Apple are failing to support the necessary levels of global cuts in emissions and make the absolute cuts in their own emissions that are required to tackle climate change.

Talking Web, memory assistants and solar-powered mobile phones headed mainstream, IBM says
A talking Web, solar technology embedded in windows and mobile phones, and the end of forgetting will all come in the next five years, IBM predicts in its third annual Next Five in Five list, detailing innovations that could change our lives in the next half-decade.

Spam Volumes Expected to Rise with Botnet Resurrection
Spam volumes could rise considerably over the next few days now that one of the world's largest networks of compromised computers used for blasting out junk e-mail was brought back to life tonight. The "Srizbi" botnet, a collection of more than half a million hacked PCs that were responsible for relaying approximately 40 percent of all spam sent worldwide, was knocked offline two weeks ago due to pressure from the computer security community.

Spam on rise after brief reprieve
In the world of spam, what goes down must come up. Two weeks after the shutdown of web hosting firm McColo, which saw a two-thirds drop in spam worldwide, spam numbers are creeping up again.

Srizbi Botnet Re-Emerges Despite Security Firm's Efforts
In the fallout resulting from knocking McColo Corp. offline, this past week may prove to be a missed opportunity in the prevention of a dramatic reappearance of junk e-mail, as a botnet that once controlled 40 percent of the world's spam apparently has found a new home.

Spammers Regaining Control Over Srizbi Botnet [IDG]
The zombie computers used to send spam are coming back to life.

Massive botnet returns from the dead, starts spamming
A big spam-spewing botnet shut down two weeks ago has been resurrected, security researchers said Wednesday, and is again under the control of criminals.

Spam increasing again after shutdown of hosting company
Spammers knocked offline two weeks ago when their hosting company, McColo Corp., was shut down are finally coming back online, security researchers said on Wednesday.

Two Weeks Out, Spam Volumes Still Way Down
A full two weeks after a Web hosting firm identified by the computer security community as a major host of organizations engaged in spam activity was taken offline, the volume of spam sent globally each day has yet to bounce back.

Spam levels fluctuate as crooks try to revive botnets
Two weeks after a hosting firm's shutdown sent global spam volumes plummeting, some researchers continue to claim that junk mail rates remain dramatically down, while others say spam has already bounced back.

Spam is silenced, but where are the feds? [IDG]
On Oct. 14, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, with help from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and New Zealand police, announced that it had shut down a vast international spam network known as HerbalKing.

Microsoft ranked fifth worst spam service ISP
Microsoft is listed fifth in the Top 10 list of the worst spam service ISPs compiled by Spamhaus.org. Spammers are advertising links to sites that "peddle fake pharmacy products, porn, and Nigerian 419 scams" on Microsoft's Live.com and Livefilestore.com sites because they know that the Microsoft sites won't get blocked by antispam groups, writes Brian Krebs on his Security Fix Blog at the Washington Post.

Facebook wins $1.3 billion spam suit [IDG]
Facebook won a US$873 million (AUD$1.3 billion) judgment in a case against a spammer in one of the largest awards yet for a suit filed under the CAN-SPAM Act.

Facebook wins judgment against alleged spammer [AP]
Facebook has won an $873 million judgment against a Canadian man who bombarded the popular online social networking site with sexually explicit "spam" messages.

Facebook awarded $873 million in spam case
Facebook has been awarded $873 million in damages against a Canadian man accused of sending spam messages to its members.

Facebook Wins $873 Million Judgment Against Spammer
Facebook on Friday won $873 million in damages from a spammer, the largest award to date under the 2003 Can-Spam Act.

Facebook Spammer Dinged for $873 Million
A federal court has awarded Facebook more than $873 million in damages against a spammer for showering the site's members with unsolicited advertisements that pushed sexually oriented products.

