[DNS] domain name news - 2 March

[DNS] domain name news - 2 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 22:10:28 -0800 (PST)
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How many top-level domains are there? by Kim Davies

ICANN campaign on generic domain names

Commerce chief faces 5 Internet emergencies

Could DoC nominee benefit Internet governance, help globalize ICANN? by Brenden Kuerbis

Non-Commercial Users File Petition to Form Stake-Holder Group at ICANN by Brenden Kuerbis

Australia: Is Your Domain Name Protected? [sub req'd]

ToysRUs Buys Toys.com At Auction For $5.1 Million

Cyberspace Technological Standardization: An Institutional Theory Retrospective by Daniel Benoliel [Berkley Technology Law Journal]
Abstract: The Clinton administration originally had made 'industry self-regulation' its guiding principle for standardizing cyberspace. So far, this principle has not been changed by the succeeding administration. This paper is a historical and conceptual assessment of that policy, examined through the prism of comparative institutional theory. Historical analysis of the last two decades shows that industry 'self-regulation' was not always a coherent policy but partly a rhetorical device used to legitimize the government's own agendas, i.e. cyberspace's architecture and its infrastructure mandated design. Thus far, there are still far too many inconsistencies in its formal standardization policies. The intentions, actions and declarations aimed at further privatizing the net's funding and governance - on the one hand, as can be seen in the quasi-privatization of ICANN case study; On the other hand, the practice of offstage centralization of early
 infrastructure standardization policies.

ICC makes recommendations at the Internet Governance Forum consultations
ICC/BASIS expressed its strong support in Geneva this week for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in its current format, believing it allows an open dialogue among all stakeholders concerned with Internet governance issues.

Path Forward For UN-Led Internet Governance Forum Discussed
That there will be a future for the international Internet Governance Forum seems likely, though the form its future incarnation will take is not. Delegates to an open consultation on internet governance this week began to sort out some base modalities on how to evaluate the progress of the United Nations-led discussion venue, as a deadline approaches to decide whether and how the group will continue.


Public Comment: Proposed Registrar Disqualification Procedure
The Statement of Registrar Accreditation Policy establishes the standards applied by ICANN in granting gTLD registrar accreditation. In addition to setting minimum qualifications, the policy describes "matters potentially leading to ineligibility" for accreditation, including disqualification of a "registrar or registry administrator, or any officer, director, manager, employee, or owner (including beneficial owners) from being an ICANN-accredited registrar or registry administrator" in accordance with procedures established by ICANN.

ICANN Publishes 2009 Semi-Annual Contractual Compliance Report
ICANN's Contractual Compliance Department published its third Semi-Annual Contractual Compliance Report. This report summarizes ICANN's compliance activities from July 2008 through January 2009. During this period, ICANN updated two audits and commenced two additional audits in addition to continuing work on studies and escalated compliance actions. ICANN conducted each audit by following consistent audit procedures established before each audit commenced. This report contains details regarding the audit methodology, findings, observations and conclusions.

Improving Institutional Confidence Plan Published
The results of a lengthy community consultation to improve institutional confidence in ICANN have been published today for discussion at the Mexico City meeting.

How many top-level domains are there? by Kim Davies
Hands down, the most common question I get at an ICANN meeting is ?Where are the restrooms?? A close second is ?How many top-level domains are there?? Occasionally they are more specific ? how many are there of a certain type.

ICANN campaign on generic domain names
The head of the powerful global domain name regulator ICANN, Australian Paul Twomey, has confirmed a worldwide advertising campaign. The campaign this year will tackle low awareness among marketers about the introduction of new generic top-level domain names.

Commerce chief faces 5 Internet emergencies
If former Washington State Gov. Gary Locke (D) is confirmed as the new U.S. Commerce Secretary, he'll face several Internet policy issues that require immediate attention and decisive action in 2009. ... One challenge for Locke is appointing a forward-thinking, tech-savvy leader for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which is the arm of Commerce that handles most Internet infrastructure-related issues. NTIA oversees issues related to the Domain Name System, which matches domain names with corresponding IP addresses. NTIA also has contractual relationships with ICANN, and VeriSign.

Could DoC nominee benefit Internet governance, help globalize ICANN? by Brenden Kuerbis
Wednesday's announcement by the Obama administration, that former Washington state governor Gary Locke has been nominated as the next Secretary of Commerce could be a good sign for Internet governance, and the continued globalization of the ICANN regime. The Chinese-American Locke brings key political capital and experience to the table. He is well respected within and has access to the most senior levels of the Chinese government. And his firm, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, has deep expertise in Internet policy, having represented companies in China and on ICANN issues related to free expression. But, if confirmed, he will have his work cut out for him.

