[DNS] domain name news - 22 January

[DNS] domain name news - 22 January

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I count 752 but nonetheless great effort!

Keep up the good work!

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Hi all,

Assuming my maths is correct, this is the 750th edition of the domain name news over the last 7.5 years I have been compiling it!

And don't forget to check out http://www.auda.org.au/domain-news/ for the archive of the last 3 months of the news.

And see my website - http://GoldsteinReport.com/ - for daily updates in between postings.



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ICANN Nairobi Meeting in Doubt Due to Security Concerns

ICANN's New gTLD Pre=Registration Opposed by INTA

Free speech in face of '.cn' TLD crackdown

Chinese meltdown: individuals barred from .CN, now allowed back?

.CN?s Confusing Registration Practices May Allow Individuals to Register Domains Again

uk: Nominet systems update: phishing feed, investigation lock and payment options

Nominet appoints itself web policeman

Clinton: World should condemn cyber attackers

China's Baidu sues US domain registrar after hack [IDG]

Baidu lawsuit without merit: US web firm [AFP]

Internet address availability down to less than 10%

Less than 10% of IPv4 Addresses Remain Unallocated, says Number Resource Organization [news release]

APNIC: IPv6 adoption delay could create costs

Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors re ICANN Nairobi Meeting
A special meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors will be held via teleconference on 22 January 2010 at 19:00 UTC.

ICANN Nairobi Meeting in Doubt Due to Security Concerns
Rumours have been circulating in recent days that ICANN are reconsidering holding their meeting in Nairobi in March. These rumours have been confirmed to be more than that with ICANN announcing they will be holding a special meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors on 22 January.

ICANN meeting in Nairobi; double standards or just being careful?
In March 2008, Nairobi was supposed to host ICANN meeting. This is a huge meeting, ICANN uses about $ 2 million for these meetings, am sure you know what it means for the economy.

Why ICANN is important to Africa
There is no doubt that Kenya and Africa in general will benefit from holding the ICANN meeting, the region still suffers from elementary problems; from policy makers who understand little about redelegation of domains apart from shouting hard, to the public that has misconceptions about their own Top Level Domains.

ICANN Considers Security Concerns for Kenya Meeting
ICANN has called a special meeting of the Board of Directors to address security concerns for the upcoming ICANN meeting in Kenya.

Public Meet Up with ICANN?s CEO in Washington DC on 27th January: message from ICANN?s President and CEO, Rod Beckstrom
Dear Community: As you know, I believe that ICANN?s CEO should be accessible to the community, but also to those who may not regularly participate in ICANN?s processes who are interested in the important work we do. As a part of this effort, I?ve started holding what I call ?Meet Ups? where I make myself available in an informal setting when I travel and my schedule allows. To help ensure as many of people as possible are able to attend if they want, we announce these as far in advance as we can.

Hundreds of top-level domains? One big headache for businesses
ICANN, the private, non-profit governing body that oversees, amongst other things, the domain name system, is mulling a plan that would accelerate the introduction of hundreds of new top-level domains (TLDs).

ICANN Seeks Volunteer Reviewers On Four Key Areas
INTERNET coordinating agency, ICANN, has called for volunteer reviewer of its four key objectives.

INTA responds to ICANN "hijack" allegations [reg req'd]
The International Trademark Association (INTA) has responded to criticism that it tried to "hijack" an online consultation regarding the gTLD programme.

Pre-registration of new gTLDs opposed by INTA
INTA emailed members on January 11 declaring its opposition to Icann?s proposed expressions of interest process, and urged members to voice their opinion on the proposal

ICANN's New gTLD Pre-Registration Opposed by INTA
The International Trademark Association (INTA), a not-for-profit membership association of 5,900 trademark owners, professionals and academics, from more than 190 countries, emailed its members on 11 January to suggest they support their opposition to ICANN?s proposed expressions of interest (EOI) process.

