[DNS] domain name news - 15 March

[DNS] domain name news - 15 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 20:58:34 -0700 (PDT)
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The Nairobi Board resolutions: painful to read by Milton Mueller

Interview with Rod Beckstrom in Nairobi, Kenya

Exposed: ICANN Policy staff manipulation of Board by Milton Mueller

Government Role in ICANN Increases

ICANN To Create Trademark Clearinghouse

Shocker: ICANN Nixes Expressions of Interest for New TLDs

ICANN president criticized for remarks on DNS security

ICANN Ends Meeting With No Decision on .xxx

au: Hackers attempt to dupe NetRegistry customers

UDRP Arbitrator Shares Insights on Trademark, Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting Issues

IPv6 Taskforce Trust formed in New Zealand

International Internet Community questions ITU Group: The case for change has not been made
Members of the Internet community gathered recently to examine ongoing discussion by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which is investigating a number of issues regarding IP address management including whether or not it should attempt to become involved in the global IP address allocation and management system.

ICANN Formalizes Relationship with ccTLD Manager for Papua New Guinea (.PG)
ICANN has announced today that it has signed an exchange of letters with the ccTLD manager for .PG, the Papua New Guinea University of Technology, on 10 March 2010.

The Nairobi Board resolutions: painful to read by Milton Mueller
The ICANN board issued a fairly large number of resolutions at the conclusion of its Nairobi meeting. give it an A for effort. But on substance? Give them an F. On the .xxx issue, the Board chose to ignore its independent review panel and refused to rectify what was officially determined to be unfair and discriminatory treatment. On the vertical integration issue, it issued a needlessly biased and poorly worded resolution that was an attempt to clarify things but probably did the opposite.

Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors - Nairobi - Adopted Resolutions

Interview with Rod Beckstrom in Nairobi, Kenya
ICANN President and CEO Rod Beckstrom summarizes decisions made by the Board of Directors during the final session of the 37th ICANN meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

Secret Board Briefings a Method of ICANN Capture
While in a meeting with Board members, a member of my Stakeholder group had an opportunity to read part of one page of the Policy Staff?s briefing report to the Board from across the table (some of us read documents upside down better the we read right side up.)

Exposed: ICANN Policy staff manipulation of Board by Milton Mueller
From Avri Doria's blog: "While in a meeting with Board members, a member of my Stakeholder group had an opportunity to read part of one page of the Policy Staff?s briefing report to the Board from across the table (some of us read documents upside down better the we read right side up.) In this case it was all they could do to refrain themself from standing up and yelling ?the staff lies.? Doria goes on to point out how inaccurate and biased these secret board briefings can be and how unfair it is that these critical messages are kept secret.

Government Role in ICANN Increases
In the wake of controversy about the influence of national governments on ICANN, the organization's Government Advisory Committee has expanded its role, participating in the selection of members of policy review committees.

ICANN passes resolution to China's IDN ccTLD applications
The wrap-up meeting of the ICANN board passed a resolution to China's IDN ccTLD applications, the Chinese delegation to the meeting has told Xinhua.

ICANN To Create Trademark Clearinghouse
The group that manages the Internet's address system approved a proposal that would create a database of trademarks aimed at improving their protection on the Internet, ICANN announced Friday.

Shocker: ICANN Nixes Expressions of Interest for New TLDs
I guess I?m not in the internal loop at ICANN, but I?m surprised that its board voted to completely nix the idea of ?Expressions of Interest? for new TLD names.

EI, EI - NO!
For those closely following the ICANN Meeting in Nairobi this week, the EOI (Expression of Interest) model seemed like a foregone conclusion. In fact, ICANN had scheduled a webinar on March 18th to explain the process despite the complaints of the community and large-scale disagreement amongst proponents of the EOI.

ICANN president criticized for remarks on DNS security
The country code subgroup of ICANN has criticized ICANN President and CEO Rod Beckstrom for "inflammatory" comments that the domain name system is not as secure as it used to be.

ICANN boss criticised for DNS scare story
ICANN president and CEO Rod Beckstrom has been criticised for his "inflammatory" comments suggesting that the DNS that underpins the internet is not as secure as it used to be.

ICANN Ends Meeting With No Decision on .xxx
ICANN wrapped up its meeting in Nairobi on Friday, but delayed a vote on the creation of the .xxx domain, which was the most anticipated board decision in the meeting.