Non-Commercial Users File Petition to Form Stake-Holder Group at ICANN by Brenden Kuerbis
Participants from ICANN?s Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) filed a petition to form a new stake-holder group as ICANN?s structure transforms from a GNSO of 6 constituencies to 4 more broadly defined "stake-holder groups".

ICA Reports on the February 6th ICANN Policy Forum Held in Washington, D.C.
On Friday, February 6, 2009 an all-day ICANN Policy Forum was held at the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an imposing 1920s Indiana limestone structure located directly across Lafayette Park from the White House. The event reflects the growing Washington interest in the workings of ICANN as the September 2009 termination date of the current JPA approaches, as well as the substantial concern of the U.S. and international business communities regarding the potential risks and costs of a rapid expansion of the gTLD space.

What ICANN Participants Have in Common with (and Could Learn from) Quakers by Graham Chynoweth
Throughout my childhood, I was a practicing member of the Religious Society of Friends (the 'Quakers'). Now, for the first time, I am participating in an ICANN meeting (specifically, the 34th in Mexico City). While at first blush these to two experiences seem to have little in common, it is actually striking how much they are alike. I believe that the importance of these similarities is not the fact of their unexpectedness, but rather that to my mind my, participation in the relatively new institution of ICANN would be well served by an understanding of long established Quaker faith and practice.

ICANN?s Registry Continuity Plan Has a Big Hole
If you want to apply for a new top level domain from ICANN, you need to provide lots of financial documentation about your ability to run the TLD. ICANN is mum on how much money you need on the balance sheet, but that?s not all. The new TLD guidebook states that your company must provide:

Surviving Mexico City
With the ICANN meeting in Mexico City on next week, Domain Name Wire has published a guide to surviving the often violent city. While the city can often be dangerous, with a few tips from the article, they suggest you lessen your risks of anything bad happening dramtically.

How to Survive in Mexico City
I?ve written before about the dangerous situation in Mexico. But I realize a lot of people in the industry are still heading down to Mexico City next week for the ICANN meeting. So I reached out to former co-workers who travel to Mexico City to get their tips on staying safe.

ICANN posts updates to the Applicant Guidebook.
The main changes in the applicant guidebook include:

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Emarat is UAE's Arabic domain 
The Ministerial Council for Services passed yesterday a proposal put forward by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) on the UAE domain in Arabic (Emarat) on the internet.

auDA extends AusRegistry's au registry term to 2014
auDA today announced that it has extended its au Registry Licence Agreement with AusRegistry. AusRegistry will now continue as Registry Operator and wholesale provider for all commercial domain names including .com.au and .net.au and non-commercial domain names, .gov.au and .edu.au until 2014.

.INFO?s success story offers a blueprint for new TLD launches and growth
Afilias, a global provider of internet infrastructure services, has released a report highlighting the growth of the .INFO domain and its new developments. With changes expected for the domain industry in coming year as new top-level domains are introduced, .INFO?s success story allows for reflection on the building of a strong and stable domain with staying power.

nl: SIDN loses court case against Lycos
SIDN, the .nl registry, has lost the court case that it brought against Lycos. SIDN went to court in an effort to force Lycos to postpone its planned withdrawal of hosting services with effect from Saturday 28 February. Because the judge had to hand down a decision at short notice, the full reasoning for the ruling will not be known for several weeks.

.NYC gets official support
Last week, on February 12th, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn made it clear that New Yorkers are serious about getting their own TLD. During the State of the City speech, Quinn said that New York would soon have its own place on the web with .NYC.

se: Kunglig f?rlovning gav nya .se-adresser
In conjunction with the announcement of the engagement between HRH Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling on Tuesday, .SE (the Internet Infrastructure Foundation), which is responsible for the Internet?s Swedish top-level domain, saw an increase in interest in .se domain names associated with the upcoming royal wedding.

