[DNS] domain name news - 13 May

[DNS] domain name news - 13 May

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Conficker Summary and Review

Korean Web addresses set to go all 'hangeul'

Russia: 2 first .?? websites are working!

Cyrillic Domains May Start Working This Week

New 2LDs for Australia [reg req'd]

German net crippled by top level glitch

au: The Mantra Decision: Strata Titled Properties: Registered Trade Marks: When Use of a Building Name Can Infringe ... Domain Name Registrations May Constitute Trade Mark Infringement [reg req'd]

Internet approaches addressing limit

Demand for IPv4 addresses surges: RIPE says talk of black market is premature

Conficker Summary and Review
This report provides a chronology of events related to the containment of the Conficker worm. It provides an introduction and brief description of the worm and its evolution, but its primary focus is to piece together the post-discovery and -analysis events, describe the containment measures chronologically, and describe the collaborative effort to contain the spread of the worm. The author captures lessons learned during a containment period spanning nearly a year and describes recent activities that attempt to apply the lessons learned so that the security and DNS communities can be better prepared for future attacks that exploit the global DNS.

ICANN Security Team Reports on Conficker Post-Discovery Analysis
A paper released today by ICANN provides a chronology of events related to the containment of the Conficker worm. The report, "Conficker Summary and Review (PDF)," is authored by Dave Piscitello, ICANN's Senior Security Technologist on behalf of the organization's security team. Below is the introduction excerpt from the paper:

Korean Web addresses set to go all 'hangeul'
Korean Internet users will be able to use Web addresses written in Hangeul, the native Korean alphabet, starting next year, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said.

Russia: 2 first .?? websites are working!
The first 2 websites with Cyrillic domain names are up and running as of last night. The websites are www.?????????.?? (the President.rf) and www.?????????????.?? (the Government.rf). Both websites have their English analogues (although the layout of the President's one does not even remotely look like the Russian version).

Cyrillic Domains May Start Working This Week
Internet domain names using Cyrillic characters may start working this week after the world governing body for Internet domain names officially delegates the .?? domain to Russia.

Domain names in Cyrillic coming to the Internet
The Internet will learn another alphabet this week. Domain names in Cyrillic are expected to be activated in Russia, the Moscow Times reports.

Opening of new domain extensions potential problem for brands
In just a few months a new brand of domain will be available on the Internet - a non-Latin based world wide web domain extension. In October, three Arab countries will receive the first language-based domains from ICANN, which will allow for domain extensions to be written in a country's language rather than spelled out or abbreviated using the Latin-based alphabet.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
New 2LDs for Australia [reg req'd]
In New Zealand, it is not possible to register a domain name directly with a ccTLD i.e. ?.nz?. A second level domain name (2LD) must be used. For example, it is not possible to register baldwins.nz, rather it must be baldwins.co.nz. This is mirrored in Australia, with open 2LDs like ?.com.au? and ?.net.au?, which are available to the general public and closed 2LDs like ?.edu.au? and ?.gov.au? which are only available to entities within a defined sector.In December 2009, the Australian Domain Name Administrator auDA set up a 2LD Advisory Panel to evaluate proposals for the creation of new 2LDs in the .au domain space and provide recommendations to the board of the auDA.

German net crippled by top level glitch
Vast portions of the German internet were unavailable for more than an hour on Wednesday, after a snafu with the country's top level .de domain.

Massive Internet disruptions in Germany [AP]
Scores of Internet sites in Germany ending with the Web address .de were brought down by a crash for more than an hour.

Major Outage Hits German's Websites Under .de Domain
Millions of websites under Germany's top-level domains, .de, went offline on Wednesday due to a technical error according to various sources.

Zone File Glitch Shuts Down Millions of .DE Domains
According to TLDSource.com and The Register large parts of the .DE zone file went missing today from 1:30 pm to roughly 2:50 pm. The error shut down potentially over 13 million domains names tied to websites and email addresses using the German domain name extension.

Glitch shuts down German internet
A major technical glitch shut down a wide swath of the German internet on Wednesday, leaving many websites with .de domains unavailable.

