[DNS] domain name news - 10 September

[DNS] domain name news - 10 September

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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 21:39:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Status Update: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Implementation

Public Interest Groups in ICANN Appeal to New President For Fairer Treatment For Civil Society [news release]

Report: Obama close to appointing White House cybersecurity chief

Can a mere domain name be defamation? Glenn Beck says yes

Internet governance in Europe
The 2nd European Dialogue on Internet Governance, which takes place on 14 and 15 September at the Geneva headquarters of the European Broadcasting Union, will bring together 200 representatives from the private sector, governments, parliaments, civil society including youth, media and international organisations to debate current European concerns and challenges.

Status Update: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Implementation
ICANN is pleased to provide the following status report on the progress of implementation of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. Overall, the implementation is tracking to the project plan and it is planned to be submitted to the Board during the ICANN meeting in Korea, Seoul, 26-30 October 2009. Discussion of the implementation plan will continue during the Korea meeting and the plan can be amended if a change is indicated. Anticipating positive Board consideration, the process can be launch within a very small timeframe after the Seoul meeting (in the fourth quarter of 2009).

Public Comment and Discussion: Document Publication Operational Policy
A public comment period has opened today for 30 days on a proposed document publication operational policy for ICANN?s international public meetings.

Selecting which /8 to allocate to an RIR by Leo Vegoda
I?ve previously written about the problem with IPv4 /8s which have been used to number IP networks in an unofficial and improper way.

Brussels Chosen for June 2010 Meeting
The Belgian capital of Brussels has been chosen to host ICANN?s 38th international public meeting in June 2010.

Public Interest Groups in ICANN Appeal to New President For Fairer Treatment For Civil Society [news release]
The organization that represents Non-Commercial Internet Users in ICANN issued an open letter to the Board this week, expressing concern about the possible failure of ICANN's attempt to balance the representation of commercial and noncommercial interests.

NCUC Sends Urgent Plea to the ICANN Board Regarding Recent Changes Affecting Noncommercial Groups
An open letter from nearly 150 individual and organizational members of ICANN's Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) has been submitted to ICANN's board of directors and CEO.

Public interest group?s open letter to ICANN
There are serious problems with ICANN plans to alter the representation of noncommercial interests in its policy making process, say 154 non-commercial organizations and people from 53 countries who belong to the NCUC, the Non-Commercial Internet Users in the Internet Corporation (NCUC).

The Internet&#167;40
Good morning! You have probably checked your e-mail already as you read this in the online version of Manila Times. Your Facebook status and Twitter have been updated and you settle down to browse your favorite news and interest sites. All these you can do while sipping your cup of coffee while happily clicking links with a mouse. What a wonder is the Internet! ... In the management of the domain name system, the control is with the ICANN. They are the ones that approve and manage the use of web addresses and its translation to a unique IP address. This is so that your browser can eventually translate the website address to a computer identifier that carries the requested data you want. Country top-level domains (addresses ending in .ph, .fr, .uk, .us) are sometimes managed by government entities while some (like the Philippines) are managed by private corporations.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Dot Bayern set to Conquer the World
The ?European mecca for the high-tech industry? - as Bill Gates calls it - is preparing the ground for its very own extension : dot BAYERN. In fact the light is already shed on Bavaria (bayern in German) in the economic arena thanks to the unrelenting growth of its exportations which exceed those of countries such as Brazil, Switzerland or Austria. No wonder Bavaria will get even more attention from investors once it starts using its own TLD.

Prices of the .BERLIN Disclosed
The association supporting the .BERLIN project, dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG reveals on its website that registering a domain name under this TLD(Top Level Domain) should not cost you more than 30 ? per year. An interesting price considering the relatively unrestrictive registration rules.

Bulgaria Internet Company Launches Domain Names in Cyrillic
The company that manages domain registrations .bg has announced that it is now possible to register .bg websites in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Registration of .bg domains in Cyrillic started
As of September 5 2009, anyone who wants to register an internet domain for the Bulgarian top domain level of .bg, can do so in Cyrillic.

IDNs coming to .EU on December 10
Last week, on the French version of this blog, I talked about a rumour going around that .EU registry EURid was to introduce IDNs (domain names with accents and other special characters) before the end of the year.

