[DNS] domain name news - 26 February

[DNS] domain name news - 26 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 20:52:45 -0800 (PST)
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ICANN report: new gTLD program riddled with problems, delayed

VeriSign: We will support DNS security in 2011

IPv4 address to run out in 3 years--APNIC exec

Domain Names? Japan Doesn't Need No IDNs [IDG]

Melbourne IT reports 6th consecutive year of double-digit growth [news release]

Revenue clicks for Melbourne IT


New gTLDs: Call for Applicant Evaluation Panel Expressions of Interest
ICANN is soliciting Expressions of Interest from firms interested in and capable of performing any number of independent evaluation roles as part of the new gTLD process. These entities, to be retained by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), will provide independent evaluation services, evaluating applications for new top-level domains (gTLDs). This is an opportunity to play an important role in the next significant evolution of the Internet's domain name space.

RSSAC Review: Independent Consultants' Report
In October 2008 ICANN appointed Westlake Consulting Limited as the consultants for the independent review of the RSSAC, the DNS Root Server Advisory Committee.

Mexico Meeting Goes Mobile
The Mexico City meeting is now accessible on your phone. So if you are attending the conference next week but can?t remember which meeting is on at which time or in what room, you can now access the information directly and quickly using your cell or mobile phone.

Mexico meeting goes mobile
The Mexico City meeting is now accessible on your phone.

Is there a need for a ?demonopolized? Internet?
Russia disproves of the situation when a single U.S.-based organization has control over the Internet and will soon voice it suggestions on how to ?demonopolize? it. Telecoms Minister Igor Shchegolev has lashed out at the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization with headquarters in California. The organization performs a number of Internet-related tasks ? the two most apparent being the creation of new top-level domain names like .ru or .com and management of the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

ICANN report: new gTLD program riddled with problems, delayed
ICANN has released a second draft of its guidelines for a more open, massively expanded system of generic Top Level Domains?but critics say the major problems with the plan still haven't been addressed.

ICANN to Study Price Caps on Domain Registrations
After receiving a number of comments about lack of pricing limits in new TLD registry agreements, ICANN has commissioned a study to determine if price caps should be implemented.

Web 3.0 Free-for-All
What's that distant buzz you hear? It's the sound of a swarm coming your way. In late-2009, ICANN plans to begin accepting applications for new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), and granting them by the hundreds. This move will likely usher in a new world on the Web.

Domain Tasting 2.0
The new era of domain tasting starts in April. ... You?ve heard it all before. But as I?ve pointed out, new rules designed to kill domain tasting starting in April won?t kill it. Curtail it, yes. But not kill it.

Applications to be accepted for new domains
Late in 2009, ICANN will begin accepting applications for generic top-level domain names that will be added to .com, .org and the like.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Will Shorter Domain Names Boost Dot Biz? [The Industry Standard]
Get ready for i.biz, u.biz and probably we.biz. One- and two-character domain names are coming to the .biz extension if NeuStar, the company that runs the .biz registry, succeeds in getting the change okayed by ICANN.

dotMobi Steps Up Enforcement for Non-Compliant Domain Names
It?s taken a long time, but buyers of premium .mobi domain names appear to finally be developing their domain names. dotMobi says it will take additional measures against those who have not taken this step as required in their purchase agreement.

tel: Joining the dots for a successful domain
Over the past four years I have covered my fair share of TLD launches. Think of .eu, .mobi, .whatchamacall it; they have all kicked off to great fanfare, then slowly reached respectable if not earth-shattering registration numbers.

tel: Internet ?land-rush? leads to Dotster
An online land grab for the new dot-tel (.tel) domain name is bringing a rush of revenue to Dotster Inc.

us: DHS to use more simulations in infrastructure protection
The Homeland Security Department will rely more on simulations to test the integrity of critical infrastructure and key resources, according to a 175-page plan released last week. But one security specialist said the plan was thin on details.

VeriSign: We will support DNS security in 2011
VeriSign has promised to deploy DNS Security Extensions ? known as DNSSEC ? across all of its top-level domains within two years.

Techies end-run feds on DNS security
Forty years ago, when the U.S. government created the packet switching network that became the Internet, one of its goals was to create a robust network where traffic would be dynamically routed around blockages.