10 things you didn't know about .tel domains
Following a slew of .tel announcements, this geek managed to catch hold of Fabien Chalandon, Vice Chairman, of Telnic Limited, the UK-based Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for the new .tel sponsored top level domain (sTLD) while Fabien was in town.

tel: New Web site could become ultimate phone book
Unlike the other web suffixes ".Com" or ".Net," users don't create whatever they want with their ".Tel" address. Instead, it is a place to simply keep one's own up-to-date contact information accessible.

uk: Nominet PAB elections update
On January 29, we issued a call for nominations for the election of four candidates to our Policy Advisory Body (PAB). By the nomination closing date, we received three nominations, and these candidates will therefore be automatically be appointed to the PAB.

Renewal of .yu domain registration
Existing .yu domains which are not renewed until 2 March 2009 will be deactivated and will stop functioning on the Internet.

Conficker to disrupt legitimate domains in March
The Conficker worm will be disrupting at least four legitimate domains in March according to a report from Sophos. Although the action taken last month by ICANN, Microsoft and many others to stop Conficker calling home is blocking domains that were unregistered, there are a number of legitimate domains who will, for one day at least, be called "home" by the worm. On those days, all the instances of the worm in the wild will attempt to connect to these domains, looking for new instructions or code, which could result in a denial of service for the owners and users of the legitimate sites.

Obama proposes big increase in cybersecurity spending at DHS
President Obama proposed a 21 percent increase in the Homeland Security Department's fiscal 2010 cybersecurity budget, but how the funds would be distributed remains unclear, according to the administration's proposal released on Thursday.

APWG Publishes Anti-Phishing Advisory on Troubling Abuse of Subdomains for Phishing Attacks [news release]
The APWG, the global, independent coalition combating electronic crime, today announced the availability of a new industry advisory that examines the abuse of subdomain registries by criminals engaged in phishing attacks. Over 10-percent of all phishing sites, representing tens of thousands of scams worldwide, originate on subdomains available for registration at subdomain registry services, the advisory reports.

India: Super Cassettes Engaged In Protecting Its Domain Name [reg req'd]
Domain names have assumed great importance in making an impression upon users, customers and those wishing to gain access in the virtual world. Due to certain underlying similarities in the impact that trademarks and domain names have upon sales, marketing and consumers, the law of trademarks is often extrapolated onto domain name disputes. Elucidating another such instance is the suit Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. v. Wang Zhi Zhu Ce Yong HU and Ors 2009 (39) PTC 162 (Del.) which came forth the High Court of Delhi.

Australia: Is Your Domain Name Protected?
In today's modern technological age consumers are constantly turning to the Internet to purchase (and obtain information on) a large array of goods and services; from on line shopping (such as grocery and e-bay), to on-line financial services (banking and insurance), and much more.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Web community must realize IPv6 urgency
Although the global Internet infrastructure is not in immediate danger of collapsing from "near exhaustion" of the IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) standard, the online community must realize need to move to IPv6 in the next two years.

ARIN XXIII Registration Now Open
Registration is now open for the ARIN XXIII Public Policy and Members Meeting, 26-29 April 2009, in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting will be held at the Crowne Plaza San Antonio Riverwalk, and information about the meeting, hotel, and remote participation is available at:

Netcraft February 2009 Web Server Survey
In the February 2009 survey we received responses from 215,675,903 sites. This reflects a phenomenal monthly gain of more than 30 million sites, bringing the total up by more than 16%.

RIPE: Model Independent Assignment Request and Maintenance Agreement Now Available
Phase one of policy proposal 2007-01, "Direct Internet Resource Assignments to End Users from the RIPE NCC", will be implemented on 3 March 2009.

ToysRUs Buys Toys.com At Auction For $5.1 Million
In a heated bidding war, ToysRUs bought the domain name Toys.com at auction for $5.1 million.

ToysRus Buys Toys.com for $5.1 Million
The Toys.com auction is now over. I caught the tail end of the auction and listened and twittered as the 2 final bidders ToysRus and National A1 Advertising fought it out with $5,000 bid increments. The final blow by ToysRus was the $5,100,000 bid that trumped National A1?s $5,000,000 bid. The auction started at 1pm CST and drug on until about 4:25 pm.

Sedo Sells Dollars.com for Over $380,000 in the Second Biggest Sale Reported So Far in 2009
With the general economy in disarray, high ticket domain sales have been few and far between in the early going so far in 2009. Sedo.com hit one deep this week though as they handled a ?302,500 ($381,150) sale of Dollars.com.

ICANN 3.0 wieder mit Nutzerdirektoren?
Vor sieben Jahren schaffte die Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) die Beteiligung von Nutzern in ihrem obersten Aufsichtsgremium, dem Vorstand, ab. Zu ihrem 34.Treffen hat die privaten Verwalterin des Domain Name System (DNS) nun etwa 90 Konsumenten- und B?rgerrechtsorganisationen aus aller Welt nach Mexico City eingeladen.