What went wrong at the .de-registry earlier today?
From 13:30 through about 14:50 today, large parts of the .de zone where unavailable, causing over 13 million domain names with websites and e-mail to be unavailable. It is very uncommon for a large domain name extension to be fully unavailable, so much that it is causing domain names under that TLD to actually not work. In the last 5 to 10 years, as far as we know about, of all the large TLD?s only .nu, .se and .biz have known some real downtime.

[Canadian Press]
Scores of Internet sites in Germany ending with the Web address .de were brought down by a crash for more than an hour.

INTERNET OUTAGE Problems hit German websites
Around half of websites with the German .de suffix were unavailable for more than an hour on Wednesday

.XXX Trademark Owner May Be Harmed If sTLD Is Approved
Now that the comment period for the .XXX sTLD on ICANN?s site has ended, the debate whether to approve ICM?s application to sell the domain name is just heating up. 

U.S. struggles to ward off evolving cyber threat
The United States is losing enough data in cyber attacks to fill the Library of Congress many times over, and authorities have failed to stay ahead of the threat, a U.S. defense official said on Wednesday.

Pentagon flags military response to cyber attack [AFP]
The Pentagon would consider a military response in the case of a cyber attack against the United States, a US defence official says.

More Brands Under Attack Than Ever Before, Hitting Record High in Q4 2009
The fourth quarter of 2009 saw a rise in the number of hijacked brands to a record 356 in October, up nearly 4.4 per cent from the previous record of 341 in August 2009

The State of Phishing by Afilias
Over the last three years, the Anti-Phishing Working Group's semiannual Global Phishing Survey has become a widely cited source of information about the state of phishing and its place in the Internet landscape. Afilias' Director of Domain Security, Greg Aaron, has been co-authoring these reports with Rod Rasmussen of Internet Identity, with the goal to show the community what phishers are doing and how anti-abuse measures are effective.

au: The Mantra Decision: Strata Titled Properties: Registered Trade Marks: When Use of a Building Name Can Infringe ... Domain Name Registrations May Constitute Trade Mark Infringement [reg req'd]
The registration of a domain name incorporating a registered trade mark, when coupled with use of the trade mark on the resolving website, can constitute trade mark infringement.

Trademark Holder Not Entitled to Domain Name Registered Years Before by Evan D. Brown
Startups in the process of selecting a company or product name are often frustrated to see that someone else, years ago, registered the .com version of their newly thought-of name. Similarly, companies that have acquired a trademark registration wonder whether they can use their crisp new registration certificate to stomp out someone else who has been using a domain name similar to the company's new mark. A recent case arising under the UDRP shows us that the earlier domain name registration is usually going to be on solid ground against a later-arriving trademark owner

 - IPv4/IPv6
Internet approaches addressing limit
In less than 18 months there will be no more big blocks of net addresses to give out, estimates suggest. Predictions name 9 September 2011 as the date on which the last of those tranches is released for net firms and others to use.

Demand for IPv4 addresses surges: RIPE says talk of black market is premature
Despite demand for IPv4 internet addresses surging, talk of a black market is a little premature, says RIPE NCC. 

No IPv4 black market yet says RIPE chief
Talk of a black market in Internet IPv4 addresses is a little premature according to the managing director of European registry agency RIPE NCC, but it?s something that could happen in the future.

Moniker Auctions at DOMAINfest Fort Lauderdale Catalogue Now Available
The full catalogue of domains for the Moniker auctions at DOMAINfest Fort Lauderdale is now up with expected opening bids and ranges for all domains. Pre-bids can be submitted until May 13 at noon US ET. The highest bid for each domain will then become the starting bid in the Live auction. All live auction pre-bidders will be notified via email of their position in the auction along with instructions for joining the Live and Extended auction.

