[DNS] domain name news - 11 December

[DNS] domain name news - 11 December

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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 20:32:23 -0800 (PST)
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US role as internet hub starts to slip

Think tank panel recommends that feds make major cybersecurity changes [IDG]

US role as internet hub starts to slip
America is losing its position at the centre of the internet, according to a new study.


ICANN to Convene Consultations on Registry/Registrar Report
On 24 October 2008, ICANN posted the CRA International report titled, "Revisiting Vertical Separation of Registries and Registrars". This paper has generated significant discussion in the community as it discusses the potential easing of the requirement for the separation of gTLD registries and registrars.

Public Comment: Bylaws Revisions re: Committees
At its 7 November 2008 Board meeting in Cairo the ICANN Board determined that in the best interests of ICANN, the Conflicts of Interest Committee and the Reconsideration Committee should be dissolved and the responsibilities of those committees should be transferred to the Board Governance Committee.

Public Comment Period on Registries/Registrars Report Extended
The public comment period on a report by CRA International on gTLD registries and registrars has been extended by one week to 15 December 2008.

Phishers now hijacking websites, warns ICANN
Domain name owners are being warned by ICANN about a new phishing scam that may already have seen the largest bill payment website in the US being hijacked by cyber criminals.

Giftsandgadgets fortheworkplace
... BE the king or queen of the web with your own domain name. From April next year, liberalisation of previously tightly controlled domain names, such as .com, .net and .co.uk, will see anyone with the odd $100,000 able to register a url of their choice with ICANN.

New Generic Top Level Domains ? Should You Apply for One?
A TLD is the last part of an Internet address (i.e. the part which follows the "dot"). For example, in the Internet address for our firm's website, www.brazeauseller.com, ".COM" is the TLD. Generic TLD's ("gTLDs") are the relatively few TLD's which are open for registration to anyone in the world. .COM is the most commonly known gTLD, but others include .ORG, .NET and .INFO. They are unlike, for example, country-code TLD's such as .CA, which require domain name registrants to meet certain Canadian presence requirements.

Silber heads for ICANN board
Prominent ICT-lawyer Mike Silber has been nominated as SA's first board member of ICANN, the US non-profit company that effectively governs Internet address systems.

Dot-uni domains up for grabs
Universities may soon be able to register their web addresses as ".uni" or ".university" - at a cost.

Domain Tasting Loses Its Appeal, by Alex Athans, Sedo Legal Team
If you plan on tasting a domain before you decide to commit to it, you might be alone, or at least in very limited company.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
China launches "??(government affairs)" Chinese domain names
The official web of the Central People?s Government of the People?s Republic of China (www.gov.cn) has launched the special Chinese domain names of ??????.?? (government affairs),? reporters recently learned from the China Organizational Name Administration Center under the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform.

Nigeria resolves issues over .ng management
After years of dispute, Nigeria has resolved issues about how its .ng ccTLD should be managed, formalizing its relationship with ICANN.

NiRA may begin commercial services next month
WITH the appointment of 29 registrars to midwife and sell Domain Names and an eight-member auction committee to fine-tune the sales process, The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) said at the weekend that it is now set to register all domain names in the country.

Sale of .tel domains launched
The latest domain to be given approval by ICANN has launched ? .tel has been likened by online IT news site, The Register, to the ?world?s phone book?.

Registrations open for new .tel domain [IDG]
.tel allows individuals and companies to store contact information without the need of a website

New .tel domain will act as Web's phone book
A new Internet domain that launched Wednesday -- .tel -- could provide a virtual phone book to help people get in touch with the domain's owners even if they have not actually built a Web site.

VeriSign, NeuStar and others team on DNS security [IDG]
Momentum continues to build for rapid deployment of DNS encryption mechanisms. Seven leading domain name vendors -- representing more than 112 million domain names or 65% of all registered domain names -- have formed an industry coalition to work together to adopt DNS Security Extensions, known as DNSSEC. Members of the DNSSEC Industry Coalition include: VeriSign, which operates the .com and .net registries; NeuStar, which operates the .biz and .us registries; .info operator Afilias Limited; .edu operator EDUCAUSE; and The Public Interest Registry, which operates the .org registry.