An Easy Way to Comment on EOI for New Top Level Domain Names
Last week I wrote about how International Trademark Association (INTA) asked its members to comment on ICANN?s proposed ?Expressions of Interest? (EOI) scheme for new top level domain names. As a result of INTA?s request to its members, the comments for EOI are filled with unhelpful one-liners such as ?I do not support ICANN?s acceptance of pre-registrations for new gTLDs.?

Top Three Reasons to Just Say No to ICANN?s Current EOI gTLD Proposal by Michael D. Palage
On December 9, 2009, the ICANN Board announced its intention to vote during its upcoming February 4, 2010 meeting to approve a plan by which ICANN would solicit "Expressions of Interest" (EOI) from prospective applicants for new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) such as .BLOG. But given a number of significant governance and public policy concerns raised by the current EOI proposal, the ICANN Board should take no action on it before the next in-person ICANN regional meeting--in Nairobi, March 3-7, 2010.

ICCAN approves Arabic domain for UAE
The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has registered another millstone with ICANN?s approval of the string (emarat) as the official Arabic top level domain for the United Arab Emirates.

ICANN's Weak Accountability Remains a Problem by R. Shawn Gunnarson
The JPA is dead, and in its place is the Affirmation of Commitments. Much debated, this change is anticipated to bring more global participation into ICANN's governance. Increased globalization may turn out to be beneficial for the Internet community, if it helps to shore up ICANN's institutional weaknesses. But the Affirmation leaves important questions unanswered, beginning with ICANN's fundamentally weak accountability. It remains unclear whether or how the Affirmation makes ICANN more accountable.

Liz Gasster Q&A on Whois Abuse
Liz Gasster is a Senior Policy Counselor at ICANN, and commendably she is always eager to engage in discussion with domain registrants. Liz has over 27 years of experience in technology and Internet-related marketing, public policy and advocacy. Most recently, Liz was General Counsel of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance. Previously she was with AT&T in Washington D.C. from 1979?2006.

Cyber War Threat from China.. Internet Embargo required
The dispute between Chinese Government and Google is solowly assuming the nature of a ?Cyber World War? . Now Yahoo has expressed support with Google. If Microsoft also joins the alliance with Google, it would be like the alliance of US, UK and Russia against the Hitler?s regime. Other companies like Adobe, CISCO etc also need to stand up and take sides either for or against Chinese Government. ... More than these resistance by individual companies, if the World has to bring down the Chinese Cyber War ambitions, it is necessary for ICANN to step in.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Free speech in face of '.cn' TLD crackdown
China's recent restrictions on ".cn" domain names may prove effective at curbing the registration of scam domains, but will unlikely reign in user-generated content, said an analyst.

China may reverse citizen ban on domain registration
Chinese web regulators banned individual domain registration without a business license in early December, purportedly as part of a crackdown on internet smut and malware. But an official from China's Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) told the English-language newspaper ChinaDaily that the decision may be reversed ? so long as measures are in place to verify an applicant's personal information.

China Mulls Looser Web Rules [AFP]
Chinese officials running the country's Internet say they may reverse a ban on individuals who wish to register .cn domain names, official media have reported.

Individuals may get ".cn" names again
The Chinese industry regulator is considering reopening ".cn" domain name registration for individual applicants.

CNNIC working on personal domain name registration system
Assistant Director of CNNIC Qi Lin told sina.com.cn that China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has begun work on a personal domain name registration scheme and revising relevant issues of Domain Name Registration Regulations at present. The authenticity of domain name owners will lay the foundations for opening domain name registration to individuals.

Chinese meltdown: individuals barred from .CN, now allowed back?
What's going on in China? After taking everyone totally by surprise when they closed .CN to individuals on December 14, 2009, the Chinese authorities then went one step further and announced that, starting January 6, 2010, non-Chinese registrars would be barred from registering new names.

.CN?s Confusing Registration Practices May Allow Individuals to Register Domains Again
Registering.CN domain names, the Chinese ccTLD, has become a confusing thing to do of late. First CNNIC, the .CN registry, announced that registrations would no longer be accepted by individuals. But now there is confusion and talk that China will begin to accept registrations from individuals once again.