ACT leads the nation with internet usage: ABS [news release]
The ACT continues to lead the nation as the biggest users of both home computers (88%) and the internet (82%), according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Canberra leading Australian net usage
The Australian Capital Territory continues to lead the nation as the home for the biggest users of the internet, according to a release yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Face-to-face time makes us happier than Facebook-study
Nothing makes us happier than our families and loved ones, a new study shows, with face-to-face socialising beating reaching out to people online hands down.

Dispute brews over pornographic images on Wikimedia
A row over sexually explicit content on the web encyclopaedia Wikipedia and related sites has escalated.

More Cyberbullying on Facebook, Social Sites Than Rest of the Web
Thirty-two percent of online teens have experienced some form of harassment via the Internet, a problem also known as "cyberbullying." According to recent data, 15% of online teens have had private material forwarded without permission, 13% have received threatening messages and 6% have had embarrassing photos posted without permission.

In Indonesia, Twitter takes on social watchdog role
When Indonesian Social Services Minister Salim Segaf Al-Jufrie was spotted driving his car in a dedicated bus lane in the capital Jakarta, he could scarcely have imagined the furore that would follow.

Twitter catches up with Facebook in US
The hugely popular micro-blogging service Twitter has come from a standing start in 2006 to become as well known as Facebook in the US, with African Americans proving particularly keen on "tweeting".

uk: Wrong kind of tweet leaves air traveller ?1,000 out of pocket
An exasperated tweet by an air traveller grounded in January's snow cost him ?1,000 today when a court failed to see the joke in his spoof threat to "blow an airport sky high".

Is There Life After Facebook?
Deanna Zandt has spent the last three years explaining to people why they should join Facebook and the last week wrestling with the urge to delete her own account.

Barack Obama warns students about distractions of technology
US president Barack Obama, whose 2008 election victory has been acclaimed as the first to be "won on the internet", has warned university graduates against relying on technology for information.

uk: Child abuse 'big business online'
There are around 450 criminal gangs around the world making money from images of child sex abuse, the UK's Internet Watch Foundation has said.

Child porn warning for networking sites
Paedophiles are increasingly using social networking sites and other message boards to distribute and sell sick images of children, a watchdog warns today.

IWF reveals commercial core of child sexual abuse ?brands? on the internet
The UK?s Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) today published its Annual Report 2009 reporting continued success at tackling criminal online content in the UK but revealing the existence of at least 450 distinct criminal ?brands? selling images and videos of the sexual abuse of children, worldwide. 

us: State court: Internet filtering at libraries constitutional
Libraries that choose to filter Internet access are not engaging in censorship, according to the Washington Supreme Court. The court made its decision late last week on 6-3 vote, with the majority noting that libraries are not obligated to provide universal access to all constitutionally protected speech just because it exists. Still, the dissenting justices feel that filters should be removed at the request of an adult, and that the decision is "draconian."

au: Cops add image-matching to anti-paedophile arsenal
Police across Australia will crack down on child pornography with an image matching platform in development in Queensland that is set to go national at the end of the year.

au: Support fading for Government's internet filter
Support for the Federal Government's proposed mandatory internet filtering program is waning, with a study revealing that fewer people back the move.

au: Former AFP cop says filter will 'fail'
A former director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) Alistair McGibbon last night said the Federal Government's proposed mandatory internet service provider level filter would "fail".

au: Parents reject filter when told more: survey
A survey commissioned by groups opposed to the Federal Government's internet filter project has found that the more information parents receive about the proposal, the less likely they are to support it ? although they strongly supported the filter idea overall.

au: Ludlam: Filter opponents "stand-up now"
Green Senator Scott Ludlam hit out at the Federal Government?s Internet content filtering plan, calling for opponents to "stand-up" in Senate yesterday.

Budget 2010-2011: Government pumps cash into NBN and ISP filtering
The Government has kicked up its commitment to the National Broadband Network (NBN), promising $300 million in funds from infrastructure bonds and $16m in advertising and marketing to promote fast Internet as part of the new Federal Budget.

Study casts doubt over net filter support
As Kevin Rudd attempts to fend off a slump in the Labor's approval rating, evidence is mounting that one of its key initiatives - mandatory internet filtering - may not prove as popular with voters as the government had hoped.

