[DNS] domain name news - 3 August

[DNS] domain name news - 3 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 16:13:16 -0700 (PDT)
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ICANN Down Under: Recap of Sydney ICANN Meeting ? Critical Issues for Businesses by Mike Rodenbaugh

AuDA Australia and New Zealand Best Practice Awards 2009 speech

nz: Frank March elected president of InternetNZ

U.S. Weighs Risks of Civilian Harm in Cyberwarfare

US DOD moots plan to prove identity on the internet

New gTLD Program: Update on Independent Evaluators Search
ICANN is reopening the Expressions of Interest (EOI) period for independent evaluators to perform key roles in reviewing applications for new generic top-level domains, scheduled to launch in 2010. The new Expressions of Interest period opens on 31 July, 2009 and closes on 15 September, 2009 at 23:59 UTC.

Initial Report of Geographic Regions Review Working Group Published For Public Comment
The Initial Report of the community-wide working group reviewing ICANN's Geographic Regions is now available for public comment. All members of the ICANN community are now invited to review that document and share comments and observations with the community through 4 September 2009.

Briefing Note ? Overall Summary of the Sydney Meeting
What was it? ICANN?s 35th international public meeting is the first of three held annually to conduct policy development and outreach. It was hosted by ICANN, AusRegistry International, operator of Australia?s dot-au register, and auDA (.au Domain Administration), the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the dot-au domain space.

When It Comes to gTLDs, Follow the Money (Part 1) by R. Shawn Gunnarson
Introducing new generic Top-Level Domains represents, as ICANN says, "the biggest change in the Internet since its inception 40 years ago." Among the least understood aspects of this change is its potential to alter the economic power of ICANN as an institution. To see how that might happen, let's follow the money as it is expected to flow from the gTLD application process.

Do new TLDs and IDNs mean tighter government control?
The Wall Street Journal is running a fascinating opinion piece about the possible impact of new gTLDs and IDNs. Author L. Gordon Crovitz posits that multiplying TLDs and languages on the Net may make it easier for authoritarian governments to attempt to stifle free-speech and meddle in what the article says is currently a "happy state of affairs" in which "one of the marvels of the Internet is that it is self-governing, with private groups of engineers and technology companies doing their best to keep it up and running without political interference."

ICANN Down Under: Recap of Sydney ICANN Meeting ? Critical Issues for Businesses by Mike Rodenbaugh
The ICANN community gathered in Sydney in late June, for the second of three scheduled meetings in 2009. The primary topics of conversation were the newly hired CEO, and several issues related to the introduction of new TLDs coming in 2010. The hot issues about new TLDs involve protection against cybersquatting, protection of the public from expanded opportunity to maliciously abuse the DNS, the introduction of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) TLDs, and registry-registrar structural separation.

Accepting New Top-Level Domains As Suffix-Less Cyber Brands by Naseem Javed
First off all, still unknown to the masses, this newly proposed $185,000 USD gTLD scheme is in reality a suffix-less, custom-made, designer, globally exclusive domain name. Well done ICANN, as it is what the world needs now. However, ICANN has never mentioned this special marketing feature to date, as this suffix-less quality alone brings a major and a very positive revolution in cyber branding architecture for the net savvy marketers and dramatically changes the global thinking which has been primarily locked into a suffix based mentality when trying to reach for anything on the net; what name and what suffix?

ICANN president debunks internet economics
Rod Beckstrom, the recently appointed president of ICANN, has used his address to the Black Hat USA 2009 conference to propose a new economic model for valuing computer networks and the internet.

Icann CEO reveals how to calculate the value of a network
Black Hat, Las Vegas: Networks should be valued on the transactions they make possible, rather than how many people (or machines) are part of the network, says Icann's new boss.

Front Running On Proposed g?TLD?s: Companies Are Getting Trademarks On g?TLD?s
You need to check out a very interest article just published by Michael Palage, who is an adjunct Fellow with The Progress & Freedom Foundation, entitled ?New gTLDs: Let the Gaming Begin, Part I: TLD Front Running?

ICANN Should Guard Against New TLD Speculation [news release]
ICANN should ensure that its proposed top-level domain application process guards against "front running" by speculators, states Michael Palage in "New gTLDs: Let the Gaming Begin, Part I: TLD Front Running," released today by The Progress & Freedom Foundation. The paper is the first in a series of commentaries identifying unresolved issues surrounding ICANN?s proposed implementation of new TLDs.