Should cybersecurity be managed from the White House?
In a report released Monday, the nonpartisan Center for Strategic & International Studies served up dozens of recommendations for improving American cybersecurity?but by far the most headline friendly was the call for a new National Office for Cyberspace within the White House, headed by an "assistant to the president for cyberspace," or cybersecurity czar.

A Scary Twist in Malware Evil-ution
Security experts are warning Internet users to be aware of a disturbing evolution in malicious software that can turn a single infected computer into a vehicle for stealing data from nearby systems, regardless of what operating system or security software those computers may be running.

DHS secretary warns against White House oversight of cybersecurity
The head of the Homeland Security Department on Wednesday warned against moving oversight for cybersecurity operations from the agency to the White House, as suggested by a nonpartisan commission this week.

Think tank panel recommends that feds make major cybersecurity changes [IDG]
The U.S. government should overhaul its approach to cybersecurity by imposing sweeping new regulations on businesses and creating a centralized cybersecurity office in the White House, an outside group of experts recommended today.

Panel Presses to Bolster Security in Cyberspace
License plates may be coming to cyberspace. "Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency," a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (pdf)

More Cyber Security Regulations Recommended
A bipartisan commission of computer security experts are recommending today that President-elect Barack Obama set up a high-level post to tackle cyber security, consider new regulations to combat cyber crime and shore up the security of the nation's most sensitive computer networks.

Cybersecurity report offers Obama assorted recommendations
A congressionally sponsored study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, made public on Monday, recommends everything from the creation of a the National Office for Cyberspace outside the authority of the Department of Homeland Security to maintaining "sufficient manufacturing capabilities" at home to supply components and software that is not dependent on a global supply chain.

Commision: White House Should Take Lead In Cybersecurity
President-elect Barack Obama should take leadership of the U.S. cybersecurity effort, tie together the disparate federal initiatives, and expand regulation of cyberspace, according to recommendations issued today by the Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency.

Panel says White House should oversee cybersecurity efforts
The White House, not the Office of Management and Budget or the Homeland Security Department, should take the lead role in managing the government's cybersecurity program, according a report for the Obama administration released by a nonpartisan cybersecurity commission Monday.

U.S. Losing Cyberspace Security Battle
A new cybersecurity report released on Monday by the Center for Strategic & International Studies Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency warns that America is losing the battle to protect cyberspace.

CNET News Daily Podcast: Behind DHS' failing grade on cybersecurity
A nonpartisan report on cybersecurity recommends that President-elect Barack Obama create an office in the White House focused on cyberspace which would be headed by an assistant to the president. But the report offers a worried look at the current state of the nation's cyberdefenses, describing the challenge as one of the most urgent national security problems facing the new administration. We check in with CNET News' Stephanie Condon to find out more.

Coalition to Secure DNS Takes Shape
"DNS (define) is critical to the functioning of the Internet, linking IP addresses with domain names. Thanks to security researcher Dan Kaminsky, awareness around the DNS and its shortcomings have been greatly elevated this year. DNSSEC is a key solution to ensuring that the DNS cache poisoning attack that Kaminksy first warned about cannot occur.

Kentucky Persuades Court to Seize Domains, by Elizabeth Oliveira, Sedo Legal Team
On October 16, 2008 the Kentucky Circuit Court for Franklin County ordered the seizure of 141 domain names, forcing registrars to forfeit the registrations of these domains to the state of Kentucky. This order was the result of the Circuit Court?s holding that internet domain names are a form of physical property located within the state and therefore subject to in rem jurisdiction of the courts. Though currently on appeal, the courts decision in this case could have a serious negative impact on all domain owners due to its sweeping expansion of jurisdiction. The good news is that, many in the internet and domain industry believe that the ruling will not stand upon review by the Court of Appeals.

Should Complainants in UDRP Proceedings be required to Provide Certified Notice of Other Legal Proceedings Related to Their Trademark Claims
The recent Chillibeans.com panel decision raises some interesting questions. Not apparent in the decision is the fact that the trademark alleged by the complainant is the subject of a cancellation proceeding at the OAIM, Trademark and Design Registration Office of the European Union. This fact was not disclosed by complainant as part of their filing, and not discovered by respondent until after an adverse panel decision had been rendered.