All eyes on Australia as Conroy pushes net filter
Governments and organisations around the world are intently watching Australia as the Federal Government continues to peddle the proposed ISP-level Internet filter, former GetUp executive director and AccessNow founder, Brett Solomon, has revealed.

US and Conroy 'agree to disagree' on filter
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has said that he and the United States Government were "going to agree to disagree" on the issue of a mandatory internet service provider level internet filter.

Australian Government Censors Anti-Abortion Sites
Information gathered both by the ABC TV?s ?Four Corners? program as well as a leaked list containing banned websites from the Australian Communications and Media Authority, shows that numerous anti-abortion sites are currently censored by the Australian Government.

au: Net Filter companies losing ISP business
Sales of web content filters to the telecommunications industry have frozen as reluctant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) wait for possible subsidy under the Federal Government?s national Internet content filter plan.

au: 'Sexting' film to lay bare the risks of SMS
Victoria Police wants a 15-minute film on ??sexting?? to be shown in schools to educate children on the dangers of using mobile phones to send sexually explicit images.

us: Libraries have right to filter Internet, but maybe shouldn't
Last week the Washington Supreme Court ruled that a public library has the right to filter adult patrons' access to the Internet. I suppose they do, though I am skeptical of Internet filters. The day after the court's decision, I clicked on an image of Neanderthal man, having read in the newspaper I was related to him ? and I was blocked by The Seattle Times' Internet filter.

us: No disabling but willingness to unblock sites; case still in federal court
In a decision that may lead some libraries to adopt more stringent Internet filtering policies, the Supreme Court of Washington, in a 6-3 decision has agreed that a public library can filter Internet access for all patrons without disabling the filter on request of an adult library patron to allow access to websites with constitutionally protected material.

Record labels win LimeWire US copyright case [Reuters]
The makers of file-sharing software LimeWire have been found liable for infringing the music copyrights of 13 major record companies.

LimeWire sliced by RIAA, guilty of massive infringement
LimeWire has been tied up in court over copyright infringement claims for years, but LimeWire, CEO Mark Gorton, and the Lime Group are all feeling especially sour today?the recording industry has won a major victory in federal court.

RIAA wins big in LimeWire lawsuit
In a decision that could mean sweeping changes to file sharing in the United States, a federal court has found the company that operates file-sharing service LimeWire liable for copyright infringement, according to court records reviewed by CNET.

LimeWire hammered in copyright case [AP]
File-sharing software company LimeWire has lost a long-running court battle to the major recording companies.

In response to a federal court?s ruling that peer-to-peer service LimeWire and its operators are liable for inducement of widespread copyright theft, Mitch Bainwol, Chairman & CEO, offered the following comment:

In Mobile Age, Sound Quality Steps Back
... But iPods and compressed computer files ? the most popular vehicles for audio today ? are ?sucking the life out of music,? he says.

Lyrics Sites at Center of Fight Over Royalties
That?s what Milun Tesovic wanted to know back in 2000 as he searched online for the lyrics of his favorite tunes. But often, he got results that seemed dubious or could not find the song at all. So a year later, at age 16, he started his own site.

us: F.C.C. Weighs Plan to Warn of High Cellphone Bill
The Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday that it was seeking public comment on a plan that would require wireless phone companies to notify customers when they are running up unusually high charges for data usage, roaming or other uses beyond what is covered by regular monthly fees.

Apple rival HTC urges iPhone ban
Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC has filed a patent complaint against Apple, asking for the US sale of iPhones, iPads and iPods to be halted.

HTC calls for halt to sales of iPad, iPhone and iPod in US
The fight between Apple and HTC, maker of mobile phones using Google's Android platform, is growing increasingly acrimonious with the Taiwanese firm calling for the regulatory authorities to halt the sale of iPhones, iPads and iPods in the US.

HTC sues to block iPhone, iPad, iPod U.S. sales
HTC Corp fired back on Wednesday in its legal battle with Apple Inc, asking the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban sales of iPhones, iPads and iPods in the United States.

