[DNS] domain name news - 3 September

[DNS] domain name news - 3 September

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We need YOU! Discuss solutions to your biggest ICANN problems

African ccTLDs hesitate to tap ICANN support

ICANN to hold Belgium meeting in June 2010

food: Anna Wintour 'Just An Employee' to Wolfgang Puck's Wife

Government rules out IPv6 deadline for NZ

Will the web run out of numbers?

nz: Guardian of open access online

We need YOU! Discuss solutions to your biggest ICANN problems
At the joint meeting of ICANN?s advisory committees and supporting organizations in Sydney, a number of core issues and corresponding possible solutions were discussed and pulled into a summary document.

African ccTLDs hesitate to tap ICANN support
Misconception about the role of ICANN has kept many African ccTLD from taking advantage of support from the organization, according to experts.

ICANN to hold Belgium meeting in June 2010
Great news for all European Internet watchers, especially those from Belgium and France, ICANN's June 2010 international meeting will be held in Brussels.

Brussels to hold ICANN June 2010 Meeting
In its most recent board meeting on 27 August, ICANN decided to hold its June 2010 meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting will be hosted by EURid from 21 to 25 June.

Host of New Website Addresses Likely Next Year
A slew of new internet addresses could be established in SA next year, including the city-specific names capetown.za and Joburg.za.

ICANN Seeking a Full-Time Lobbyist
When then-ICANN CEO Paul Twomey got grilled by Congress in June, I wondered how ICANN didn?t think to do a bit of lobbying before the hearing. ICANN spends a little money on lobbying, but not much. Now that it?s clear the organization can?t just run away from government control, the company is revving up its lobbying engine.

ICANN Seeks Lobbyist, Hires Key Positions
Internet regulation body ICANN announced on Monday that it is seeking to hire a vice president of governmental affairs, as well as other major leadership roles.

Has ICANN Opened Pandora's Box? New gTLDs Are Still Months Away But the Lawsuits and Recriminations Have Already Begun
I fully expect that ICANN's plan to roll out unlimited new gTLDs starting early next year will create chaos, with consternation among confused consumers, anger among trademark holders who will have to spend more to protect their marks in new extensions, and turf battles between warring parties competing to operate the higher profile new gTLD registries.

ICT Sector Scrambles to Mitigate Security Risk
The arrival of fibre optic cables to the region has thrown the ICT sector into a frenzy with experts seeking ways to mitigate against the increased security risks likely to arise from high speed Internet connection. ... "The expected outcome of this forum will be a framework that ushers the region into the digital economy that will also constitute the negotiating platform during the fourth UN Internet forum to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in November, the African Information Society Conference in January next year and the 37th ICANN meeting to be held in Nairobi next March," reads a statement by the event's organisers.

.Sport Asks, Just What is a Top Level Domain?
TLD fightIf the .Sport Policy Advisory Council has its way, Shaq won?t be able to get his hands on the .basketball TLD. In a letter to ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate-Thrush and CEO Rod Beckstrom, the .Sport Policy Advisory Council suggests that a top level domain name should be the very top of a category, and anything less than that would diminish the importance of top level domain names.

ICANN addresses flawed rules [sub req'd]
ICANN is reviewing whether or not people have enough opportunity to reclaim domain names that they have allowed to expire.

Domain tasting stamped out by cost increase
Companies registering domain names now have to pay more for the privilege as ICANN tries to stamp out domain name tasting.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
The .aeDA of the TRA Launches an Advertising Campaign to Attract 200,000 new .ae Registrants [news release]
The .ae Domain Administration (.aeDA) of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) launched a full advertising campaign for the UAE national domain name (.ae) in the beginning of August 2009, aiming to make the .ae domain name the definitive and default location where the Internet using public of the UAE can be represented in the World Wide Web; hence, the campaign will be concluded in the end of October 2009.

Promotion Launched To Get 200,000 More .AE Domains
The .ae Domain Administration (.aeDA) has launched a two month advertising campaign to promote the United Arab Emirates ccTLD .AE with the aim of attracting an additional 200,000 registrations by 2010.

TRA targets 200,000 new registrants at .ae
The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a new marketing campaign to raise awareness of the .ae domain.