Google Gives AdWords Mobility
Google is making a renewed push into the mobile advertising space, launching an initiative that will bring AdWords to mobile devices with Web browsers. The targeted mobile ads will offer separate reporting so advertisers can track their mobile campaigns.

Domainers Don?t Care if VeriSign Increases Prices
Do domain name owners care if VeriSign can drastically increase .com prices? Apparently not.

DOMAINfest Global Fundraiser Heads to Playboy Mansion
DOMAINfest Global will be heading to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles this coming January for a fundraiser for Autism Speaks, an organisation dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatment of autism.

Sedo 2009 Domain Investment Guide by Jay Finnan, Portfolio Sales Manager
For all the anguish that comes with an economic downturn, it may be of some solace to know that these hard times also provide us with ample investment opportunities. In fact, if history is any indicator, many of today?s proactive investors will be the ones profiting in a few years when the markets improve. By taking advantage of the possibilities that present themselves now, you too can help ensure your future success, writes Jay Finnan, Portfolio Sales Manager at Sedo.

Domain Safety and Security 101 by Colin Finnan, CS/Transfer Specialist
All domainers want to know how to make a profit from their domains, but a question they should be asking just as frequently is, ?How do I make sure my domains stay secure?? Due diligence is the first step to maintaing ownership of yours domains. Make sure that you are familiar with your registrar?s practices and procedures. All contacts for your domains should be listed with YOUR information and NOT someone else?s.

Australians increasingly rely on digital communications in work and leisure [news release]
The ACMA Communications Report 2007-08, which has been tabled in Federal Parliament, demonstrates the impact the internet and other digital communications are having on the everyday lives of most Australians.

British children to be taught to use internet at school
Children under 11 will be taught to use podcasts and the internet at school under Government plans announced today.

What the Search Engines Have Found Out About All of Us
Google has released its map of the national brain and appetites for 2008, and it turns out that many, many people across America have been asking the Internet ?what is love?? and ?how to kiss.?

Google unveils China's 2008 most popular search terms [IDG]
... The only U.S. name to make Google's 2008 most popular keyword search list for China was NBA (National Basketball Association), at No. 10. In fact, the NBA was the only non-Internet company to make the list, with the others all popular Chinese sites for news, videos, file sharing and more.

Palin beats Obama in Google's 'zeitgeist' rankings
Google has published its annual round-up of most searched terms today, revealing that the public spent much of the year procrastinating on Facebook, energised by the Large Hadron Collider and obsessing about the downfall of a bank in Iceland.

And lo, for Google did pass down its Zeitgeist of the most-searched terms of 2008
Sitting on top of the world's largest research tool, Google is in an unrivalled position to detect trends in music, politics, retail and everything else the public searches for online.

Google tells us what we look for
What do Sarah Palin, Facebook and Euro 2008 have in common? They are all on the list of the top 10 fastest-rising queries on Google during 2008.

Ledger among most searched subjects on Google [AFP]
Late Australian actor Heath Ledger was among the most searched subjects worldwide on Google in 2008, ahead of "Obama".

us: Bush talks with international bloggers
The president-elect has been showing off his Web savvy on Change.gov, but George Bush demonstrated Wednesday he also advocates using the Internet to facilitate democracy.

Technology stalwarts back Google rival Kosmix in fight for cyberspace
A Silicon Valley start-up that is taking on the might of Google has attracted investment from Time Warner, owner of AOL, and the man who launched one of the world's most popular mobile phones. ... The site looks more like a web portal than a search engine. It pulls together text, audio and video content based on the underlying concept behind any query entered, rather than just looking for sites that contain the words in that query.

Search start-up Kosmix raises $20 million
Company also launches beta search site, which presents specialized topic-centric search results in a dashboard-style page.

au: Scots College investigating anti-semitic remarks on Facebook
Sydney's Scots College is looking into reports that some of its students were part of a Facebook group with anti-semitic overtones.

au: Facebook scandal shames private school students
A Facebook network of senior students from two of Sydney's most elite private schools have offended the Jewish community with anti-Semitic slurs.