ICANN: Weltgipfel der Internetnutzer
Wolfgang Kleinw?chter ?ber die Mitsprache der Internetnutzer bei der Verwaltung des Internet, Datenschutz, Internationalisierung, IP-Adressen und die neue US-Regierung

"Toys.com" f?r 5,1 Millionen US-Dollar versteigert
5,1 Millionen Dollar f?r eine Internet-Adresse: Diese Summe lie? sich der amerikanische Spielzeug-Einzelh?ndler Toys 'R' Us den Domain-Namen "toys.com" kosten.

?toys.com? f?r 5,1 Millionen Dollar verkauft [DPA]
5,1 Millionen Dollar f?r eine Internet-Adresse: Diese Summe lie? sich der amerikanische Spielzeug-Einzelh?ndler Toys R Us den Domain-Namen ?toys.com? kosten.

Conficker-Wurm st?rt legitime Domains im M?rz
Der Conficker-Wurm wird im M?rz mindestens vier legitime Domains st?ren, hei?t es in einem Bericht des Antivirus-Herstellers Sophos. Zwar bestehen die Domain-Namen, die der Sch?dling nutzt, um f?r neue Befehle nach Hause zu telefonieren, gewisserma?en aus einer zuf?lligen Buchstabenkombination und sind daher gr??tenteils ungenutzt. Doch am 8. M?rz lautet die Zeichenkombination zuf?llig jogli.com ? die Domain einer Musiksuchmaschine.

?lteste ".de"-Domain
?ber "symbolics.com" & Co. wir oft und viel berichtet, die SZ hat nun die ?lteste ".de"-Domain aufgetan: nach Angaben der SZ hei?t die ?lteste deutsche Domain "uni-dortmund.de".

ahd.de - Freibrief des BGH f?r Grabber?
Die Pressestelle des Bundesgerichtshof gab vergangene Woche bekannt, dass in einem Rechtsstreit um die Domain ahd.de das Unternehmen gegen den Inhaber der Domain kaum etwas ausrichtenkann. Die Urteilsbegr?ndung liegt noch nicht vor.

Neue TLDs ? ICANN-Zeitplan ger?t ins Stocken
Die Pl?ne der Internet-Verwaltung ICANN zur Einf?hrung neuer Top Level Domains geraten ins Stocken: nach Ver?ffentlichung des zweiten Entwurfs des "Applicant Guidebook" wird die n?chste Einf?hrungsrunde fr?hestens im Dezember 2009 starten.

Lib?ralisation des noms de domaine: l'ICANN ?coute et rassure
Le projet de lancement et de commercialisation de nouvelles extensions de noms de domaine par l'ICANN a provoqu? un toll? g?n?ral chez les professionnels comme chez les clients du secteur. L'ICANN a ?cout?, pris en compte les remarques ou craintes et propose de nouvelles solutions.

L'Icann ?coute les inqui?tudes formul?es autour de l'extension des noms de domaine g?n?riques 
Pour r?pondre aux commentaires suscit?s par son projet de cr?er et de vendre de nouveaux noms de domaine g?n?riques -gTLD, l'Icann vient de modifier son calendrier sur ce dossier.

Pourquoi les nouvelles extensions sont-elles retard?es?
Annonc?e pour le d?but de 2009, la lib?ralisation des extensions est de nouveau retard?e. Fin 2009 est le nouvel objectif officiel. Explications de ces retards ? r?p?tition.

L'Icann ?coute les inqui?tudes formul?es autour de l'extension des noms de domaine g?n?riques
Pour r?pondre aux commentaires suscit?s par son projet de cr?er et de vendre de nouveaux noms de domaine g?n?riques -gTLD, l'Icann vient de modifier son calendrier sur ce dossier.

Pourquoi les nouvelles extensions sont retard?es ?
Annonc?e pour d?but 2009 lors du sommet Icann ? Paris en juin 2008, l?apparition de nouvelles extensions qu?elles soient locales (.BERLIN, .PARIS...), culturelles, r?gionales (.BZH, .EUS, .CYM...), g?n?riques (.GREEN, .MUSIC...), li?es ? une entreprise (.EBAY, .LOREAL...) est de nouveau retard?e. Fin 2009 est le nouvel objectif officiel, ? moins que... Explications de ces retards ? r?p?tition.