ICANN delays decision on pornography domain
ICANN has delayed its ruling on the proposed .xxx internet porn domain until this summer. Today, at its meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, the ICANN board voted to push a decision to its next get-together in Brussels this June, while giving its CEO and chief counsel two weeks to prepare recommendations on how to proceed with the .xxx proposal.

ICANN postpones decision on .xxx domains
Just before wrapping up its meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, ICANN board voted to postpone any decision about a proposal to create a ".xxx" TLD for adult Web sites.

ICANN puts off .xxx decision
ICANN has decided to delay its decision on the creation of a .xxx web domain.

Global agency reconsiders '.xxx' for Internet porn sites [AP]
A global Internet oversight agency is reopening discussions about whether to create a ".xxx" domain name as an online red-light district where porn sites can set up shop away from the wandering eyes of children and teenagers.

Internet body delays decision on .XXX domain name [AFP]
The adult entertainment industry is going to have to wait a while longer to see whether it gets its .XXX domain name.

Decision on .xxx porn 'ghetto' delayed [AP]
Porn websites can't park themselves at a ".xxx" address quite yet. A global internet oversight agency has deferred a decision until June on whether to create a ".xxx" internet suffix as an online red-light district.

Does porn need a .XXX domain?
What's to be gained by creating sex.xxx? The idea of creating a new TLD name for porn has been floating around for a few years, but it's never managed to get off the ground. To be honest, I think the only people that would gain from .xxx are those who sell domain names.

ICANN Votes to Delay .XXX Consideration
ICANN today voted to delay consideration of the .XXX TLD in its board meeting at their 37th meeting held this week in Nairobi, Kenya.

ICANN Holds Off on .XXX Decision
The board of the international body that manages Web addresses will not decide until June whether or not to approve the latest proposal for a ?.xxx? top-level domain.

ICANN Board Drops Bomb on Registrars Hoping to Launch New TLDs
Board opts for separation of registrars and registries for new TLD names.

ICANN's Board Decisions in Nairobi Will Determine Its Credibility and Respect for Years to Come by Khaled Fattal
Today is the morning of the most revered Thursday in the ICANN meetings calendar?The public forum. It is tradition personified. It is the day when the show and the showcasing really begin. It is the stage and the choreography of the open microphone that can help influence ICANN decisions one way or another and make the supposed bottom up model appear at its best. Often, it serves to inform the board of issues they may have overlooked, other times it is a pre-planned, pre-arranged and choreographed in advance by proponents aiming to influence the board like a popularity contest. This special day precedes the Friday when the ICANN board makes its decisions, in public, adopting resolutions on many vital issues.

ICANN Board Meeting Spoiler Alert by Michael D. Palage
For those participants that have been working rearranged hours and participating remotely in connection with ICANN's Nairobi meeting, here is a chance to sleep in. While ICANN Board tea leaf reading is not an exact science, there is a great deal of predictability to ICANN's actions so here are my big three predictions for tomorrow.

ICANN Board Drops Bomb on Registrars Hoping to Launch New TLDs
ICANN?s board resolved today that there will be ?strict separation of entities offering registry services and those acting as registrars. No co-ownership will be allowed.?

ICANN conference attendees offer African techies advice
Kenya's technology businesspeople got a chance to interact with some of the organizations attending ICANN conference at a session held away from the conference venue.

ICANN to Mull .XXX, .GOD Domains
The board of the international body that manages Web addresses will hear arguments Friday for and against the .xxx top-level domain, which has been rejected three times since 2000.

GAC is raising its game
At the ICANN GAC (Government Advisory Committee) and Board meeting this week in Nairobi, the first topic was the GAC Secretariat. The question was ?how can the GAC get more secretariat and policy support for its work??. For a dry and dusty sounding question, it actually touches on crucial issues of the role of governments in coordinating the domain name and numbering systems. Today I can happily report that last night, GAC moved much closer to pooling funds for secretariat and policy support. This will be a very important step for the GAC as it will help it to be more effective within ICANN, and also demonstrates real commitment to the process.

ICANN wraps up in Nairobi with no security hitches
For the ICANN local organizing committee, today is a great day, it is the last day of the meeting, which by any standards can be considered a success considering the security video produced by ICANN just before the meeting.

ICANN considers '.xxx' domain name [AP]
A global internet oversight agency is reopening discussions about whether to create a ".xxx" domain name as an online red-light district where porn sites can set up shop away from the wandering eyes of children and teenagers.