Group unveils security controls to thwart cyberattacks
A consortium of federal agencies and private organizations released a set of guidelines on Monday aimed at protecting data and information systems from cyberattacks. The list of security controls eventually will be compared to global audit guidelines to determine whether they should be incorporated into assessments of information security.

Domaining Registrar Defeats Cybersquatting Lawsuit: Philbrick v. eNom
Philbrick v. eNom, Inc., 2009 WL 152127 (D.N.H. Jan. 22, 2009). The Justia page. Philbrick's Sports is a New Hampshire retailer of sporting goods. eNom's customer registered two domain name variants of Philbrick Sport's website. When the customer didn't pay eNom, eNom took the names back for itself. Subsequently, eNom registered another domain name variant of Philbrick's website through a domain name tasting program. Each of these domain names were parked with Yahoo, who displayed sponsored ads on the domains. Philbrick's then sued eNom, claiming cybersquatting and trademark infringement.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Net devices to push RP's IPv6 deployment
The coming of newer Internet-ready mobile devices like smart phones and personal digital assistants will boost the adoption of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in the country, a local Internet expert said Monday.

IPv4 address to run out in 3 years--APNIC exec
Are we running out of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses? ?In two to three years, the number of Internet address allocation will be depleted,? said Paul Wilson, director for Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), which is the regional Internet registry for the Asia Pacific.

IPv4 space redistribution threatens to disrupt Internet
The regional Internet community is debating four separate proposals on how to redistribute IPv4 address space at the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) 27 meeting in Manila this week.

APNIC 27 to focus on IPv4 exhaustion
Accelerating consumption of IPv4 Internet addresses in the face of depleting free address pool would be the focus of APNIC 27 (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre) meet that would be held at Manila from 23-27 February, 2009 .

German IPv6 Council calls for govt support for IPv6 [sub req'd]
The German IPv6 Council welcomes the decision of the federal government to ensure broadband coverage for all Germans by 2010 and calls for an addition: deploying IPv6 throughout Germany at the same time.

IPv4 addresses to be exhausted by 2010: Cert
The current stock of IPv4 addresses will be exhausted by 2010, ?father of the internet? Vint Cerf has warned.

Domain Names? We Don't Need No Domain Names [IDG]
When hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Japanese Internet users want to Google something their first stop isn't the minimalist home page of the search engine but its biggest competitor: Yahoo Japan. And that's not by mistake. On the Yahoo site they type in "Google" to get taken to the home page, bypassing the address bar in their browsers and registering another search for Google in Yahoo's rankings. In 2008 so many surfers used Yahoo to get to the Google home page that it placed as the fourth most searched term of the year -- a position it also held in 2007.

Domain Names Disputes Involving Sellers of Tickets for Sports Events
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) arbitration panels have upheld the rights of stadiums to oppose domain name registrations by online ticket sellers that threaten the stadiums' financial strength and reputation. Typically, independent ticket sellers are required to negotiate a license with venue operators. Some ticket sellers, however, have attempted to bypass this license requirement by displaying minor and subtle alterations of the venue?s name or the top level domain suffix. These efforts generally have been found to infringe upon the venue owner's intellectual property rights.

MAP Research Forecasts: Domain Registration Markets 2009-2011
The world?s first report on the size, state and future of the global domain registration industry. Research results show that by the end of 2008, the overall industry will have a market value of $3.6 billion (all figures in $US), forecast to increase to $5.3 billion by 2011.

Research and Markets Issues Domain Report
Market research firm Research and Markets announced on Monday it has published the "MAP Research Forecasts: Domain Registration Markets 2009-2011" report, which calls the "world's first report on the size, state and future of the global domain registration industry."

Melbourne IT reports 6th consecutive year of double-digit growth [news release]
Melbourne IT Limited today announced its 6th consecutive year of growth in all key financial metrics, reporting an 18% increase in earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) to $23.7m achieved upon a 21% increase in revenue to $186.2m for the year ended 31 December 2008. Net profit after tax (NPAT) increased 17% to $16.2m over the same period. Names under management (NUM) grew 8% to 5.9m.

Melbourne IT 2008 Results Investor Presentation

Revenue clicks for Melbourne IT
Melbourne IT has reported its sixth consecutive year of growth and is forecasting better 2009 results, despite "challenging market conditions".

Melbourne IT bullish despite challenging conditions [AAP]
Domain name manager and online services provider Melbourne IT expects its financial performance in fiscal 2009 will be better than in 2008 despite challenging market conditions, after posting a 17 per cent annual profit rise.

