[DNS] domain name news - 12 January

[DNS] domain name news - 12 January

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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:31:50 -0800 (PST)
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Top Internet Governance Issues to Watch in 2009 by Milton Mueller

New gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook Update

Help Build The New GNSO: Volunteers Are Now Being Accepted To Join Work Teams That Will Develop GNSO Improvement Implementation Plans

Public Comment: Initial Report on the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (Part A)

The Approaching Superdomain Opportunity

.LONDON gTLD Proposal Launched

Ex-eBay chief seeks to reclaim name in cyberspace [AP]

What is Good Policy for a Domain Name Registry? by Patrik F?ltstr?m

Google: 1 Million Advertisers in 2007, More Now

Netregistry joins Netfleet Creating Australian Domain Aftermarket

Top Internet Governance Issues to Watch in 2009 by Milton Mueller
Here it is: IGP's contribution to the beginning of the year forecasting. Note well: these are not predictions of outcomes but designations of critical areas of change and decision in Internet governance, where the outcome is still unknown. We are sure we've overlooked some critical arenas -- use our comments to tell us what they are!


New gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook Update
The first public comment period on the Draft Applicant Guidebook for new gTLDs has closed. The period opened on 24 October 2008, and was 76 days long after it closed 7 January to account for later publication of the Guidebook in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. ICANN continued to receive and accept English comments received until the January 7 deadline considering the end of year holidays.

Help Build The New GNSO: Volunteers Are Now Being Accepted To Join Work Teams That Will Develop GNSO Improvement Implementation Plans
The GNSO is creating five new Work Teams to be the incubators through which implementation plans for ICANN Board approved GNSO improvement recommendations can be developed and proposed by members of the ICANN community. Each Work Team will be made up of community volunteers who have interest in and expertise in one of five main focus areas:

Public Comment: Initial Report on the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (Part A)
A public comment period opens today for 21 days on an Initial Report into the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP). The IRTP Part A Policy Development Process is the first in a series of five planned PDPs to address areas for improvements in the existing Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy. The IRTP Part A PDP concerns three 'new' issues: (1) the potential need for exchange of registrant email information between registrars, (2) the potential need for including new forms of electronic authentication to verify transfer requests and avoid 'spoofing', and (3) to consider whether the IRTP should include provisions for 'partial bulk transfers' between registrars.

The Approaching Superdomain Opportunity
ICANN's upcoming sale of new domain real estate promises to open up new areas for businesses to establish their online presence and strengthen their brands. What must current brandholders do to preserve their identities? What opportunities does the move

ICANN Ups Enforcement of Whois Policies
Security researchers are lauding ICANN for making improvements to the process by which it gathers and investigates reports of improper Whois domain registration data.

Closer look on the spam URL TLD distribution
ICANN stipulates that all domains must be connected to a registrar, and all applications for domain names must be submitted through a registrar. Today there are hundreds of thousands of Web sites registered. The process is simple and not very costly.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Have an Impact on CIRA Governance-Be part of CIRA?s Nomination Committee
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the organization responsible for operating the dot-ca Internet domain, is seeking Nomination Committee Members.

NIC Chile Announces New Transfer Blocking Service
With the purpose of facilitating the management of a registrant?s portfolio of domains, NIC Chile have implemented a new service that allows them to block the transfer of a domain name.

New frontpage for the fi-domain name service
The layout of the fi-domain name service frontpage has been lightened and freshened up and also relevant information is now better available. Information related to fi-domain names will be found easily and rapidly on one place, as domain name related subjects have been moved from ficora.fi to domain.ficora.fi.

New service to verify the performance of the name services of fi-domain names
FICORA launches a new service that allows users to test the performance of the name services of fi-domain names. The service is completely independent from the domain name service, domain.ficora.fi, and does not require registration or technical expertise.

fi: New 12-month validity period for domain names
It is now possible to acquire a domain name for 12 months. It is still possible to apply for, renew or transfer a fi-domain name to another holder also for three years. The change entered into force on 5 January 2009.