Russia to launch Cyrillic national suffix in 2010
Another news story coming out of the second conference for ccTLD registries and registrars and the many workshops and talks given there by Central and Eastern European registries: Russia is said to be ready to launch the IDN version of .RF (Russian Federation) next summer.

Report: Obama close to appointing White House cybersecurity chief
More than three months after establishing a new White House office for cybersecurity, President Barack Obama may finally be close to appointing someone to head the office.

Obama near choosing cyber security chief: source
A cyber security coordinator is expected to be announced by President Barack Obama in the next week or two, and the lead candidate is Frank Kramer, who was an assistant Defense secretary under President Bill Clinton, a source said on Wednesday.

DNSSEC Secures Another Domain : The .edu domain will adopt DNSSEC next March amid more concern over Domain Name System security
Education and academic community domain .edu is about to become the next top-level domain adopt the DNS security protocol.

Can a mere domain name be defamation? Glenn Beck says yes
Hugely popular conservative talker Glenn Beck has sicced his lawyers on a satirical website that's been up for a week, but the attorneys may have a point on this one. The site, called glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com, toes the line on defamation?and may have stepped across it.

Court Date on Kentucky Gambling Domains
The supreme court in the US state of Kentucky has set Thursday October 22 as the date when it will hear oral arguments in Governor Steven Bashear's final appeal in a case that has pitted him against a collection of online gambling and civil liberties groups.

4 Ways to Reform UDRP NOW
Uniform Dispute Resolution Procedure (UDRP) has some problems. Here are four quick ways to improve it.

WIPO does not deter cybersquatters
Cybersquatters are not deterred from commandeering websites by WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Centre, it has been claimed.

How Cybersquatters Tarnish Brand Names [Computerworld]
When the Web site FreeLegoPorn.com began publishing pornographic images created with Lego toys, trademark owner Lego Juris AS, which sells the popular plastic building blocks for children, acted quickly.

Foundation wins Web site fight
Three words put together - Old Seminole Heights - do not belong exclusively to the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association. They simply identify a neighborhood. That is the decision from ICANN, the Internet's arbitration network, which ruled the Seminole Heights Foundation can keep the domain name www.oldseminole heightsfoundation.org.

Ikea wins domain name ruling [UPI]
Swedish Internet domain name regulators have ruled a second-hand Web retailer called iloveikea.se was too close to the Ikea identity and needed to be changed.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Comment: The internet needs an extension
The internet has undergone extraordinary growth over the past decade, to the point where it's running out of addresses. Every device linked to the internet ? not only computers, but also mobile phones, gaming consoles, digital TVs and even cars with sat-nav systems, for example ? has been assigned a number that lets it connect with the rest of the devices on the network. These numbers, or IP addresses, are critical for the operation of the internet ? without them it simply could not work, as devices would be unable to address or talk with one another effectively.

2010 could be the last year for IPv4 as we know it
The global pool of IPv4 addresses is scheduled to run dry in 2011. Don't count on being able to get new addresses after that, and be ready for peer-to-peer applications to be hit by hard times.

Africa: Better policies key to high internet connectivity
According to Ben Akol, information and communication technology and media programme manager at the Open Society Initiative of West Africa, more people in Africa will be connected to high capacity and fast internet through fibre optic cables if governments as regulators put in place better policies. ... Anne-Rachel Inne, Africa regional relations manager of ICANN, added that connectivity remains low because internet service providers are not networked together to optimise even the available broadband connectivity.

BRS Media's dotFM Offers CoCCA Registry Platform
BRS Media's dotFM, the registry for Web addresses ending in .FM, announced that the .FM Top Level Domain has been successfully deployed on the Espresso CC (CoCCA) EPP Registry Platform.

Dot TK Moves On Turkey
Dot TK, the domain name registry for Tokelau, seems to be hoping to confuse Turkish people by promoting the first live domain name auction in Turkey.

Moniker Brokers 6-Figure Sale of Casino.mobi
Oversee.net has announced that its Moniker.com division has successfully brokered the $135,000 sale of Casino.mobi to Infomeda Ltd. Oversee said Moniker co-founder Monte Cahn handled the blockbuster transaction - one that will be warmly welcomed among .mobi fans who haven't had a lot to cheer about lately.

.Biz Auction Can Only Help the .Biz Domain 
When Domain Name Wire first reported that one and two character .biz domain names would be released, we had an unscientific poll to estimate how much the domains would sell for.