Registering and Opposing '.it' Domain Names
As experience in many jurisdictions has shown, conflicting claims over domain names and IP rights can be commercially damaging and a potential source of litigation. However, a sound understanding of the process of registering a domain name - and a party's right to oppose registration and seek reassignment - can help to safeguard a company's online commercial strategy.

City delays action on supporting new .vegas domain name
Using some new Internet rules, a local company is hoping to cash in on Las Vegas' name ? and promises to let the city of Las Vegas in on some of the profits, too.

How Many Registrations Can .Vegas Expect?
The Las Vegas city council is considering signing off on a private company going after the .vegas top level domain name when ICANN eventually opens up the namespace. The council just delayed a vote until February so the major can weigh in.

uk: Nominet systems update: phishing feed, investigation lock and payment options
The .uk domain name plays an important role in the UK and global economy. Our research has shown us that UK consumers have a greater level of trust in .uk domain names with 77% preferring to click on a .uk search result over a .com.

Nominet appoints itself web policeman
Nominet will from today suspend the domain name of any .uk website suspected of being involved in criminal activity. Registrars who receive "credible reports" about their domain names can now contact Nominet to have it immediately "locked" while they investigate the website.

Businesses fear rise in DDoS attacks in 2010
The number one problem facing carriers and their customers over the coming year will be botnet-driven distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, according to Arbor Networks' fifth annual security report.

DDoS attacks, IPv4 are biggest net security issues: Arbor
Telcos and ISPs see sophisticated DDoS attacks aimed at services and apps as the biggest internet security issue.

Internet heading for 'perfect storm'
Attacks on the cloud could cause major global outages and the service providers are now quietly worried at the potential for chaos, a survey of the sector has found.

Arbor Networks Releases Fifth Annual Infrastructure Security Report [news release]
Botnet-driven distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks focused on services and applications are the number one operational security problem facing the service provider community, according to a report issued today by Arbor Networks?, a leading provider of security and network management solutions.

DDoS attacks, IPv4 are biggest net security issues: Arbor
Telcos and ISPs see sophisticated DDoS attacks aimed at services and apps as the biggest internet security issue.

Arbor Netowrks: Internet Architecture and Operations Facing Perfect Storm
According to the latest Infrastructure Security Report by Arbor Netowrks, the Internet architecture and operations is about to face a perfect storm with the convergence of issues including IPv4 to IPv6 migration, implementation of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and to 4-byte ASNs (used for inter-domain routing on the Internet).

Network Solutions Customers Hit By Web Defacement
A small number of Network Solutions Web hosting customers over the weekend found that their Web sites had been defaced, the company acknowledged on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton launches attack on China over Google cyber attacks
Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, dramatically raised the stakes with China over internet freedom today, insisting that that those who carried out cyber attacks should face ?international condemnation?.

Clinton: World should condemn cyber attackers
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday called for global condemnation for those who carry out cyber attacks as China sought to contain tension with the United States over online censorship and hacking.

US Air Force issues second call for network attack capabilities
The Air Force Electronic Systems Center on Tuesday asked for industry's help for the second time in three years in attacking and destroying enemies' computer networks.

80% of government Web sites miss DNS security deadline
Most U.S. federal agencies -- including the Department of Homeland Security -- have failed to comply with a Dec. 31, 2009, deadline to deploy new authentication mechanisms on their Web sites that would prevent hackers from hijacking Web traffic and redirecting it to bogus sites.

China Security.. Action Required from CERT IN
It is time for India to develop an action plan to counter the China Cyber Risk on our Country. ... 9.CERT In should move ICANN to ensure that a global system for isolating China from Internet should be put in place so that in the event of a Cyber War, the threat from China may be contained quickly.

China's Baidu sues US domain registrar after hack [IDG]
Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com has sued its U.S. domain registrar over a hack that took down the Web site, alleging negligence by the U.S. company, Baidu said Wednesday.