.LONDON gTLD Proposal Launched
Another city gTLD proposal has officially been launched with A Domain for London announcing they will join the fray in planning to apply for a .LONDON gTLD under ICANN?s planned gTLD application process.

Privacy & ?Friending? functionality now available in VIP.tel domains
Telnic Limited announced that all free trial VIP.tel test domains have now been updated to support privacy and ?Friending?, a key aspect of the .tel functionality for individuals. Thousands of VIP.tel domain testers can now share private contact information securely.

Another DNS flaw?
Security researcher Dan Kaminsky made headlines last year when he discovered a critical DNS flaw. If left unpatched it could have crippled vast parts of the Internet.

Ex-eBay chief seeks to reclaim name in cyberspace [AP]
... But Meg Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay, has been unable to control her own name online. What began as an irritant has evolved into a distracting legal spat as she explores a run for California governor.

Ex-eBay Head Whitman Aims To Claim Domain Names
Several of the domain names are related to her potential run for California governor, including megwhitmanforgovernor.com and whitmanforgovernor.com.

Cond? Nast to Cityfile: Please Return Our Editors' Domain Names
Since its inception, the gossip Web site Cityfile has been buying the domain names of powerful New Yorkers, accumulating more than 100 names, including those of Bruce Wasserstein, Jonathan Tisch and Kelly Cutrone.

Celebrity Domain Names: Meg Whitman, Conde Naste [Updated]
Two stories hit the online world today about pseudo-celebrities battling to get their names as domain names.

Singapore's cybersquatters evicted
A YEAR ago, Chinese national Zheng Zhongxing registered the domain name sonyericsson.com.sg in Singapore for $40. Four months later, he tried to sell it to Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications for &yen4,000 (S$8,000). The company offered &yen400 but Mr Zheng demanded &yen3,600. Sony Ericsson complained to the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC), the national registry of .sg domain names.

NameKing Still King of Domain Tasting
Domain registrar NameKing.com is still the king of domain tasting. NameKing, a subsidiary of Oversee.net, continues to drop nearly 1 million .com domains during the add grace period each month. As I predicted, ICANN?s budget measure to stem domain tasting curtailed the practice but did not eliminate it.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Google Rolling Out Its Services Over IPv6
While Google admits that offering its services over IPv6 is still in its infancy, the company today announced the option for accessing Google services over IPv6.

IPv6: The Future of IPTV? In Japan it isn't the future, it's now.
Convergence is now here with mobile, data, voice and video all going over Internet infrastructure.

NTT details IPv6-powered TV service
NTT this week disclosed technical details about what it claims is one of the largest, most successful commercial applications of IPv6, the next-generation Internet network protocol.

INTA Trademark Law and the Internet Forum in San Francisco this February
INTA is holding a Trademark Law and the Internet forum on February 9 ? 10, 2009 in San Francisco, California. INTA's Trademark Law and the Internet forum is a two-day, comprehensive program aimed at bringing you up to date on the latest developments concerning trademarks and the Internet, and it is the place to be to gain expert advice on best practices for tackling complex issues arising from the interplay between trademarks and the global domain name system.

VeriSign Notifies Registrars About Domain Tasting Changes
As required by a new ICANN policy, VeriSign has notified its registrars about changes to the Add Grace Period policy. These changes were made to limit the practice of ?domain tasting?, which is registering a domain and returning it for a refund within the grace period if it doesn?t deliver enough traffic. The text of the notice is below:

What is Good Policy for a Domain Name Registry? by Patrik F?ltstr?m
Back from the holidays I must admit I was thinking quite a bit on what is good policy for a registry? Of course I have my own personal favorites that I can not walk away from easily, but instead of thinking for too long, I decided to write down now immediately what is in my head. The main reasons for this are two: the decision by ICANN to change the rules for change in policy regarding the Add Grace Periods.

2008: A Historic Year for DNS
As we start the new year, it is worth noting some of the major events and news in 2008 that shaped the industry and fueled considerable discussions. Last year's occurrences made for a very historic year, bearing the seeds of future changes for the DNS and domain name industry.