Avoid rolling with rick: lengthen URLs
URLs seem to grow longer and longer every year. Part of this is due to domain names getting longer, and a lot of it is due to SEO (search engine optimization) changes. Where we used to use /article/1234 we now use /books/reviews/fiction/fantasy/the_lord_of_the_rings so that search engines can mine the URL for relevance. And then so we can track the source of our traffic, we add some query strings (?utm_source=foo&utm_medium=bar) and we wind up with a long cumbersome URL that's great for machines but arguably not so great for people.

Working the Web: Your name and address mean a lot
I have a confession to make. Back in 1994 when I first started working on the Web site that would become Tahoe.com, we had a Web address so bad that it still gives me shivers.

Sedo Buys RevenueDirect from Dotser
Sedo have announced the acquisition of RevenueDirect, a provider of top-tier domain parking services for professional domain investors, from Dotster.

Sedo Acquires RevenueDirect from Dotster
Sedo, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling domain names, today announced the acquisition of RevenueDirect, a provider of top-tier domain parking services for professional domain investors. The acquisition of RevenueDirect?s substantial customer base significantly increases Sedo?s North American market share.

Sedo Buys Domain Parking Service
Online domain marketplace Sedo announced on Tuesday it has acquired domain parking service RevenueDirect from domain registrar Dotster, which will increase Sedo's North American market share.

Forums.com Sells for $400,000
... But before discussing expired domain sales, there is a big .com sale to report from Sedo: Forums.com has sold for $399,990. The seller was DNForum owner and GoDaddy VP Adam Dicker.

Exploring a 'Deep Web' That Google Can?t Grasp
One day last summer, Google?s search engine trundled quietly past a milestone. It added the one trillionth address to the list of Web pages it knows about. But as impossibly big as that number may seem, it represents only a fraction of the entire Web.

How email and text could stop prisoners reoffending
Family contact is a great help to prisoners and prevents them reoffending. But funding and approval for new modes of communication to overcome access problems are in short supply

Americans watch even more TV, on phones and computers too
If you've seen that Hulu commercial starring Alec Baldwin, you surely know that TV is a plot devised by aliens to turn our brains into mush so they can scoop them out and eat them. And online video and phones are making our brains even mushier, by giving us more places to watch TV.

Nielsen: Americans still love their TV, embracing DVRs
Americans watched an all-time high of 151 hours of TV per month last quarter, according to a new Nielsen study. Our TV habits are on the rise across the "three screens"?TV, Internet, and mobile devices?but the most growth is coming from DVRs, Internet video, and mobile phones.

Britons prefer Amazon for digital media
Amazon.com Inc has established a clear lead in user preference for digital media download sites in Britain, despite a relatively late entry into the market, a survey published by Strategy Analytics said.

Indian police guard woman after video of her undressing appears on internet
A young woman has been given police protection after a video clip of her undressing in a bedroom was circulated on the internet, provoking a debate about how the law deals with morals and technology in India.

Gmail crash raises web services fears
Google?s e-mail service, used by more than 100m people, suffered a global crash on Tuesday, raising concerns about the world?s growing reliance on web services.

Google users hit by mail outage
Business and consumer users of Google's popular e-mail service were hit by an outage on Tuesday.

Gmail struck with service outage
Google's Gmail service was unavailable starting around 10:30 AM GMT on Tuesday. Google acknowledged the problem and said it was working to restore service.

Internet "addiction" may fuel teen aggression
Teenagers who are preoccupied with their Internet time may be more prone to aggressive behavior, researchers reported Monday.

Facebook and Bebo risk 'infantilising' the human mind
Social network sites risk infantilising the mid-21st century mind, leaving it characterised by short attention spans, sensationalism, inability to empathise and a shaky sense of identity, according to a leading neuroscientist.

Is Facebook changing children?s brains?
PhD student Robert de Vries has written for Alpha Mummy about violent computer games among other topics. He's written in about the debate in the House of Lords about the effect of Facebook on children's brains.