Life, liberty and GPS: What technology means in Egypt
Among international outrages, depriving citizens of personalized maps seems far down on the list. Still, that was the condition put on the introduction of Apple's 3G iPhone in Egypt. The government demanded that Apple disable the phone's global-positioning system, arguing that GPS was a military prerogative.

Internet access and use in the EU27 in 2008: Nearly 30% of individuals use internet banking; 60% of households have internet access [news release]
In the EU27, 60% of households had access to the internet during the first quarter of 2008, compared with 54% during the first quarter of 2007, and 48% had a broadband internet connection, compared with 42% in 2007.

Cyberspace has buried its head in a cesspit of climate change gibberish
We all create our own reality, and shut out the voices we do not want to hear. But there is no issue we are less willing to entertain than man-made climate change. Here, three worlds seem to exist in virtual isolation. In the physical world, global warming appears to be spilling over into runaway feedback: the most dangerous situation humankind has ever encountered. In the political world - at the climate talks in Poznan, for instance - our governments seem to be responding to something quite different, a minor nuisance that can be addressed in due course. Only the Plane Stupid protesters who occupied part of Stansted airport yesterday appear to have understood the scale and speed of this crisis. In cyberspace, by contrast, the response spreading fastest and furthest is flat-out denial.

uk: Vandal who trashed pub caught by Facebook
A teenage vandal was forced to hand himself in to police after pictures of him trashing a pub were posted on Facebook by the landlord.

Koobface Worm Targets MySpace, Other Sites
The Koobface worm which has plagued the Facebook social networking site during the past week, is now targeting MySpace, Bebo, and other sites as well, security researchers warn.

IT admins need to power down PCs
A report by analyst house Forrester has concluded that IT managers are going to have to manage PCs differently if they are to cut power usage and hit green targets.

Spam levels rise as botnets return
Four weeks after spam levels plummeted when a rogue hosting company was yanked off the Internet, junk mail volumes are again up, a researcher has said.

Flood of junk email expected before Christmas
A flood of spam should be expected in the run-up to Christmas, according to Network Box.

Vint Cerf's Twitter Account Was A Fake
A report that Vint Cerf's Twitter account was hacked, used for spamming, and then suspended appears to be only partially correct. According to Cerf, VP and chief Internet evangelist for Google, the Twitter account that bears his name was not created by him.

Cybersecurity report offers Obama assorted recommendations
A congressionally sponsored study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, made public on Monday, recommends everything from the creation of a the National Office for Cyberspace outside the authority of the Department of Homeland Security to maintaining "sufficient manufacturing capabilities" at home to supply components and software that is not dependent on a global supply chain.

Cyber-criminals adapt tactics for financial crisis: Virtual Criminology Report 2008
Cyber-criminals are adapting their tactics to target people worried about their finances and job security during the financial crisis, experts have warned.

Russia and China accused of harbouring cybercriminals
Russia and China are protecting gangs of criminals engaged in cybercrimes such as internet fraud, blackmail and money laundering, a study says today.

Report: Cybercrime is Winning the Battle Over Cyberlaw
Law enforcement agencies worldwide are losing the battle against cyber crime at a time when criminals are increasingly using the global economic downturn to make headway in recruiting more computers and computer users to further illegal online activities, a scathing new report from security vendor McAfee concludes.

Ineffective law enforcement, bad economy fueling cybercrime
Cybercriminals operating worldwide are benefitting from ineffective law enforcement and a growing economic recession that could make jittery people more susceptible to cybercrime scams.

Study: Police not prepared for international cybercrime
Law enforcement efforts are "ad hoc" and "ill-equipped to cope" with international cybercrime, security experts have warned in a new report.

China names and shames fake drug websites
China, beset by food and drug safety scandals, has blacklisted dozens of websites for making false claims about traditional Chinese medicine, state media said on Wednesday.

us: Md. Court Weighs Internet Anonymity
In a First Amendment case with implications for everything from neighborhood e-mail lists to national newspapers, an Eastern Shore businessman argued to Maryland's highest court yesterday that the host of an online forum should be forced to reveal the identities of people who posted allegedly defamatory comments.

US court tackles online anonymity
Be careful the next time you engage in an Internet flame war: it could land you in court.