PIR's Anti-Abuse Policy for .ORG Offers No Due Process for Innocent Domain Registrants
PIR, the registry operator for .org, has sent notices to registrars that it is implementing an anti-abuse policy that offers no due process for innocent domain registrants.

WIPO Proposal for Paperless UDRP
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has sent to ICANN a letter proposing Paperless Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Monthly CENTR Roundup, December 2008

Google: 1 Million Advertisers in 2007, More Now
There are a few reasons Google makes so much more money than rivals like Yahoo and Microsoft in search advertising. First, it accounts for a lot more searches. Second, its technology is believed to be better at matching ads to queries. And third, it has more advertisers. A lot more.

Netregistry joins Netfleet Creating Australian Domain Aftermarket
Following changes to the rules regarding the transfer of domain names for .au in 2008 that enabled the sale of .au domains, Netregistry, one of Australia?s leading registrars, has partnered with Netfleet to deliver a cutting edge domain aftermarket website for the .au domain market. Both parties hope the initiative will lead to a vibrant and profitable market for .au domains.

Domain Name Professionals Worldwide - Are You Ready for Domainer Mardi Gras?
Domainer Mardi Gras is coming soon and the organisers suggest one conference that you will definitely want to attend is Modern Domainer?s Domainer Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Moniker Floors It to Take Top Spot on This Week's Domain Sales Chart With a $275,000 Transaction
The final week of the 2008 domain sales season was a short one with Christmas falling at mid-week and shutting business down around the world. Given the timing it was a decent sales week even though the volume of sales was understandably light. Moniker heads the new Top 20 chart after closing the $275,000 sale of Floor.com (a name they auctioned off at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York). Moniker also closed another sale from that event, booking $30,000 for #6 Hometown.com.

To Be a Network Society: A Cross-National Perspective on the Internet in Britain by Ellen J. Helsper, William H. Dutton & Monica Gerber [OII Research Report]
Abstract: After years of collective indecision, Britain shifted to become a full participant in an increasingly networked world; supporting the diffusion of the Internet, broadband access, and its use for an increasingly wide range of activities. This paper compares Britain with other European nations and the wider world in its adoption and use of the Internet. It draws from the Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) and the World Internet Project (WIP), along with other publicly available data to compare and contrast patterns of adoption, use and impact.

Revealed: the environmental impact of Google searches
Performing two Google searches from a desktop computer can generate about the same amount of carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea, according to new research.

How Google searches lead to our destruction
Every day that we eke out our survival we know that there is some actuary or scientist working out whether it's worth us ever trying.

Measuring your Google search's carbon footprint
Worried about the carbon footprint of your Google searches? A Harvard University physicist says a typical search on a desktop computer generates about 7 grams of carbon dioxide, which is comparable to bringing a kettle to boil, according to a report Sunday in The Times of London. And while that doesn't sound like a lot, the report notes that Google handles about 200 million searches daily.

You've been talking (or pressing 'send') in your sleep
Emailing now comes so naturally to us that we can do it in our sleep ? at least in the exceptional case.

An article that will soon appear in the journal Sleep Medicine, detailing the experience of a sleepwalker, shows that we can send messages even when we seem to be sound asleep.

TV or not TV?
TV makers are engaged in an arms race to build up the internet features on their new models, adding video on-demand, GPS traffic reports, social networking and video calling on top of the basic news, weather and stock information.

UK web users are being left in the slow lane, says Ofcom
British broadband users are being left in the slow lane by their internet service providers, with one in five people who sign up for the most popular high-speed package actually getting less than a quarter of the advertised speed.

Ofcom benchmarks broadband speeds
The average speed of a broadband connection in the UK is 3.6Mbps (megabits per second) according to new research from regulator Ofcom.

Watchdog exposes broadband speed rip-off
Millions of internet customers are getting less than half the broadband speed they are paying for, restricting their ability to download music, film and games.