L?ICANN lance un appel ? candidature...
...Pour trouver les agents de validation qui l'aideront ? ?valuer la pertinence des candidatures ? la cr?ation d?une nouvelle extension gTLD.

La r?union ICANN Mexico sur votre mobile
Un site en .MOBI vient d??tre lanc? pour pr?senter la prochaine r?union ICANN Mexico qui se tiendra du 1er au 6 mars dans la capitale Mexicaine.

SIDN verliest kort geding tegen Lycos
SIDN, de .nl-registry, heeft het kort geding dat ze tegen Lycos had aangespannen verloren. SIDN had Lycos gedagvaard om haar te dwingen de voorgenomen staking van haar hosting services op zaterdag 28 februari a.s., uit te stellen. Gezien de korte termijn waarop de voorzieningenrechter uitspraak moest doen, zal de volledige motivatie van het vonnis pas over enkele weken bekend worden gemaakt.

Domeinwaakhond vreest zwarte sites Lycos-klanten [ANP]
De Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN) is bang dat zaterdag een op de honderd websites met een .nl-domein op zwart gaan. Dat bleek vrijdag, toen de stichting in Arnhem een kort geding verloor tegen Lycos, aanbieder van domeinnamen en internethost.

Lycos mag morgen stoppen
.Nl-domeinnaambeheerder SIDN heeft het kort geding tegen Lycos verloren. Dat heeft de registrar zojuist bekendgemaakt.

Domeinnaam Toys.com voor 5,1 miljoen verkocht
Vreemd nieuws. Enkele weken geleden meldden we nog dat de domeinnaam toys.com voor 1,25 miljoen dollar verkocht was. Nu blijkt echter dat de domeinnaam voor 5,1 miljoen verkocht is. Na een veiling kwam uiteindelijk Toys R Us als winnaar uit de bus met een bod van 5,1 miljoen dollar. Daarmee werd National A1 (eigenaar van free.com, boys.com, girls.com, etc.) verslagen.

.be viert twintigste verjaardag
En net tien jaar geleden werd DNS opgericht, de huidige beheerder van de .be-domeinnaam.

"Politici stonden in de rij om hun naam met een .be-extensie te laten registreren"
.be bestaat 20 jaar, domeinbeheerder DNS mag tien kaarsjes uitblazen. Mooie gelegenheid om het interview met professor Pierre Verbaeten nog eens op te diepen. De ?minence grise van het Belgische internet is tevens de man die jarenlang de .be domeinnaam beheerde. "Men noemde mij de keizer van het net", verklaart hij, "of zelfs de virtuele paus."

Poco inter?s en M?xico en dominios de Internet [sub req'd]
De unas 500 propuestas en el plano internacional que existen para el aumento de dominios gen?ricos de alto nivel de Internet (gTLDs), s?lo dos o tres son proyectos mexicanos, lo que refleja una falta de inter?s en el pa?s en el desarrollo de estas herramientas en la red, dijo Pablo Hinojosa, representante de la Corporaci?n para la Asignaci?n de Nombres y N?meros en ICANN...

Activistas ind?genas buscan nuevo dominio .indigi
Marginados y oprimidos por siglos, los pueblos ind?genas ?comunidades nativas del mundo consideradas a menudo minor?as por los Estados? est?n en la b?squeda de la autonom?a en internet. Alentados por la oportunidad de crear nuevos dominios gen?ricos de alto nivel (gTLD), algunos activistas quieren registrar su propio dominio en internet ?[punto] indigi. ?Pero ser?n capaces de superar el reto financiero de internet?

ICANN propondr? que se cumpla con requerimientos de seguridad inform?tica
Derivado de las discusiones realizadas entre los participantes del ALAC WG5: DNS Security Issues within ICANN?s Mandate, se est? proponiendo la existencia de un compliance tecnol?gio y jur?dico con respecto al registro de nombres de dominio as? como en relaci?n con la administraci?n de DNS.

NIC M?xico renueva miembros del Comit? Consultivo.
NIC M?xico a?o tras a?o, realiza la renovaci?n de los miembros del Comit? Consultivo. La ?ltima actualizaci?n de la composici?n del Comit? Consultivo, se realiz? el d?a 18 de Febrero de 2009, integrando en esta ocasi?n a tres miembros nuevos, mientras que la mayor?a del resto de los miembros fueron renovados.