Underground economy booming online, says Symantec [IDG]
An online underground economy has recently matured into an efficient, global marketplace to trade stolen goods and offer fraud-related services.

au: Police defend baby swinging video charge
Police say it is a crime for anyone to even watch a viral video of a man swinging a baby around the room.

Australian Christmas shoppers warned about online scammers
Christmas shoppers are being warned to protect themselves from internet scammers this festive season.

us: Panel to Call for Review of Wiretapping of Scholar
A Congressional oversight panel plans to ask the National Security Agency to start an investigation into new evidence that the agency illegally wiretapped a Muslim scholar in Northern Virginia and concealed the eavesdropping during a 2005 trial in which the scholar was convicted on terrorism charges.

in: Google Earth accused of aiding terrorists
An Indian Court has been called to ban Google Earth amid suggestions the online satellite imaging was used to help plan the terror attacks that killed more than 170 people in Mumbai last month.

China names and shames fake drug websites
China, beset by food and drug safety scandals, has blacklisted dozens of websites for making false claims about traditional Chinese medicine, state media said on Wednesday.

Microsoft Offers to Reduce Search Data in Europe
Microsoft offered Monday to abide by a European privacy panel?s request that it reduce the length of time it kept records of Web searches if its rivals, Yahoo and Google, did the same.

MPAA Urges Obama to Embrace Internet Filtering
The Motion Picture Association of America is urging the incoming Obama administration to adapt internet filtering technology to block illicit file sharing of motion pictures and television shows.

What the MPAA wants from Obama: 3 strikes, Canada crackdown
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has supplied its political wish list to the Obama transition team, and thanks to new transition team policies, that means the MPAA has shared its agenda with everyone on the Internet. "Graduated response" rules are praised, anti-camcording rules are paramount, and Canada and Spain are two of the countries that need to be singled out for "priority trade policy attention."

ComScore: 100 million YouTube viewers in October
Online video is really taking off, according to stats firm ComScore. Not that we should be particularly surprised by that assertion. But the leader in the space, Google's YouTube, during October pulled in 100 million viewers in the U.S. for a market share of almost 40 percent.

YouTube Attracts 100 Million U.S. Online Video Viewers in October 2008 [news release]
comScore released October 2008 data from the comScore Video Metrix service, reporting that U.S. Internet users viewed 13.5 billion online videos during the month, representing an increase of 45 percent versus year ago.

Commission issues guidelines to get Mobile TV on Europeans' mobile phones
The European Commission has today taken a decisive step towards the promotion of competitive Mobile TV services in the EU. It has published a set of guidelines for the authorisation of Mobile TV to accelerate roll-out of the service across Europe. Mobile TV revenues worldwide are expected to reach more than ?7.8 billion in 2013.

Why the IWF was right to ban a Wikipedia page
EDITORIAL: There has been a storm of controversy over a decision by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to blacklist a page of Wikipedia. But the criticism of Britain's online watchdog is unfair and hypocritical.

IWF lifts UK Wikipedia ban
The Internet Watch Foundation has lifted its ban on a Wikipedia page and image of a record album cover showing a young nude girl, in an unprecedented move.

IWF backs down on Wiki censorship
The online watchdog, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), has withdrawn its objection to a Wikipedia page that contained an image of a naked girl.

IWF reverses Wikipedia webpage blockage: IWF statement
... Following representations from Wikipedia, IWF invoked its Appeals Procedure and has given careful consideration to the issues involved in this case. The procedure is now complete and has confirmed that the image in question is potentially in breach of the Protection of Children Act 1978. However, the IWF Board has today (9 December 2008) considered these findings and the contextual issues involved in this specific case and, in light of the length of time the image has existed and its wide availability, the decision has been taken to remove this webpage from our list.

Wikipedia victory in Scorpions censorship row
An anti-child abuse watchdog has reversed its decision to blacklist a Wikipedia page showing a controversial 1976 album cover after protests over censorship.

British Dispute That Blocked Wikipedia Editing Is Resolved
A standoff between Wikipedia and a quasi-governmental British watchdog group over a 1970?s heavy-metal album cover was resolved on Tuesday when the group reluctantly lifted its ban on the image.

