[DNS] domain name news - 10 June

[DNS] domain name news - 10 June

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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 23:01:02 -0700 (PDT)
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ICANN's First DNSSEC Key Ceremony for the Root Zone

IP community shakes its head as the URS piles on the pounds

Council Of Europe Wants In On ICANN Government Body

InternetNZ encourages macron registrations in ?sunrise? period

GM Holden Ltd. v. Bradley John Lawless

VeriSign Report Finds Domain Registrations Growing Strongly... Again

Internet Surpasses 193 Million Domain Name Registrations in First Quarter of 2010

au/nz: AustLII wins best openness initiative

AustLII awarded top Internet prize

Reading Tea Leaves: China Statement on Internet Policy by Brenden Kuerbis
The Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China has issued a statement on "Internet Policy in China." Released Tuesday, the lengthy statement covers a range of topics from promoting internal development and use, to freedom of expression, protecting Internet security, and international cooperation.

ICANN's First DNSSEC Key Ceremony for the Root Zone
The global deployment of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) will achieve an important milestone on June 16, 2010 as ICANN hosts the first production DNSSEC key ceremony in a high security data centre in Culpeper, VA, outside of Washington, DC.

Public Comment: External Review of ICANN/IANA Root Zone Management Process Posted
During August and September 2009, ICANN engaged JAS to conduct an external review of the root zone management process, analyzing the current manual and proposed automated processes. The results were initially drafted in a report to ICANN in November 2009, and, with minor language changes, submitted to the Board IANA Committee in January 2010.

IP community shakes its head as the URS piles on the pounds
The proposed Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) system is becoming heavier by the day - and simultaneously losing potency. This reality is gradually trickling through the IP community as active members read through the fourth version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook (DAG), the manual for applying for a new gTLD. It appears that the URS, one of the oldest proposals to protect trademark rights in the new space, has become heavily burdened in the course of the various processes of ICANN.

Council Of Europe Wants In On ICANN Government Body
The 47-member Council of Europe wants to become an observer in the governmental advisory body of ICANN and is pondering on a possible role as secretariat provider for the ICANN?s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC).

Statement from TLDH: Update on ICANN Progress
Today Top Level Domain Holdings, Ltd., Minds + Machines? parent company, issued a statement summarizing our view of the progress at ICANN. The full text is included below:

ICANN's New gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook Gives Added Protection to Trademark Holders
ICANN released the fourth version of their Draft Applicant Guidebook for potential new gTLD applicants last week with several issues of interest to brand owners and trademark holders. The latest draft of the guidebook has changed in only a few areas from version three and will be a topic of discussion at the upcoming ICANN meeting in Brussels, commencing on 21 June.

Internet domain names in Indian languages soon
Keeping in mind country?s diverse multi-lingual heritage and culture and observing that for crucial customer-centre applications sole dependence on English would not suffice to provide requisite infrastructure support, the Centre will soon usher in Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) in Indian Languages.

Internet Governance and ICANN: Emerging Policy Issues, June 18th Conference Hosted by CEPS, TPI
The Technology Policy Institute and the Centre for European Policy Studies are co-hosting "Internet Governance and ICANN: Emerging Policy Issues," scheduled for June 18th at CEPS in Brussels. The conference will feature discussion on issues stemming from ICANN's newly established operating structure under the Affirmation of Commitments.

The [Dot]Brand Tribes - Part 3 by Robert Rozicki
In part two of The [Dot] Brand Tribes we argued that introducing new branded gTLDs would bring value to brand owners and have positive effects on customer recognition. In this last post we'll continue that theme and talk about how brand owners can come together to provide shared spaces using the banking industry as an example.

The [Dot]Brand Tribes - Part 2 by Robert Rozicki
Staggering! According to the annual Interbrand Top 100 Brands report for 2009 the top 10 global brands are worth $422,901 ($m). Good leadership, innovation, protection, reach and solid products have created lasting consumer relationships and new entanglements that drive that amazing number. In this post from my original series back in March 2010, we'll discuss the high level value a dot brand could create.

CADNA Hosts Brand Abuse and Internet Governance Forum [news release]
Representatives from major brands around the world joined the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) for its Online Brand Abuse and Internet Governance Forum on June 2 in San Francisco. The forum, hosted by CADNA member Wells Fargo, covered various aspects of the online space and the benefits and challenges that they pose for brand owners.

