[DNS] domain name news - 24 August

[DNS] domain name news - 24 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 22:32:46 -0700 (PDT)
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Google 'evangelist' sees web, brain implant link [Sunday Star Times]

Managing variants at the top-level by Tina Dam

Solving the remaining IDN issues by Kurt Pritz

NCUC Letter to ICANN Board of Directors & CEO on NCSG Charter Issue

NCUC Letter Makes 3 Simple Requests: Will the ICANN Board cooperate? by Milton Mueller

"Top Ten Myths About Civil Society Participation in ICANN? From the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC)

More top-down manipulation of the policy process by Milton Mueller

au: Invoice overload: ACCC warns about questionable trade mark renewals [news release]

Australian regulator warns about questionable trade mark renewals, including domain name renewals

Australian State Opposition Politicians Play Cybersquatters

au: Nationals register 'Nathan Rees' domain

'Cybersquatter' targets NSW Labor Party

Nats nab Nate's net name

Vendor wanted 'tens of thousands' for Rees domain name

China's IP address will be used up in 2 years

Richard Gabriel Sells DropShippers.com for $1.5 Million - His Second 7-Figure Sale in Five Months

Google 'evangelist' sees web, brain implant link [Sunday Star Times]
The man regarded as one of the founding fathers of the internet, Vint Cerf, is in New Zealand - and he says the future of the web is in our bodies and in outer space.

Vint Cerf: words from the wise [Sunday Star Times]
If you set your mind to visualising the Father of the Internet, and arrived at a fuzzy notion of a sort of North American Doctor Who, you'd be pretty close to the mark. A snow-bearded and professorial 66-year-old, dressed invariably in a formal three-piece suit, Google vice-president Vint Cerf has a youthful intensity in his eyes and an avuncular, but slightly otherworldly nature: a wise old man who has dropped by from parts unknown to tell you what the future is like.

CENTR Comment on the Continuation of the IGF
The Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries, CENTR, has been participating actively in the IGF process since the early years of the WSIS summits. Starting from the WSIS in Tunis in 2005, CENTR members have welcomed the opportunity to educate the various stakeholders on several matters related to the management of the domain name system within the Internet Governance Forum framework. ... Therefore, CENTR fully support the continuation of the IGF and would like to present some recommendations:

ICANN: Public Comment: Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery
The Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group that was launched following the adoption of its charter by the GNSO Council on 24 June 2009 is requesting your input to inform its deliberations to answer the questions outlined below. In addition to your views on these questions, the Working Group is particularly interested in receiving supporting data and information related to the questions outlined below. Any information to help quantify the problem or information on specific situations that you are aware of that might be addressed as part of these questions, would be appreciated.

Managing variants at the top-level by Tina Dam
Variant TLDs and how they are managed is one of the most hotly discussed topics we are facing at the moment. What are variant TLDs, you ask? Well, that?s where the discussion begins?

Solving the remaining IDN issues by Kurt Pritz
One particularly important aspect of ICANN?s launch of new gTLDs will be the availability of IDNs at the top level. That eagerly anticipated enhancement to Internet participation has also raised some issues.

ICANN confirms: new gTLDs coming Q1 2010
In June, I gave ICANN's tentative release schedule for new gTLDs after ICANN Senior Vice President of Services Kurt Pritz had revealed it during the Sydney GNSO Council meeting.

NCUC Letter to ICANN Board of Directors & CEO on NCSG Charter Issue
This letter comes from nearly 150 individual and organizational members of ICANN?s Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC). It is also endorsed by public interest groups outside of NCUC. We are all deeply concerned about the July 30, 2009 ICANN Board decisions regarding the restructuring of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). We believe that the Noncommercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) chartering process has been seriously flawed on both procedural and substantive grounds. We appeal to you to address these problems before permanent damage is done to ICANN?s reputation, to the GNSO reform process, and to the interests of noncommercial users of the Internet..