The .aeDA of the TRA Takes Serious Actions Against Cyber-Squatting and Prohibited Registrations of Trademarks that Violate Its Rules [news release]
As part of its commitment toward the local internet community, the .ae Domain Administration (.aeDA) of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) commenced the process of auditing domain name registrations that violate .aeDA policies.

.BAYERN GTLD Proposed for Bavaria
German cities and regions are the most enthusiastic in expressing interest for new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) that are likely to go live in 2010 according to the latest timetable from ICANN.

Domain Desperation And Six Minute Abs: .Biz To Sell One Character Domains
The more top level domains that are approved by ICANN, the less each of them is worth. People continue to flock to .com: 82 million of the 111 million non-country specific domains registered are .com. Everyone else splits what?s left, with .net and .org taking the bulk of the leftovers.

food: Anna Wintour 'Just An Employee' to Wolfgang Puck's Wife
New court papers have Wolfgang Puck's wife dissing everyone from Anna Wintour to Shaquille O'Neal and proclaiming herself "the new Bill Gates." It's the inevitable trainwreck ending to a food huckster's partnership with a group of internet speculators. Puck, the ultimate hustler of high-end food, sought to do business with the ultimate internet land grabber, an outfit trying to lock up top-level domains like ".wine," ".nyc" and ".basketball." A case filed by the latter group in U.S. District Court in Seattle, alleging breach of contract, tortious interference and fraud, makes it clear the relationship quickly soured.

Wolfgang Puck Starts .Food Fight Over Top Level Domain
After teaming up with Wolfgang Puck to launch a bid for the .FOOD gTLD in June of this year, consulting firm Minds+Machines has now filed a complaint (along with Frederick R. Krueger) against the celebrity chef claiming that he has breached the contract and is also suing his wife, Gelila Puck, for fraudulent behavior.

Minds+Machines Sues Wolfgang Puck over .Food TLD
As if the new top level domain craze couldn?t get any weirder, new TLD consulting firm Minds+Machines is suing Wolfgang Puck and his wife. The lawsuit was filed by Minds+Machines, Top Level Domain Holdings, LTD., a British Virgin Islands registered company, and Federick R. Krueger.

Food Fight Anyone?
Ah the joy of it all. First we had the quite public squabbling over .eco that I mentioned recently, now it looks like we're going to have a full on "food fight".

.MX Commences Second-Level Registrations for All
As of 1 September, NIC.MX commenced registrations of second-level .MX registrations for all eligible registrants.

Sweden blocks "bank" domain name registrations
What can ccTLD (national suffix) managers do to reduce the risk of fraud for the users of online banking services? The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency's (PTS) answer: restrict domain name registrations containing the word "bank".

Sweden decide to limit use of word ?bank? in .SE domain names
The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, which monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden, has decided to take an unusual and surprising step when it comes to the registration of domain names ending in .SE. From now on it is illegal to register any .SE domain that contains the word ?bank? without prior consent. In other words, unless you have a good reason, for example, you are actually a bank, you won?t be able to register a domain name with the word in.

White House, Homeland Security join forces on cybersecurity
A strong partnership between the Homeland Security Department and the White House is critical to the success of the Obama's administration's cybersecurity agenda, according to top cybersecurity officials.

New threats emerge from once-trusted protocols and services
The rapid morphing and bundling of exploits for known vulnerabilities could be the biggest concern for security experts, but that doesn?t mean that new threats are not emerging. Two of the most troubling are in the Domain Name System and Secure Sockets Layer, services users have trusted for years.

eNom Helps Industry Pioneer Warren Weitzman Regain All of the Domain Names Stolen From His Account Last Month
Last month we told you about a major domain hijacking incident in which more than a dozen names were stolen from industry pioneer Warren Weitzman's account at eNom. At the time Weitzman said he thought there might have been a security breach as high as the registry level at Verisign - but the cause turned out to be the same one that is the culprit in most such incidents.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Government rules out IPv6 deadline for NZ
The government has decided there will be no direct action to force New Zealand companies to start making changes, nor will a deadline be established for all organisations to support IPv6.

US Air Force makes progress on IPv6
Network administrators and engineers at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., have been testing IPv6 traffic over the base network since April, with promising results.