Will ICANN Listen to Civil Society and Respect Noncommercial Users?
The Internet Governance Project published an article, "Are You Listening ICANN?", a summary of just a few of the public comments that have been submitted this week in ICANN?s comment period on the charters that have been proposed for the various stakeholder groups in the reorganized Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO).

The ICANN Movie 1
Part 1 of the movie about the foundation and history of ICANN and early decisions of the ICANN board. Includes all the actors like ira magaziner...

ICANN Movie 2
2nd part of the great ICANN history movie with early flash animated characters on ICANN directors and staff and some true stories behind it.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
AuDA Australia and New Zealand Best Practice Awards 2009 speech
the issues confronting the domain name system right around the world, and I acknowledge the work particularly of a number of Australians

.CM Launch Delayed by Official Cameroon Government Registry
The .CM domain name registry announced this week a postponement of the public first come first served launch for the .CM domain name, originally due earlier this week.

Technical Problems Postpone The .CM LandRush
The .cm domain name registry announced, today, that the landrush (first come, first served), domain registration for .cm domain names, originally due at 00:00 UTC tomorrow, has been postponed due to technical problems.

.CN Domain Registrations Drop Over One Million
After reaching a peak of around 14,100,000 domain name registrations for .CN (China), the number of .CN registrations dropped dramatically to 12,800,000 in May this year before rising again, reaching 12,963,685 registrations at the end of June according to statistics on the CNNIC website.

CNNIC publishes 24th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China
The 24th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (Report) published by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on July 16 shows that by June 30, 2009, China had remained ahead in three indicators-number of Internet users (338 million), number of broadband users (320 million) and registration volume of top-level domain names (12.96 million), with the popularization rate of the Internet rising steadily. Affected by the launch of 3G business, the number of mobile Internet users has also reached 155 million, accounting for 46% of all Internet users and surging by 32.1% within six months.

New .IT Registrar contract
Starting from 20 July 2009, you can sign and send the Registrar contract. Accretidation of Registrars, a prepaid service, new obligations and responsabilities for the Registry and Registrars and the definition of minimum levels for the services provided by the Registry are the main new features of the synchronous contract.

NIDA Calls for Ideas and Papers on Domain Names to Celebrate Upcoming Seoul ICANN Meeting
To celebrate Seoul?s hosting of the November 2009 ICANN meeting, NIDA, the .KR registry, is holding a public contest for academic papers and ideas about domain name resources.

Public notice: social welfare facilities entitled to free registration and use of Korean.kr domains for three years
The National Internet Development Agency, a body with the mandate of managing our nation's Internet address resources, along with .kr domain registration agencies are jointly undertaken an initiative to provide social welfare facilities with free Korean.kr domains as a way to try and make this world a better place and to help promote the use of Korean.kr domains. 

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY goes paperless
Effective 30 July 2009, .my DOMAIN REGISTRY is pleased to announce that for new domain name registrations for .my, .com.my, .net.my and .org.my, organizations formed pursuant to Business Registration Act 1956, Companies Act 1965 and Legal Profession Act 1976 need not submit the hard copies of supporting documents to Resellers unless specifically requested.

nz: Frank March elected president of InternetNZ
InternetNZ has announced the official results in this year's elections ? and Frank March is the organisation's new president.

DNS .PT automates the domain registration on the .PT
DNS .PT is on the second phase of implementation of the Registry-Registrar Protocol which aims to expedite the registration of domains .PT by FCCN registrars agents, following the specifications of the EPP protocol (Extensible Provisioning Protocol).

"I Love .SG" National Day 2009 Promotion! Pay SGD$5 or less for a domain name during August!
Singapore turns 44 this August and SGNIC joins in the celebration for the nation's birthday! From 1 August till 31 August 2009, registration fees for domain names under the ".sg" and ".per.sg" extensions will be capped at a maximum price of SGD$5.00!! This promotion will be available at all participating registrars.

Consumers warned over 'bogus UK sites' selling fake goods
Consumers are being tricked into buying fake goods on the internet by companies pretending to be based in the UK, trading standards officers have warned. Many websites are based in China but use co.uk as part of their domain name, fooling shoppers into thinking the company is UK-based.

'Fake UK sites' trick consumers
Trading standards officers say that consumers are being tricked into buying fake goods on the internet by companies pretending to be based in the UK. The websites are often based in China, but use "co.uk" as part of their domain name, giving shoppers a false sense of security, they say.