EURid extends invitation to next ICANN meeting
EURid extended an invitation to the ICANN Nairobi meeting participants for the next ICANN meeting which it will host in Brussels June 20-25. 

Industry veteran Jon Nevett to join Advisory Board for 2010
RegistryPro, the exclusive operator of the .PRO top-level domain on the Internet, announced today it has become an official sponsor of the 37th ICANN International Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya (March 7 ? 12).

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
CIRA invites Canadians show off their .CA website
The deadline to submit a video for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority?s (CIRA) ShowUsYour.CA contest is fast approaching. Canadians have until March 15, 2010 to submit a short to show off their .CA website in a short video. The grand prize winner will receive a MacBook Pro and be featured in a future .CA marketing campaign. 

DNSSEC protects over 87,000 .CZ domains
Last week, DNSSEC technology was introduced for more than 70,000 .CZ domains

CZ.NIC Blocks 150 Malicious Domains since Start of Year
The reasons for shutting these domains down was that they were spreading malicious software and performing phishing attacks.

DENIC Enables Registration of DNSSEC Key Material as from 2 March
The ?DNSSEC Testbed for Germany? enters the decisive phase: As from 2 March 2010 DENIC gives also second level domains under .de the opportunity to participate in the DNSSEC testbed and to record the related key material. In this process, DENIC initially registers the Key Signing Keys used as Trust Anchor, and then publishes the corresponding DS records in the .de zone accessible in the testbed. 

AFNIC brings the .fr Policy into line with its appointment's conditions
A new Naming Charter, that defines the .fr domain names registration rules, will be effective on March 16th, 2010.

Nominet plans release of super-short domain names
A host of new, short domain names will be made available under the body responsible for domain names ending in .uk, Nominet. It plans to allow the registration of previously-banned domain names consisting of one or two characters.

Tighter security coming for .org names
The Public Interest Registry will add an extra layer of security known as DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to the .org domain in June -- a move that will protect millions of non-profit organizations and their donors from hacking attacks known as cache poisoning.

The .org domain set to sign off on largest DNSSEC implementation to date
The Public Interest Registry, which operates the .org top-level domain, expects to complete deployment of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the .org registry in June by accepting second-level signed zones.

.ORG, The Public Interest Registry to Deploy Enhanced Domain Security in June 2010
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) today announced plans to complete the final step to realizing full DNSSEC deployment in the .ORG registry by accepting second level signed .ORG zones beginning in June of 2010. This positions .ORG as the first generic top-level domain (TLD) to offer full DNSSEC deployment.

Experts see DNSSEC deployments gaining traction
It's been a long road for DNSSEC, but experts who are monitoring deployments of the DNS layer authentication technology across public and private top-level domains (TLDs) remain optimistic that it will gain traction later this year.

au: Hackers attempt to dupe NetRegistry customers
Scammers using a Brazilian domain name have targeted customers of large Australian domain name and hosting company NetRegistry, seeking usernames and passwords in order to launch new malware attacks.

UDRP Arbitrator Shares Insights on Trademark, Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting Issues
UDRP Arbitrator Sandra Franklin offers her insights on UDRP arbitrations concerning trademarks, domain names, and cybersquatting issues in this Cybersquatting Law Radio interview

au: Westp.ac domain 'sale' raises bank's ire
Days after trying to flog the Qant.as domain name to the Flying Kangaroo, online entrepreneur Dominic Holland has struck again with Westpac Bank in his sights.

Nike aims to squash cybersquatters
Nike Inc. is seeking to wrest control over 66 Internet domain names it says are hawking counterfeit goods.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 Taskforce Trust formed in New Zealand
The New Zealand IPv6 Taskforce has been registered as a Trust and charitable entity says the latest edition of The Browser, the monthly newsletter from InternetNZ, who manages .NZ as part of their duties.

IPv6 Around the World: Number Resource Organization?s Contribution to ITU-T IPv6 Study Group
This submission informs stakeholders of the current state of global IPv6 deployment. A vast amount of IPv6 address space is already distributed to networks around the world. IPv6 adoption is gaining significant momentum, with key service and content suppliers deploying IPv6 capabilities on their infrastructure and numerous governments, through partnerships with the private and civil sectors, are actively engaged in activities designed to ensure their citizens have Internet access via the new protocol.