Will the web run out of numbers?
Every machine that is connected to the internet needs a unique identification number, or IP address. The problem is that with more and more people going online these "IP addresses" are running out, and could be exhausted as soon as 2011.

No Summer Break for IPv6 by Yves Poppe
In India we saw the Department of Telecommunications take action. Late July the Telecom Engineering Centre organized a seminar where the recommendations for IPv4 to IPv6 transition put forward by the regulator (TRAI) were adopted. The highlights of the plan reflect a traditional Indian non aggressive but nonetheless forceful persuasion.

Internet address run-out: is it time to panic?
The latest predictions on IPv4 address run-out have brought forward the estimated exhaustion date, especially in the Asia Pacific region; Internet elder statesman Vint Cerf has warned of 'panic' solutions resulting in poor engineering; and the Australian Government Information Management Office has accelerated its IPv6 adoption timetable by three years.

nz: Guardian of open access online
Frank March has been around the running of New Zealand's internet for a long time. He was among the group that came together in 1994 to replace the consortium of universities and research institutes that were managing the fledgling network, with the aim of putting it on a more commercial and open basis.

ARIN and Caribbean Telecommunications Union Host Premier Internet Community Meeting [news release]
The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), a nonprofit that manages the distribution of Internet number resources, has partnered with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) to host a series of events developed to raise awareness of Internet Protocol (IP) addressing challenges and policy matters. ARIN will participate in these events, including CTU?s Internet Governance Forum held August 24-25, and the Caribbean ICT Roadshow held August 26-28.

Neustar Creates .BIZ Buzz With 1-Character Domain Auction at Sedo and Upcoming 2-Character Rollout. Company Also Picked to Operate Colombia's .CO Registry
The operator of the .BIZ registry, Neustar, has created some buzz around the extension with announcements yesterday and today detailing plans to make one and two character .BIZ domains available to the public. Neustar said this is the first time any major global top level domain (gTLD) registry has released all one and two-character names.

Network Solutions Displays Customers? Whois Queries to the Public
Network Solutions whoisHere?s an interesting new ?feature? on Network Solutions? web site: a list of domain name whois searches performed by customers in the past day.

Registration Opens for DOMAINFest Global 2010
As per the news release below, registration has now opened for DOMAINFest Global 2010, which will be held from January 26-28, 2010 at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

World's First and Largest Domain Conference Brings Online Industry to Las Vegas [news release]
The internet conference that formally launched the Domain Industry in 2004 will hold is first show of 2010 at Las Vegas, Nevada January 21 through 23. The Targeted Redirects And Financial Fulfillment Internet Conference, best known by its acronym T.R.A.F.F.I.C., will be hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The first show of 2010 provides a unique opportunity to gain insight from industry expe rts and network with the biggest and best names of the domain industry.

I?d call you for $1.1m ? Call.com Big Sedo Sale of the Week
Call.com?s sale for US$1.1m was the one big sale in the week to 31 August for Sedo. The sale dwarfs all other Sedo sales for the week with editor.com ($225,000), sextv.com ($97,500) and alternate.com ($90,000) other notable sales. In ccTLD sales, games.eu sold for ?67,500 ($96,600).

Dark Blue Sea Profit Plummets 74%
Dark Blue SeaDark Blue Sea has reported its annual results for the period ending June, and it isn?t pretty.

The most expensive domain names ever
Below is a list of the top 10 most expensive domain names according to the Domain Name Journal's records:

Study: Google pulls away in global search usage [IDG]
The latest worldwide statistics for search engine queries don't paint a pretty picture for Google competitors. In July, Google not only retained its spot as the world's most popular search engine but also grew faster than all but one of those in the top 10 list, according to comScore.

Global Search Market Draws More than 100 Billion Searches per Month
comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world today released a study of the global search market showing that more than 113 billion searches were conducted in July 2009, representing a 41-percent increase versus year ago. Google Sites attracted significantly more searches than any other engine with 76.7 billion searches conducted, or 67.5 percent market share. Yahoo! Sites ranked second worldwide with 8.9 billion searches (7.8 percent share), followed closely by Chinese search engine Baidu with 8 billion searches (7.0 percent share). Most of the top search properties worldwide experienced significant growth in search query volume versus last year, with Russian search engine Yandex growing at the fastest rate (94 percent) among the top ten.