NCUC Letter Makes 3 Simple Requests: Will the ICANN Board cooperate? by Milton Mueller
Yesterday the Chair of ICANN's noncommercial users constituency, Robin Gross of IPJustice, sent an important letter to the ICANN Board and its new CEO, Rod Beckstrom. The letter, which had the unanimous support of 145 members of the GNSO constituency, makes three specific requests of the Board. The Board's willingness to grant these demands is being carefully watched by civil society groups, and is considered a test of ICANN's willingness to accommodate - or exclude -- the participation of public interest groups.

NCUC Sends Letter to ICANN Board and New CEO, Asks for Direct Meeting With the Full Board
Milton Meuller on the IGP blog reports that last week the Chair of ICANN's noncommercial users constituency, Robin Gross of IPJustice, sent a letter to the ICANN Board and its new CEO, Rod Beckstrom..

?Top Ten Myths About Civil Society Participation in ICANN? From the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC)
ICANN Staff and the commercial constituencies at ICANN have been busy spreading mis-information about civil society participation at ICANN - largely to keep civil society and noncommercial interests marginalized. For example, ICANN is not allowing the noncommercial users to elect their representatives on the GNSO Policy Council and will instead "appoint" representatives, unlike all the other constituencies at ICANN. Here are a few of the top myths spread about civil society at ICANN and the truth about these myths.

More top-down manipulation of the policy process by Milton Mueller
Rod Beckstrom really has his work cut out for him. ICANN?s policy staff, which is supposed to merely facilitate an open, bottom-up process of policy making by you, me and other stakeholders, has once again taken advantage of the organization?s lack of real accountability to put itself in charge of deciding who can and cannot participate in making critical policy decisions.

Threats to Internet Oversight Mount as Key Protection Expires by Steve DelBianco
Before the US Government abdicates its oversight of ICANN it should take a long, hard look at the mounting efforts by world governments to assume greater power over the Internet's addressing system. If those efforts meet no further resistance, the once-theoretical threat of "capture" could become a reality.

ICANN Must Simultaneously Reveal TLD and Second-Level Registration Rules by Alex Tajirian
I outline two possible drawbacks with the idea of first revealing rules for the new proposed TLDs and then for second-level registrations. I propose a lottery process to initially allocate second-level domain names.

Domain Name Expiration Practices are Under Review
The recently launched Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group is seeking public input on domain expiration policies. Specifically, the working group is charged with answering these questions:

ICANN gTLD Consultation NYC - John Berryhill
John Berryhill responds to the Implementation Recommendation Team's report at the ICANN gTLD Implementation Consultation Session - Millennium Hotel NYC - Jul 13 2009.

ICANN adopts new domain tasting policy
A new policy adopted by ICANN, the organization responsible for the assignment of domain names and IP addresses, has brought the practice of domain tasting to an end.

ICANN Reviewing Domain Expiration Practices
ICANN working group The Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group is asking for the domain community's input on domain expiration policies.

ICANN Not Enforcing Rules Against Registrar Warehousing Because There Are No Rules
One of the leading domain attorneys we all know and love sent me an e-mail today about my Post the other day concerning Domain Registrars which warehouse expired domains of their customers instead of releasing them into a drop or auction.

ICANN Fails to Deal With Warehousing & Registrars Conduct In Its ?Expired Domain Policy Review?
ICANN announced this week, the opening of the comment period for the ?Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group?, seeking opinions certain matters from the registrant point of view, but failed to follow its own staff recommendation that it should address warehousing by registrars.

Give Your Opinion - Post-Expiry Domain Name Recovery
ICANN's Post-Expiry Domain Name Recovery Working Group (bit of a mouthful!) has opened a comment period.

Support New TLDs Letter to Rod Beckstrom, ICANN CEO
Dear Rod, A long-running assertion says that there is no demand for new TLDs, and those who propagate this canard say that ICANN has to prove demand before the application period for new TLDs can begin. Although it is impossible to prove or disprove something that hasn?t happened yet, we think there is demonstrable demand, and what follows is the evidence we have gathered. We hope you find it useful.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
ae: Internet property wars reach UAE
... Since the registration process for UAE domains was simplified last year, a significant market has emerged for the resale of high-profile addresses. With this has come a growing interest by online speculators in registering domains that could prove valuable as web addresses when resold.