Ruling the Root part II: RPKI and the IP address space by Milton Mueller
The Internet Architecture Board issued a little-noticed statement February 12 that has the potential to revolutionize Internet governance - and not in a good way. The IAB is now claiming that the application of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) to addressing and routing is "a prerequisite for improving the security of the global routing system." What may get lost in all the technical mumbo-jumbo is that RPKI is a technology of control and identification. We need to think long and hard before embarking on a path that would lead to the global centralization of such authority in a single institution's hands.

New Online Magazine Will Focus Entirely on ccTLDs + ICANN Closes Its Latest Meeting By Announcing a New Trademark Clearinghouse Database
Morgan Linton has just rolled out a new online magazine for country code domain aficionados called ccTLD Investors. The ccTLD space has exploded over the past couple of years and with the rapid growth of the internet in markets around the world interest in country codes will undoubtedly continue to expand. Linton said "The market is there, we?ve already seen some huge sales this year, the problem is that there are very few resources for ccTLD Investors. In 2009 ccTLD sales doubled making it the quickest growing segment in the Domain Investing space."

VeriSign to spend more than $300M on tech upgrades [AP]
VeriSign, whose technology is key to allowing Internet users to access Web sites with names ending in ".com" and ".net," plans to spend more than $300 million over the next decade to upgrade its systems.

From tiny dotcoms the mighty internet has grown
Monday will see the 25th anniversary of the registration of the domain name Symbolics.com. Granted, it's not particularly catchy, and to this day it's renowned for nothing other than being the first. But it unwittingly became the eldest brother of a phenomenon that profoundly changed the world.

Peddle to the Metal: $165,000 Sale at Sedo Sends Metal.com to Victory Lane in This Week's Aftermarket Race 
Metal.com scored a runaway win in this week's domain aftermarket race, selling for $165,000 at Sedo.com to take the pole position on our new Top 20 Sales Chart. Metal.com finished more than $100,000 ahead of the next closest sale, StockPrices.com at $60,000. Sedo also sold that domain and they went on to sweep 12 of the 20 positions on our all extension leader board.

Got rich with a click: three businessmen quick to jump on city domain names
They're sitting on some of the most valuable property in the city - bought for a pittance and now worth millions even though it's not much to look at. Leland Hardy, Kevin Cahill, Larry Fischer: These guys are the kings of New York, at least in cyberspace.

Sex.com goes under the hammer
If you've got $1m for a starting bid, and many millions more available, you could next week be the proud owner of the internet's most fought-over domain name: sex.com.

Analysing the web: Scouring blogs for useful information
?I noticed that the doormat was at a slightly crooked angle. I reached down and moved the mat back into its correct place.? Thus began a recent entry on The dullest blog in the world. Although this publication is something of a satire on the internet?s inane blogs, scientists are finding?to their surprise?that useful information can actually be mined from the tedium of the blogosphere.

EU consumer laws to cover online holidays
Holidaymakers who have booked their vacations online will likely get the same level of protection as those using travel agents, the European Commission told MEPs at their plenary in Strasbourg yesterday (8 March).

Google looks at clouds from both sides now
Google is broadening its assault on Microsoft?s dominance of business software by launching an online marketplace for other companies? products.

James Murdoch digs in over content battle with Google
James Murdoch yesterday reiterated News Corporation?s tough attitude towards Google, repeating the threat made by his father to withdraw the company?s content from the search engine giant.

Web will be 'critical' revenue source for Times: publisher [AFP]
Charging online readers will give The New York Times a critical second revenue stream but the print newspaper will be important for "many years to come," publisher Arthur Sulzberger said Thursday.

Internet making it easier to become a terrorist
The abrupt transformation of Colleen R. LaRose from bored middle-aged matron to "JihadJane," her Internet alias, was unique in many ways, but a common thread ties the alleged Islamic militant to other recent cases of homegrown terrorism: the Internet.

Facebook threatens to sue Daily Mail
Facebook has threatened to sue the Daily Mail for damages after the paper wrongly claimed in a piece published on Wednesday that 14-year-old girls who create a profile on the social networking site could be approached "within seconds" by older men who "wanted to perform a sex act" in front of them.

Facebook considers legal action against Daily Mail over underage sex claims
The world?s biggest social networking site Facebook is today considering legal action against the Daily Mail, after the newspaper published false claims that a criminologist who had posed on the site as a teenage girl had found himself immediately inundated with sexual messages from adult men.