U.S. Weighs Risks of Civilian Harm in Cyberwarfare
It would have been the most far-reaching case of computer sabotage in history. In 2003, the Pentagon and American intelligence agencies made plans for a cyberattack to freeze billions of dollars in the bank accounts of Saddam Hussein and cripple his government?s financial system before the United States invaded Iraq. He would have no money for war supplies. No money to pay troops.

US DOD moots plan to prove identity on the internet
The US Department of Defense (DoD) is preparing strategy and policy documents on federated identity management systems that may lead to a national identity system for the United States.

Open source project aims to make secure DNS easier [IDG]
A group of developers has released open source software that gives administrators a hand in making the Internet's addressing system less vulnerable to hackers.

Rockefeller and Snowe retool cybersecurity bill
Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller and Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, plan to circulate after the August recess a retooled version of sweeping cybersecurity legislation they introduced in April, according to aides.

OpenDNSSec to help secure domain name system
New open source software has been launched today designed to drive the adoption of DNSSec, the mechanism security experts are saying is vital to ensuring the future security of the domain name system (DNS) and therefore the internet.

Ending DNS abuse with European open source
A collection of European Internet insiders have announced OpenDNSSEC, a project aimed at managing the security of domain names on the Internet.

Saving us from forged DNS data: an update on DNSSEC
At this week's Internet Engineering Task Force meeting in Stockholm, a panel updated attendees on the implementation of DNSSEC, a secure DNS protocol intended to protect us from forged DNS data. Ars reports from Sweden.

Researchers exploit SSL and domain flaws
Two researchers have independently uncovered flaws in the way domain names are verified on the internet, which could allow attackers to impersonate a site and steal information from unsuspecting surfers.

Internet Engineers Collaborate On Open Source Project To Secure the Domain Name System [news release]
The OpenDNSSEC project announces the development of Open Source software that manages the security of domain names on the Internet. The project intends to drive adoption of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to further enhance Internet security.

OpenDNSSEC lowers the threshold for secure DNS
A preview of the software tool OpenDNSSEC is now released. It will simplify the deployment of secure DNS for top-level domains, Internet services operators, web hotels and name server operators. OpenDNSSEC is delivered free and open-source.

Wal-Mart Canada Takes Union To Court Over Trademarks [Dow Jones]
Wal-Mart Canada Corp. is taking a union to court over a Web site used to organize its workers, arguing that the Web site infringes on corporate trademarks. Wal-Mart filed an injunction in the Quebec Superior Court July 3, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers union. The company's court filing is posted on the Web site the retail giant is asking the court to shut down - www.walmartworkerscanada.ca.

WIPO: Disregard TLD in Trademark Dispute
There is a Dutch website which regularly publishes comments on rulings of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration, Dutch court cases, and similar things. They have a newsletter which reports over the latest cases. It is really meant for people who are into the legal aspects of domain names. In the July "nieuwsbrief" newsletter, there was a remark (in Dutch) about a case that the top level ".nl" suffix to the name should not be considered relevant.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6: The essential guide
Been meaning to catch up on IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol? We've backtracked and collected a handful of stories that will get you up to speed well before IPv4 addresses run out.

More Than Half Top-Level Domains Not Really on Top of IPv6 by Yves Poppe
At the recent ISOC Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur a rather innocuous coffee break question was raised: could any one around the table name some of the major TLDs still delinquent in their IPv6 support? Nobody could answer on the spot but the question intrigued me.

More IPv4 Used but Unallocated
Some IPv4 /8s have been used to number IP networks in an unofficial and improper way. That is, they have been used without being properly allocated and registered in a public Whois database. In most cases these networks are mostly private, used internally in their organization, and so the addresses are not seen in the Internet?s routing system. The organizations using these addresses have relied on the overall availability of IPv4 addresses so that there was no pressing need to allocate all of the /8s that IANA manages. With the decreasing IANA free pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses, it is now clear that every last one of them will ultimately be allocated to the RIRs.

IPv6: The essential guide
Been meaning to catch up on IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol? We've backtracked and collected a handful of stories that will get you up to speed well before IPv4 addresses run out.

za: Domain names registration: SA doing well
When it comes to the issue of registering domain names South Africa is doing well, with some 60% of the continent's total of registered domain names. The rest of Africa, more than 50 countries, shares the continent's other 40% of about a million top level domains.

Call for Community Consultation - Bulk WHOIS AUP
ARIN is seeking community input regarding changes to the Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") for bulk copies of ARIN WHOIS data as found on the Bulk WHOIS Request Form.