Speculators make millions from .ae domains
Speculators are making millions of dirhams buying premium UAE domain names and reselling them for a huge profit, local daily the National reported on Monday.

au: Invoice overload: ACCC warns about questionable trade mark renewals [news release]
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is reminding business owners to be vigilant after a spike in complaints about unsolicited letters that may appear to be trade mark renewal notices. ... The websites tend to have poor search functions and are not actively promoted on the internet. The directories and publications appear to have limited circulation. Letters that look like domain name registration renewals are usually touting for new customers, and rely on limited knowledge of the domain name systems.

Australian regulator warns about questionable trade mark renewals, including domain name renewals
In a warning to Australian trademark holders about unsolicited letters that may appear to be trade mark renewal notices, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has included letters purporting to be domain name registration renewals as something businesses should be wary of.

au: ACCC warns trade mark owners
... ?The letters are often designed to trick the account payer into paying for unnecessary services such as domain name registrations, listings on online databases and ads in various publications,? said ACCC deputy chair Michael Schaper. ?The end result is the business owner paying for a new listing on a website or in a directory, often of little value.?

ACCC warns on trademark invoice scam
... Schaper says SMEs are being targetted by mailout scams, including scams around domain name registrations, listings on online directories and advertisements in publications.

DK Hostmaster upgrades its self-service facility, ERP system and website
On 30 August 2009, users of the DK Hostmaster website will benefit from an improved self-service facility. Our website will have a new, user-friendly design to match the upgraded self-service facility. At the same time, we will be implementing a new ERP system with new functionality and a new invoice layout. These initiatives will enable us to introduce new system functionality to meet user requirements in the future.

Registrations of .eu hit 3m
Domain name registrations for .eu web addresses peaked at three million earlier this year.

Dot-eu is loosing ground ? Already
Most websites and e-mail addresses are dot-com. But how about dot-us? Apart from sites like spot.us, where the ?us?-part has a clear extra value (just like dot-tv has in other fields), most Americans still seem to prefer dot-com. It is supposed to serve businesses all over the world, but is clearly dominated by American entrepeneurship..

Economic downturn hits EU internet domain name
Four years after it was created, Europe's top-level internet domain - .eu - has attracted over 3 million registrations, with applicants from Germany the most numerous. But the project has not managed to entirely avoid the effects of the economic crisis.

ICANN Gives .Pro Green Light to Offer 1, 2 and 3-Character Domains and .Mobi Launches a New "Resource Center" Website
RegistryPro, the operator of the .pro TLD, says it has reached an agreement with ICANN that will allow them to release and allocate of one, two and three-character domain names starting in the fourth quarter of this year. The registry said availability of names like i.pro, pr.pro and 777.pro is expected to generate significant interest from registrants. The extension could certainly use a boost as it has struggled to find an audience since it was introduced in 2005.

Nominet customer satisfaction surveys
We are committed to providing all of our customers with the highest levels of service. Your opinion counts. That's why we are launching two customer satisfaction surveys to measure the level of satisfaction with the support services that we offer. These surveys are being carried out on our behalf by an independent market research company called The Leadership Factor..

uk: Reducing online shopping risks
There have been a couple of stories in the media over recent weeks from Trading Standards Officers in the UK and the US Federal Trade Commission about consumers being tricked into buying fake goods on the Internet by companies pretending to be based in the UK. As online shopping becomes increasingly prevalent in the UK, and with 72% of UK consumers preferring to search for a .co.uk web site than a .com, it is more important than ever that consumers take sufficient care when shopping on the Internet.

Australian State Opposition Politicians Play Cybersquatters
The New South Wales National Party is being investigated for seemingly registering the domain name of the name of the premier of the state of New South Wales. If proved, this is in clear breach of the registration rules for .AU domain names where there needs to be a ?close and substantial connection? between the registrant and the domain name.

au: Nationals register 'Nathan Rees' domain
The New South Wales National Party is under investigation for registering the website nathanrees.com.au. The web is set to play its most prominent role yet in a New South Wales state election.