Top Level Domain Holdings says well positioned following ICANN?s latest draft guidelines
Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd told investors that it remains well-positioned to move forward with its strategic plans following a release of ICANN?s fourth version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook for gTLDs. The company highlighted that the latest draft contains only a few, and mostly small changes, which suggests that there is near-consensus and the application guidebook is near completion.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Abbottfacts.com.au exposes double standards at auDA
It took just 3 hours for auDA to terminate stephenconroy.com.au yet 6 weeks since a complaint was lodged against abbottfacts.com.au, nothing has happened

The Internet Economy 25 Years After .com
ITIF is marking the 25th anniversary of the very first .com with a comprehensive report, "The Internet Economy 25 Years After .Com: Transforming Life and Commerce." The Internet revolution has just begun.

The Internet in China
The Information Office of the State Council, or China's cabinet, published a white paper on the Internet in China Tuesday. Following is the full text: ... The technical proposals China raised regarding domain names internationalization, IPv6 source address validation, and IPv4-IPv6 transition technology have been accepted by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and incorporated into the Internet international standards and protocol.

Sun sets on sunrise period for .co domain names
In brief: .co domain names will soon be available for registration. Until 10 June 2010 some owners of registered trade marks can take advantage of a 'sunrise period' to submit a priority registration application. Partner Tim Golder and Senior Associate Jesse Gleeson look at what is involved.

Freedom of expression on Internet guaranteed, says China [China Daily]
The government is striving to strike a balance between ensuring the free flow of online information and protecting national security and public interest, according to China's first ever white paper on the Internet released on Tuesday. ... In addition, the white paper proposes that the global community create an international body to regulate the Internet and its fundamental resources such as domain names and IP addresses, two key elements constituting the Internet.

DENIC Upgrades Public-Whois in Test Environment
After a comprehensive revision, DENIC have unveiled a new version of their public-whois information query service. The new version has been available for public testing in the test environment since 2 June 2010 and is available at whois.test.denic.de. According to current planning, the new whois is scheduled to replace the current whois server (whois.denic.de) on 29 June 2010.

Europe Secures Its Online Identity With .EU
Benefits of having a .EU domain name were the focus of a dinner held in Brussels last week with five European companies explaining how the .eu domain has helped them develop their image and create new business opportunities in front of an audience that included Neelie Kroes, the European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda.

mobi: Some investors refuse to lose faith in domain names
As mobile technology changes fast, so do chances to invest in it. The popularity of Facebook pages and smartphone apps may signal the death of dot mobi.

InternetNZ encourages macron registrations in ?sunrise? period
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc), through subsidiary company the Domain Name Commission Ltd, advises .nz domain name holders that they are able to apply for macron versions of their domain names in a ?sunrise? application period that runs until 6 July 2010.

Availability of Testing and Evaluation Report and Intent to Proceed with the Final Stages of Domain Name System Security Extensions Implementation in the Authoritative Root Zone
Federal Register Notice: Intent to Proceed with the Final Stages of DNSSEC Implementation in the Authoritative Root Zone: NTIA announced the availability of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) testing and evaluation report and NTIA?s intent to proceed with the final stages of DNSSEC deployment in the authoritative root zone. NTIA is providing a comment period on the report and the commencement of the final stage of the DNSSEC deployment before taking any action. Comments must be submitted by June 21, 2010.

Preventing DNS Strain When You Deploy DNSSEC by John Kane
The barriers to DNSSEC adoption are quickly disappearing. There are nearly 20 top-level domains that have already deployed DNSSEC including generic TLDs like .org and .gov. This July, the DNS root will also be signed, and will begin validating. At this point, the decision for remaining TLDs to deploy DNSSEC is really no longer a question.

GM Holden Ltd. v. Bradley John Lawless
The Complainant is GM Holden Ltd. of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia represented by Piper Alderman, Australia. The Respondent is Bradley John Lawless of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. ... The Complainant has requested that the Domain Names be transferred to it. For all the foregoing reasons, in accordance with paragraphs 4(i) of the Policy and 15 of the Rules, the Panel orders that the Domain Names, <holdenservice.net.au>, <holdenplatinumservice.com.au> and <servicingholden.com.au> be transferred to the Complainant.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 vs. Carrier-grade NAT
The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses; there's no argument about that. But what is up for debate is whether ISPs will migrate directly to IPv6 to solve this problem, or whether they will embrace alternatives such as carrier-grade network address translation to share the few remaining IPv4 addresses among their new users.

VeriSign Report Finds Domain Registrations Growing Strongly... Again
Domain name registrations grew by one million in the first quarter of 2010 according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign showing that the seemingly never-ending growth in domain name registrations continues.