Broadband users only receive half the advertised speed, says Ofcom
Broadband users who pay for advertised speeds of up to eight megabits per second are on average obtaining connection speeds of less than half that, Ofcom has said.

Nearly 4 million shop online on Xmas Day
Nearly 4 million Britons bought goods online on Christmas Day, spending 102 million pounds,or 21 percent more than on the same day last year, Internet retail industry body IMRG said in a report on Thursday.

British Facebook bullying students 'should be expelled'
Teachers have called for the expulsion of pupils who insult staff on internet sites such as Facebook and Bebo after a popular girls' school became embroiled in a cyberbullying row.

Green gadgets - The Greenpeace search continues
The latest Greenpeace survey of greener electronics products has revealed that the greenest consumer electronic products on the market today may have a smaller environmental footprint than those sold a year ago, but the industry still has a way to go before they can claim a truly green product.

Greenpeace still hunting for truly green electronics [IDG]
New consumer-electronics products are a little greener than those on sale a year ago -- but manufacturers could do much better, according to a study by environmental campaign group Greenpeace International.

For BlackBerry, Obama's Devotion Is Priceless
This week, Michael Phelps signed a deal worth more than $1 million to advertise Mazda in China. Jerry Seinfeld earned a reported $10 million to appear in Microsoft?s recent television campaign. But the person who may be the biggest celebrity pitchman in the world is not earning a penny for his work.

Time is running out for Blu ray format
Time is running out for Blu-ray discs, the high definition (HD) format that are supposed to be replacing the DVD. Despite the launch of new Blu-ray players and talk of rising sales at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, manufacturers know they are in a race to make a real impact on the market before the new kid on the block, downloading or streaming HD films directly from the internet, consigns the format to a footnote in video history.

Before you sell your computer, smash the hard drive, says Which?
The only surefire way to stop criminals stealing data from secondhand computers is to destroy the hard drive, a study by Which? Computing magazine has warned.

Games will 'eclipse' other media
Video games are poised to "eclipse" all other forms of entertainment, according to games studio boss Mike Griffith.

Giant plasma TVs face ban in battle to green Britain
Energy-guzzling flatscreen plasma televisions will soon be banned as part of the battle against climate change, ministers have told The Independent on Sunday.

Online Racial Discrimination Linked To Depression, Anxiety In Teens
In the early days of the Internet, some scholars once predicted a lessening of racism and race-based discrimination in online interactions thanks to the anonymity and race-neutral nature of the medium.

Majority Of Teens Discuss Risky Behaviors On MySpace, Studies Conclude
In a pair of related studies released by Seattle Children's Research Institute and published in the January 2009 issue of Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, researchers found that 54 percent of adolescents frequently discuss high-risk activities including sexual behavior, substance abuse or violence using MySpace, the popular social networking Web site (SNS).

eu: Safer Internet programme 2009 - 2013 published [EUR-Lex]
Decision No 1351/2008/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008 establishing a multiannual Community programme on protecting children using the Internet and other communication technologies Text with EEA relevance 

Optus, iiNet put filters to the test
Telcos critical of the government's clean-feed Internet scheme will respond to a call to trial the technology over the holiday season.

Concern over new NZ downloading laws [The Press]
Opponents of an illegal-downloading law that comes into force next month fear it could see people disconnected from the internet without proof they are breaking copyright rules.

NZ ISPs tread risky path with new rules on piracy
Internet service providers are struggling to deal with a new law requiring them to axe the internet connections of customers who "repeatedly" access pirated material.

Editorial: Apple?s Long-Awaited Shift on Music
In 2007, Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, wrote a letter to customers called ?Thoughts on Music.? The letter was really his thoughts on copyright protection, otherwise called digital rights management, or D.R.M. He pointed out some of the inherent contradictions that most music buyers have noticed ? most CDs come with no copy protection, unlike music sold online ? and he concluded that ?D.R.M.?s haven?t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy.?