British agency resolves dispute with Wikipedia
A standoff between Wikipedia and a quasi-governmental British monitoring agency over a 1970s heavy-metal album cover was resolved when the agency reluctantly lifted its ban on the image.

Should the internet be censored? [BBC Radio 4 Today programme interview]
A decision by a number of UK internet providers to block a Wikipedia page showing an image of a naked girl has angered users of the popular site. Sarah Robertson, of the Internet Watch foundation, and David Gerard, of Wikipedia, discuss if censorship of the internet should be allowed.

Wikipedia falls foul of British censors
British internet providers have blocked access to parts of Wikipedia after accusations that the site was carrying "potentially illegal" images of child pornography.

Wikipedia row escalates as internet watchdog considers censoring Amazon US over Scorpions image
The Internet Watch Foundation may add Amazon US to its list of sites "blocked" for hosting a picture of an album cover by The Scorpions

Internet ban on 'child porn' album sleeve
Britain's rules on internet censorship have come under scrutiny following a decision to block pages on Wikipedia after a page on the site showing the image of a naked young girl on an album cover from 1976 was declared "potentially illegal".

How the IWF blacklist stops you seeing the Scorpions' album cover
If you needed a flow diagram - and doesn't everyone, at some point? - of how the UK's Internet Watch Foundation/BT CleanFeed system works to prevent you seeing album covers by the Scorpions and other unsavoury content, it's right here.

Australian man charged over viral baby-swinging video
A Queensland man has been charged for re-publishing on a video-sharing site a viral video of a man swinging a baby around like a rag doll.

au: Simpsons cartoon rip-off is child porn: judge
A NSW Supreme Court judge has ruled an internet cartoon in which lookalike child characters from The Simpsons engage in sexual acts is child pornography. In a landmark finding, Justice Michael Adams today upheld a decision convicting a man of possessing child pornography after the cartoons, depicting characters modelled on Bart, Lisa and Maggie engaging in sex acts, were found on his computer.

Fake Simpsons cartoon is child porn, judge rules
A NSW judge has ruled that an animation depicting well-known cartoon characters engaging in sexual acts is child porn.

au: Push to shut bashing website
The is a push for a website showing the apparent bashing of a teenager in Adelaide to be shut down.

us: Student punished for Facebook rant against teacher sues school for violating freedom of speech
A former Florida high school student disciplined for "cyberbullying" one of her teachers on Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the principal of the school for allegedly violating her freedom of speech.

EU's Safer Internet Programme gets ?55 million funding to help children
The EU will have a new Safer Internet Programme as of 1 January 2009. Following the overwhelmingly positive vote on 23 October in which the European Parliament expressed its support for the new Safer Internet Programme, the Council of Ministers has adopted yesterday the new Programme.

Flash Eurobarometer survey 2008: Towards a Safer Use of the Internet for children in the EU - a parents' perspective
In 2008, within the scope of the Safer Internet Programme, the European Commission conducted a Flash Eurobarometer survey in order to find out parents' perceptions of their children's Internet usage and potential risks they could face online.

EU adopts new Safer Internet Programme: ?55 million to make the Internet a safer place for children [news release]
The EU will have a new Safer Internet Programme as of 1 January 2009. Following the overwhelmingly positive vote on 23 October in which the European Parliament expressed its support for the new Safer Internet Programme (IP/08/1571), the Council of Ministers has adopted today the new Programme.

EU commits $70 million to make Internet safer for children
The European Union (EU) Tuesday said that it will spend ?55 million ($70 million) in a five-year programme to make Internet safer for children.

EU commits ?55 mln for safer Internet for children
European Union (EU) member states on Tuesday endorsed a five-year program for safer Internet for children.

New Report Urges Obama to Focus on Internet Safety for Children
Online safety advocates are pushing president-elect Barack Obama to put more resources toward protecting children from crime, harassment and predators on the Web.

nz: Team approach urged to stop cyber bullying
With children becoming more internet savvy the need to find effective solutions to educate them against technological bullying is needed and may require a team effort, say principals.

