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[DNS] domain name news

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When your yogurt pots start talking to you: Europe prepares for the internet revolution

European Commission calls for an open, independent and accountable governance of the internet

EU calls for US to loosen grip on Internet governance body [AFP]

The EU officially weighs in on the ICANN transition by Milton Mueller

Register Now for Remote Participation for ICANN Sydney - live video, audio, presentations and chatroom

ICANN Appoints Senior Director Contractual Compliance Asia/Pacific

A small gauge of diversity by Kim Davies

Dr Paul Twomey, da Big Boss of da interwebs [audio interview]

auDA announces the launch of the 2009 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards

Cybersquatting Continues To Be The # 1 Method By Which Consumer Fraud Is Perpetrated

When your yogurt pots start talking to you: Europe prepares for the internet revolution
The internet is evolving rapidly: while 25 years ago it was connecting only about a thousand users, today it links around 1.5 billion people across the world. An average European has now at least one object that is connected to the internet, be it a computer or mobile phone.

EC Predicts Internet-Enabled Yogurt Pots (And Smart Meters)
The European Commission believes that within five to ten years the number of devices connected to the internet will increase dramatically, including everything from energy efficient smart meters to yogurt pots capable of recording their own temperature.

European Commission calls for an open, independent and accountable governance of the internet
The European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, today called, in a strategic document, for more transparency and multilateral accountability in the governance of the internet.

EU calls for increased transparency and accountability and internet governance
The European Commission today called for more transparency and multilateral accountability in the governance of the internet, and proposes that the EU initiates further discussions with international partners.

The Commission has adopted a Communication on Internet governance: the next steps
This Communication analyses progress on Internet governance and the changing role of governments in the process. It also reviews progress by ICANN in achieving the goals set for it in 1998. The Communication identifies a number of public policy principles that should be observed by other stakeholders and proposes an approach for moving international discussions on these matters forward.

EU calls for US to loosen grip on Internet governance body [AFP]
The European Commission on Thursday called for the ICANN Internet body to open up to greater number of countries, loosening the United State's grip over the private group.

The EU officially weighs in on the ICANN transition by Milton Mueller
The EU today issued a "Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and Council" that addressed the internationalization of ICANN and related Internet governance issues. We found this statement encouraging in part, but mostly disappointing. While its analysis of the problems of U.S. unilateralism and of ICANN are often valid, it makes no concrete proposals that move the debate forward, except that EU and US should negotiate (privately).

Europe calls on US to let go of Icann
The European Commission has called on the US to let the internet's main governing body become accountable to the whole of the world.

EU calls for independent governance of the internet
The European Commission (EC) is calling for changes in the way the internet is governed. ... EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media Viviane Reding said that ICANN was approaching a historic point in its development and posed the question of whether it would become a fully independent organisation, accountable to the global internet community.

EU admits ICANN setup has worked well, wants change anyway
On Thursday, the European Commission released a strategic document in which it called for some significant changes to the way that the Internet's name assignment system operates. Currently, the system is managed by ICANN, a private, nonprofit corporation. The EU doesn't seem to have a specific beef with how ICANN operates, but it's been consistently unhappy about the fact that ICANN answers only to the US government and is incorporated under California law. With ICANN's current charter coming to an end this September, the EU is starting a campaign to give it a more international flavor.

EU Admits ICANN Is Doing Fine, But Wants Change Anyway
The relationship between the United States government and ICANN, the private non-profit corporation which oversees the assignment of domain names, has often been a thorn in the eyes of the European Union. A recent document issued by the European Commission again advocates a change in internet oversight - but at the same time, the document also states that ICANN has actually been doing a pretty good job.

EU demands greater input into internet governance
The European Commission is calling for more transparency and accountability in internet governance in the run up to the expiration of contracts held by Icann.

Register Now for Remote Participation for ICANN Sydney - live video, audio, presentations and chatroom
Following a very successful experiment with remote participation at the last meeting in Mexico City, we have expanded its use to the main room for the Sydney meeting.