Chinese search engine Baidu sues US company over hacking attack
China's largest search engine, Baidu.com, is seeking damages against its US-based service provider after hackers from the "Iranian Cyber Army" hijacked the company's homepage in China last week.

Register.com dismisses Baidu law suit as 'without merit'
A US web company has rejected as baseless a claim for damages by China's top Internet search engine Baidu.com which is suing its US service provider after its homepage was the victim of a hacker attack.

Baidu lawsuit without merit: US web firm [AFP]
A US web company has rejected as baseless a lawsuit filed by China's top internet search engine Baidu, which is seeking damages over a hacker attack.

Baidu Sues Register.com Over Hacking Incident
Baidu, Inc. announced that it has sued domain name registrar Register.com over a hacking incident by Iranian Cyber Army earlier this month. Baidu claims that Register.com was negligent, allowing the hackers to change the DNS for the domain name.

China's Baidu sues US company over hacking [AP]
China's most popular search engine, Baidu Inc., is accusing its U.S.-based domain name registry of negligence in a lawsuit over a hacking attack that temporarily blocked access to the site last week.

Baidu.com sues U.S. domain registrar over hacking
Leading Chinese search engine Baidu.com has filed a lawsuit that blames a U.S.-based Internet domain registrar for allegedly allowing a hacking attack that left the site disabled and defaced.

Chinese search engine Baidu sues US company over hacking attack
China's largest search engine, Baidu.com, is seeking damages against its US-based service provider after hackers from the "Iranian Cyber Army" hijacked the company's homepage in China last week.

Forbes Gets $300,000 From Cybersquatter
The Russian edition of Forbes has won the use of the domain name Forbes.ru and a record $300,000 in damages from a cybersquatter in a landmark court ruling, the magazine announced Friday.

Playing the Domain Game
A "Baidu Corporation" based in the Netherlands has bought the newly-created domains Baidu.eu, as well as Baidu.tel and is now trying to sell them back to China's search behemoth Baidu. This is only the beginning as a new expansion of top level domains, including non-Latin characters, hits web browsers world-wide. This year will see ICANN, the organization responsible for assigning names on the Internet, expand its top level domains, adding dozens of endings such as .food and .blog.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Less than 10% of IPv4 addresses remain
Less than 10 percent of IPv4 addresses remain, says the Number Resource Organisation (NRO). The NRO is the official representative of the five Regional Internet Registries, which allocate blocks of IP addresses to ISPs and other network operators.

Internet address availability down to less than 10%
The long-awaited depletion of the Internet's primary address space came one step closer to reality with the announcement that fewer than 10% of IPv4 addresses remain unallocated.

Internet addresses rapidly running out
The Number Resource Organization, which oversees global allocation of IP addresses, announced this week that less than 10 percent of the available IPv4 address space remains unallocated.

NRO Announces Less Than 10% Of IPv4 Addresses Remain, Pressure Mounts To Move To IPv6
The NRO announced this week that less than ten per cent of IPv4 addresses remain unallocated, marking a critical moment in IPv4 address exhaustion, ultimately impacting the future network operations of all businesses and organisations around the globe.

Internet addresses rapidly running out
The Number Resource Organization, which oversees global allocation of IP addresses, announced this week that less than 10 percent of the available IPv4 address space remains unallocated.

IPv4 addresses in short supply
The shortage of IPv4 addresses has reached a critical stage, according to the registries that allocate Internet numbers around the world.

Net Addresses Running Out
The group that manages the Internet's address system said Tuesday that the Internet is running out of unallocated addresses that use the old IPv4 protocol. Internet protocol addresses are the unique identifiers that allow computers connected to the Internet to communicate with each other. ICANN said the available number of IPv4 addresses has dipped below 10 percent. As a result, ICANN is urging the Internet community to do more to spur the adoption of the new IPv6 protocol.

IPv4 addresses to be exhausted by 2012
Only 10 per cent of the entire IPv4 address range is still available and businesses need to start preparing for the switch to IPv6 within the next two years, according to the Number Resource Organisation (NRO).