Facebook calls on ex-detective to name social networking site
Source of Daily Mail story refuses to divulge 'well-known social network' where he posed as girl of 14 and received sexual approaches from men

Has Twitter reached its peak?
Twitter's growth seems to have lost its momentum, according to a new study. Growth in the micro-blogging service's number of users peaked at nearly 20% last April, but had dropped down to 0.15% in December 2009, says a study by Barracuda Networks.

Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not)
As Jordan Viator roams the conference rooms, dimly lit bars and restaurants here at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, she often pulls out her cellphone and uses the Foursquare service to broadcast her location.

Laptops could be key to an earthquake early-warning system
Seismologists envision a 'Quake Catchers' network of volunteers using their computers to precisely map tremors.

au: Net filter unworkable, games a threat to human liberty: Hockey
Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has slammed the Federal Government?s proposal for mandatory ISP-level filtering.

au: Government considers free filters for small ISPs
Small Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need not spend a cent to meet the national Internet filtering requirements in a move under consideration by the Federal Government.

au: Filter paves way for censorship: Hockey
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey yesterday launched an attack on the Federal Government's internet filtering scheme, in one of the first cases of a senior Opposition figure coming out publicly against the controversial policy.

Declare 'game over' on video violence degrading our kids
Australia is one of the only Western nations without an adults-only classification for video games. Eamonn Duff discovers why an R18+ rating needs to be introduced.

uk: Websites told to remove material promoting self-harm
Doctors today called on websites to remove any material which romanticises or promotes self-harm by young people, as figures emerged suggesting a significant rise in the numbers admitted to hospital.

nz: Net filter blocks 7,000 child porn sites
Some of the country's Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have begun blocking around 7,000 websites on a secret Government blacklist.

Neuseeland startet zentralen Web-Filter gegen Kinderpornographie
Die B?rgerrechtsorganisation Tech Liberty hat ?ffentlich gemacht, dass das neuseel?ndische Innenministerium seit Anfang Februar mit gro?en Providern ein System zur Blockade kinderpornographischer Webseiten implementiert hat. Beteiligt seien zumindest die Zugangsanbieter Maxnet und Watchdog, erkl?rte ein Sprecher der zivilgesellschaftlichen Vereinigung gegen?ber dem Magazin "Computerworld".

NZ Internet filter goes live
New Zealand?s opt-in Internet content filter has gone live today with a least two confirmed participating ISPs.

us: FCC Chairman Genachowski Announces Children's Agenda for Digital Opportunity [news release]
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski today discussed working recommendations in the National Broadband Plan to benefit children and their families. Initiatives were announced that foster the Commission?s Children?s Agenda for Digital Opportunity to help children and empower parents.

Pink Floyd win EMI court ruling over online sales
Pink Floyd tracks may be removed from digital music services like iTunes after a High Court ruling. Their latest record deal, signed with EMI before legal downloads came along, said individual songs must not be sold without the band's permission.

Pink Floyd score victory for the concept album in court battle over ringtones
Pink Floyd, the British rock group behind platinum-selling albums The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, today secured a legal victory for the much-maligned genre of the concept album against the apparently inexorable march of the instant pop download.

Pink Floyd Wins Court Battle With EMI Over Downloads
The British rock band Pink Floyd won its court battle with EMI on Thursday, with a ruling that prevents the record company from selling single downloads on the Internet from the group?s concept albums.

Pink Floyd nails EMI over online album sales [AP]
Album lovers may rejoice a little at last: a British court says Pink Floyd, purveyor of iTunes-unfriendly concept records, cannot be unbundled.

A Dream for Music, but Labels? Nightmare
The Apple iPad, which goes on sale April 3, will access video, applications and Web sites wirelessly ? no cords or cables needed. But to move your trusty old music collection onto this wonder gadget and take it with you to work, or on vacation, you?ll have to pull out a U.S.B. sync cable, plug the device into your PC and transfer those music files over. ... But if the music industry wants to preserve what is now the more profitable business, in which people actually pay for and own a copy of an individual song or album, it must first work out practical and affordable licensing terms with tech companies that want to develop cloud music services.

MSN Video takes on BBC iPlayer with ad-supported online TV offering
Microsoft's MSN Video is to launch a free catch-up TV service in the UK on Thursday to try to compete with the BBC's iPlayer ? but including 30-second adverts before, during and after each programme.