ICANN Appoints Senior Director Contractual Compliance Asia/Pacific
ICANN is pleased to announce the appointment of Pamela Little (??? pronounced "Lew Su-Ching") to the position of Senior Director Contractual Compliance Asia/Pacific. Ms. Little will be based out of ICANN's Sydney offices.

A small gauge of diversity by Kim Davies
In managing the root zone, recently we clarified some of the technical conformance criteria for the name servers top-level domain operators use. Before we put the adjusted criteria in place, we did some research to find out real world compliance against some of the metrics.

Dr Paul Twomey, da Big Boss of da interwebs [audio interview]
For the last six years, Dr Paul Twomey (born in Dalby QLD, raised in Brisbane) has been running the interwebs. SRSLY. As CEO / President of ICANN, he?s been the guy who makes sure all of the tubes and pipes are clean and smooth. I got to chat with him for 15 minutes last week about the biggest surprises and challenges he?s had while in the job. If you?ve never heard my interview with Vint Cerf, ICANN founder and one of the guys who literally invented the internet.

Former DHS Cyber Chief Headed To ICANN?
Computer security expert Rod Beckstrom, who served as director of the Homeland Security Department's National Cybersecurity Center in the Bush administration, could become the new president and CEO of ICANN, sources close to the California-based nonprofit tell Tech Daily Dose. Paul Twomey, who has held the position for six years, announced his departure in March.

ICANN might name former DHS cybersecurity boss its president
Former Homeland Security Department National Cybersecurity Center Director Rod Beckstrom could become the new president and CEO of ICANN, a nonprofit group that oversees the Internet address system.

Ex parte communications: for everyone, except us say governments by Brenden Kuerbis
One of the more refreshing aspects of the NTIA's ongoing NOI regarding the expiration of the Joint Project Agreement with ICANN was the inclusion of an ex parte reporting requirement. It presumably added a level of transparency to Internet governance matters and their relationship to the United States government which had not been seen before. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. From yesterday's Federal Register, comes a clarification regarding ex parte procedures associated with NTIA's NOI.

WIPO Letter to ICANN and IRT on Final IRT Report
We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the ICANN Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) Implementation Recommendation Team?s (IRT) May 29, 2009 ?Final Report on Trademark Protection in New gTLDs? (Final IRT Report). We again commend the IRT for swiftly and meaningfully distilling a range of differing concepts, proposals and comments in the limited time period provided.

Call To Trade Mark Owners To Have Their Say - New Proposed Generic Top Level Domains
The domain name space is set for a dramatic change when the new proposed generic top level domains are introduced (gTLDs). The changes will allow the creation of new domains, for example .your trademark or .your company name. The stage is therefore set for conflicting interests in choice and use of such new domains on a global basis. Trade mark owners currently have an opportunity to consider the proposals for the new domains and have their say.

Top Level Domains are Hot Issue This Summer
Many of you will be familiar with the new generic TLD application process being undertaken by ICANN.

gTLD Revolution Announces Pitch for 3 TLDs
GTLD Revolution, which is a new company founded by Dean Shannon (Deep Blue Sea / Fabulous), has today announced their plans to launch 3 new TLDs.

AusRegistry CEO To Open New TLD Session In Sydney
AusRegistry CEO, Adrian Kinderis, is set to open the session on new TLDs to be held during the ICANN meeting in Sydney next week.

Most Popular Invalid TLDs Should Be Reserved
Some of the root server operators post public statistics for their domain name traffic at the top-level. For example, the graph (which can take a bit of time to generate, given ICANN's slow servers) for the L-root server's most popular TLD queries demonstrates, to no one's surprise, that .com is king.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
auDA announces the launch of the 2009 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards
The .au Domain Administration (auDA) is proud to announce the launch of the 2009 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards. The Awards, organised in collaboration with InternetNZ, recognise organisations, businesses, groups and individuals that have made significant contributions towards the security, openness, diversity and accessibility of the Internet.