Internet Surpasses 193 Million Domain Name Registrations in First Quarter of 2010
The Internet grew by 1 million domain names in the first quarter of 2010, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign.

Top level domain growth continues to climb
The volume of new domain name registrations grew by some 6 per cent last quarter, according to a report from VeriSign.

Over 1 mn .com, .net domain names in India
India has registered a total of 1.037 million .com and .net domain names, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) by VeriSign.

au/nz: AustLII wins best openness initiative
.auDA and InternetNZ, the Internet domain name administrators for Australia and New Zealand, have announced the inaugural winners of the Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards.

AustLII awarded top Internet prize
AustLII has today taken out the prize for "best openness initiative" from .auDA, the Internet domain name administrators of Australia.

AfriNIC pilots public key infrastructure resource project
The Africa Network Information Center, the regional Internet registry also known as AfriNIC, is moving ahead on a pilot project designed to give ISPs security measures along with IP address allocations.

us: Man swipes police website to complain about speed cameras
A Tennessee man found the perfect revenge after he was given a speeding ticket - he bought the local police department's website, and used it to complain. Brian McCrary had a query about his $90 ticket, and visited the Bluff City Police Department website to resolve it. But when he saw that the domain name was about to expire, he snapped it up himself.

Who is Blocking WHOIS? by Garth Bruen
On April 16 ICANN issued a breach notice to Turkish Registrar Alantron for not consistently providing access to its WHOIS database via Port 43, a command-line query location that all Registrars are required to supply under conditions of their contract with ICANN under section 3.3.1. Four days later they issued a breach to Internet Group do Brazil for the same problem. WHOIS is a critical resource that makes the Internet function the way it is expected to.

Truedomain debuts domain protection services
Start-up Truedomain today made its debut with services aimed at protecting legitimate domain names used by businesses from fraud and abuse, especially when these domain names are used in attempted phishing attacks.

APTLD appoints new Chair, General Manager
InternetNZ's contractor for key external relationships Keith Davidson has been elected Chair of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD).

Auction opens for rare single letter net domain
The auction of a rare single-letter domain ? e.co ? has just hit the interwebs, with bids reaching $16,500 in the first 90 minutes.

E.CO Auction - Your Chance to Own Shortest Domain
The auction for the E.CO domain name is currently underway with a top bid at the time of writing of US$20,500.

us: Court Greenlights Sex.com Order
The Central California Bankruptcy Court has issued an order approving a settlement between the managers of Sex.com owner Escom, LLC. This means that Escom can go forward with entering into an agreement with domain broker Sedo to sell the domain name.

Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price
When one of the most important e-mail messages of his life landed in his in-box a few years ago, Kord Campbell overlooked it. ... While many people say multitasking makes them more productive, research shows otherwise. Heavy multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information, scientists say, and they experience more stress.
Test Your Focus

Our Cluttered Minds: Book review of "What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains" by Nicholas Carr
Socrates started what may have been the first technology scare. In the ?Phaedrus,? he lamented the invention of books, which ?create forgetfulness? in the soul. Instead of remembering for themselves, Socrates warned, new readers were blindly trusting in ?external written characters.? The library was ruining the mind.

China to make Internet accessible to 45% of population in next 5 years: White Paper [Xinhua]
The Chinese government will try to raise the Internet accessibility to 45 percent of the population in the coming five years, said a white paper issued by the Information Office of the State Council Tuesday.

Chinese government whitepaper reaffirms Internet policies [IDG]
A Chinese government whitepaper released on Tuesday praised the Internet for improving access to information and giving citizens a way to better oversee the behavior government officials, but reaffirmed the need for policies aimed at controlling access to online content.

Chinese internet addicts stage mutiny at boot camp
A group of inmates at a Chinese boot camp for young internet addicts tied up a supervisor and made a dramatic break for freedom.

Mutineers escape web addiction boot camp [AFP]
A group of young Chinese web addicts staged a mutiny at an internet "boot camp", tying up their instructor and fleeing the facility because of its tough military-like techniques, state media said today.

Social networks overtake Google in UK web hits
Facebook's battle for internet supremacy with Google has intensified after social networks received more internet hits than search engines for the first time in the UK.