Nokia patents the first self-charging phone
The phone manufacturer's concept would harness the energy created as a person moves around, through the use of piezoelectric crystals

Apple's Spat With Google Is Getting Personal
It looked like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Three years ago, Eric E. Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, jogged onto a San Francisco stage to shake hands with Steven P. Jobs, Apple?s co-founder, to help him unveil a transformational wonder gadget ? the iPhone ? before throngs of journalists and adoring fans at the annual MacWorld Expo.

Australian government trademark body rejects Apple's monopoly on "i"
Apple has been dealt a severe blow having been told that it no longer has a monopoly on the letter "i" as part of the name for its products.

FBI: Cyberfraud losses doubled in 2009 [IDG]
Last year was a tough one for most businesses, but for cybercriminals it was one of the best yet. According to data released Friday by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), victims reported total losses of US$559.7 million in 2009, more than double the tally for 2008.

Cybercrime surge pushes 2009 losses to 559 million US dollars
Losses from cybercrime and online scams more than doubled in 2009 to 559 million US dollars as Internet criminals used more sophisticated techniques, an FBI-led task force said Friday.

Internet fraud losses doubled last year [AP]
The cost of internet fraud doubled in 2009 to about $560 million, the FBI says.

IC3 2009 Annual Report on Internet Crime Released [news release]
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), released the 2009 Annual Report about fraudulent activity on the Internet today.

Obama to 'aggressively protect' intellectual property
As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama was young, a technology fan, and appeared to be an establishment outsider. For those reasons some techies hoped he might be sympathetic to copyright reform.

Taking on the Internet Giants: Germany Applies Brakes to Google & Co.
The German government has discovered the Internet and data privacy as a political issue. The new debate over who should control the online world reveals a clash of two cultures, with the American ideal of freedom contrasting with the European desire for privacy.

German Publishers Question Apple's Rejection of Nudity
... That explanation worries some German publishers. Why should a technology company in California be allowed to decide what is objectionable to the rest of the world, they ask. By comparison, imagine a Japanese television manufacturer determining what Americans are allowed to see on their sets.

Internet restrictions curtail human rights, says US
Many governments have used the internet to curtail freedom of expression at home, the US state department says in its latest annual human rights report.

Australia on internet enemy watchlist [AFP]
A top media rights watchdog has listed Australia along with Iran and North Korea in a report published on countries that pose a threat of internet censorship.

Australia defends mandatory Internet filter [AFP]
Australia Sunday defended its plan to block some Internet content, such as that featuring child sex abuse or advocating terrorism, after a media rights watchdog warned it may hurt free speech.

Censorship fears over Australian net filter
The government's proposed internet filter has landed Australia on a global watch list for internet censorship, prompting one industry figure to note that Australia's policy could be used by authoritarian regimes to justify internet restrictions.

Australia a potential 'enemy of the internet' - study [AP]
Repressive regimes have stepped up efforts to censor the internet and jail dissidents, Reporters Without Borders said in a newly-released study.

Battle for human rights increasingly fought on Internet: US [AFP]
The United States said Thursday that the battle for human rights is increasingly being fought on the Internet as China, Iran and other states try to block access by political activists and others.

Web 2.0 versus Control 2.0
The fight for free access to information is being played out to an ever greater extent on the Internet. The emerging general trend is that a growing number of countries are attemptimg to tighten their control of the Net, but at the same time, increasingly inventive netizens demonstrate mutual solidarity by mobilizing when necessary.

China Issues Another Warning to Google on Enforced Censorship of the Internet
One of China?s top Internet regulators warned bluntly on Friday that any move by Google to stop censoring its Chinese search engine would be ?irresponsible? and would draw a response from Beijing.

China warns Google not to stop filtering web searches [Relax News]
China on Friday warned Google it would face "consequences" if it stopped filtering its search results, after the firm threatened to leave the country over cyberattacks and web censorship.

China warns Google to comply with censorship laws
China's top internet official has warned that Google will "pay the consequences" if it continues to go against Chinese law.

China holds firm against Google, says firm must obey its laws
China's top Internet regulator warned Google on Friday that it must obey Chinese laws or "pay the consequences," in the bluntest official reaction yet to Google's threat to pull out of China unless the government stops censoring the Internet.

Google to shut China search engine
Google has drawn up detailed plans for the closure of its Chinese search engine and is now ?99.9 per cent? certain to go ahead as talks over censorship with the Chinese authorities have reached an apparent impasse, according to a person familiar with the company?s thinking.