Gore And Friends Make Their Case For Dot Eco Domain
Al Gore and a group of other environmental notables are making a hard push to see the creation of a ?.eco? top-level domain added to those already present like .com, .net, org, and .edu. Down in Syndey, ICANN is having their annual conference, and the Dot Eco LLC group has brought a short film with them promoting the creation of the new domain.

AFNIC publishes new issue paper entitled "DNS: types of attack and security techniques"
Among the various essential elements of Internet infrastructure, the DNS (Domain Name System) plays an important strategic role. It may not be an acronym that the general public are especially familiar with, but behind it lies a whole array of infrastructures, techniques, software and equipment that are necessary for keeping domain names working, and that make it possible to access a website or send e-mails.

DotPro Asks ICANN For Fee Reduction
The DotPro (.pro) registry has asked ICANN to reduce the annual fees that they pay ICANN. In common with the other registry operators, .pro registry pays an annual fee to ICANN regardless of the number of domains that they manage. The full details of what each registry operator pays and how those fees are structured exactly (ie. if it's a flat fee or fee plus per domain or any variation on this) are published as part of the ICANN budget.

Internet experts? conference comes to the Netherlands in 2010
SIDN, the .nl registry, and ISOC, the worldwide non-profit organization of internet professionals, are pleased to announce that the 78th IETF meeting will be held at the MECC in Maastricht between 25 and 30 July 2010.

uk: Nominet Response to Digital Britain Report
Nominet welcomes the publication of the final Digital Britain Report and supports its core aim of ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of the digital revolution, increasing digital participation and fostering innovation whilst protecting those who are vulnerable.

Nominet announces Best Practice Challenge shortlist
We are pleased to announce the shortlist for our annual Best Practice Challenge, a competition that recognises British organisations, groups or individuals who have embraced the challenge of making the Internet a secure, open, accessible or diverse experience for all.

Two years on, Estonia hardens its electronic defenses [IDG]
Although the electronic attacks against Estonia are two years in the past, the small Baltic nation is still hardening its defenses.

Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz Win Domain Names
As a follow up to Domain Name Wire?s earlier stories, both Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz have won their respective domain names through arbitration proceedings.

Cybersquatting Continues To Be The # 1 Method By Which Consumer Fraud Is Perpetrated
According to Markmonitor, cybersquatting continues to be the preferred method of online fraud. Linking a website with a major name brand or trademark, increases the likelihood that consumers will be confused. When consumers fail to understand that they are at a third party website unauthorized and unassociated with the trademark holder, they are more likely to ?trust? the website, download malware or be persuaded to reveal usernames and passwords for the actual brand owner website.

Kentucky State government files its response to iMEGA submission
The Kentucky 'appeal against an appeal' case involving the state government of Kentucky and the Internet freedom group iMEGA entered what could be the final phase of a long and contentious legal issue this week as state legal representatives filed their response to an iMEGA brief submitted early this (June) month.

 - IPv4/IPv6
The NRO's Contribution to the OECD's Working Party on Communication and Infrastructure and Services Policy's (CISP) Session on IPv6 Deployment
... The RIRs have collaborated to collect, analyse and make public global statistics on the deployment of Internet number resources (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and Autonomous System (AS) Numbers) for several years. The RIRs are committed to supporting the OECD?s overall goal of encouraging the deployment of IPv6 and look forward to further cooperation on this and other related matters.

IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey Now Underway!
As announced at RIPE 58, TNO and GNKS Consult are working with the RIPE NCC to conduct a survey, sponsored by the European Commission, on the current and future use of IPv6 throughout the RIPE NCC service region.

us: Feds: IPv6 is a priority
For the last year, it's been all quiet on the IPv6 front in the United States. But now the U.S. government is making noise about this next-generation Internet technology, as it forges ahead with plans to deploy secure, IPv6-enabled network services.

us: Comcast Embraces IPv6
Comcast is making a move to IPv6, making IPv6 transit services available to its wholesale customers.