French government bans advertising of mobiles to children
New laws cracking down on children's use of mobile phones are to be introduced in France amid growing fears that they may cause cancer and other diseases.

China Waves Red Flag Over Telecoms
Nationalism plays a part in China's move to support a homegrown 3G mobile technology, in addition to more widely accepted standards.

Nokia ends production of its only WiMax device [IDG]
After selling them for just a few months, Nokia Corp. has decided to stop making its N810 WiMax Edition handheld computer.

Palm presents an iPhone competitor, the Pre
Seeking to revive its sharply fallen fortunes and produce a successor to its aging Treo device, Palm unveiled a new smartphone, the Pre, on Thursday and an exclusive partnership with Sprint to distribute it.

For a Palm Rebound, the Phone Is Not Enough
Palm, which essentially invented the smartphone category, is a shadow of its former self. Sales have plunged and Apple?s iPhone and Research in Motion?s BlackBerry have stolen market share.

Microsoft: Expect Fewer Phones with Windows
Microsoft says it is responding to the fierce competition in the phone market by retooling and beefing up its mobile operating system?and by putting it on fewer devices.

Clearwire: Expect healthy WiMax growth in 2009
A top Clearwire Corp. official said the national WiMax high-speed wireless network market will grow in 2009, although details on when and where are still being discussed.

Reports: Spammers Cooking Up More Financial Fraud
It didn't take long for spammers to jump on the financial crisis bus: A little more than one week into the New Year, financial spam has tripled over the same time last year, according to new spam data released today.

An Early Look at the State of Spam in 2009, Social Networking Spam on the Rise
As recently reported, spam volumes indicate spam has nearly jumped back up to its pre-McColo shutdown levels. However, Symantec's The State of Spam report has also observed that in recent days spammers are increasingly piggybacking on legitimate newsletters and using the reputation of major social networking sites to try and deliver spam messages into recipients' inboxes. "The social networking spam messages were carefully crafted to closely mimic the legitimate notification emails often distributed from social networking sites," writes Dermot Harnett, a Symantec analyst.

ACMA accepts enforceable undertaking from EMX under the Spam Act [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has been offered and has accepted an enforceable undertaking from Sydney-based SMS content provider EMX Pty Ltd after alleging that a significant number of commercial electronic messages sent by EMX did not contain clear and accurate sender identification, as required under the Spam Act 2003.

Execs see technology as economic equalizer
Two of the tech industries biggest champions for using technology to eliminate poverty in the developing world took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show here on Friday for the final keynotes of the conference.

Why Technology Won't Prevent Identity Theft
Impersonation isn't new. In 1556, a Frenchman was executed for impersonating Martin Guerre and this week hackers impersonated Barack Obama on Twitter. It's not even unique to humans: mockingbirds, Viceroy butterflies, and the brown octopus all use impersonation as a survival strategy. For people, detecting impersonation is a hard problem for three reasons: we need to verify the identity of people we don't know, we interact with people through "narrow" communications channels like the telephone and Internet, and we want computerized systems to do the verification for us.

MI5: Internet phone services a risk to national security
Internet telephone services pose a serious threat to Britain's security, the head of MI5 said. The danger with online calls, said spy chief Jonathan Evans, was that they do not result in telephone bills, which are key evidence documents in prosecutions. This meant it would be much easier for terrorists to make the calls and eventually escape prosecution if they are tried for criminal offenses.

Model wants Google to ID blogger she says defamed her [Canadian Press]
A Canadian model is taking Google to court in an attempt identify an anonymous blogger she says has been using the company's Blogger service to defame her.

36 companies named in parental control infringement lawsuit
A patent holding company that holds the license to two patents covering various forms of parental controls has sued just about any company that offers these controls for video content.

UK e-mail law 'attack on rights'
Rules forcing internet companies to keep details of every e-mail sent in the UK are a waste of money and an attack on civil liberties, say critics.

New e-mail law 'is an attack on civil liberties'
Upcoming rules that force internet companies to hold details of every e-mail sent in Britain are a waste of money and an attack on privacy, according to a prominent security expert.