The Health Effects of Social Networking
Is social networking killing you? Well, no, probably not. Or at least, not literally. But two British scientists have recently suggested that spending all day, and ? admit it ? much of the night networking on a computer might in fact be bad for your body and your brain.

au: Conroy confesses: web filtering will hit 'other content'
Stephen Conroy yesterday confirmed that the Government would consider the possibility of legal content being blocked by its mandatory internet censorship scheme.

au: Row over web blacklist
Major inconsistencies have emerged in the way a top-secret blacklist of web pages is managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

au: School fights fuel mobile phone fears
The Education Department is under pressure to toughen its rules on students? use of mobile phones after a surge in fights being filmed and shared on the internet.

au: The Trial Begins: With the Government's clean feed trial about to start, a number of policy questions remain known unknowns, writes Colin Jacobs
For months now Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has been answering letters about his internet censorship drive with generalities about "cyber-safety". He has deferred any further debate on the policy until after the upcoming "live" filtering trial. Just this week, he deflected comments about the scope of the proposed blacklist in a Senate Estimates hearing, saying "it will be determined, as we have always said, following the live pilot trial."

au: Inconsistencies emerge in Web blacklist [sub req'd]
Major inconsistencies have emerged in the way a top-secret blacklist of Web pages is managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

100 British children a month alert police to internet predators
Police are responding to more than 100 alerts every month from child internet users who are in immediate danger of sexual abuse or violence at the hands of online predators, the Guardian has learned.

UK children's charities demand child porn block
Children's charities have expressed "serious concerns" many UK households still have access to images showing child sex abuse via their computers. The government had asked all internet service providers (ISPs) to block illegal websites by the end of 2007.

uk: Small ISPs reject call to filter out child abuse sites
ISPs have rejected a call by childrens' charities to implement the government's approved blocklist for images of child sexual abuse, because the list does not stop anyone who wants to accessing such material.

British ISPs under pressure to block child abuse sites
Thousands of British households still have access to child abuse websites on the internet despite Government promises to block them, children's charities said.

uk: Charities want all ISPs to use child abuse filtering list
Children?s charities are calling on the Government to force internet service providers (ISPs) to do more to filter access to child abuse websites. Around 700,000 households in the UK can still easily access these sites, according to the NSPCC, because some ISPs have failed to implement the IWF blocking list.

UK charities: make IWF Web blacklist 100% compulsory for ISPs
Most ISPs in the UK currently (and voluntarily) subscribe to the Internet Watch Foundation's child sex abuse blacklist. But five percent of home broadband connections aren't covered by the IWF blacklist, and a group of children's charities is calling for government action to make the list compulsory.

Aussie internet-net will be drawn wider
The Australian government is already planning to block legal internet content when its ?great firewall? eventually goes live. That is the fear expressed by some of the most trenchant critics of this scheme, including Senators Simon Birmingham (for the Liberal Party) and Scott Ludlam (for the Greens) following another shift in emphasis by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy in evidence to the Environment, Communications and the Arts committee on Monday.

us: Internet Safety Act: Rashomon in real time?
From what you read in the trade press and blogosphere, you would think that Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Lamar Smith have decided to use the excuse of fighting child pornography to attack the Internet itself.

us: The Internet Safety Act launches a new battle on privacy
If you haven?t been paying attention, there has been a great battle taking place over tighter controls on the Internet. On one side are those fighting to stop child pornography or access to other questionable materials. On the other is privacy advocates who argue that the best thing about the Internet is how free and accessible it is and that it promotes democracy and free speech.

us: Appeals Court Upholds Porn Law Protecting Children
A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a law that requires pornographers who take photos of people engaged in sexually explicit acts to provide "proof of age," a ruling that strengthens prevention on the exploitation of children by pornographers.

us: Proposed Law Seeks to Expose Internet Addressing for Child Safety
Mike Dailey U.S. Republican politicians on Thursday introduced a bill that would require Internet service providers and network operators to track the use of and maintain records for their publicly accessible wired and wireless networks. Two bills have been introduced... Each of the bills carries the title "Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today?s Youth Act," and is referred to as the "Internet SAFETY Act."

Music labels sign up to free downloads in fight against pirates
The days of paying for music over the internet ? or illegally downloading free tracks ? are numbered, according to artists, music companies and leading industry insiders.