Casino.MOBI is Latest Web Address Brokered for Six Figures
Oversee.net announced yesterday that Moniker, an Oversee company, has successfully brokered the sale of Casino.mobi to Infomeda Ltd. The sale follows casino.ru's sale in November last year for $235,000. While the sale shows some demand for .MOBI domain names, their popularity is dwarfed by popular TLDs.

Early Bird Discounts for Domainer Mardi Gras 2010 Now Available
Domainer Mardi Gras 2010 has announced early bird discounts for those registering for the conference and booking hotel rooms before 15 October on its return to New Orleans.

Conference Promoters Sweeten the Pot With Incentives to Attract Early Bird Registrants
Organizers of next month's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference in New York City and the Domainer Mardi Gras conference coming to New Orleans in February both announced special deals for early registrants today. For the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference that will run October 26-29 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, the promoters are offering a $200 room credit at the Marriott to anyone who registers no later than 5pm on Friday (Sept. 11). Show co-founder Rick Schwartz provided another reason to sign up early - the current registration fee ($1,495) will go up to $1,795 on Wednesday (Sept. 16) then to $1,995 next month.

Google Plans Tools to Help News Media Charge for Content
Google is planning to roll out a system of micropayments within the next year and hopes that newspapers will use it as they look for new ways to charge users for their content.

Google developing payment platform for newspapers: Nieman [AFP]
Internet giant Google is developing a payment platform for newspapers that would allow them to charge for content online, according to a report on Wednesday.

Internet governance in Europe
The 2nd European Dialogue on Internet Governance, which takes place on 14 and 15 September at the Geneva headquarters of the European Broadcasting Union, will bring together 200 representatives from the private sector, governments, parliaments, civil society including youth, media and international organisations to debate current European concerns and challenges.

Asian social networking sites profit from virtual money
By selling an array of virtual products from avatar clothes to e-furniture, Asia's social networking sites appear to have solved the conundrum of how to leverage big profits from their extensive user bases. t's simple, they say, the money might be virtual but the profits are all too real.

Obama warns teens of perils of Facebook
President Barack Obama warned American teenagers on Tuesday of the dangers of putting too much personal information on Internet social networking sites, saying it could come back to haunt them in later life.

Barack Obama is... warning about 'stupid' Facebook posts [AFP]
President Barack Obama had a blunt status update for America's permanently wired youth on Tuesday: your Facebook postings could come back to haunt you.

au: Challenge to idea of Facebook stalking
The President of the Law Society of NSW, a workplace relations expert, has become embroiled in a two-year battle with a former employee over the legal minefield of social networking websites.

The battle is on against Facebook and co to regain control of our files
File deletion is all about control. This used to not be an issue. Your data was on your computer, and you decided when and how to delete a file. You could use the delete function if you didn't care about whether the file could be recovered or not, and a file erase program ? I use BCWipe for Windows ? if you wanted to ensure no one could ever recover the file.

au: Hector's World? helps children tackle cyberbullying [news release]
A new cyberbullying episode of Hector?s World?, hosted on the Cybersmart website (www.cybersmart.gov.au) and targeted at Australian children, was launched today by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

au: Program tackles online 'stranger danger'
Students across the country have been enlisted for the launch of a computer program aimed at protecting children online.

The ACMA supports National Child Protection Week with Cybersmart Detectives [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority will mark National Child Protection Week tomorrow by hosting a national Cybersmart Detectives activity in South Australia.

au: Porn as bad as guns to kids: Liberal MP [AAP]
Porn should be treated like guns and kept under lock and key so children aren't inadvertently exposed to it at home, a senior Liberal MP has suggested.

au: Banned abortion site not blocked
THE federal opposition is alarmed at being able to access an abortion web page from parliamentary computers despite the site being listed on the government's top-secret blacklist.

au: Schoolyard MySpace bashing girl jailed
A teenage girl who brutally bashed a Gold Coast school rival in an attack captured on video and posted on MySpace, has been sent to jail.

uk: Young say they need help and guidance with online privacy
Keeping personal information private is the thing that young internet users most worry about, according to research conducted by media and telecoms regulator Ofcom. Young people said they needed more guidance on privacy, the research said.

IIA gets behind iiNet in legal battle
Australia's peak internet industry group which represents Telstra and Optus has thrown its weight behind iiNet's Federal Court bid to fend off a major copyright lawsuit.