A Pair of 7-Figure Sales Set the Pace for the Domain Aftermarket Over the Past Two Weeks 
I was away covering the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDS conference in Amsterdam last week so we have some catching up to do this week. This column will bring you completely up to speed on reported sales since our last report. To make room for the additional data we have expanded all of our Top 20 charts to 30 positions this week.

TRAFFIC Conference Teams Up With Rick Latona - 6 Shows Planned For 2010
Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu of TRAFFIC Conference have announced a new partnership with RickLatona.com to take the conference around the world - including an expanded 2010 schedule that will visit Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Toronto, Reykjavik (Iceland), South Florida, and Hong Kong.

Google and Facebook go Farsi to help spread message from Iran
Google and Facebook set up Farsi versions of their websites and services yesterday, saying that they were responding to the importance of the internet as a communications tool for Iranians during the turmoil in the country.

Iran elections: Google and Facebook launch Farsi services to aid protesters
Google has unveiled a Farsi translation service to help Iranians "communicate directly" to the world, while Facebook has launched a version of its site in Persian, they said on Friday.

eBay medicines 'a risk to child health' - Study warns of danger from drugs bought on net
A paediatrician is warning that "net literate" parents are putting their children at risk by buying drugs on the web.

Dutch 'robbers' caught on Google Street View
Dutch police have arrested twin brothers on suspicion of robbery after their alleged victim spotted a picture of them following him on Google's Street View map application, a spokesman said on Friday.

Australia beats US for broadband access
South Korea, where 95 per cent of homes have broadband, has topped a world survey on access to the high-speed internet. Among other Asia-Pacific nations, Australia ranked 11th with 72 per cent, Japan ranked 16th with 64 per cent, New Zealand ranked 25th with 57 per cent and China ranked 43rd with 21 per cent.

South Korea tops in broadband penetration: study [AFP]
South Korea, where 95 percent of homes have broadband, Singapore and Taiwan are among the top five countries in terms of access to the high-speed Internet, according to a survey released Thursday.

Australia 11th in broadband rankings
A new survey has found that Australia ranks just outside the top 10 countries in the world for access to broadband internet.

Experts agree on strategy to protect children in cyberspace [news release]
The Strategic Dialogue on Safer Internet Environment for Children took place 2?3 June in Tokyo, Japan. A communiqu? issued at the closing highlighted agreements on developing a framework for achieving safety, promoting voluntary self-regulatory initiatives in the private sector and improving user literacy to increase awareness among children and young people as well as among parents, guardians and educators.

Australian authorities powerless against online death threats
Anonymous abusers are apparently getting away with obscene and violent bullying tactics against teenagers in Western Australia because they are doing the cyber bullying on a US-based website.

Australian authorities powerless against abusive website
It contains spurious allegations, death threats and abuse against Australian teenagers, but a website is apparently untouchable by Australian authorities because it's based in the United States. Those targeted on the website have been told to get a lawyer.

au: Race-hate messages may soon be illegal
Sending a text message encouraging someone to commit a racial attack could become a federal offence under laws being considered by the Rudd Government in its response to violence against Indian students.

au: Andrew Pallant running website of unsubstantiated, vulgar claims
REVEALED: THE grub behind a vicious website used by cowards to harass Victorian teenage girls has dared authorities to take action. Melton website designer Andrew Pallant claims his site, which has more than 1300 posts containing unsubstantiated and often vulgar allegations, is designed to protect freedom of speech.

au: Editorial: Deal with this bullying filth
The measure of any successful society is the ability of its people to speak their mind. The Herald Sun is a fierce supporter of free speech, but those enjoying the benefits of an open society must also act responsibly.

au: Bully victims urged to tell tales online
Children and young people who have been the victims of schoolyard, workplace and cyber bullying could be asked to talk about their experiences to a NSW Parliamentary inquiry via the internet.