Irish ISP: We Won't Block The Pirate Bay [IDG]
Ireland's largest ISP won't block The Pirate Bay -- the embattled BitTorrent search engine and tracker -- absent a court order, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Eircom: no Pirate Bay blockade until we get a court order
It's been a rough year for Eircom, Ireland's main telco and largest ISP. In late January, a massive storm swept Ireland and caused extensive infrastructure damage and more than 22,000 telephone faults. It took a week to recover. The next week, Eircom announced that it was settling a lawsuit brought by the music labels and would voluntarily take part in a graduated response scheme meant to disconnect repeated copyright infringers from the 'Net. Then Eircom's CEO announced his resignation, saying that he planned to return to his native Australia.

Record industry talks Irish ISP into blocking P2P sites
ISPs in Ireland are being asked by the Irish Record Music Association (IRMA) to begin blocking access to filesharing sites, and at least one is already going along with the request. Ireland's largest ISP, Eircom, has entered into an agreement with IRMA, saying that it will begin blocking access to sites that allow users to swap files and that it will not oppose any court action mandating that such action must be taken.

ie: Music-swapping sites to be blocked by internet providers
Irish internet users are to be blocked from accessing music swapping websites, as internet service providers bow to pressure from the music industry. Eircom, the country?s biggest internet provider, is to start blocking its internet customers from accessing music swapping.

India Shatters Monthly Mobile Subscriber Record [IDG]
India added new mobile phone subscribers at a furious pace in January after telecom service provider Reliance Communications launched a new network.

au: Consumers Association wants tougher controls on premium SMS
Choice, The Australian Consumers Association, wants tougher action to reign in the promoters of ringtones, wallpapers and other services sold via premium SMS, including a double opti-in requirement and an external developed independently monitored industry code.

Telecom NZ Heads for 3G
Telecom NZ is on track for the launch of its world class mobile network by June, and its choice of Alcatel-Lucent as technology partner has been given another ringing endorsement by overnight news.

Strapped telcos to delay 4G networks
Telecoms operators the world over are tempering their enthusiasm and deployment schedules for 4G mobile technology as they cut back on capital expenditure and prepare to persist with their 3G networks until the economy improves.

US judge questions law giving telecoms immunity
A federal judge in San Francisco is raising questions about the constitutionality of a law designed to dismiss suits against telecommunications companies accused of cooperating with government wiretapping.

ACLU vs DOJ on the implications of FISA Court ruling
The Justice Department and the ACLU (unsurprisingly) disagree about the significance of a secret FISA Court ruling released last month.

Victim of Italian Bullying Video Drops Google Case [IDG]
The boy at the center of a trial of Google executives for alleged violations of Italy's privacy law withdrew from the case Wednesday, his lawyer said.

uk: Straw hit by internet fraudsters
Justice Secretary Jack Straw has been the victim of Nigerian fraudsters who sent out hundreds of e-mails in his name asking for money. The e-mails claimed he had lost his wallet on charity work in Africa and needed 3,500 US dollars to get home.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw falls victim to Nigerian email fraudsters
The phones began to ring in Jack Straw's constituency office late last week, and the question that the callers asked was always the same: was the Justice Secretary really stranded in Africa with no wallet? And did he really need $3,000 to get home?

ng: That Delay on Cyber Crime Law is Dangerous
Internet-based attacks and crimes are increasing in Nigeria as 'greedy' criminals continue to steal data from businesses and individuals.

Dell applies to have the term 'netbook' released from Psion ownership
Dell is trying to have a trade mark owned by rival Psion cancelled because it believes the term 'netbook' is now a generic name for small, cheap computers. Psion applied to register the term as a trade mark in 1996.

The Tigger Trojan: Icky, Sticky Stuff
A relatively unknown data-stealing Trojan horse program that has claimed more than a quarter-million victims in the span of a few months aptly illustrates the sophistication of modern malware and the importance of a multi-layered approach to security.

UK fight against terror 'spells end of privacy'
Privacy rights of innocent people will have to be sacrificed to give the security services access to a sweeping range of personal data, one of the architects of the government's national security strategy has warned.

EU group aims to eavesdrop on Skype calls
The EU's judicial coordination group says criminals are increasingly turning to encrypted VoIP tools like Skype to evade surveillance?and is launching an effort to ensure that European law enforcement can listen in.

Worried about Facebook privacy? Use controls
All of the hoopla about Facebook's controversial user policy sidesteps the point about what social Web users really need to know about protecting their privacy and intellectual property.