IIA wants in on iiNet piracy case
The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has confirmed that it will seek to intervene as an impartial friend of the court in the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) lawsuit against internet service provider iiNet.

Industry backs iiNet in copyright case [sub req'd]
The Australian internet industry will try to throw its weight behind internet service provider iiNet in its landmark legal battle over copyright infringement with some of the world's largest movie studios.

Microsoft prepares to bite back at Apple?s iPhone
For the product manager of Windows Mobile, David Weeks is surprisingly frank. ?We?re two years out of date,? he admits, ?but now we?re making mobile our number two priority after Windows 7.?

Mobile Carriers Sign up to EU In-car Accident Alert System [IDG]
E.U.'s mobile-phone industry signed up to a Europe-wide road accident alert system designed to reduce fatalities and accidents on the continent's roads.

Saving more lives on Europe's roads: mobile phone operators sign up for eCall roll-out [news release]
Today, eCall, Europe's in-car automatic emergency call system, received the full backing of Europe's mobile phone industry. Representatives of the industry's GSM Association underlined their commitment to this life-saving technology by signing the EU's Memorandum of Understanding to implement eCall across Europe. eCall automatically dials 112, Europe's single emergency number , when a car has a serious accident and sends its location to the nearest emergency service ? even when passengers do not know or cannot say where they are. Rolling out eCall requires close cooperation between public authorities, car companies and mobile phone operators and could save up to 2,500 lives each year in the EU when fully deployed and reduce the severity of injuries by 10 to 15%.

Africa: Better policies key to high internet connectivity
According to Ben Akol, information and communication technology and media programme manager at the Open Society Initiative of West Africa, more people in Africa will be connected to high capacity and fast internet through fibre optic cables if governments as regulators put in place better policies. ... Anne-Rachel Inne, Africa regional relations manager of ICANN, added that connectivity remains low because internet service providers are not networked together to optimise even the available broadband connectivity.

Chinese pharamcy spam could be legitiamte in origin: McAfee [CIO]
Increases in spam which offers cheap Chinese medicine need not necessarily be a cause for alarm, according to a new report from McAfee.

How to reduce spam
... Last year, approximately 62 trillion spam emails were sent, sounding similar to these subject lines. Sifting through spam email and deciding whether it is a legitimate inquiry is a time-consuming exercise for small-business owners and their staff.

Editorial: Vague US Cyberbullying Law
Lori Drew acted grotesquely if, as prosecutors charged, she went online and bullied her daughter?s classmate, a 13-year-old girl who ended up committing suicide. A federal court was right, however, to throw out her misdemeanor convictions recently. The crimes she was found guilty of, essentially violating the MySpace Web site?s rules, are too vague to be constitutional.

E.U. Warns Web Shoppers of Illegal Practices
More than half of all Web sites selling electronic goods may be breaking the law by concealing charges, misleading consumers or failing to provide an address to which products can be returned, according to a European Union study to be published Wednesday.

EU watchdog says most electronics websites mislead shoppers
More than half of European websites selling consumer electronics are misleading or cheating online shoppers, the European Union consumer watchdog said on Wednesday after checks on 369 sites in 28 countries.

Report: Obama close to appointing White House cybersecurity chief
More than three months after establishing a new White House office for cybersecurity, President Barack Obama may finally be close to appointing someone to head the office.

Obama near choosing cyber security chief: source
A cyber security coordinator is expected to be announced by President Barack Obama in the next week or two, and the lead candidate is Frank Kramer, who was an assistant Defense secretary under President Bill Clinton, a source said on Wednesday.

au: Robbed by Facebook's enemy in the camp
Natasha Cann endured the Father's Day from hell on Sunday when hackers broke into her Facebook account and proceeded to scam her closest friends out of significant amounts of money.

Facebook spawns new kind of identity fraud
There are fresh reports today of scammers hacking into Facebook accounts and using them to ask friends for money. Fairfax newspapers have the story of one woman, Natasha Cann, whose friend wired money around the world because the friend believed Ms Cann had been mugged and left in London without cash or a passport.