Social networks now more popular than search engines in the UK
Social networks now receive more UK Internet visits than search engines. During May, social networks accounted for 11.88% of UK Internet visits and search engines accounted for 11.33%. May was the first ever month that social networks have been more popular than search engines in the UK.

us: Military Taps Social Networking Skills
As a teenager, Jamie Christopher would tap instant messages to make plans with friends, and later she became a Facebook regular.

au: AFP denies call for ban on Facebook teen memorial pages
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has knocked back the idea of banning under-18s from setting up memorial sites on social networking sites such as Facebook, as a means of managing the sites' misuse.

au: Army must become Facebook savvy: Farr
Facebook "isn't going to go away" and the Defence Force must learn how to deal with it, according to Department of Defence chief information officer Greg Farr.

uk: Facebook addicts lack empathy? [AAP]
Youths hooked on social networking sites are struggling to relate, a leading neuroscientist says.

New York Attorney General looks into iPad sales over discrimination claim
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating claims that the computer giant Apple has refused to sell its new iPad to people of Asian descent, apparently over smuggling fears.

Study: Gamers' bodies like 60-year-old chain smokers
In tests that sought to determine whether gaming is sport, a university professor finds gamers have the reactions of fighter pilots but the bodies of old chain smokers.

us: NY joins 22 other states with e-waste laws
New Yorkers will be able to recycle their dusty dot-matrix printers and cobwebbed computer monitors for free, now that the state has joined 22 others in enacting an electronic waste recycling law.

au: Conroy yet to meet Google-backed anti-ISP filter group
Despite months of lobbying, a Google and iiNet-backed industry group, the Safer Internet Group (SIG), has been unsuccessful in meeting with the communications minister, Stephen Conroy, to discuss their alternative to the Government?s proposed mandatory ISP-filter.

au: Law enforcement 'best way to stop child porn'
The nation's third largest internet service provider says education and law enforcement are the best ways to attack internet misuse.

au: Lundy to call for opt-in ISP filter model
Labor Senator, Kate Lundy, has announced she will push the Federal Government to consider adopting an opt-in version of its proposed mandatory ISP-level Internet filter.

au: Kids help set cyber-safety defence policy
Primary and high school students have bent the ear of communications minister, Stephen Conroy, to advise on Australia's cyber-safety policy.

au: Filter sparks launch of Safer Internet Group
A new industry body that has formed over discussions of the Federal Government's ISP-level Internet Filter counts Google, Internode and the Internet Industry Association as members.

au: Help button to provide cyber safety advice
The Federal Government says an online safety tool launched today will be a one-stop shop for young people concerned about internet safety.

eu: Commissioner Kroes welcomes mobile operators' work on child safety; calls for more effort to raise parents' awareness [news release]
European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has welcomed progress made by mobile phone operators on their work to keep children safe while using mobile phones, but urged operators to raise parents' awareness of new potential risks children face when using smart phones (such as easier access to adult content on the internet).

Child porn isn't art, Canadian Court of Appeal rules
A Toronto photographer who was acquitted of possession of ?repulsive? child pornography he amassed as part of an art project was ordered convicted by Ontario?s highest court.

us: FTC Rejects Group's Request For COPPA Safe Harbor
The FTC Tuesday said it has rejected a proposal by the Internet safety education group iSAFE to operate a self-regulatory program that would allow firms that sign up for it to comply with the provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

us: PTA joins with Facebook to promote Internet safety [AP]
The PTA and Facebook are joining forces to promote Internet safety through a set of tools and resources for kids, schools and parents.

Facebook to promote Internet safety for kids [AP]
Facebook is joining forces with a national parent-teachers' association to promote Internet safety through a set of tools and resources for kids, schools and parents.

Violent videogames harmless for most kids - studies
Violent videogames can increase aggression and hostility in some players but they can also benefit others by honing their visual/spatial skills and improving social networking ability, scientists said.

Spanish court dismisses file-sharing appeal [IDG]
A Spanish court has dismissed an appeal against a file-sharing site with a ruling that may be one of the most severe legal defeats for the entertainment industry in its fight against copyright infringers.

EU wins roaming battle against telecoms giants
Telecoms giants suffered defeat yesterday (8 June) after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the European Commission was right to set price caps on mobile roaming charges. 

Roaming cap is lawful, rules ECJ
A law that caps mobile phone call charges levied on European travellers has been upheld by the EU's highest court. The Roaming Regulation is valid and in the interest of the internal market, the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruled today.

European court upholds EU's cap on mobile calls abroad [AFP]
The EU's highest court on Tuesday upheld the European Commission's decision to impose price limits for cross-border mobile phone calls in the 27-nation bloc.