Blunkett warns over 'Big Brother' Britain
David Blunkett, who introduced the idea of identity cards when Home Secretary, will issue a stark warning to the Government tomorrow that it is in danger of abusing its power by taking Britain towards a "Big Brother" state.

Blunkett to criticise UK surveillance state
Former home secretary who introduced compulsory ID cards will say they should be scrapped and that information sharing powers go too far

The intensifying battle over Internet freedom
... Today, the Internet is both the vehicle and the battleground for freedom of expression around the world. The struggle between writers and governments over this free flow of information has escalated this past year and promises to intensify. Those supporting open frontiers for ideas and information need to be on high alert and take steps necessary to protect those silenced and to keep the Internet unencumbered.

Websites of Iran's Khatami supporters blocked [AFP]
A committee monitoring Iranian websites said Sunday it had blocked two websites reportedly belonging to supporters of reformist ex-president Mohammad Khatami, the state IRNA news agency said.

uk: Lord Carter defends digital plan
Lord Carter has been defending his report into the state of digital Britain and in particular his decision to set a 2Mbps (megabits per second) baseline speed for UK broadband.

Is Google going to face a monopoly investigation?
Questions about the internet giant's dominance have been gathering steadily since the revelation that Christine Varney, who is Barack Obama's pick to take over the top antitrust job at the Department of Justice, has already talked about the subject.

Even Google seems uneasy as it overwhelms its rivals
The popularity of the Google search engine in the United States just grows and grows. In the past three years, its market-share gains have even been accelerating, making some people wonder whether the company will eventually obliterate what remains of its competition in search.

Google Joins Europe Case Against Microsoft
Accusing Microsoft of unfairly sidelining competitors, Google said on Tuesday that it will apply to join a European Union antitrust case against Microsoft over the company?s Web browser.

Microsoft fears EU fine over browser
The European Commission is threatening a "significant fine" against Microsoft for bundling its Web browser into Windows and may require the company to offer a range of competing browsers in all new PCs.

Google pledges to support EU's Microsoft case
Google has become the latest company to join the chorus of voices supporting the European Commission's investigation of Microsoft over allegations of anti-competitive behaviour.

Google jumps into EU antitrust case against Microsoft
Google Inc. today said it has asked the European Union's Competition Commission to let it participate in the antitrust agency's investigation of rival Microsoft Corp., joining browser builders Opera and Mozilla in the case.

Google joins EU antitrust case against Microsoft
Google Inc has added its voice to the case against Microsoft Corp as the European Commission probes antitrust charges related to the software giant's Internet Explorer browser.

Google backs Europe case against Microsoft browser [AP]
Google Inc. is joining forces with European regulators in an attack on Microsoft Corp.'s dominance of the Web browser market, injecting more bad blood between two of computing's richest and most powerful companies.

Google joins the EU's Internet Explorer smackdown
Google likes to tout the advantages of self-regulation and the free market when its dominance in search and advertising is called into question, but the Web giant doesn't seem to mind letting the government intervene in the browser market. In an announcement posted today at Google's official public policy blog, Google VP of product management Sundar Pichai says that the company will be participating as a third-party in the European Commission's (EC) ongoing investigation of Internet Explorer.

Protests stall New Zealand copyright rule
In the wake of online and in-person protests over impending copyright legislation, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has announced a month's delay in the rules to give the industry time to come up with a workable alternative.

Leaked letter reveals recording industry's copyright stance
The Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ) wants copyright holders to determine copyright disputes when implementing S92a of New Zealand's controversial new copyright laws.

National stalls law to block internet pirates
The Government has stalled a proposed law to enforce copyright on the internet after a "web roots" protest that blacked out sites yesterday.

Controversial internet law on hold - Key
Prime Minister John Key has announced the controversial Section 92A law, which has been widely condemned by internet users, is to be delayed.

John Key delays copyright law
In a surprise announcement this afternoon, prime minister John Key says the government will delay the implementation of the controversial Section 92a of the amended copyright law.

New Zealand P2P disconnection plan delayed after outcry
As an Internet blackout hit blogs across New Zealand today, the government announced that it would postpone the implementation of its hugely controversial "graduated response" law for dealing with (and eventually disconnecting) repeat P2P copyright infringers.

InternetNZ: war on S92 far from won
Blackout campaigners were crowing last night as S92 was put on hold until March 27. But InternetNZ says one battle does not make a war, and is pushing for the full repeal of the controversial clause of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies) Act.