Network Solutions? Develops Free WHOIS App for the iPhone?
Domain name registration pioneer has created an free app for the iPhone? allowing users to look up information from the WHOIS database on the go. The app will be particularly useful for small business persons, Web designers, developers, and network engineers.

Netcraft July 2009 Web Server Survey
In the July 2009 survey we received responses from 239,611,111 sites, an increase of around 1.5 million sites from last month. There was a substantial increase in sites on Google's Blogger service, which had 2.2 million more sites in use this month.

NRO NC Call for Nominations - ARIN Region
The ARIN region has issued an open call for nominations from the ARIN region to fill one (1) seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council that becomes vacant with the expiration of Louis Lee?s term on 31 December 2009. Candidates must be willing to serve a three (3) year term beginning 1 January 2010. Incumbents may be re-elected for consecutive terms.

NRO Declaration on RPKI
Over several years, a set of mechanisms has been under development for digital certification of Internet number resources, through a so-called Resource Public Key Infrastructure, or "RPKI". Like other PKIs, the RPKI requires one or more root authorities, to act as so-called "trust anchors" for one or more certification hierarchies.

?We see a huge potential for domain names in India?
Building online trust is vital for enterprises in these days of increased online fraudulent activity. Undeterred by the daunting task, US-based internet infrastructure and services company Verisign is seeking to make the digital interactions of Indian enterprises secure and trustworthy with its solutions. The company also feels that the domain name registry for individuals could be a big area of growth for itself. ?We have not marketed it in a major way here. But given the low penetration of websites in India, we see huge potential here,? says Shekhar Kirani, country manager, Verisign India.

Fraudulent Use Of Country Code Domains
As you know the most used country code domains, have grown exponentially, as users people in those countries are looking for information and to deal with products in their own country.

Contests.com Wins Place Among the Year's Top 12 Sales and Hardware.de Hammers Its Way Into the Top 5 Among ccTLDs
A pair of six-figure sales highlighted the action in the domain aftermarket over the past week. Aftermarket.com completed the sale of Contests.com for $380,000 after auctioning that name off at the Domain Roundtable conference in Washington, D.C. last month. That ranks as the 11th highest sale reported so far in 2009.

DiamondRings.com Closes at Close to a Quarter of a Million Dollars To Lead a Trio of 6-Figure Sales to the Top of This Week's Chart
RickLatona.com closed the $228,420 sale of DiamondRings.com to lead our latest weekly Top 20 sales chart. Latona had auctioned off the domain at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDs conference that the company staged in Amsterdam last month.

Wikipedia Says Domainers are Cybersquatters
In a post earlier this month, several commentors pointed out that Wikipedia redirects the terms ?Domainer? and ?Domaining? to cybersquatter on its site. Although some of these people tried to remove the direct, it keeps popping back up.

Rick Latona Auctions Seeking CPA, Lead Gen and Affiliate Marketing Domains for Upcoming Online Auction
Rick Latona Auctions is looking for submissions for the themed online auction they have coming up August 21-28. The special sale will be devoted to domains representing the CPA (Cost Per Action) - Lead Gen - Affiliate Marketing sector.

Michael Berkens - The Untold Story Behind The Best Kept Secret in the Domain Business
Michael Berkens has been buying domains since 1997 and over the years he has become one of the most successful investors in the history of this business with earnings well into seven figures. After launching a popular blog at TheDomains.com in 2007 he has also become one of the most respected commentators on developments in this ever-changing industry.

OECD: Improving measurement of links between ICT and environmental outcomes
This report explores available statistics and data from official statistical sources and from product life cycle studies, suggests a conceptual framework for the statistical field ?ICT and the environment? and makes recommendations on how to improve statistical collection.

ICT industry poised to rebound, says new OECD report
Is the ICT industry recovering? Global production and trade of information and communications technology goods turned up sharply in May and June ? and ICTs may be among the first of crisis-stricken industries to start growing again, according to a new OECD report. After plunging 30-40% earlier this year, Asian production is now showing month-to-month improvement and China is up nearly 3% year-on-year.

Clash of the Titans: Does Internet Use Reduce Television Viewing? by Stan J. Liebowitz & Alejandro Zentner
Abstract: The extent to which the Internet has altered traditional leisure activities has received limited academic study. In this paper we use panel data going back to the beginning of web browsing to examine how the Internet impacts the most important recreation activity of Americans: television viewing. Our results are not consistent with a view that the Internet would have a massive impact on television viewing. Instead, we find that the effect of the Internet on television viewing varies monotonically with the age, reducing it for the youngest American but having no impact on the viewing of the oldest Americans. Even for young individuals, our results suggest that the size of the displacement effect appears to be quite moderate.