Cracking down on dissent in China
Increasingly worried about a sickly economy sowing social unrest, the Chinese government is tightening state control over the media. Its main aim appears to be to smother dissemination of politically sensitive discussions and information on the Internet.

Analyst: China Internet move part of global trend
In early January China released a list of major online portals and Web sites that it claims provide and spread pornographic or obscene content, state media reported. Rebecca MacKinnon, co-founder of Global Voices, an assistant professor of journalism at Hong Kong University, a former CNN correspondent and an observer of China and the Internet, recently discussed with CNN the move by Beijing.

The world smirks at Conroy's censorship plan by Vice Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia Colin Jacobs writes:
The rest of the world has been smirking at Stephen Conroy's ill-conceived plan to censor Australia's Internet for a while now, but a new study published by Brooklyn Law School entitled "Filtering in Oz: Australia's Foray Into Internet Censorship" is a serious embarrassment.

China widens "vulgar" online crackdown
China has widened an Internet crackdown on "vulgar" content to target 14 new sites, including Microsoft's MSN, and chided fellow American giant Google for not doing enough to clean up.

China closes 91 websites in online crackdown
China has shut down 91 websites for pornographic and other "vulgar" content, as well as a political blog portal, since announcing its latest bid to ensure Internet morality, state media said on Monday.

China shuts 91 sites in porn crackdown: state media [AFP]
China shut down 50 additional websites over the weekend as authorities crack down on online porn, ordering Internet giants such as Google to cut links with such material, state-run media said Sunday.

Obama includes broadband, smart grid in stimulus package [IDG]
U.S. President-elect Barack Obama laid out his plan for a huge economic stimulus package, with broadband rollout, an Internet-based smart energy grid and computers for schools as part of the plan.

America's most revered newspaper is latest to be hit by financial woes
Like so many US papers, the New York Times is beseiged by both the credit crunch and an online media revolution

Microsoft begins Windows 7 push
The first public trial, or beta, version of Windows 7 has been released. Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer used his keynote speech at CES to announce that software developers would get at the trial version on 7 January.

Ballmer unveils Windows 7 at CES
Steve Ballmer took the stage to deliver his first keynote speech to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last night, unveiling more details of Windows 7 ? as had been widely expected.

Ballmer sets loose Windows 7 public beta [IDG]
The rumors turned out to be true. Microsoft will release a public beta this week of its next desktop operating system, Windows 7, hoping it will address the problems that have made Windows Vista perhaps the least popular OS in its history.

Microsoft hopes its mouseless software will click with public
Microsoft previewed its new Windows operating system for personal computers, Windows 7, with a typically bullish performance by its chief executive Steve Ballmer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Macworld, Macboring: Is Apple's golden era over?
If no news is good news, Apple just hit one out of the ballpark. At the annual Macworld trade show in San Francisco today, Apple put on an excruciating 90-minute keynote that may go down in history as the worst Apple event of all time. In brief: for the first time in recent memory, Apple has nothing interesting to sell. And the company's remarkable decadelong run as the hottest company in consumer electronics may be drawing to a close.

Obama's Broadband Plan
The Obama Administration has pledged support for universal broadband, or making speedy Internet service available to all Americans. But the ideas under consideration by the President-elect's transition team are likely to fall short of the radical changes some activists have sought.

Telstra CEO puts $2bn tag on NBN loss
Telstra chief Sol Trujillo has cautioned that up to $2 billion worth of revenue could be at risk following its exclusion from the federal government's $15 billion tender process for the National Broadband Network.

Telstra: It takes two to tango
Telstra's double act of Sol Trujillo and Donald McGauchie is engaged in a high-risk two-step with the Government over the building of the national broadband network. The wrong outcome could cost both of them their jobs. Matt O'Sullivan reports.

au: PBA's failure kills off iBurst
The sale by Personal Broadband Australia's (PBA) receivers of the company's iBurst spectrum represents the death-knell of the company and almost certainly has killed off the struggling technology.


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