Parenting: Children and the internet
Click on Me: We're living in the internet age, and it's more important than ever before to teach your children how to use the internet safely. Cyber bullying and sexual abuse can be very hard to monitor as an adult. To keep your child safe, you should have a clear internet usage policy in your home, with consequences if they fail to abide by your rules and limits. This article will discuss some guidelines to use in your home to help you to keep your teenager safe on the internet.

Parenting: When You Don't Like Your Child's Friends
Rachel Goodchild is a parenting and education specialist. She's worked as a nanny, teacher and lecturer and is the author of over 25 educational titles.

Internet filtering rebels hit Australia?s streets
Participants have created Facebook groups and a YouTube video to rally support and direct activists to the events

Internet Censorship and Mandatory Filtering by Tom Edwards and Gareth Griffith - NSW Parliamentary Library Research Service E-Brief
... With the limited exceptions of Germany and Italy, mandatory ISP level filtering is not a feature of any of the countries reviewed. In place, rather, are voluntary ISP filtering schemes designed to prevent accidental access to a defined list of illegal sites containing child pornography. However, in the UK the position seems to be that the internet industry is encouraged to participate in this scheme, under threat of regulatory intervention should it fail to do so. The line between mandatory and voluntary participation is not clear-cut.

NSW Parliamentary Research: Mandatory ISP filtering is not what it seems.
The NSW Parliamentary Library Research Service has issued an E-Brief on Internet Censorship and Mandatory Filtering. Its authors Tom Edwards and Gareth Griffith survey the local and international position and conclude that mandatory ISP level filtering is not a feature of many of the countries it reviewed. In place, rather, are voluntary ISP filtering schemes designed to prevent accidental access to a defined list of illegal sites containing child pornography.

au: Youth Advisory Group to guide Government on cyber-safety [news release]
School students from across Australia will participate in the Rudd Governments Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-Safety, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, announced today.

Australia plans to test Web filter
The Australian government plans to test a nationwide Web filter that would require Internet service providers to block access to thousands of sites containing illegal content.

Conroy silent on web censorship trial
The federal Government is keeping mum on the number of applications received for content filtering trials.

Labor plan to censor internet in shreds
The Government's plan to censor the internet is in tatters, with Australia's largest ISP saying it will not take part in live trials of the system and the second largest committing only to a scaled-back trial.

Telstra says no to ISP filtering pilot
Telstra has snubbed the federal Government by refusing to take part in its live content filtering trial.

Telstra shuns internet filtering trial
Australia's largest internet service provider has said it will not participate in trials of the Federal Government's controversial national internet filter.

Telstra out of Conroy's filtering trial
Telstra has decided not to participate in the government's controversial ISP filtering trial, for which expressions of interest were due today.

Telstra won't partake in internet blocking
Telstra says it won't take part in the government's controversial internet filtering trail due to customer management issues.

Telstra BigPond refuses to participate in net filter trials
Australia?s largest ISP Telstra has ruled out participating in the Federal Government?s controversial Internet filtering trial due to what it calls ?customer management issues?.

Telstra rejects govt internet filtering trials
If the nation's biggest ISP doesn't have anything to do with them, how much reliance can be placed on tests of the controversial "clean feed" proposal?

Telstra out of Conroy's filtering trial
Telstra has decided not to participate in the government's controversial ISP filtering trial, for which expressions of interest were due today.

Proposed internet filter takes another hit
The Federal Government?s internet content filtering plan, designed to protect internet users from child pornography, is coming under fire.

Australian Sceme to Censor Online Casinos Falters
Colin Jacobs, vice-chairman of Electronic Frontiers Australia, said that the unintended results would be the same as the failed UIGEA ban in the US.

Australia?s Web Filtering Efforts a Complete Debacle
An effort to ban porn websites and potentially online gambling in Australia appears to have faltered.

ISPs Give Rudd Government Two Finger Salute
The Rudd Government is continuing to encounter ISP resistance to its plans for a trial of Internet filtering technology, with SA-based national operator Internode and Perth's iiNet refusing to have anything to do with it, and Optus saying it will participate only in a strictly limited way.

Readers' Comments: Telstra snubs filter trial

Net filtering problems: Residents from Middlesex experience effects of failed content blocking
Why net filtering is not a good idea. Officials in Australia are finding out trying to implement full scale Internet site and content blocking does not work. Many readers will remember similar attempts by the local government to do the same thing but there were so many ways to get around it that while some filtering is still in place here it is not very effective.