German court rules against Google's user terms [AP]
A German court has ruled that Google must change terms of service that could be interpreted to compromise a user's rights, a decision the consumer advocacy group that brought the suit welcomed Monday as a victory for online transparency.

us: Viewers hunger for Web and TV at same time - study
U.S. television viewers are increasingly turning on the Web, tuning into television and not missing a beat on either, as simultaneous TV and Internet use continues to rise, research firm Nielsen said on Wednesday.

Microsoft plans to become a big player in Britain's news industry
Bill Gates's giant computer empire has ambitions to become a key provider of news to audiences in Britain, reports Ian Burrell from inside its London newsroom

Italian newspapers ask competition watchdog to investigate Google News
Italian newspapers have complained to competition regulators that Google's News service denies them their fair share of online advertising revenue, according to reports. Google has said that dissenting publishers can decline to use the system.

IE tumbles, Firefox regains market share mojo
Last month, Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer posted its largest market share loss since November 2008, while Firefox reaped nearly all the benefit, Web metrics company Net Applications said today.

au: TV to hit back against the internet
Free-to-air television broadcasters would join forces to create an on-demand streaming video service to television screens to tackle serious threats to their audience base, the ABC's head of television, Kim Dalton, said yesterday.

At 40, the Internet still reshaping history
At the time, it would have been hard to predict which of these events 40 years ago would prove to be most momentous:

Germany warns pollsters after Twitter leak
Germany's chief electoral commissioner told pollsters on Tuesday to be vigilant with their exit poll data on the Sept. 27 federal election after state results were published on Twitter before polls closed on Sunday.

German politicians livid after Twitter vote leak [AFP]
German politicians have warned of a "damage to democracy" after exit polls for three state elections were leaked on Twitter, the second time in recent months results have appeared ahead of time.

us: NFL bans tweeting before, during, after games
The National Football League has had a love-hate relationship with social media. Some teams tweeted to fans while choosing players at the NFL draft back in April. But then last month, a few NFL teams told players they couldn't tweet or text-message during a team function.

us: Friend in distress? It's just a Facebook scam [AP]
A US woman was tricked into wiring about $US4000 ($4840) to someone in England after receiving faked messages from a friend on Facebook asking for help, police said on Wednesday.

The Race to Be an Early Adopter of Technologies Goes Mainstream, a Survey Finds
For decades, the adoption and use of the latest technologies was limited to a subculture: Whether called ?tech enthusiasts? or ?gadget geeks,? the implication was that most of the world got along fine with older, established products and services, while a smaller group pursued the most leading-edge technology.

Sony to throw its weight behind 3D TV
3D technology looks set to hit the home consumer market next year, with Sony on Wednesday announcing plans to sell 3D televisions globally by the end of 2010.

Intel boss sees end to PC slump
The PC industry is coming out of the recession, the boss of the world's biggest chipmaker has told the BBC. The chief executive of Intel said the industry was likely to sell as many computers in 2009 as it had in 2008.

au: Hector's World? helps children tackle cyberbullying
A new cyberbullying episode of Hector?s World?, hosted on the Cybersmart website (www.cybersmart.gov.au) and targeted at Australian children, was launched today by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Internet filtering a farce: Minchin
THE federal Opposition has renewed calls for the controversial internet censorship plan to be buried but the government says the scheme is moving ahead.

Conroy urged to 'end net censorship farce'
The Federal Government's internet censorship trials have been repeatedly delayed over the past nine months, leading to claims from the Opposition that the Government is deliberately withholding the results to avoid embarrassment.

Internet filter plan 'wasting time, money'
The Federal Opposition says the Government's plan to have internet service providers filter offensive content still has not been successfully trialled.

Calls for Conroy to release Internet censorship trial results
Opposition spokesperson Nick Minchin has bought the Government?s proposed Internet content filtering scheme back to the political forefront, criticising the Government over its lack of transparency regarding the trials.

South Africa official calls for 'outright ban' on pornography
A South African government official is calling for the country to pursue a complete ban on pornography as a way to combat online child porn.