Minist?rio das Comunica??es participa do 34? ICANN Meeting
O consultor jur?dico do Minist?rio das Comunica??es, Marcelo Bechara, participa da 34? edi??o da Confer?ncia ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . O encontro acontece de 1? a 6 de mar?o na Cidade do M?xico. Bechara, que representa o MC no Comit? Gestor da Internet (CGI), participar? das discuss?es sobre o gerenciamento mundial da internet.

Stories in Polish mentioning ICANN

Stories in Russian mentioning ICANN

Story in Russian mentioning Conficker

Story in Japanese mentioning ICANN

Story in Ukrainian mentioning ICANN

Stories in Chinese mentioning ICANN

Story in Chinese on .tel

Vint Cerf: We Still Have 80 Per Cent of the World to Connect
"By 2010 we will have run out of IP addresses if we don't do something about it," Vint Cerf, Google's chief Internet evangelist and the man commonly referred to as "the father of the Internet," told ReadWriteWeb last month.

NZ net surfers turning off TV, switching off radio
Latest data from the World Internet Project finds New Zealand is number one in education, in the middle of the pack for abandoning broadcast TV, and second-to-bottom in broadband penetration.

Broadband Users Young And Urban: NZ Research Highlights Differences Between Broadband And Dial Up Users
New Zealand broadband users perceive the Internet as more important in their daily life compared with those who use a dialup service according to the latest findings from the World Internet Project.

Rogue code led to Gmail shutdown
A rogue piece of software, which triggered a cascading failure through Google?s data centres around the world, led to the shutdown of its Gmail system last week.

Bloggers Can't Fill the Gap Left by Shrinking Press Corps
Packs of lobbyists fill two rooms outside the House and Senate chambers in Richmond every afternoon, watching the proceedings on big video screens, zapping legislators with e-mails the instant the lobbyists sense that one of their bills might be in trouble. The interest groups that hire lobbyists can rest easy; they've got the legislature covered.

Social networks: Primates on Facebook
That Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks will increase the size of human social groups is an obvious hypothesis, given that they reduce a lot of the friction and cost involved in keeping in touch with other people. Once you join and gather your ?friends? online, you can share in their lives as recorded by photographs, ?status updates? and other titbits, and, with your permission, they can share in yours. Additional friends are free, so why not say the more the merrier?

Facebook?s ?In-House Sociologist? Shares Stats on Users? Social Behavior
The famous Dunbar number, or ?theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships?, is generally accepted to be about 150. However, in a recent interview with The Economist, Cameron Marlow, a research scientist at Facebook, shared some interesting stats on Facebook users? social behavior patterns.

Facebook opens up with 'bill of rights'
Faced with a user revolt over changes to its terms of service, social networking Facebook has decided to take the nuclear option: open itself up to public scrutiny.

Facebook Tries to Become a Democracy
A week after its community erupted in protest over changes to its terms of service that appeared to give it control over its users? information, Facebook announced on Thursday that all significant policy changes on the site will be subject to comments from members and, if they prove controversial, a popular vote.

Facebook asks users to determine its policies
Facebook sought to recover from the controversy over its terms of use by today allowing users to help decide the site's policies.

Facebook opens up to user debate and vote
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference Thursday to discuss the uproar over the social network's failed attempt earlier this month to revise its privacy policy. But instead of simply releasing yet another terms-of-service document, he revealed a new, community-driven process for governing Facebook .

Facebook offers control to users
Facebook has responded to criticism over the way it handles user data by handing over control to its users. Members of the social network will have comment and voting rights over the firm's future policies regarding how the site is governed. Founder Mark Zuckerberg said the aim was to "open up Facebook so that users can participate meaningfully in our policies and our future".

Dawn of a Facebook Democracy? Users Invited to Shape Site's Policies
Facebook announced a new approach to how the company would create future policies that impact user privacy. During a press conference on Thursday Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said the move was in direct response to a user backlash earlier this month when Facebook changed its terms of service claiming ownership of user content. It later reverted to an earlier terms of service.

Facebook Opens Site Rules To User Voting
In an effort to turn a black eye into an appealing new look, Facebook on Thursday agreed to let its users have a say in the site's rules.

A Facebook Democracy? Users Invited to Shape Site's Policies
Facebook announced a new approach to how the company would create future policies that impact user privacy. During a press conference on Thursday Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said the move was in direct response to a user backlash earlier this month when Facebook changed its terms of service claiming ownership of user content. It later reverted to an earlier terms of service.