Germany Builds Infrastructure To Block The Internet
The German Parliament on Thursday evening passed legislation that obliges internet service providers (ISPs) to filter websites allegedly containing child abuse material, by a vote of 389 to 146. The vote followed fierce debate about the secret filtering list to be put together by the German Federal Police and transmitted to ISPs once a day with only occasional checks by a five-member monitoring body.

Lawmaker quits German party over Internet curbs [AP]
A lawmaker said Saturday that he is quitting the center-left Social Democrats, one of Germany's governing parties, in protest at its support for a block on Web sites carrying child pornography.

Spanish and Estonian sites sign the Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU
Tuenti and Rate are popular social networking services for young people in Spain and Estonia. By committing themselves to the "Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU" they take a step forward in keeping their online services safe.

Snoop stops sexters and bullies
Parents will soon be able to "spy" on their children's text messages with the aid of technology used by police in the US. The technology instantly alerts parents by SMS and email whenever a call is made to their child from an "unapproved" phone number.

PEGI ratings 'need improvement'
The videogame trade association, Tiga, say the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) rating systems has "room for improvement".

Parent Alert: Teens and Porn - Porn has gone interactive--and your kids are at risk. From "sexting" to video chats, how to fight back.
My seven-year-old, Henry, can't spell. Yet there's one word he can spell perfectly. That word is boob. I discovered this last week when I gave him my iPhone to noodle around with. He told me he was playing on Disney's Club Penguin, but when I turned on the phone later, the page that popped up was a porn site. When I confronted him, he looked at me very seriously and said, "Well, Mom, I'm extremely interested in the human body."

ie: Mobiles target ?tween? safety
Phone companies in Ireland are falling over themselves to introduce anti-bullying packages for their "tween" customers.

THE O'REILLY FACTOR: Birds, Bees & Cell Phones by Bill O'Reilly
With America moving left politically and socially, it might be wise to take a moment and consider what might happen to kids if the drift continues. Already, children are under pressure from high-tech machines that can instantly provide them with images and information far beyond their ability to emotionally comprehend the material. Even vigilant parents are up against it. On nearly every playground in America, there are cell phones that can transmit X-rated material in the blink of an eye. 

Eight percent admit to downloading video illegally
Eight percent of all consumers in Britain, France, Germany and the United States admit to downloading video illegally from the Internet, according to a survey, showing the scale of the ongoing fight against piracy.

Big fine could be big trouble in downloading case [AP]
The $1.92 million verdict against a Minnesota woman accused of sharing 24 songs over the Internet could ratchet up the pressure on other defendants to settle with the recording industry -- if the big fine can withstand an appeal.

Jury orders U.S. music swapper to pay $1.92M [IDG]
A woman who won a retrial after a $220,000 verdict against her for sharing music files has now been ordered to pay $1.92 million by a jury in Minnesota.

Court orders Jammie Thomas to pay RIAA $1.92 million
Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found guilty of willful copyright infringement on Thursday in a Minneapolis federal court and must pay the recording industry $1.92 million.

New Zealand Govt Slowly Resurrecting ?Three-Strikes?
Hollywood warns it must still include Internet disconnection, ?an ultimate sanction to show we?re serious,? but critics says ?unfettered access for all? is more important, and that warning letters alone will suffice.

U.S. Congress examines if exclusive phone contracts stifle competition
Lawmakers yesterday waded into a growing debate on whether the practice of locking in cellphones to exclusive contracts with only one carrier has led to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers and stifled competition in one of the economy's brightest spots -- the wireless industry.

Mobile users & towers in Africa to join weather service
Two of the world?s biggest telecommunications companies and the United Nations? weather agency have joined forces in an attempt to improve weather forecasts in Africa.

Mobile towers boost Africa climate data
Gaping gaps in weather and climate data across Africa may be filled by a partnership between humanitarian groups and mobile phone companies.

SMS spammers go to school
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has approved Australia?s first training program for wayward SMS spammers.

ACMA approves first SMS spam training program [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has given its approval to a training program from SMS aggregator Oxygen8 Communications about SMS spam and other provisions of the Spam Act 2003. The training program was part of an enforceable undertaking accepted by ACMA in December 2008.