Bullying goes online
Children get bullied. This is a fact of life for both parent and child alike, even if the latter only realises this later on. In the 21st century, a new type of bullying seems to have crept out from the Internet woodwork: Cyber-bullying.

ie: Parents have a duty to check phones
YOU do really have to wonder about parenting in this country when parents are feeling guilty about checking their teenagers? mobile phone messages.

YouTube May Offer Pay Movies
YouTube, the largest video site, is in negotiations with major Hollywood studios for a deal that would let its visitors pay to watch full-length movies, according to two people briefed on the negotiations.

Music videos return to UK YouTube
Music videos are once more available to YouTube viewers in the UK after the streaming site reached an agreement with songwriters' group PRS for Music.

YouTube and PRS make peace as musicians protest about plans to punish file sharers
Thousands of music videos pulled from YouTube in a royalties dispute will go back online after peace broke out todaybetween the website and the music industry.

Europe mobile Internet usage to reach 39 percent by 2014
More than a third of consumers in Western Europe will access the Internet using their mobile phones by 2014, according to a research report published by Forrester Research on Monday.

au: Stokes gives broadband a boost with 4G
Kerry Stokes has cemented his position as Australia's multimedia mogul, after his Seven Network yesterday announced a shake-up to Australia's $30 billion a year telecoms sector by launching the nation's first 4G wireless broadband network.

Safety Group to Call for Ban on Texting While Driving
An organization of state highway safety officials on Monday plans to call for a ban on texting while driving, joining a growing chorus of legislators and safety advocates endorsing such a policy.

Airborne Wi-Fi May Soar Despite the Doubters
Conventional wisdom says that too few people will pay to use Wi-Fi services when they fly and that the fledgling industry is, therefore, not likely to succeed.

Laws needed to crack down on China's mobile spamming
Spam messages have long been a headache for China's nearly 650 million mobile phone users, who rely on text messages to communicate. One spam victim in Beijing resorted to an auto-call system that keeps calling the same number, ultimately muting more than 2,000 numbers that had continuously sent him spam messages.

us: MySpace hoax 'bullying case' thrown out [AP]
A judge has finalised his decision to throw out convictions of a Missouri mother for her role in an internet hoax directed at a 13-year-old neighbour girl who committed suicide.

Hardline Nigerian official pledges to arrest the 419 scammers
In a world-first move, a top Nigerian official has pledged to do more to jail the perpetrators of Nigerian internet scams that police say are costing Australians at least $40 million a year.

Nigeria: EFCC, Australia Police Fight Internet Scammers
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has partnered with the Australian police in forming the world's first force to apprehend internet mail scammers and romance fraudsters.

us: Five indicted in long-running cybercrime operation [IDG]
New York prosecutors indicted five Eastern European men on Monday in an extensive credit-card fraud operation that netted the defendants at least US$4 million from some 95,000 stolen card numbers.

uk: Information Commission 'let down' over illegal snooping
The Information Commission said today it had been "badly let down" by parliament, the courts and newspapers in its attempt to stop the "flourishing" trade in illegally obtained confidential personal information. The information commissioner, Christopher Graham, who took over the role at the end of June, claimed that custodial sentences could end the practice "at a stroke".

Courts and Parliament 'let us down' on personal data trade, says privacy watchdog
Information Commissioner Christopher Graham has said that the courts and Parliament are to blame for the ongoing trade in personal information uncovered by its Motorman investigation.

us: Groups Want Stronger Web Privacy Rules
Representatives of consumer and privacy advocacy groups on Tuesday will unveil recommendations they are making to Congress for new legislation that is intended to protect Internet users' privacy. Citing growing threats from the increasingly common practice of online behavioral tracking and targeting, the groups will make detailed recommendations for updated fair information practices that they believe would offer adequate consumer privacy for the 21st century.

A Casualty of the Technology Revolution: ?Locational Privacy?: Editorial Observer
When I woke up the other day, I went straight to my computer to catch up on the news and read e-mail. About 20 minutes later, I walked half a block to the gym, where I exercised for 45 minutes. I took the C train to The New York Times building, and then at the end of the day, I was back on the C train. I had dinner on my friends Elisabeth and Dan?s rooftop, then walked home seven blocks.