HTC fires back at Apple with patent complaint
Almost two months after Apple filed a patent complaint against HTC, the Taiwanese handset maker says it has a patent beef with Apple too.

HTC hits back with ITC complaint against Apple
HTC said it filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission charging Apple with infringing on five patents.

iPhone overtaken by Android in the US
Mobile phones using Google's Android operating system have outsold Apple's iPhone in the US for the first time, according to new research, as the battle between two of the biggest American technology firms to dominate the mobile web steps up a gear.

Report: Google Android surpasses iPhone in U.S.
Google's Android operating system edged out Apple's iPhone operating system for the No. 2 spot in the U.S. consumer smartphone market in the first quarter, research firm NPD Group reported Monday.

Google's Android takes No 2 spot from iPhone in U.S.
Google Inc displaced iPhone maker Apple Inc to become the second most popular provider of smartphone software in the United States during the first quarter, the latest sign of the increasing competition in the fast-growing mobile market.

Android overtakes Apple in US smartphone market
Google?s Android OS surpassed Apple in US smartphone market share during the first quarter of 2010. According to the NPD Group, Google now enjoys 28 percent of the smartphone market, earning the company the second-place spot behind Research in Motion (36 percent) and pushing Apple to third place (21 percent). 

Android Outsells Apple iPhone At Last, Says NPD
Whether you root for Google or Apple, it's a heck of a horse race as Android beat the iPhone in first quarter U.S. sales, according to the NPD Group.

Fifa World Cup spam strikes again
Security vendor Trend Micro is warning users of yet another spam campaign using the forthcoming Fifa World Cup 2010 tournament as bait.

Over $50 bln lost to software piracy: report [AFP]
Software piracy cost technology companies more than 50 billion US dollars around the world last year, with Asia accounting for the largest share of losses, an industry report said Tuesday.

Yahoo Messenger malware updates to hit Skype
On the heels of a worm that was installing backdoors on Windows systems via Yahoo Instant Messenger comes a new worm that is even more sophisticated in its social engineering and payload, security firm Bkis said on Friday.

au: iiNet to launch security site for all net users
iiNet is planning to give consumers access to a free Australian online security centre to help them correct basic problems and reduce inbound technical calls to the ISP.

au: Residents swindled in recurring internet scam
Police say several New South Wales far north coast residents are among the latest victims of a recurring internet scam.

au: Google trawls streets collecting wi-fi data
Two privacy watchdogs are writing to Google asking why the internet company has been collecting information about household wireless networks.

au: Please explain: why Google wants your Wi-Fi data
Google Australia will today be sent a "please explain" letter from two local privacy organisations demanding to know why the company has been collecting personal Wi-Fi network data from Australian homes alongside the images it takes with its Street View cameras.

Facebook faces fresh privacy criticism
Facebook has been sharply criticised by European data protection officials for putting users? privacy at risk with changes to its service.

John Gapper: Facebook?s open disdain for privacy
Not only has the social networking site gradually eroded the privacy rights of its users, but it has done so in a confusing and opaque way. John Gapper calls on founder Mark Zuckerberg to act responsibly and regain trust

Google answers privacy questions posed by commissioners
Google has defended its privacy practices following a letter of complaint from data protection commissioners around the world.

Google claims its privacy protections are adequate in response to regulators' criticisms
Google has responded to the criticisms of 10 privacy commissioners and their demands that it improve its record on the privacy protections in new product launches by saying that it is already doing enough on privacy.

Google Defends Privacy Practices
Google responded to concerns raised by privacy ministers from 10 countries, saying the Internet firm has tried to be transparent and give users control over how their information is used.

uk: Woman loses privacy case over Bebo pictures published in magazine
A magazine did not intrude into a young woman's privacy when it published photos that she had uploaded to social networking site Bebo when she was 15 because the images had already been widely circulated online.

Stand up to the enemies of Internet freedom
If human rights and democracy advocates refused to compromise their principles and used the Internet to defend freedom of expression, repression would be much more difficult.

au: 98pc support R18+ video game rating
A preliminary report from the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department has found overwhelming support for the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games.