End users weakest security link: AFP [AAP]
Fewer than half of all home computer users protect their systems from viruses, cyber-crime and other hacking, Australian Federal Police e-crime chief Neil Gaughan told federal parliament this week in a wide-ranging testimony.

au: Russians behind cyber crime, says AFP
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) says the majority of cyber crime committed in Australia is driven by organised crime gangs in Russia.

au: AFP investigates govt cyber attack
The Australian Federal Police has been called in to investigate a planned denial-of-service attack on Australian government web servers due to occur at 7pm tonight.

au: Hackers bring down PM's website [AAP]
The prime minister's website has been hacked in protest over a federal government proposal to introduce a mandatory filter to censor internet content.

'Anonymous' knocks PM, ACMA offline [AAP]
The loose alliance of internet pests known as 'Anonymous' temporarily knocked websites belonging to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Australian Communications and Media Authority offline last night.

Hackers in 'just juvenile' censor filter attack [AAP]
COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy has described an attack on Federal Government websites as "juvenile".

PM's site suffers Anonymous DDos attack [CIO]
Threats from protest group Anonymous to disable the Web site of the Australian Prime Minister appear to have rung true.

Rudd website attacked in filter protest
The Federal Government is investigating reports a group of internet activists managed to temporarily shut down the Prime Minister's website.

Anonymous vs the Australian Government, play by play live
In two minutes from when I type this, Anonymous is declaring war on the Australian Government over its decision to implement Draconian internet censorship. We?re tracking the attack blow by blow, without taking part.

Anonymous targets Australian Government over Internet Censorship
Anonymous is planning to launch an attack on Australian Government websites to draw attention to Australia?s proposed draconian internet censorship laws.

au: Baby-swinging video charges dropped
All charges have been dropped against Chris Illingworth, the man who was charged for republishing on a video-sharing site a video of a man swinging a baby by its arms like a rag doll.

au: Lawyers targeted by email scams
AUSTRALIAN law firms are the latest victims of a Nigerian bank-style scam that swept through North America last year, targeting millions kept in lawyers' trust accounts.

au: Still no arrests from AFP raid
A raid carried out by the Australian Federal Police on a home in Melbourne whose inhabitant was suspected of attempting to obtain credit card details via an online forum has not yet led to any arrests or charges.

Kenyan Watchdog Warns of Increased Cybercrime Threat
International experts are sounding the alarm over the increased security risk to the country as it adapts to high speed internet brought home by fibre connectivity.

us: Cyber Thieves Steal $447,000 From Wrecking Firm
Organized cyber thieves are increasingly looting businesses in heists that can net hundreds of thousands of dollars. Security vendors and pundits may be quick to suggest a new layer of technology to thwart such crimes, but in a great many cases, the virtual robbers are foiled because an alert observer spotted something amiss early on and raised a red flag.

au: Fire alert mobiles spark privacy row
THE proposed national bushfire warning system would enable authorities to track anyone's movement in a declared disaster area by their mobile phone, opening up broad uses for the technology and raising privacy concerns.

us: Privacy bill would set rules for online marketing [AP]
Here is a look at some of the things that Rep. Rick Boucher, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet, hopes to put in a bill governing Internet advertising.

us: Privacy Groups Score Obama Team
Privacy watchdogs on Wednesday gave the Obama administration an "incomplete" for consumer privacy; an "A" for medical privacy; a "C+" for civil liberties; and a "B" for cybersecurity. The scores from the Electronic Privacy Information Center and a coalition of consumer, educational, library, labor and technology stakeholders were unveiled at a National Press Club event that organizers hoped would act as an "early warning system" for the administration.

Privacy experts see room for improvement from Obama
Privacy watchdogs today will give the Obama administration mixed reviews on its early performance for safeguarding privacy, civil liberties and the nation's cyber infrastructure.

Privacy Groups: Obama Has More Work to Do [IDG]
U.S. President Barack Obama's administration received mixed grades from privacy groups after more than seven months in power, with the groups saying Obama has done little to change a surveillance-state environment created under former President George Bush.

Internet NZ: Joyce must explain private-public model for $300m rural broadband roll-out
Users? association InternetNZ has questioned elements of the government?s rural broadband policy, announced this morning, and is calling on the minister to explain his brief allusion to "a mix of private and public funding".

Joyce announces rural broadband strategy
Communications and IT Minister Steven Joyce has announced coverage targets for the roll out of broadband to rural communities.

Broadband promises for rural areas
The Government has unveiled its targets for the roll out of broadband to rural areas. Communications Minister Steven Joyce says it's a priority to get fast broadband to the 25 percent of people who live outside of urban areas.