Facebook spammer fined almost $1 billion under CAN-SPAM
Facebook has won a judgment of nearly a billion dollars?$873,277,200, to be exact?against a spammer who used the social networking service to illegally advertise his wares. California judge Jeremy Fogel ruled late last week that Adam Guerbuez was guilty of violating the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act, and that he should be required to pay statutory damages, aggravated statutory damages, and attorneys' fees to Facebook by mid-December. Even Facebook's lawyers don't believe they will be able to collect, however.

au: Hyarchis sets record straight on spam warning
Hyarchis has described the formal warning issued to it by ACMA over alleged SMS spam as a ?slap in the face? that sets a dangerous precedent for the entire web marketing industry.

ACMA response to Hyarchis alleged spam breach
ACMA has released a detailed response to claims by Hyarchis that its formal warning over alleged spam activities was unfair.

SMS ?confirmations? put Hyarchis in hot water: ACMA
ACMA has released the content of alleged spam SMS messages sent by Hyarchis and suggested that if they had been ?purely factual? there may not have been grounds to issue a formal warning.

Symantec takes cybercrime snapshot with new report
The criminal market online for buying and selling stolen credit cards, pirated software and information about financial accounts is thriving, according to a report published Monday by Symantec.

Cybercrime Servers Selling Billions of Dollars' Worth of Stolen Information, Illicit Services
The total potential value of a snapshot of stolen goods and services in the underground economy captured during a one-year period was around $7 billion, according to a new report released today by Symantec.

The Underground Internet Economy is Alive and Well
While most of the world scrimps during this period of economic turmoil, the underground economy of hackers, phishers, and scammers is alive and well. Internet security company Symantec reported that the nefarious world of cybercriminals has become a $275 million industry, and is most prevalent in the United States.

Local net crime rises
AUSTRALIA hosts the world's sixth-largest underground economy, based on the number of servers identified as hosting stolen information and fraud tools, according to startling research by security software maker Symantec.

New Symantec Report Reveals Booming Underground Economy [news release]
Symantec Corp. released its Report on the Underground Economy. The report details an online underground economy that has matured into an efficient, global marketplace in which stolen goods and fraud-related services are regularly bought and sold, and where the estimated value of goods offered by individual traders is measured in millions of dollars. The report is derived from data gathered by Symantec?s Security Technology and Response (STAR) organization, from underground economy servers between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

Australian Police hire private spies to snoop online
The internet communications and websites of anti-war campaigners, environmentalists, animal rights activists and other protest groups are being secretly monitored by state and federal agencies.

Mo. Mom Convicted in MySpace Bullying Case
A Missouri woman who posed as a 16-year-old boy on MySpace, wooed and rejected a troubled teenage girl who later committed suicide was found guilty Wednesday of three misdemeanor charges, but no felonies, by a federal jury.

Jury delivers mixed verdict in MySpace bullying trial
A federal jury delivered a mixed verdict today convicting a Missouri mother of misdemeanor charges in a nationally watched cyber-bullying case in which the woman was accused of using a fake MySpace account to torment a teenage girl who later committed suicide.

Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case
A federal jury here convicted a Missouri woman of three misdemeanor charges of computer fraud for her involvement in creating a phony account on MySpace to trick a teenager, who later committed suicide.

Experts predict rise in 'virtual' malware
Virus writers are likely to unleash increasingly sophisticated strains of malware next year in an attempt to bounce back from some high-profile botnet shutdowns in 2008, according to new predictions from managed security provider MessageLabs.

Is a picture really worth ?1,000? Getty bullies churches over images
The perennial tale about church fundraising is that it's to rebuild the steeple. But one church in Lichfield, Staffordshire, faced a different fundraising problem: to pay a ?6,000 bill demanded for photographs used on its website. The case came to the attention of Gavin Drake, the communications director for the diocese's 600 churches. In creating the church's website, a volunteer had included a couple of images sourced from Getty, a large picture agency, without paying for them. A couple of months later, Getty sent the church a demand for ?6,000.

AFACT v iiNet: the case that could shut down the Internet
We've asked prominent legal experts for their opinion on iiNet's chances of successfully defending itself in the user piracy lawsuit. The case for copyright infringement brought against iiNet by a consortium of 34 movie studios and Channel 7, represented by the Australian Federation against Copyright Theft (?AFACT?) will be the first test case to determine the scope of an Internet Service Provider?s liability for copyright infringement conducted by users under Australian Copyright Law.