'Cybersquatter' targets NSW Labor Party
The New South Wales Labor Party was targeted by a 'cybersquatter' who was also suspected of trying to cash-in on the Beaconsfield mine tragedy.

Nats nab Nate's net name
EDMOND ROY: Online marketers have been telling us for years that in the online world keeping control of your name is everything. Battles have been fought and big deals done to secure the prime online real estate of domain names.

Deputy Carmel Tebbutt's site raises ALP leadership question for Nathan Rees
The NSW leadership question has reared its head once again after revelations The Labor party has managed to register a website in the name of Deputy leader Carmel Tebbutt but neglected to do so for Nathan Rees. Instead, in a sneaky move that has since been declared illegal, the NSW National Party has managed to secure the site in the name of the Premier.

Vendor wanted 'tens of thousands' for Rees domain name
The boss of the New South Wales Labor Party says he rejected an offer to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars to secure the domain name nathanrees.com.au

Name-grabbing bites Nationals
Nathan Rees continues to bat away rumours that the axe is hovering over his leadership, but a bungle by the NSW ALP head office is not helping. Sussex Street has quietly handed over $127 to secure an internet domain name for the Deputy Premier and reluctant leadership contender, Carmel Tebbutt - but it did not do the same for the Premier.

Non-Profit Urban Logic Guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
Reverse domain name hijackingPalo Alto-based non-profit Urban Logic, Inc. has been found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking in a domain dispute at World Intellectual Property Organization.

 - IPv4/IPv6
China's IP address will be used up in 2 years
As the number of internet users keeps soaring, China's IP address will be used up in two or three years, according to Wu Hequan, an expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Richard Gabriel Sells DropShippers.com for $1.5 Million - His Second 7-Figure Sale in Five Months
Richard Gabriel has just closed the $1.5 million sale of DropShippers.com to Tom Hashem of Scranton, Pennyslvania. You may recall that Gabriel is the man who sold Auction.com to REDC for $1.7 million in March, so he has now racked up $3.2 million in just two transactions over the past five months.

Strong Week of Domain Sales Overcomes the Summer Doldrums With a Swift Kick to the Cash Register
Summer is supposed to be the slow time of the year, but this week someone apparently forgot to tell domain buyers about that. We saw a solid group six-figure sales including one that ranks as the 6th biggest transaction reported so far in 2009. Another is the biggest non .com global TLD sale of the year to date.

Sedo Releases New Domain Parking Features
As domain parking revenue falls, parking companies have to focus on what they can control. They can?t control algorithm changes at Google and Yahoo, but they can improve optimization. This week Sedo rolled out major changes to its parking platform, designed to boost overall revenue.

Rick Latona Auctions CPA / Lead Generation Auction Starts Friday ? Initial List Released [news release]
Rick Latona Auctions upcoming Themed CPA - Lead Gen - Affiliate Marketing Auction starts on Friday, August 21 at 8:00am EDT and the initial list of domains has been released and is posted at www.ricklatona.com/auctions.

Premium Domain INTV.com Available Immediately Through Moniker Brokerage
Oversee.net, the leader in Internet real estate, said today INTV.com, a highly prized domain name ideal for interactive or Internet-based television, or other advanced media, is immediately available. The name is being brokered exclusively through Moniker, an Oversee.net company and one of the industry?s premier brokerage providers.

BookHotels.com Biggest Sedo Sale of the Week
After a few six-figure sales in recent weeks, the week to 17 August saw bookhotels.com being the only sale of note selling for ?50,000 (US$71,170). This was the only sale above $50,000 for the week.

AEIOU.COM and DigiLoan.com announce partnership
[news release] AEIOU.COM, the leader in selling custom web design for the domain industry and beyond announced today a temporary partnership with DigiLoan, Inc a company that has traditionally only loaned funds on domain purchases.

Michael Berkens - The Untold Story Behind The Best Kept Secret in the Domain Business
Michael Berkens has been buying domains since 1997 and over the years he has become one of the most successful investors in the history of this business with earnings well into seven figures. After launching a popular blog at TheDomains.com in 2007 he has also become one of the most respected commentators on developments in this ever-changing industry.