Facebook lets users comment on new terms of service
Facebook Inc is asking its members to help shape its governance policies after drawing their ire for a policy change that many perceived as being overbearing and potentially compromising privacy.

Facebook to let users give input on policies [AP]
Facebook is trying its hand at democracy. The fast-growing online hangout, whose more than 175 million worldwide users could form the world's sixth-largest country behind Brazil, said Thursday that those users will play a "meaningful role" in deciding the site's policies and voting on changes.

Facebook and MySpace are 'most popular places to find love'
Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Friends Reunited have taken over from pubs and nightclubs as the most popular place to find love, it has emerged.

Australian web censorship plan heads towards a dead end
The Government's plan to introduce mandatory internet censorship has effectively been scuttled, following an independent senator's decision to join the Greens and Opposition in blocking any legislation required to get the scheme started.

Senate poses tough hurdle for internet filtering plan
The Federal Government's plan for an internet filter is running into increasing difficulties in Canberra. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has said that he will not support the Government's current proposal and he is not sure that the trials of the technology should go ahead.

'Appalled' opposition hits back at Conroy?s Internet censorship
The newly appointed shadow broadband minister, Senator Nick Minchin, has voiced his appall that a member of Senator Conroy?s office had tried to curb severely critical comments made by Internode network engineer Mark Newton regarding the government?s Internet content filtering scheme.

Xenophon speaks out against Internet content filtering
Independent South Australian senator, Nick Xenophon, has spoken out against the Government?s Internet content filtering plan saying ?there are better ways to deal with the problem?.

au: Spying will help stop cyber-bullying: specialist
Parents need to openly spy more on their children using the internet to help stop cyber-bullying, according to Western Australian child specialist Donna Cross.

au: Survey suggests no mandate for Internet filter
Only a tiny minority of Labor voters support the federal government's proposals for mandatory Internet filtering, according to a survey.

Key backer's change of heart endangers Aussie 'Net filtering
Australia's controversial plan to implement a mandatory ISP filtering system may crash into a big brick wall after a backer effectively changed teams. Senator Nick Xenophon was previously in favor of a system that would run all citizens' Internet connections through a filter for "illegal" content because it might have also blocked access to online gambling sites. As more and more concerns about the workability of the ambitious plan have been raised, however, he has decided that there are too many unanswered questions and now says he will move to block any legislation that comes through.

Australian Gambling Foe Rejects Online Casino Censorship
Xenophon, while an ardent foe of gambling, found the technical difficulties, philosophical questions, and public resistance of the proposed censorship more than he could stomach.

Senator Xenophon withdraws his support to censor the Internet
One of Australia's most vociferous opponents of online gambling, Senator Nick Xenophon has withdrawn his support from Aussie government moves to censor the Internet and says he will oppose any legislation that seeks to do so. Xenophon's change of heart from supporter to opposition could generate more problems for the already troubled and highly controversial government initiative to introduce ISP filtering of whatever it deems to be undesirable.

Aussie Internet Censorship Plans Scuttled
Independent anti-gambling Senator Nick Xenophon joins the Greens and Opposition, saying that "I commend their intentions but I think the implementation of this could almost be counter-productive and I think the money could be better spent."

The Pirate Bay trial is the collision of 'can I?' and 'should I?' cultures
People who don't speak Swedish are missing almost all the interest of the Pirate Bay trial, which is supplied by the frankly unsavoury nature of the defendants. The money man, Carl Lundstr?m, on whose servers The Pirate Bay was housed, is straight out of the crime novels of Stieg Larsson. He inherited a fortune built on crispbread, and has a long history of involvement with extreme rightwing politics. In the 1980s, he was a member of "Keep Sweden Swedish", an anti-immigrant fringe group; he has financially backed the Sweden Democrats, a would-be populist and anti-immigrant party; and only this month the managing director of one of his companies was charged with a robbery in a small west-coast town, part of a feud within a neo-Nazi group. Lundstr?m told the Metro news?paper (http://bit.ly/metro) after he sacked the man that he had known he was a party member, but not that he had gone to collect another member's computer with a submachine gun.

Music industry takes stand in Pirate Bay torrent case [AP]
The music industry has lost more than 30 per cent in sales since 2001 because of illegal downloading, a top industry official said, giving evidence in a Swedish trial.