Why iiNet will probably lose the piracy lawsuit
As you probably know by now, iiNet has been sued by a number of movie studios and Channel 7 for allowing piracy to occur on its network ? specifically BitTorrent piracy of movies and TV shows.

au: Film studios to become 'police, judge, executioner'
Internet users would have their connections terminated summarily on the whim of the film and TV industry should it win its landmark legal battle against iiNet, legal experts have warned.

Cinema 'cops' deploy night vision devices
In response to an increase in pirated movie recordings coming out of Australia, the copyright police are patrolling cinemas with night vision devices - and it's not just commercial pirates they're after.

US Digital Sales Surpass CDs at Atlantic
Since MP3s first became popular a decade ago, music industry executives have obsessed over this question: when would digital music revenue finally surpass compact disc sales? For Atlantic Records, the label that in years past has delivered artists like Ray Charles, John Coltrane and Led Zeppelin, that time, apparently, is now.

Warner sees big digital-music growth
Warner Music Group, the label that represents such acts as REM and Green Day, is the second major recording company to report healthy growth in digital sales during the past quarter.

Sydney cybercafe fined for copyright breach
A SYDNEY internet cafe operator has pleaded guilty to 40 charges of copyright infringement involving titles such as Russell Crowe's American Gangster.

Censorship in the 21st Century: Targeting Intermediaries - EFF Legal Analysis by Matt Zimmerman
On November 12, 2008, a group of artists and activists unveiled a brilliant spoof of the New York Times, widely distributed to readers in New York and Los Angeles. This "July 4, 2009" version of the Times ? which the real New York Times described as a "Grade-A caper" ? boldly announced the end of the Iraq War, the nationalization of major oil conglomerates, the elimination of tuition at public universities, and the indictment of soon-to-be-former president Bush on charges of high treason. The poignant send-up, also available in an online version at www.nytimes-se.com, is a perfect example of parody in the 21st century. It certainly got its fair share of attention.

Chinese bloggers take the upper hand
In the game of cat and mouse between the Chinese Government's censors and China's increasingly outspoken bloggers, the score has suddenly turned in the bloggers' favour.

Censors and sensibility
?Banned in Australia for over seventeen years,? the theatrical poster to Sal?, or the 120 Days of Sodom cried, ?now for the first time, Australian audiences have the opportunity to judge one of the most controversial films in the history of cinema?.

au: Greens oppose Conroy's internet filter [AAP]
The Australian Greens won't be supporting plans to introduce compulsory internet filters.

au: Gen-Yers will use social networks to bypass Internet filter, critic says
Once a workaround is found to bypass the government?s Internet filter, it will spread like wildfire on social networking sites says Internode engineer Mark Newton

New Internet Censorship Plan Rattles Public
A pilot test of the Rudd Government?s plan for mandatory Internet filtering will begin on Christmas Eve. However, an Opposition movement, including Internet service providers and technical experts, have voiced their concerns about the effects of the plan on civil liberties.

Aussie government muffs plans for internet filtering
Plans for filtering of all internet content in Australia could well backfire on the Labour Government, with talk of "socialism" banned, and muffins off the menu entirely.

Kiwi ISPs see no impact from Net filtering
TelstraClear, whose ISPs Paradise and ClearNet both use the ISP-based filtering system provided by the Department of Internal Affairs, says it has seen no adverse impact on response times from the presence of the filter.

my: First Asean cyberkids camp opens new possibilities
The inaugural Asean Cyberkids Camp (ACC) 2008 launched last Monday at the Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers brought together 120 school children accompanied by their teachers from nine countries across the Asean region.