Privacy, consumer groups want news laws to protect Web users [IDG]
A coalition of 10 U.S. privacy and consumer groups has called for new federal privacy protections for Web users, including a requirement that Web sites and advertising networks get opt-in permission from individuals within 24 hours of collecting personal data and tracking online habits.

Groups call for new checks on behavioral ad data
Privacy advocates released a series of guidelines Tuesday for legislators considering regulations on behavioral advertising, calling for greater transparency and giving Web surfers more control over how the data is used.

New NZ internet copyright law on the way [NZPA]
A solution to the thorny issue of policing copyright laws on the internet is on the way, Commerce Minister Simon Power said today. He released submissions on a proposed three phase process to allow copyright holders to pursue those who breach their rights.

Amazon opposes Google's plan for world's biggest online library
The movement opposing Google's $125m deal for the rights to digitise millions of books has gained even more momentum, after Amazon called the agreement "dangerous".

Germany Lashes Out Against Google Books Deal
First, three major U.S.-based companies railed against the Google Books settlement. Now an entire country says nein! The German government filed a complaint in U.S. courts yesterday warning lawmakers that the Google Books deal could have an international impact on copyright law, privacy, and the rights of German authors.

A chill wind
With its commercial rivals buffeted by a falling economy and the political cycle turning ever more hostile, the BBC was always going to be an easy target this year. So, if nothing else, James Murdoch's timing in accepting the invitation to give a landmark speech at this year's MediaGuardian Edinburgh International TV festival after years of rejections cannot be faulted.

Wikipedia Looks Hard at Its Culture
Eurene KIM left his conference here on Thursday afternoon to visit the Plaza de Mayo, where the mothers of victims of Argentina?s military dictatorship in the 1970s and ?80s march silently, their hair swept under white scarves.

Challenging Microsoft With a New Technology
Microsoft?s No. 1 rival is a household name, Google. But a strong candidate for No. 2 is a company that is scarcely known outside the technology industry: VMware.

EBay Sells Most of Skype to Private Investors
With its sale to private investors, the online calling service Skype has thrown off the last of the shackles that limited its growth and potential as a unit of eBay. Now its challenge is to turn its global popularity into bigger profits.

Ebay calls time on Skype venture
Ebay on Tuesday agreed to unload a 65 per cent stake in its Skype internet calling service, bringing down the curtain on a deal that had come to be seen as the internet auction company?s biggest strategic mistake.

In a Sale, Skype Wins a Chance to Prosper
With its sale to private investors, the online calling service Skype has thrown off the last of the shackles that limited its growth and potential as a unit of eBay. Now its challenge is to turn its global popularity into bigger profits.

EBay Sells Skype to Investor Group
EBay Inc. said it will sell a 65% stake in its Skype Internet-phone business to private investors, in a deal that marks the end of an unhappy marriage in the technology arena.

eBay sells 65% of Skype for $1.9bn to private equity group
Online auction house eBay sold a 65% stake in Skype to an investment consortium in a deal that valued the internet telephony group at $2.75bn (?1.9bn).

eBay reaches deal to sell Skype
Online auction site eBay has agreed to sell the majority of internet phone company Skype for about $2bn (?1.2bn).

EBay to Sell 65 Percent Of Skype for $1.9 Billion
Auction giant eBay announced Tuesday that it is selling the majority of its stake in Internet phone service Skype to private investors, unwinding a troubled acquisition that never meshed well with the online retailer's operations.

Peter Mandelson in talks to boost fast broadband access
The bosses of the UK's five mobile phone networks have been summoned to a meeting by Lord Mandelson, as he attempts to salvage the government's ambition that everyone in the country will be able to get fast broadband internet access by 2012.

Pipe calls for third NSW undersea cable zone
Pipe International has called on the communications regulator to relieve congestion in the undersea corridors for submarine cables by opening a third "protection zone" in New South Wales waters.

au: Broadband rollout 'reckless and irrational'
The Federal Opposition says a cost-benefit analysis of the Government's National Broadband Network (NBN) shows that it is reckless and an irrational use of government funds.

uk: Police rescue sex slave children
Five children being kept as sex slaves by paedophiles who broadcast daily abuse of their victims over the internet have been rescued by police from homes in Scotland and England and placed in care.


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