Firefox passes billion download milestone
The open-source browser Firefox passed its billionth download on Friday, ahead of the release of its fourth iteration.

Firefox: 1 billion downloads only part of the story
At about 8 a.m. PDT Friday, Firefox crossed the billion-download threshold--a notably large number for Mozilla's open-source Web browser but one that doesn't tell the whole story.

Over 1 billion served: Firefox passes download milestone
The Mozilla Foundation announced Friday morning that the open source Firefox Web browser has been downloaded over 1 billion times. This significant milestone, which was reached several days earlier than expected, is a clear sign of the browser's growing mainstream popularity.

Rivals strive to topple Google in quest for the 'perfect search'
Inside the Googleplex - the nickname for Google's Californian headquarters - stands a flat screen on which rotates an image of the Earth.

The Internet as Art: In the digital age, the medium is the new message
Next time an error message pops up on your computer screen or if your machine succumbs to a software virus, it may be more than just an annoying glitch. It may be a work of art.

Why The FCC Wants To Smash Open The iPhone
Right about now, Apple probably wishes it had never rejected Google Voice and related apps from the iPhone. Or maybe it was AT&T who rejected the apps. Nobody really knows. But the FCC launched an investigation last night to find out, sending letters to all three companies (Apple, AT&T, and Google) asking them to explain exactly what happened.

US commission to investigate Apple's Google iPhone app rejection
The US Federal Communications Commission is seeking additional information about Apple's decision to reject Google's voice application for the iPhone in the United States.

FCC seeks details on Google app rejection for iPhone
The Federal Communications Commission is seeking additional information about Apple's decision to reject Google's voice application for the iPhone. The Google application is seen by some as a competitive threat to the voice services that come with the iPhone, which is carried exclusively in the United States by AT&T.

Airlines Follow Passengers Onto Social Media Sites
When United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago damaged Dave Carroll?s $3,500 guitar last year, he tried to get his restitution from the airline the old-fashioned way. But after months and months of phone calls and faxes with various customer-service representatives, the airline refused to accept his claim. So Mr. Carroll, a professional country music singer from Canada, channeled his frustration into a song and a video, which he posted on YouTube.

Managing an Online Reputation
Your customers are talking about you ? and the whole world is listening. Local review sites are reshaping the world of small business by becoming the new Yellow Pages, one-stop platforms where customers can find a business ? and also see independent critiques of its performance.

Facebook and MySpace can lead children to commit suicide, warns Archbishop Nichols
Websites such as Facebook and MySpace encourage teenagers to view friendship as a "commodity" and are leading them to suicide, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales has warned.

Facebook criticised by Archbishop
Social networking websites, texting and e-mails are undermining community life, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has warned.

Facebook and MySpace drive teens to suicide, says Vincent Nichols
The spiritual leader of the four million Roman Catholics in England and Wales has damned social network sites, accusing them of undermining community life and leading teenagers to suicide.

EBay Building Software to Replace Skype Technology
EBay Inc. is building new software to run its Skype Internet-calling service, a bid to sidestep a licensing dispute with Skype?s founders, who have threatened to take back the underlying technology.

Skype could be cut off for good over dispute
Skype might have to shut down because of a dispute over the core technology used to make the internet telephone system work. EBay, which paid $2.6 billion (?1.6 billion) for the voice-over-the-internet system in 2005, is facing a court battle with the original founders of the company who retained the rights to the technology at the heart of the system.

Report: eBay is building a Frankenskype
eBay wants to spin off telephony service Skype into a separate publicly traded company, but something's standing in the way: Skype's founders are threatening to take back some of the technology in the midst of a licensing dispute. The auction giant's solution, according to a Bloomberg report on Thursday: Build a new one.

Shock threat to shut Skype over licensing dispute
eBay says it may have to shut down Skype due to a licensing dispute with the founders of the internet telephony service. The surprise admission puts a cloud over the 40 million active daily users around the world who use Skype for business or to keep in touch with friends and far-flung relatives.

Legal spat pushes Ebay to develop new base for Skype
Ebay has begun developing an alternative to the P2P technology used by Skype as a licensing dispute drags on and threatens to close the popular IP telephony service.

eBay told it can't use core Skype tech, attempts workaround
eBay is developing a new backend for Skype as it tries to resolve a legal dispute before spinning off the VoIP service next year. The company revealed its plans in its 10-Q regulatory filing on Thursday, noting that eBay and Skype are confident in their legal position vis-a-vis the technology they're currently using for peer-to-peer connections, but that the new system is being developed "just in case."