Internet copyright law delayed
A controversial copyright law covering the internet will be delayed to see if the sector can make it workable, Prime Minister John Key said today.

Copyright Law - A Sigh Of Relief, Says InternetNZ - LawFuel Legal Jobs Newswire
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) welcomes the Government's decision to defer the commencement of Section 92A of the Copyright Act until March 27 and to suspend the Section if no agreement can be reached.

Copyright law welcomed by Internet NZ [NZPA]
The Government's decision to delay a controversial copyright law is being welcomed by Internet New Zealand.

Internet copyright law delayed
A controversial copyright law covering the internet will be delayed to see if the sector can make it workable, Prime Minister John Key said today.

Section 92A delayed - reports
The government has postponed the introduction of the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Act, according to news reports from today?s post-cabinet news conference.

InternetNZ Welcomes Decision On Faulty Copyright Clause
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) welcomes the Government's decision to defer the commencement of Section 92A of the Copyright Act until March 27 and to suspend the Section if no agreement can be reached.

NZ Gov't backs down on Internet copyright law
Under intense industry lobbying the New Zealand Government has backed down on plans to introduce a controversial copyright law amendment that would have required ISPs to disconnect customers on the basis of mere allegations that they had downloaded copyright material without authorisation.

Neuseeland verschiebt umstrittenes Copyright-Gesetz
Die neuseel?ndische Regierung hat ein umstrittenes Urheberrechtsgesetz verschoben. In der aktuellen Fassung zwingt der Abschnitt 92A des Copyright Amendment Acts die Internet-Provider dazu, ihren Kunden den Anschluss zu k?ndigen, wenn diese wiederholt gegen das Copyright versto?en.

La riposte gradu?e ne passe pas en Nouvelle Zelande
Fin janvier, la Nouvelle-Z?lande rejoignait le club des gouvernements s?duits par la riposte gradu?e. La semaine derni?re, Christine Albanel se f?licitait m?me de la baisse du t?l?chargement ill?gal constat?e sur place. Pourtant, selon le site Computer World, le premier ministre John Key a annonc? aujourd?hui la suspension du projet. ? Une annonce surprise ?, commente le site, qui fait suite au recul, il y a une semaine, de l?Australie sur le m?me sujet.

New Zealand delays online copyright protection law [sub req'd]
The New Zealand government has delayed implementation of a new law that would see internet subscriber accounts blocked on suspicions of copyright infringement through illegal file sharing.

Arrests soar after new Australian wiretap law
Criminal arrests made under more powerful wiretapping laws have increase by 96 percent following reforms that make it easier for police to intercept and access telecommunications.

Expanding broadband to bail out economies
The broadband race is on. As policy makers the world over haggle over how to revive ailing economies, one strategy has found widespread support everywhere from Washington and Berlin to Sydney and Seoul: Investing in high-speed Internet access.

ECTA: Reding is the 'saviour' of EU telecoms 
The nascent optical fibre connection market underpinning super-fast Internet should be subject to rules aimed at avoiding the creation of new monopolies, telecoms industry chief Innocenzo Genna told EurActiv in an interview, praising Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding as the 'saviour' of the EU telecoms sector.

Main One to Land Submarine Cable From Portugal to Nigeria
Main One Cable company last week announced that it has embarked on a submarine cable project, building an open access fibre optic transmission cable which will run from Portugal into the crest of west Africa, with initial landing in Nigeria and Ghana.

NZ telco report rejects $1.5bn NBN
The New Zealand government's plan to spend $1.5 billion subsidising fibre-to-the-home broadband is not an effective use of public money, according to a report released by major New Zealand broadband providers Telecom NZ, Vodafone and TelstraClear.

NZ research broadband network will pay off, report says
Money spent expanding a super-fast broadband network for the research and education sector has the power to generate millions in private sector benefits, according to a report out today.

Telstra still open to talks on Aust national broadband network
Telstra says it is still prepared to talk to the Federal Government about building the national broadband network.

us: Child porn user must pay victim $200,000
A federal judge in Connecticut has ordered a man convicted of possessing child pornography to pay about $200,000 in restitution to a woman photographed as a child while being sexually abused.

British child-porn convict ordered to pay US victim $200,000
A Briton convicted of distributing child pornography is ordered by a US judge to pay ?130,000 to a woman photographed being abused as a child.


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