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Shaun is quite correct. The issue is indeed cosmetic, only affecting the display of IP address information in WhoIs responses. This is known to us and has already been addressed in our current development build of the Registry software which will be released in due course. Rest assured that the glue IP address records of these, and all other hosts, are present in our database, will be published to the DNS when added and updated and are able to be seen and manipulated by the sponsoring Registrar using the Registry API and web interfaces.


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On 1/10/09 9:03 AM, "Shaun Ewing" <s.ewing&#167;aussiehq.com.au> wrote:

On 01/10/2009, at 1:34 AM, Kim Davies wrote:

What I wonder about is ns1.aussiehq.net.au <http://ns1.aussiehq.net.au/>  and ns3.aussiehq.net.au <http://ns3.aussiehq.net.au/>  do
have A records but they are not listing in the WHOIS, neither is the
AAAA for ns2.aussiehq.net.au <http://ns2.aussiehq.net.au/> :

Is this a registry fault? Registrar fault?

This is a fault with the registry.

All three hosts have entries within the AusRegistry database with IPv4 and IPv6 records. AusRegistry are aware of the problem, and I have been informed that the issue is cosmetic only.

Issues associated with deploying IPv6 NS records and AAAA records for various services on our corporate domains (including www and mail) have been minimal - all of the reported issues thus far have been a result of a misconfigured IPv6 stack on an end user's machine.

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