Online gaming trade fair opens in Leipzig
The Games Convention in Leipzig, which opened on Friday, is the only convention in Europe that concentrates solely on online and mobile games. The online games market is booming, in spite of the tough economic times.

uk: Schoolgirl bullied to death on Bebo
A schoolgirl took a fatal overdose of pills because she was so distraught at spiteful remarks on website Bebo.

nz: Child porn reporting software launched 
Free public software aimed at weeding out child pornography from the internet is launched on Monday. Software for the hotline, which has been developed together with the Department of Internal Affairs, can be downloaded and will be available from all Body Shop stores.

au: Scheme aims to pull plug on cyber bullying
A new project will begin in Australian schools to try to stem the emergence of cyber bullying. The Federal Government says covert bullying in schools is under-reported.

New bid to stop cyber bullies
Worried about cyber bullying in schools, the Federal Government is to launch a $3 million pilot program to try to curb the phenomenon linked to several recent teen suicides.

Govt to launch Cyber-bullying project
The federal government is to fund a national pilot project aimed at addressing cyber-bullying in schools.

au: Techno junk separates teens from parents, says writer
Our children's entire life experience is being shrunk down to the classroom, television and computer games just at the time they need more emotional maturity to cope with the difficult choices facing them. And parents, while aware of issues such as cyber-bullying, the impact of violent images on young boys' behaviour and the sexualisation of children at an ever younger age, are hopelessly ill-equipped to cope with the technology so influencing their children's lives.

au: A web of sex chat with under-age boys
The most harrowing moments of the three-week trial of John Finnin came when the jury heard explicit sexual details from a conversation allegedly between one of a number of 15-year-old boys and the former senior Australian diplomat.

Spotify v illegal downloads: Free but legal - Advertising-supported music will not save a troubled industry. But it helps
Can legal free music compete with the illegal stuff? It seems so. Firms such as Spotify, founded by Swedish programmers, and we7, based in Britain, stream music on demand to European computers in return for nothing more burdensome than the odd advertisement. Together they have quickly amassed 8m users. On March 24th Spotify asked Apple to authorise an application for the iPhone that would take music-streaming mobile.

Dutch court tells Pirate Bay to scram, or else
A Dutch court has ruled in favor of antipiracy foundation BREIN, giving three of The Pirate Bay's co-founders 10 days to block traffic to and from the Netherlands, effectively revoking access to its residents.

Dutch court rules Pirate Bay must quit Netherlands [AP]
A Dutch court ruled Thursday that three men connected with Web site The Pirate Bay must block traffic between the site and the Netherlands within 10 days.

Pirate Bay faces civil lawsuit in Sweden, exec departure
A group of major film studios has taken court action in Sweden to have The Pirate Bay shut down. The site's founders were found guilty on criminal charges of facilitating copyright infringement earlier this year but the site remains live.

Tenenbaum hit with $675,000 fine for music piracy
In another big victory for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) a federal jury has fined Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum $675,000 for illegally downloading and distributing 30 copyrighted songs.

US file-sharer gets $700,000 fine
A US student has been ordered to pay $675,000 (?404,000) to four record labels for breaking copyright laws after sharing music online. The Boston University student, Joel Tenenbaum, had admitted in court that he had downloaded and distributed 30 songs at issue in the case.

Judge: Tenenbaum guilty of copyright infringement
It's all over for Joel Tenenbaum?except for the size of the check he'll be told to write the RIAA. In a reversal of her decision last night, Judge Nancy Gertner has granted the record labels' motion for a directed verdict on the issue of copyright infringement. Tenenbaum is now liable for infringing all 30 songs at issue in the case. All that will be left to the jury is to determine the size of the damage award and whether the infringement was willful.

Debate rages as jury weighs damages in Tenenbaum music piracy case
A stream of messages on the joelfightsback.com blog site reveals mixed feelings over the way the high-profile music piracy trial of Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum appears set to end.

Only question in Tenenbaum music piracy trial is size of fine
With Joel Tenenbaum, the Boston University student accused of music piracy, admitting to a federal jury Thursday that he illegally downloaded songs, the sole question remaining is just how big a fine he will face.

Joel Tenenbaum admits in court he shared music files
There's no subterfuge with Joel Tenenbaum. The graduate student accused of copyright violations admitted in court on Thursday that he shared files and knew others were downloading the music he made available on Kazaa, according to a Twitter post from blogger Ben Sheffner.