New Sedo Parking Products Released : Optimize and improve your portfolio's performance
In addition to launching the new category tree and Auto Categorization Tool this week, Sedo?s product development team has just released these exciting new parking products: 2-Click Parking Templates, Related Links Auto Optimization, Content Match, and improved functionality for bulk changes in accounts.

Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Past Five Years: Pew Internet Looks Back
Overview: Teenagers have previously lagged behind adults in their ownership of cell phones, but several years of survey data collected by the Pew Internet & American Life Project show that those ages 12-17 are closing the gap in cell phone ownership. The Project first began surveying teenagers about their mobile phones in its 2004 Teens and Parents project when a survey showed that 45% of teens had a cell phone. Since that time, mobile phone use has climbed steadily among teens ages 12 to 17 ? to 63% in fall of 2006 to 71% in early 2008.

eu: Commission sets new information society challenge: Becoming literate in new media [news release]
The way we use media is changing, the volume of information enormous, demanding more of us than being able to read, write or use a computer. The European Commission today warned that Europeans young and old could miss out on the benefits of today's high-tech information society unless more is done to make them 'media literate' enough to access, analyse and evaluate images, sounds and texts and use traditional and new media to communicate and create media content. The Commission said EU countries and the media industry need to increase awareness of the many media messages people encounter, be they advertisements, movies or online content.

News Corp. pushing to create an online news consortium
The media giant, advocating a model that would charge for news distributed online and on portable devices, has met recently with major publishers.

OPINION: Setting the price of a free press
If the 1st Amendment is to mean anything, Congress has to suspend antitrust rules for the newspaper industry so publishers can determine as a group how much to charge for online content.

The Days of the Internet Free Lunch Are Numbered
Media billionaire Rupert Murdoch wants to start charging online readers of his newspapers a fee. His decision has launched a fierce debate over the future of the culture of free content on the Internet. It has also posed a difficult question for publishers: How much are we worth to readers?

Unplugged: US cyber junkies go cold turkey [AFP]
The first US retreat for internet addicts has opened its doors, welcoming a teenager that was captive to the World of Warcraft online role-playing videogame.

Extra! Extra! FTC Announces Revised Schedule for Workshop: "From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?" [news release]
The Federal Trade Commission today announced December 1 and 2, 2009, as the dates on which it will begin a series of workshops titled "From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?" The workshops previously were scheduled to begin on September 15, 2009.

au: Fairfax ready to discuss charging for online news: CEO McCarthy
Fairfax Media is open to forming an agreement with rival News Ltd. in an effort to get readers to pay for online content, Fairfax chief Brian McCarthy said today.

Mining the Web for Feelings, Not Facts
Computers may be good at crunching numbers, but can they crunch feelings? The rise of blogs and social networks has fueled a bull market in personal opinion: reviews, ratings, recommendations and other forms of online expression.

Forget internet dating, this is online matchmaking
British Asians are looking for love on matrimonial websites, but can you really find your life partner online?

Take embarrassing pics off Facebook, Berlin warns
The German government warned job-seekers Friday to avoid posting potentially compromising pictures or remarks on social networking sites such as Facebook, citing a study about their use by employers.

MXit Mixes Mobile Networks with Social Conscience
The South Africa-based wireless service is gaining millions of developing-world users by emphasizing social change, not just music and games

au: Booby trap: children exposed to raunchy ads
As more and more young children become internet-savvy, the need for parents to protect them from harmful content grows. A Sensis e-business report has revealed a big jump in the number of children under the age of five who use the internet.

au: Internet filtering meetings: Senior public servants keen on speed
Senior public servants have focused on speed in technical discussions with industry representatives on the Federal Government?s controversial ISP-level Internet filtering scheme. Up to eight senior bureaucrats from the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy met with a team from security vendor, Marshal8e6, on August 19 in Canberra. 

nz: The tight grip of new-age bullying [The Dominion Post]
School children are at risk of text and cyber bullying because of out-of-date policies originally set to protect them, a report into a Wellington bullying case has found.

nz: Major conference on human trafficking planned [NZPA]
A major conference on human trafficking will be held in New Zealand next month.

us: Beware the Bullies [AP]
As many as one in three U.S. children have been ridiculed or threatened through computer messages, according to one estimate of the emerging problem of cyberbullying.