Tanner and Conroy go blogging
Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, and Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner, have launched a joint blog to canvass opinions on the future of Australia?s digital economy.

Tanner, Conroy start blogging
The Federal Government has taken a step into the Web 2.0 world, with Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and Finance Minister Lindsey Tanner starting a Digital Economy blog to stoke the opinion fires of digital policy.

Govt's blogging foray sparks controversy
The Federal Government's first foray into internet blogging has elicited some angry responses from people opposed to internet filtering.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy gets a blog bashing over web filtering
ANYONE could have seen it coming. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's department yesterday launched a public consultation blog to gather ideas on the future of Australia's digital policy.

Obama stimulus plan aims to boost digital economy
In pledging to "renew our information superhighway," President-elect Barack Obama has offered the broad outline of an economic stimulus plan likely to lead to major increases in IT spending -- especially for broadband deployment and technology for schools and health care.

Coalition, local government lock horns over broadband
The Coalition has attacked a scathing report by local governments on the state of broadband in Australia which labelled telecommunications under the Howard government as ?extremely sluggish and frustrating?.

Australian internet superhighway derailment 'criminal'
Australia's sluggish response to a national broadband network is "criminal", costing jobs and hurting the economy, a gloomy snapshot of the nation says.

ACMA explodes the monopoly myth
Today?s ACMA Communications Report 2007-08 firmly debunks any suggestions that Telstra enjoys a monopoly in the telecommunications industry. The new report shows the number of licensed carriers has soared from three to 172 since competition was introduced in 1997.

Libyans Plan Continent's Largest Telecoms Group
LapGreen Networks, a subsidiary of Libyan African Investment Portfolio, plans to build 'the biggest' telecommunications company with a single network in Africa.

FCC Chief Pushes New Rules on Phone Fees
The US's chief telecommunications regulator said yesterday that he will push to establish a federal policy on the early cancellation fees charged by cellphone and other services as early as July.

us: Congressional report: FCC's Martin abused power [IDG]
U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin has abused his power and suppressed public information during his tenure at the agency, according to a new report from a House of Representatives committee.

EU considers spending ?1 billion for satellite broadband technology
The ?200 billion economic rescue plan being considered this week by European Union leaders includes a proposal to spend ?1 billion on bringing high-speed Internet access to rural areas.

EC concerned over German regulator's failure to notify mobile termination rates [news release]
The European Commission, in a letter made public today, requested the German telecoms regulator, Bundesnetzagentur ("BNetzA"), to notify it of all German mobile operators' termination rates, the wholesale tariffs charged by the operator of a customer receiving a phone call to the operator of the caller's network.

Two vie for Australian WiMax build
The contract to build Unwired's $200 million national metropolitan WiMax broadband network is down to a two-horse race between Huawei and Motorola, and might end up tied.

Axia shows its NBN hand
Little-known Canadian group, Axia NetMedia, has broken its silence on the Rudd Government's $15 billion national broadband network, saying that unless it is built using fibre all the way to homes and businesses in metropolitan areas, then it shouldn't be built at all.

4G chip promises eight-times faster mobile downloads
LG Electronics claimed a step forward in the commercialisation of the next generation of internet capable handsets, demonstrating a modem chip with a download speed eight times that of the fastest mobile phones currently on the market.

Critical mass needed for independent VoIP, says new operator
A new entrant into the VoIP market in New Zealand says the time to establish independent providers is limited to ?two to three years? and perhaps some form of ?co-opetition? is needed to establish a critical mass of such operators.

au: Men arrested over 'worst child porn' images [AAP]
VIDEOS depicting children being sexually abused for more than two hours have been seized by Australian Federal Police who have arrested 19 men over what they say is a child porn ring.

au: 19 arrested over ?worst ever? Internet child porn bust
Australian Federal Police officers have seized "among the worst" images of child abuse they have seen following a global sting of an online network sharing images and videos of sexually abused children.

Justice figures accused over child porn [AAP]
A NSW police officer and a retired Victorian QC are among those arrested as part of a 12-month investigation into a child pornography ring.


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