Bill Gates' Fix for India's Ills: Technology
Microsoft Chairman Gates says technology?from an electronic network for urban workers to a national ID card project?can help India overcome its challenges

Broadband Internet access critical catalyst to Asia-Pacific development ? UN forum
The importance of speedy Internet access to stimulate economic growth across Asia and the Pacific was underlined by participants of a regional United Nations information and communications technology (ICT) gathering that wrapped up in Indonesia today.

U.S. Weighs Risks of Civilian Harm in Cyberwarfare
It would have been the most far-reaching case of computer sabotage in history. In 2003, the Pentagon and American intelligence agencies made plans for a cyberattack to freeze billions of dollars in the bank accounts of Saddam Hussein and cripple his government?s financial system before the United States invaded Iraq. He would have no money for war supplies. No money to pay troops.

US DOD moots plan to prove identity on the internet
The US Department of Defense (DoD) is preparing strategy and policy documents on federated identity management systems that may lead to a national identity system for the United States.

Rockefeller and Snowe retool cybersecurity bill
Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller and Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, plan to circulate after the August recess a retooled version of sweeping cybersecurity legislation they introduced in April, according to aides.

How Koobface wormed its way into your PC and threatened to take the fun out of Facebook
In cyberspace, as in more conventional social forums, people don?t look kindly on others who spread communicable diseases. So when the microblogging service Twitter recently suspended the accounts of users whose PCs had been infected by a computer virus, there was annoyance at the fact that it was Twitter that had passed on the infection.

Hacker Gary McKinnon loses appeal against extradition to US
There were emotional scenes outside the high court today after computer hacker Gary McKinnon lost a further attempt to avoid his extradition to America on charges of breaching US military and Nasa computers.

Gary McKinnon: Pentagon hacker's worst nightmare comes true
For the past seven years, in bedsits in Crouch End and Bounds Green, north London, the Pentagon hacker and UFO buff Gary McKinnon has ? according to his family and friends ? been suffering one long anxiety attack. He's prone to regular fits of fainting and thoughts of suicide. He's written that he can't look himself in his eyes when he's shaving in case the sight of himself sets the spiral off. He jumps out of his skin if someone touches him by surprise. I've met him sporadically during these years and can vouch that he's a chainsmoking, terrified shell.

Hacker?s Extradition to U.S. More Likely
A High Court ruling on Friday brought Britain an important step closer to extraditing a 43-year-old British computer hacker to the United States despite claims by the man?s lawyers that he is a harmless eccentric with a form of autism, and not a cyberterrorist, as American prosecutors have asserted.

Gary McKinnon: British hacker to be extradited to US
Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who infiltrated American military websites searching for proof of alien life, has lost his High Court appeal against extradition to the US.

Hacker loses extradition appeal
British hacker Gary McKinnon has lost his latest High Court bid to avoid extradition to the United States. US authorities want to try the 43-year-old, from Wood Green, north London, for breaking into US military and Nasa computers in 2001 and 2002.

Gary McKinnon: talent for hacking 'damaged military computers after September 11'
Gary McKinnon's talent for computer hacking led to him being accused of leaving US military computer systems unusable after the September 11 terror attacks.

Gary McKinnon: timeline of the computer hacker's case
Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker, has been living under the threat of prosecution in the US for nearly seven years. This is a timeline of key events in his case:

Hackers hit Melbourne film festival
A diplomatic row between Australia and China over the planned visit of exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer escalated yesterday, with Australia?s ambassador called to a dressing-down by China?s Foreign Ministry.

Melbourne film festival braces for more website attacks
Melbourne International Film Festival organisers expect continued attacks over the screening of a documentary about exhiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer.

China-based cyber attack hits Australia film festival site
A China-based cyber attack on Saturday shut down online bookings for a leading Australian film festival, days before a controversial visit by a leading critic of Beijing, organisers said.

Google to hunt those charging for free service
Google is investigating companies who charge $500 for services the search engine provides free. The owners of a Queensland small business said they registered the business at their home address when they started because they had not finalised the acquisition of their business premises.

CDT Report: Privacy, Legal Concerns Surround Secret Government Cybersecurity System [news release]
The Center for Democracy & Technology today released a report outlining a series of privacy and legal questions that surround the government computer monitoring system known as "Einstein." The report calls on the Administration to release information about the legal authority for Einstein, the role of the nation's top spy agency, the National Security Agency, in its development and operation, and the impact of Einstein on the privacy.