Internet bound by national borders: Analyst
The Internet does not have its own sovereignty, and governments have a right to filter online content, according to China Digital Strategist, Kaiser Kuo.

If Australia censors the web, what will the others do? by Ross LaJeunesse, head of policy and government affairs for Google Asia Pacific
Censorship of the web is a growing problem around the world. According to the independent Open Net Initiative, the number of governments that censor has grown from about four in 2002 to over 40 today.

au: New phone tap powers planned for spy review
Australia's intelligence agencies may win far greater flexibility to use surveillance tools at home under an independent inquiry ordered by the Rudd government.

ACCC drops eBay probe after payment changes
Two years ago, eBay Australia tried to force sellers to use PayPal as the only available payment option on the online auction giant's local site.

eBay bows to ACCC pressure
The Australian version of auction website eBay will change its website and payment policies in July, removing the rule that sellers must offer PayPal as a payment option.

ACCC welcomes changes to eBay payment policies [news release]
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission welcomes the announcement by eBay that it will change the ebay.com.au website and payment policies to remove the requirement that sellers offer PayPal as a payment option. 

us: Group Raises Issues About Online Drug Marketing
The Center for Digital Democracy is raising concerns about proposals at the Food and Drug Administration to allow pharmaceutical companies to market drugs on social media and other Web sites.

Groups Argue Google Books Deal Violates Treaties
A coalition that includes firms that compete with Google says a proposed settlement aimed at allowing Google to create an online digital library violates U.S. treaty obligations aimed at protecting intellectual property.

Microsoft Office 2010 takes aim at Google Docs
Microsoft is preparing to launch its latest weapon in its ongoing battle with Google.

Revamped Microsoft Office Will Be Free on the Web
Microsoft has created a chimera in its new Office 2010 software, part desktop software and part Web app.

Google-AdMob Deal Gets Extended Federal Review
Google may have gotten some help from its rival Apple in its attempt to acquire the mobile advertising start-up AdMob.

Preparations for the era of Giga internet that is 10 times faster than fiber optic LAN [news release - 08/2009]
Work is in progress to introduce Giga Internet that can download one DVD movie in 10 seconds. This is faster than the current fiber optic LAN by up to 10 times.

Seoul to curb telecom marketing spending
South Korea?s telecoms regulator unveiled a plan to curb rising marketing costs by the country?s major telecom operators in a move to ease stiff competition and encourage investment in new technology and services

BT expands super-fast broadband network
BT has announced that it will expand its roll-out of next-generation broadband to bring super-fast services to two-thirds of the UK.

au: Conroy goes global with United Nations role
The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, has added to his ministerial role with an appointment as founding member of the United Nations' (UN) Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

Conroy joins UN broadband commission
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has been appointed to the United Nation's broadband commission.

NZ regulator recommends mobile phone controls
New Zealand's competition regulator said on Wednesday that price controls should be imposed on the cost of connecting to competing mobile phone services.

nz: Vodafone hit by internet troubles
Vodafone customers were hit by problems with mobile and fixed-line internet this morning.

nz: Council widens network
Plans to build a free wireless internet network in central Hamilton may be expanded to blanket the central business district. ... InternetNZ spokesman Richard Wood said the call for expressions of interest would get the attention of internet service providers and smaller specialist wireless internet companies.

WiGig Alliance allies with Wi-Fi group for superfast wireless
Two international short-range wireless industry groups announced an agreement on Monday to promote faster Wi-Fi in the 60 GHz frequency band, as well as the two bands where Wi-Fi now operates.

New Wi-Fi gives 10 times the speed [AP]
The industry group that supports Wi-Fi is adopting a new technology that should boost data speeds more than 10 times at short distances, which could replace video cables in the home entertainment centre.

au: Sex-charge teacher 'set up spy camera in toilet'
A former piano teacher who sexually abused several children in central Victoria installed a spy camera in a homemade toilet used by his victims, a court heard today.

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