TPB trial witness: file-sharing not bad for music business
The Pirate Bay trial settled into something (sort of) approaching normality today as two professors took the stand. One explained more about how BitTorrent functions; the other got into a fight with prosecutors, suggested that file-sharing wasn't bad for the music business in general and that it has led to a huge transfer of wealth to artists, and sarcastically asked the court to send flowers to his wife.

Pirate Bay 'not directly linked' to industry damage
Lawyers acting for BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay have argued that there is no connection between illicit downloads and lost sales to the music industry.

South Koreans want their sub-TV
In South Korea, subway riders are becoming addicted to free TV on their cellphones. But declining ad revenue and mounting debt may force cellular operators to pull the plug.

Why Are iPhone Users Willing to Pay for Content?
It may be no surprise that the bestselling computer book so far this year is ?iPhone: The Missing Manual,? by my colleague David Pogue (O?Reilly, 2007).

Battle Joined Over Next-Generation Telecom Networks
The economic downturn has pushed the next-generation WiMax wireless system to the sidetrack of the mobile world and set up a battle between network gear makers for a share of future technology upgrades.

Mobile phones more visible in North Korean capital [AP]
Mobile phones are becoming more visible in reclusive North Korea following the launch of a new network by an Egyptian telecommunications company.

comScore: Light PC Internet Users Are 30 Percent More Likely than Heavy PC Internet Users to Access Mobile Internet Content [news release]
comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today reported the results of the first study of its cross-media panel of PC and mobile Internet users in the U.S., finding that light PC Internet users are 30 percent more likely than heavy PC Internet users to use their mobile devices to access Internet content. In total, 42 million people used their mobile devices in October 2008 to access news and information content on the Internet, an increase of 57 percent from October 2007.

Online scams costing Kiwis dearly
Unsuspecting Kiwis are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in online scams, says Westpac fraud head Terry Mortensen. One victim paid $300,000 to secure a multi- million-dollar inheritance that never arrived.

EU agency backtracks on Skype crime claims
Eurojust, an EU agency that co-ordinates judicial co-operation across member states, has significally altered a statement in which it said criminals were using Skype to avoid detection by the authorities.

Copyright Holders Challenge Sites That Scrape Content
When the popular New York business blog Silicon Alley Insider quoted a quarter of Peggy Noonan?s Wall Street Journal column in mid-February, the editor added a caveat at the end: ?We thank Dow Jones in advance for allowing us to bring it to you.?

Liberty groups unite to defend UK rights
The government and the courts are collaborating in slicing away freedoms and pushing Britain to the brink of becoming a "database" police state, a series of sold-out conferences in eight British cities heard yesterday.

British 'careless' with liberties
British people have been "careless" with their civil liberties, but that is beginning to change, former shadow home affairs minister David Davis has said.

MPs call for tighter controls on Google
Politicians have urged the Government to put an end to Google?s dominance of the online search advertising market, calling for the matter to be referred to the Competition Commission.

UK has 'uphill struggle to 2Mbps'
The government faces a "massive challenge" in its pledge to bring UK broadband up to a minimum of 2Mbps (megabits per second) say experts. Broadband thinktank PointTopic has produced a regional breakdown of areas that currently do not have much net speed.

New Zealand pulls back from guilt-by-accusation piracy law
The New Zealand government has delayed by a month a controversial plan that critics say will allow internet users to be cut off just because they have been accused of copyright infringement.

Have time and tide run away from internet phone services already?
Free phone calls to anywhere in the world? And no landline phone bills? The future should have been bright for broadband phone services, but it seems that making telephone calls over the internet has remained merely a niche interest.

U.S. Internet firms defend tighter Web management
Internet service providers like AT&T Inc are making greater efforts to manage traffic on their networks as they seek ways to avoid congestion caused by bandwidth-hogging services like video, industry officials said on Thursday.

uk: Porn stash neared million images
A photographer found with almost one million pornographic images on his home computer has avoided a jail sentence. James Hibbert-Hingston, 49, of Newcastleton in the Borders, admitted possessing 798 indecent pictures of children between 2004 and 2007.

au: Seven arrested in internet child grooming sting
Seven Brisbane men have been arrested after an undercover police operation which involved officers pretending to be young girls online.

nz: Man jailed for child porn and neglect [NZPA]
A judge sentencing a man for collecting child pornography today took the rare step of releasing the impact report for one of the child victims depicted in the images.

Paying Dearly For Child Porn Possession
When Stonington resident and former Pfizer executive Alan J. Hesketh was convicted of distributing child pornography, the one punishment he probably didn?t expect was paying restitution.


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