In French Inquiry, a Glimpse at Corporate Spying
The story has the elements of a corporate thriller: a cast of characters that includes former French spies and military men, an American cycling champion, Greenpeace activists and a dogged judge whose investigation takes him from a sports doping laboratory outside Paris to a Moroccan jail and to some of the top corporations in France.

us: Privacy protections could hamper agencies' adoption of cookies
The White House's newly proposed plan to lift a nine-year ban on placing online-tracking devices on federal Web sites could conflict with other government regulations, some privacy and new media specialists said.

China steps up fight against online porn [Xinhua]
China's ongoing war against Internet pornography and prostitution is to be ramped up, said the Ministry of Public Security Thursday. The crackdown between August and October will be conducted by nine government and Communist Party departments, involving police, publicity, health, information technology, banking, and radio, film and television.

uk: MP calls on YouTube to remove Real IRA propaganda videos
The Real IRA and Continuity IRA have been dealt a propaganda blow in cyberspace. YouTube has confirmed to the Observer this weekend that it is investigating the presence of films praising the dissident republican terror groups on its worldwide video-sharing network.

us: Markey, Eshoo Unveil Net Neutrality Bill
Reps. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., reprised the congressional push for a so-called "network neutrality" mandate on Friday by introducing legislation that would prevent Internet service providers such as telephone and cable companies from interfering with Web content that passes through their pipelines. The bill would essentially bar ISPs from using the claim of network management to impose their own priorities on data traffic, based on financial arrangements or other considerations.

Behind Microsoft-Yahoo: The Online Economics of Scale
In their persuasion assault on Wednesday, Carol A. Bartz and Steven A. Ballmer repeatedly explained the Microsoft-Yahoo deal using a term from classical economics: ?scale.?

A deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! Bingoo!
Users will probably not notice the difference. But the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo!, the world?s biggest software firm and the leading web portal, for a ten-year partnership in searches and advertising on the internet, may one day be seen as a momentous event. The combination, which was announced on July 29th after years of speculation about a tie-up, is not as far-reaching as originally envisaged. But it is likely to create a serious rival to Google, the online giant that dominates both of these activities.

Advertisers welcome Yahoo and Microsoft deal to take on Google
Advertisers today offered a warm welcome to the planned merger of Yahoo and Microsoft's online search engines, designed to take on the increasing power wielded by Google.

Yahoo Got a Great Deal, Says Microsoft?s Ballmer
Yahoo?s stock price is down about 16 percent since it announced its deal Wednesday morning to turn over its Web search operations to Microsoft in exchange for an 88 percent cut of the advertising revenue.

Microsoft-Yahoo: Antitrust Hurdles Loom
Don't expect the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal to sail through a regulatory review. Sure, it's tempting to think Justice Dept. officials won't quibble much over a deal aimed at helping two struggling companies get a leg up against a market-leading competitor. That's essentially the line taken by executives at Microsoft and Yahoo! to explain why their 10-year pact shouldn't be held up by an antitrust review.

Battle for control of the internet in Peru by Jorge Bossio and APCNews
Someone turns on his or her computer, clicks on a link to a website that someone recommended and gets a message like this from the internet service provider: ?This site is not available with the basic service plan. To subscribe to premium service, please call 0-800-555-1234.?

Cable fault cuts off West Africa
Large parts of West Africa are struggling to get back online following damage to an undersea cable.

Australian telecoms regulation change closer
The federal government is one step closer to introducing legislative changes to the nation's failed telecommunications regulatory regime. It has received more than 30 submissions detailing the legal framework needed to ensure that its national broadband network (NBN) project does not flounder.

nz: TelstraClear announces cable upgrades - and tells govt to butt out
While Telecom and Vodafone make nice, TelstraClear has further isolated itself from the government?s $1.5 billion fibre initiative - offering more belligerent commentary alongside its announcement of plans to upgrade 80,000 Wellington and Christchurch cable connections.

nz: Vodafone: first customers will get turbocharged 3G in October
Following a ?technical validation? trial today, the carrier promises its network upgrade, which will offer DSL-like data speeds on a mobile, will be in Auckland trial customers? hands by October, with widespread commercial deployment during 2010. PLUS: what's next?

Business NZ reignites telco regulation debate
Business New Zealand says better and more effective regulation that encourages investment is needed in telecommunications and in other areas of the economy to boost productivity.

uk: Missing Bebo schoolgirl's man has mental health issues
Police are searching for a missing schoolgirl, believed to have run away with a man she met on the internet site Bebo.


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