Disproportionate Sentencing for Possession of Child Pornography: Witchcraft Trials of the Modern Age? by Jesse P. Basbaum [Hastings Law Journal]
Abstract: This Note identifies several infirmities of United States Sentencing Guideline section 2G2.2, the sentencing scheme for possession of child pornography. The production and web-based dissemination of child pornography images has increased substantially over the past decade.

Sweden launches criminal probe of Pirate Bay sale
Sweden's Economic Crimes Bureau has begun an investigation into some of the events surrounding the planned acquisition of The Pirate Bay by Global Gaming Factor X.

Pirate Bay acquisition appears to be unraveling
The Pirate Bay has always attracted a lot of controversy, but now investigations and scrutiny have cropped up around the company bidding to take over the famed BitTorrent tracker.

Report: Singapore considers 'three strikes' anti-piracy law [IDG]
Singaporean authorities are studying a law that would cut off the Internet access of users who receive three warnings to stop downloading pirated content, the Straits Times newspaper reported.

Sydney movie, music pirate earns jail time
The Australian arms of the music and film industry have won a victory against piracy with the news that Sydney man Yong Hong Lin has been handed a three-month jail term for selling illegal imported discs from his Eastwood music and movie store.

Mobile TV 'very slow' to take off
Mobile TV has so far failed to deliver on its promise of ubiquity, but analysts expect worldwide user numbers to increase to 54 million in 2009..

Reading bar codes with mobile phones: Snap it, click it, use it - A new way to deliver information to mobile phones is spreading around the world
Negotiating his way across a crowded concourse at a busy railway station, a traveller removes his phone from his pocket and, using its camera, photographs a bar code printed on a poster. He then looks at the phone to read details of the train timetable displayed there. In Japan, such conveniences are commonplace, and almost all handsets come with the bar code-reading software already loaded.. In America and Europe, though, they are only just being introduced.

Nokia pledges smartphone assault on Apple
Nokia has pledged to strike back at Apple and produce mobile phones that will compete effectively with the US technology company?s iPhone.

Apple Denies It Rejected Google Application for iPhone
Apple told the Federal Communications Commission on Friday that it did not reject an iPhone application submitted by Google and that it was still studying it, in part because of privacy concerns.

Apple leaves door open to approving Google Voice, albeit a different incarnation
Apple today denied it had rejected the Google Voice app for distribution on its iTunes online store, technically leaving the door open for Google to submit a modified version that would address Apple's concerns about the app's look and feel.

Apple tries to 'pull the wool over' FCC's eyes, says iPhone dev
The developer of one of the Google Voice-related applications yanked from the iPhone App Store last month isn't buying Apple Inc.'s explanation to the Federal Communications Commission.

Google Voice interferes with iPhone 'experience', says Apple [Reuters]
Apple told US regulators it has not approved Google's Voice application, which could challenge the wireless industry's giants, because it interferes with the iPhone "user experience".

Apple denies rejecting Google Voice for iPhone
In responses to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) inquiries about Google Voice, Apple today denied that it has rejected the application, AT&T said it played no part in Apple's iPhone application review process, and Google asked the agency to redact its answer about Google Voice's App Store status.

Apple Lifts the Curtain on App Store Approvals
On Friday, Apple, along with AT&T and Google, filed responses to the Federal Communications Commission?s inquiry into Apple?s rejection of an iPhone application developed by Google.

India Added 14.4 Million Mobile Subscribers in July [IDG]
India added 14.4 million new mobile subscribers in July, bringing the total number of mobile subscribers in the country to 442 million, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said on Thursday.

Software groups hail China piracy verdict
The global software industry was on Friday celebrating what it said was a landmark victory against Chinese piracy after a district court sent four men to prison and handed them hefty fines for distributing counterfeit versions of Microsoft?s Windows XP and other computer programs over the internet.