Google "99.9 pct" sure to shut China search engine - report
Talks with China over censorship have reached an apparent impasse and Google, the world's largest search engine, is now "99.9 percent" certain to shut its Chinese search engine, the Financial Times said on Saturday.

Venezuela's Chavez calls for internet controls
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who is criticized by media freedom groups, called on Saturday for regulation of the Internet and singled out a website that he said falsely reported the murder of one of his ministers.

Venezuela's Chavez: Internet should be regulated [AP]
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for regulation of the Internet on Saturday while demanding authorities crack down on a critical news Web site that he accused of spreading false information.

Venezuelan Web site rejects Chavez's allegations [AP]
A Venezuelan Web site that was accused by President Hugo Chavez of spreading false reports of killings said Sunday the government is trying to restrict criticism, but announced it had banned the visitors who posted the inaccurate rumors.

Venezuelan president calls for Internet regulation
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday called for Internet regulations and demanded that authorities crack down on a news Web site he accused of spreading false information, according to media reports.

British Put Teeth in Anti-Piracy Proposal
When asked how governments ought to deal with freeloaders who illegally copy music and movies on the Internet, James Murdoch, head of News Corp.?s European and Asian operations, does not mince his words: ?Punish them.?

Britain's controversial digital economy bill amendment follows lobbyists' draft
A controversial amendment to the digital economy bill that could block sites such as YouTube is copied almost word-for-word from a draft written by the BPI, which lobbies on behalf of the British music industry.

Web-blocking amendment matches BPI proposal
Sections of a website-blocking amendment to the Digital Economy Bill follow, almost word-for-word, a proposal made by UK music industry body the BPI, prompting accusations of undue influence.

European Parliament threatens court action over ACTA secrecy
The European Parliament has threatened to take the European Commission to the EU's highest court if it does not disclose the details of a secret international copyright treaty.

Parliament threatens court action on anti-piracy treaty
The European Parliament defied the EU executive today (10 March), casting a vote against an agreement between the EU, the US and other major powers on combating online piracy and threatening to take legal action at the European Court of Justice.

Vast F.C.C. Effort to Widen U.S. Internet Access Sets Off Battle
The Federal Communications Commission is proposing an ambitious 10-year plan that will reimagine the nation?s media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country?s dominant communication network.

Australia comes clean on ACTA role
The Australian Government has no intention of changing its domestic laws to harmonise with an international treaty on copyright, according to a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Shift in telecoms regulations could spur economic growth, UN report says [news release]
New approaches in regulating information and communication technology (ICT) could help to stimulate investment and growth in rolling out new networks and upgrading technology, despite the current global recession, according to a new United Nations report.

$900m plan to open NZ internet tap
Lower internet prices and unlimited downloads for home connections are predicted to be the result of a new high-speed link planned between New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Top business figures in bold broadband bid
Several of New Zealand's key innovators have launched a $900 million bid to build an international fibre cable across the Pacific that aims to give virtually unlimited high speed broadband for New Zealand and Australia.

Internode boosts Southern Cross capacity
Internet service provider Internode has signed up for 2.5 gigabits per second more international capacity from Southern Cross Cable's Network and says it has plans to buy another 12.5 gigabits.

nz: Joyce hails 'exciting' cable plan [Dominion Post]
The Government has welcomed an ambitious proposal by three of the country's highest-profile businessmen to build a $900 million submarine communications cable linking New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Telecom scandal?s important call for Italy?s legal system
The latest scandal to break in the world of Italian telecoms provides an interesting test for the Roman judge overseeing the case.

Manchester United sign sponsorship deal with Malaysian telecom company
Manchester United have signed a five-year sponsorship agreement with Telekom Malaysia, continuing the strategy of trying to widen United's sponsorship base and hoping to tap into the club's fan base in the country.

Mobile operators hope to thwart 4G plans
Telecommunications companies are threatening to launch a legal challenge to the government?s plans to increase the availability of internet access on mobile phones.

nz: Man abused schoolgirls he met online [Dominion Post]
An online predator used social networking site Bebo to prey on schoolgirls, sexually abusing two he befriended through the internet.

nz: Man abused schoolgirls met through Bebo [NZPA]
A man who sexually abused schoolgirls he met through a social networking website has been sentenced to home detention and community work.


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