InternetNZ welcomes Government rural broadband targets [news release]
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) is encouraged by the announcement of Government targets for rural broadband, seeing them as an essential complement to the urban plans anticipated under the $1.5 billion ultra fast broadband investment initiative.

au: Scientology calls for Internet and Media censorship in Australia
The ?Church? of Scientology has called upon the Australian Government to censor the internet and media locally in direct response to protests from Anonymous.

11th-Hour Filings Oppose Google's Book Settlement
After a flurry of last-minute filings on Tuesday, a federal judge must now begin untangling the mountain of competing claims about how a legal settlement granting Google the right to create the world?s largest digital library and bookstore would affect competition, authors? rights and readers? privacy.

Google Curtails Europe Book Plan
Making concessions to European publishers, online-search giant Google Inc. Monday said it will remove all European books that are still commercially available from its $125 million program to scan orphaned and out-of-print books in the U.S. and sell them online.

Group of authors opposes Google book settlement [IDG]
More than two dozen authors and publishers have filed an objection to a proposed settlement that would allow Google to digitize and sell millions of books, saying that the agreement ignores important privacy rights of readers and writers.

Brussels tries to fight Google book plan by overhauling EU copyright law
Brussels began a campaign today to overhaul copyright law in the European Union's 27 countries, partly in response to Google's controversial plan to digitise the world's leading libraries. Viviane Reding and Charlie McCreevy, the European commissioners for media and the single market, launched their campaign to standardise authors' rights amid fears that Google's ambitious project will leave Europe floundering behind the US in the digital learning stakes.

Google facing European challenge to digital library
Google was forced to offer concessions to European publishers yesterday as it came under pressure over its plans to digitise the world?s books.

Google Tackles Fears on Rights in Book Deal
Google said it would limit the out-of-print books it plans to make available online in order to appease European publishers, authors and other copyright holders objecting to a proposed American court settlement allowing Google to sell digital books on the Internet.

EU law may allow bans on foreign bet websites -court
European Union law may let countries ban foreign gambling websites if the intention is to stop crime, the bloc's top court said on Tuesday in a judgement that will reverberate through the betting industry. Shares in Austrian online gambling group bwin -- one of Europe's biggest Internet bookmakers -- tumbled more than 5 percent on the news.

EU States Given Leeway to Start Online Gambling
The European Union's highest court Tuesday ruled that a Portuguese state-run charity's gambling monopoly is legal if it aims to combat criminal activity, a decision that could have broader implications for online betting in other EU countries.

Brussels backs Portugal in Bwin online betting case
Moves to liberalise the online gambling market suffered a setback yesterday when Europe?s highest court ruled that governments could bar foreign online bookmakers if the intention was to combat fraud.

ECJ says gambling monopolies do not clash with free trade laws
Europe's top court has denied an online gambling company the right to offer its sports betting services in Portugal. The company had argued that Portuguese restrictions violated EU free trade laws.

EU ruling opens door for online betting crackdown
Online bookmakers such as the one behind the multi-million sponsorship of Real Madrid can be banned by individual EU states, Europe's top court said Tuesday in a landmark ruling set to hit the industry.

China drives Asian broadband boom
The Asian broadband market grew at a healthy 18% over the past year ending in June, with China contributing to two-thirds of growth in subscribers, the Broadband Forum said.

BT considers new wind energy plan
BT has confirmed it is hoping to erect three giant wind turbines near Ilfracombe in north Devon. The telecoms company has submitted a "scoping" study to North Devon Council and a formal application could follow later this year.

European home fibre plans survive downturn
More than two million people in Europe now have fibre broadband direct to their home, suggests a survey. The latest figures on superfast broadband delivered by fibre to the home (FTTH) shows 18% growth over the last survey compiled in late 2008.

au: Broadband plan still slow on the download
IT IS four months since Kevin Rudd nudged Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to the edge of the stage and announced plans to build a $43 billion national broadband network.

The super-fast revolution
THE National Broadband Network will cost about $43 billion over eight years.

UK child abuse detective guilty of grooming girl
A former detective involved in investigating child abuse cases pleaded guilty on Monday to inciting a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity via the Facebook Internet networking site.

au: Suspended sentence for child porn
A JUDGE'S decision to allow a Victorian man to avoid jail after he accessed thousands of movies and images of child pornography, including babies, has been slammed by support advocates.


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