China Court Issues Rare Piracy Penalty to Windows Copycats
A Chinese court sentenced four people to prison and levied roughly $1.6 million in fines against them for various counts of software copyright infringement, in what an industry group cheered as a major victory in a market where piracy is rampant.

Twitter's bid to trademark 'tweet' fails
The word "tweet" may have entered the international lexicon thanks to an explosion in 140-word microblogging messages, but an attempt by Twitter's founders to trademark it has been rejected.

British teenage girl is first to be jailed for bullying on Facebook
A teenager who posted death threats on Facebook has become the first person in Britain to be jailed for bullying on a social networking site.

Cyberbully Keeley Houghton gets 3 months for Facebook death threats
A teenager was ordered to be detained yesterday for posting death threats on Facebook.

au: Net scam attacks on taxpayers on rise
Internet scammers have stepped up their attacks on the personal details of Australian taxpayers, with the tax office reporting a 31 per cent increase in cyber security incidents.

Buy this dog or it will be killed: Nigerians strike again
A Nigerian scam selling fake puppies and kittens is targeting Australian animal lovers.

au: Fairfax accuses website of plagiarism
Fairfax Business Media has accused website BusinessSpectator.com.au of plagiarism for publishing abstracts of The Australian Financial Review, as publishers become increasingly alarmed about the appropriation of their content by online businesses.

Bloggers lose their cloak of anonymity in US
Bloggers sometimes hide behind their anonymity to make comments which they would be reluctant to make in the offline world. Anonymity is often thought to protect bloggers from being accountable for their comments. However, this thin veneer of protection can be removed either by application to court or, sometimes, by some simple cyber-sleuthing.

au: A blurry line divides public interest and insensitivity
The issue of privacy is one of the media's more vexed questions. How journalists deal with it is as confused and contrary as our attitudes to it as consumers; we enthusiastically lap up wanton gossip no matter how intrusive it might be, yet shriek with outrage if we feel our own privacy is being invaded. ... It is not based on law (there is no constitutional or legal right to privacy in Australia) nor is it enshrined in broadcasting regulations. At this stage, the new interpretation is based merely on ACMA's "thinking".

uk: Phorm's shares dip on news of OFT inquiry
The share price of controversial behavioural targeting firm Phorm fallen by more than 20% in early trading today, after the Office of Fair Trading announced an investigation into how the habits and personal information of web users are used to target internet advertising.

us: Net neutrality: Back in the spotlight for debate
The debate over Net neutrality has reignited as broadband service providers hit the first deadline for applying for funds as part of President Obama's economic stimulus plan.

Where Yahoo Leaves Google in the Dust
Google has an outsize image as the deft master of information. Its superior technology seems to pitilessly grind up its rivals. But Google?s domination in search has proved hard for it to match in some information domains. When serving financial news and information, for example, Yahoo draws 17.5 times the traffic of Google, according to comScore Media Metrix.

Google Rivals Will Oppose Book Settlement
Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo are planning to join a coalition of nonprofit groups, individuals and library associations to oppose a proposed class-action settlement giving Google the rights to commercialize digital copies of millions of books.

Europe Divided on Google Book Deal
The proposed U.S. legal settlement giving Google the right to sell digital copies of millions of books is dividing publishers and authors in Europe, which has struggled to develop viable alternatives to Google?s ambitious book digitization project.

Tech's Bigs Put Google's Books Deal In Crosshairs
Three technology heavyweights and some library associations are joining a coalition led by a prominent Silicon Valley lawyer to challenge Google Inc.'s settlement with authors and publishers.

Google's book project faces growing opposition
Google's ambition to create the largest body of human knowledge on the internet by scanning millions of library books and turning them into a massive digital publishing venture is prompting growing opposition from authors and legal experts who object to its scope and copyright implications.

Femtocells still years away from mainstream
Femtocell deployments are still several years away from becoming mainstream, according to analyst firm Berg Insight.

FCC Can't Wrangle Wireless Industry
Analysis: The Federal Communications Commission will next week begin to take a broad look at the wireless industry. What took so long?

Chilean judges acquit Melbourne man of child porn
A Melbourne rugby coach is getting his life back together after three judges in Chile cleared him on charges of child pornography last week.


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