Internet access cost drops in some African nations
The cost of Internet connectivity in several Africa countries is declining significantly and the speed keeps improving due to competition by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), according to an Internet research organization.

Rival fiber-optic cables set for market battle in Africa
The battle for the control of East Africa broadband market has now been drawn following the announcement that the East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) project has landed its cables in Mombasa and has been launched by Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki.

Cloud computing 'putting e-mail privacy at risk'
Leading academics have warned of security risks related to Google's email services and those of its main competitors Yahoo! and Microsoft, which rely on remote server accounts. Their warning comes as Google's founder, Larry Page, meets Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding during a visit to Brussels today

Typing In an E-Mail Address, and Giving Up Your Friends? as Well
I thought it was a little strange when I received separate e-mail messages from two people I knew only slightly asking me to click and see their photos on a social networking site called Tagged.

Official: Google cedes to German demand to erase Street View data [AP]
Google is willing to concede to German demands the company erase photos for its panoramic mapping service after they have been processed, a data protection official said today.

Editorial: Internet privacy: Where everybody knows your name
Nightjack's blog is, as its author put it rather beautifully yesterday, "slowly melting away as it drops off the edge of the Google cache". Nightjack has gone, too, exposed by the Times as Detective Constable Richard Horton from the Lancashire Constabulary, a once-anonymous blogger brought down by his quality writing.

us: Caution Urged In Legislating Web Privacy
Trade groups representing high-tech, manufacturing, retail, and financial services firms wrote to House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders Wednesday urging them to "use extreme caution" when crafting Internet privacy legislation and refrain from imposing duplicative, inconsistent and ineffective regulations that could hurt consumers and businesses.

China Disables Some Google Functions
The Chinese government disabled some search functions on the Chinese-language Web site of Google on Friday, saying the site was linking too often to pornographic and vulgar content.

Cyber warriors join fight against censors and foil Iran's bid to silence bloggers
In the Canary restaurant on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles, where nearly every shop and caf? is Iranian-owned, pictures of the demonstrations run constantly on a battered television tuned to one of more than 20 Persian TV stations in the city. In a corner, photographs of the Shah are a reminder of a call to arms from an earlier generation, who fled Iran after the Islamic Revolution.

China clarifies web filter plans
Protests have forced China to clarify whether net-filtering software has to be used on every new PC. From July, every PC sold in China was supposed to be supplied with the Green Dam Youth Escort software.

China Holds Firm on Software Filter, U.S. Firms Say
American computer makers say the Chinese government has not backed down from a requirement that Internet filtering software be installed on all computers sold in China after July 1, despite reports this week that the rule had been relaxed.

Tear Down This Cyberwall! by Nicholas D. Kristof
The unrest unfolding in Iran is the quintessential 21st-century conflict. On one side are government thugs firing bullets. On the other side are young protesters firing ?tweets.?

Videogames a Way to Avoid Iran?s Web Censors?
Iranian protesters looking for unblocked avenues on the Internet might consider World of Warcraft.

China attacks Google over "pornographic" links
China's Internet watchdog condemned the Chinese-language version of Google on Thursday for "disseminating pornographic and vulgar information."

China lambasts Google again for disseminating porn
China's Internet watchdog group is criticizing Google once again for not doing enough to stop porn from crossing the country's virtual borders. The organization suggested that Google step up its game, lest it face action from Chinese law enforcement.

?Big Brother? fears as China prepares to filter pcs for ?unhealthy? content
Reporters Without Borders voiced concern today over China?s plan to force computer manufacturers to install software on personal computers to filter information seen by the Communist Party as ?unhealthy?.

China slams Google over porn [AFP]
China stepped up its war on Internet censorship Thursday, slamming Google China for allowing pornographic content to seep into the nation and threatening to punish the search engine.

Rights groups urge US laws to punish Internet censors [AFP]
Human rights groups on Thursday urged US lawmakers to revive rules that would punish firms which help authoritarian governments crack down on local computer users.