UK advertising rules may change to close YouTube loophole
Advertising claims made in videos on YouTube are subject to the same standards of truth and accuracy as ads that appear in traditional media, according to a US advertising watchdog. Such ads can escape the UK regulator's remit, though.

us: Washington may limit Internet cigarette shipments [AP]
Attorney General Rob McKenna says he'll ask the Legislature to ban the shipment of Internet cigarettes to anyone other than licensed wholesalers or retail stores.

au: Broadband rivals force Telstra bid
TELSTRA looks set to be cornered into lodging a bid for the national broadband network without having won the conditions it wants, after the Optus-led Terria consortium and Canadian company Axia Netmedia confirmed they would put their hats in the ring.

Telstra lodges last-minute broadband bid
Telstra is keeping the pressure on the Rudd Government after lodging a non-compliant bid to build a national broadband network.

Telstra network bid 'a joke'
TELSTRA has set a challenge for the Rudd Government, refusing to put in a detailed bid for the $10 billion plus national broadband network unless it gets a range of guarantees, including that there be no further split of its operations.

Labor network tender a farce: Minchin
THE Opposition has lambasted the Rudd Government for refusing to give Telstra the guarantee it was seeking that its business would not be separated as part of the national broadband network tender process.

Telstra's NBN rates to cost consumers
A NATIONAL broadband network run by Telstra would be more expensive and provide 10 times less value compared with today's market rates.

Telstra doesn't bid, but could win
Right on the Federal Government's noon deadline for proposals to be submitted for the construction of a new national broadband network, Telstra today released details of what it said was its proposal. But Telstra did not bid, and hasn't made a proposal within the definition of the process the government is running.

Telstra opens the door
commentary: Telstra's decision to lodge a "proposal" ? rather than a conforming bid ? to build the National Broadband Network shouldn't have come as a shock to Stephen Conroy.

Broadband stand-off worsens
THE stand-off between Telstra and the Federal Government over the national broadband network has intensified, endangering the promised roll-out of broadband to 98 per cent of the population.

Telstra enters NBN race
Telstra has continued 12 months of brinksmanship in its aggressive bid against regulation by not submitting a full bid for the federal Government's $10-billion plus national broadband network, instead lodging a $5 billion proposal to build a network in major cities.

Telstra bluffs to the end on broadband bid
THE federal Government may face a legal battle with Telstra if a competitor wins the national broadband network contract.

Aust Govt's broadband network 'running hopelessly late'
The Federal Opposition says it does not think work will have started on building a national broadband network by this time next year.

Building a digital nation requires a broadband foundation by Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Investment in key infrastructure is a first order economic policy priority for the Rudd Government. The National Broadband Network (NBN) is one of the largest infrastructure investments undertaken by any Australian Government and is a vital building block for our future economic productivity and prosperity.

Europe Nears Price Cap on Mobile Text Messaging
European Union telecommunications ministers are set to endorse on Thursday proposed price limits on cross-border text messaging and mobile Web surfing, according to a copy of the plan obtained by The International Herald Tribune.

Indians See Mobile Phones as a Necessity in Economic Crisis [IDG]
India's mobile services market continues to be buoyant, despite the global economic slowdown that has hit the Indian economy.

uk: iPhone advert banned for 'really fast internet' claim
The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that a TV advert for the 3G iPhone misled consumers about its performance

Ericsson: No UK LTE network before end of 2010
LTE, or the long-term evolution of 3G, has been widely regarded as the heir apparent to today's cellular network standards for some time. However, any rollout of a next-generation mobile network in the UK is still years away, according to telecoms-kit maker Ericsson's UK chief technology officer, John Cunliffe.

Canadian gets five years in Thai pedophile case [Canadian Press]
A Thai court has handed down a second jail sentence for pedophile offences to Canadian Christopher Paul Neil, who was captured after a hunt by the international police agency Interpol last year.

'Swirl face' pedophile gets six more years [AFP]
A Thai court said Monday it had sentenced a Canadian to six more years in jail for sexually abusing a young boy, in the second guilty verdict handed down to the man caught after a global search.

au: Internet sex grooming
POLICE are urging young people to be more careful online after the arrest of a man, 40, who allegedly groomed a "young girl" for sex over the internet.


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