Less than 10% of IPv4 Addresses Remain Unallocated, says Number Resource Organization [news release]
The Number Resource Organization (NRO), the official representative of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) that oversee the allocation of all Internet number resources, announced today that less than 10 percent of available IPv4 addresses remain unallocated. This small pool of existing IP addresses marks a critical moment in IPv4 address exhaustion, ultimately impacting the future network operations of all businesses and organizations around the globe.

APNIC: IPv6 adoption delay could create costs
The accelerating decline of IPv4 address space could end up increasing the cost of Internet access unless the industry speeds up the migration to IPv6 in the near future, according to Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) chief scientist, Geoff Huston.

IPv6 address management
Whether you like it or not, it appears that IPv6 is in your future sooner or later. And if you thought address management was a headache for IPv4, hold on to your hat!

Available IPv4 numbers in the world down to 10 percent
The availability of Internet numbers in IPv4 used across the globe for ISPs, businesses, education and other institutions is dwindling down and according to the powers that be that keep track of those numbers, they have reached critically low levels.

Q&A: Why to switch to IPv6
With just 10 per cent of IPv4 addresses left, Axel Pawlik of the Number Resource Organisation explains the mistakes that were made with IPv6 and why security has nothing to do with upgrading to the new IP numbering system.

?Critical moment? as IP address exhaustion threatens web as we know it
... Crucially, the NRO?s message is supported by the firm that actually allocates IP addresses: ICANN. ?For the global Internet to grow and prosper without limitation, we need to encourage the rapid widespread adoption of the IPv6 protocol,? said Rod Beckstrom, ICANN President and CEO. ?This is the time for the Internet community to act.?

WHOIS Privacy Considered ?Material Falsification?: A recent decision by the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
A recent decision by the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has determined that using WHOIS privacy on domains may be considered ?material falsification? under federal law. The defendants in US v. Kilbride (9th Cir., 2009) were convicted under the CAN-SPAM Act in a case that involved criminal charges of intentional email spamming. Enacted by the US Congress in 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act prohibits false or misleading transmission information, deceptive headers, and requires email solicitations to give an easy opt-out method and be labeled as an advertisement, including the senders physical post address. Commercial emails that use false or misleading headers, or violate other CAN-SPAM provisions, such as falsified registration information, are subject to fines of up to $11,000 for each unsolicited email sent.

Beyond Domains: What Did We Really Learn in 2009? by Alexa Raad
The beginning of every year is a time for introspection, an appraisal of the year that was, and planning for the year to come. It is also a time to follow tradition and to recap the biggest news of the year.

The UK ?Digital Economy Bill? Gives The Government Rights To Take Action Against Domains
In the UK a new law passed at then end of last year and which will take effect this summer effect domain names. The Digital Economy Bill, contains a provision that gives the Britsh Government the ability to intervene in domain name registration disputes and registrations.

Migraine.com Tops Sedo Weekly Sales List to 11 January
Migraine.com was the biggest seller in Sedo?s sales for the week to 11 January, selling for $125,000. MySports.com ($60,000), items.com ($50,000), cityhotels.com ($40,000) and mys.com and qe.org ($20,000) rounded out the top five sales.

Free-sms.de Leads Sedo Sales List in Week to 18 January
Free-sms.de was the top seller for Sedo in their weekly sales list for the week to 18 January, selling for ?115,000 ($165,000).

TRAFFIC Las Vegas 2010 Complete Auction Inventory
Latona?s Domain Brokerage & Auction House announces their full list of domain names that will be hitting the auction block this coming Friday at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas. The Premium Live Auction will be Friday, January 22, 2010. it will start at 4:00pm PST and end around 7:00pm PST. The Latona?s Extended Auction will begin on January 23 and go until January 29.

Final DOMAINfest Agenda Confirmed
The final agenda for DOMAINfest to be held later this month as been announced with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, being the keynote speaker. There will also be panel sessions with experts such as Rory Holland of Credit.com, Howard Wyner of Scentiments.com, Richard Jalchandra of Technorati Media.

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