Bank defends whistle-blower website gag [Reuters]
Swiss bank Julius Baer, facing an international backlash, defended on Thursday taking legal action to shut down a website that published what the site said were details of secret bank accounts linked to tax- avoidance schemes.

Internet Marketing: Is Regulation Coming?
Lawmakers are looking at regulating the ways Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, and the like track Web-surfing patterns to aid marketers

NZFACT backdown welcome ? InternetNZ
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has today asserted that NZFACT is sowing confusion regarding recent moves by the French Government to respond to an adverse judicial ruling on copyright issues.

nz: Internet Society k?ndigte Grundsatzpapier zu Hadopi-artigen Gesetzen an
Die Internet Society macht gegen "Hadopi-artige" Gesetze mobil und berief eine internationale Arbeitsgruppe zur Verabschiedung eines Grundsatzpapiers. Zugangssperren gegen Internetnutzer widersprechen dem Credo "Internet f?r alle", das sich die von Internetpionieren wie Vint Cerf gegr?ndete Organisation auf die Fahnen geschrieben hat. Ein vierk?pfiges Gremium mit dem franz?sischen ISOC-Juristen Charles Simon, dem InternetNZ Chef Keith Davidson und Vertretern der m?chtig gewachsenen "Politik"-Abteilung der ISOC soll den ersten Entwurf f?r das Grundsatzpapier vorlegen.

Obama Urged To Protect IP Rights
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and a handful of other senators urged President Obama on Thursday to protect intellectual property as talks begin on a global climate change treaty. Proposals have surfaced by representatives of some countries to allow foreign producers to copy or infringe patented technologies. "The United States government cannot afford to sit idle while others seek to weaken IP protections," they wrote. "America must continue to set the standard for IP protection, and be willing to confront those countries and organizations that attempt to weaken IP rights."

Obama Wants Bigger, Stronger FTC to Handle Privacy and Consumer Protection
President Obama's call yesterday for reform of the regulatory regime governing financial institutions promises to bring additional federal scrutiny to the rest of the Web as well.

us: Panels Explore Behavioral Advertising
The online marketing practice known as behavioral advertising, which is being employed increasingly by Internet companies that want to tailor Web surfers' content, will come under scrutiny on Capitol Hill on Thursday. Executives from Google, Facebook, and Yahoo will take the hot seat alongside some of their most prominent critics at a joint hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Communications and Consumer Protection subcommittees.

Neither regulators nor law protect net neutrality in Britain, investigation finds
There is no legal barrier in the UK to internet service providers (ISPs) blocking content from website operators who do not pay them. Neither consumer law nor telecoms regulation protects ISP subscribers, technology law podcast OUT-LAW Radio has revealed.

Canada wants to widen police access to cellphones, Internet [Reuters]
Canada unveiled draft legislation Thursday that would oblige telecommunications firms and Internet service providers to allow police to intercept information passing across their networks.

The future of broadband: And access for all - Fast internet for everyone, and a new tax to help pay for it
The 2,200-foot Royal Albert railway bridge, which links Cornwall to Devon across the river Tamar, is one of the best-loved achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a swashbuckling Victorian engineer. It is also a nice illustration of the risks of penny-pinching when building infrastructure. The bridge is designed to carry rails spaced seven feet (roughly two metres) apart, the standard used by Brunel on his Great Western Railway. But rails used by firms in other parts of the country were separated by less than five feet, and when the time came in 1846 for a parliamentary commission to decide on a national standard, it plumped for the cheaper, narrower option. Had it decided in Brunel?s favour, modern Britain?s slow and crowded trains would be bigger, smoother and faster.

Industry dismisses EU plans for super-fast Internet 
New proposals from the European Commission to spur investment in next-generation networks, such as fibre cables, have triggered a wave of criticism from industry. ... But critics said this new approach, while potentially raising investment by pooling resources, could also lead to the creation of de facto duopolies and ultimately hamper competition on the market.


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