Dial M for muddle as Germans suffer phone foul-up
They can call their wives and families back home but German players have no way of reaching team mates with their fancy new cell phones issued for the World Cup in South Africa, players said Tuesday.

Google protests Apple's iPhone developers agreement
Google Inc said on Wednesday recent changes to Apple's developers agreement would effectively cripple Google's advertising tools for the iPhone, creating "artificial" barriers to competition.

AdMob lashes out at new iPhone ad policies
After reviewing Apple's changes to its iPhone developer agreement, Google's AdMob reached the same conclusion that many others did: it could be screwed.

Google says Apple terms would bar its ads on iPhones [AFP]
Google lashed out at Apple on Wednesday over new rules which it said would effectively prevent the Internet search and advertising giant from placing ads inside iPhone applications.

iPhone 4 vs. Android: And the Winner is...
Apple unveiled its latest magical and revolutionary product this week: the new iPhone 4, also known as "the phone that guy from Gizmodo showed us seven weeks ago."

Apple iPhone 4 vs. The Rest of the Smartphone Pack
Apple iPhone 4 vs. Leading Smartphones How does Apple's iPhone 4 stacks up against the competition? Take a look at these charts and see for yourself and read on.

ITU issues global broadband call to arms
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has outlined how it plans to foster the global development of ICT networks and services over the next four years.

au: Labor fights cyber crime
The growing threat of cyber espionage and online crime has caused the federal government to cut their internet gateways from more than 100 to fewer than 10 and increase online security measures.

Conroy pledges to stop spams infecting Aussies' portals
Stephen Conroy has pledged to protect Australians from the threat of spam through their portals.

Phony porn scam takes Aussies for a ride
A fake porn scam has emerged as one of most popular means of ripping off Australians with international fraudsters netting around $70 million from here in the past year alone.

ISPs Under Pressure To Crack Down On Bots And Spam
Costs of outbound spam and pressures from new laws and regulations driving Internet service providers to clean up their own networks

Links to defamatory content in email made sender liable, says US court
A US bankruptcy court has said that a man committed defamation just by forwarding an email with links in it to online material that was defamatory. The court said that the man 'published' the blog to his email recipients.

Does Averting Cyberwar Mean Giving Up Web Privacy?
The old challenge of providing public safety while also protecting civil liberties has found a new manifestation in the cyber age.

MEPs back web search history plan
More than 300 European MEPs are backing a plan that would force search engines such as Google to store details of web searches for up to two years.

Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data
Google is "almost certain" to face prosecution for collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks, according to Privacy International (PI).

Report shows Google collected Wi-Fi data
A report has confirmed that Google Street View cars collected and stored payload data only from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.

Google Wi-Fi snooping intentional, may face prosecution - watchdog
Technical details revealed in a Google audit could see the company could face criminal prosecution around the world for collecting private Wi-Fi data, a UK privacy organisation said.

NZ authorities considering investigation of Google
Google could face a criminal investigation for collecting personal wireless internet data from New Zealanders while filming for its Street View project.

au: Conroy denies vendetta against Google
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has denied he is waging a vendetta against Google after the Government called in federal police to investigate the internet giant over alleged privacy breaches.

Google investigated by Australian police over Wi-Fi data collection
Google's legal problems surrounding data collection around the world intensified today when it emerged that the company faces a police investigation in Australia, the latest in a growing number of countries expressing concern about the its Street View mapping services.

Google denies capturing banking details
Google has denied suggestions by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy that its Street Viewcars inadvertently captured people's personal banking details.

Google may have 'hoovered up' data about Australians
The financial and personal details of Australians could have been ''hoovered up'' by Google as it photographed Australian streets, and the web giant may be seeking to patent the program it used to do it.

Australia denies targeting Google over web filter
Australia has denied waging a campaign of vengeance against Google after launching a police probe of the web giant, a strong critic of plans for a nationwide Internet filter.

Conroy denies vendetta against Google
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has denied he is waging a vendetta against Google after the Government called in federal police to investigate the internet giant over alleged privacy breaches.

Grandkids to welcome 'uberveillance'
You may reject the idea of a microchip implant, but your grandchildren could embrace them, according to an Australian professor.

US State AGs Want Info From Google
Google finds itself under fire from a new direction over last month's revelation that it collected information from unsecured Wi-Fi networks: the states.

Connecticut probing Google on Wi-Fi data gathering
Connecticut's top prosecutor is the latest to ask Google Inc. to provide detailed records on any information it may have collected from unsecured wireless networks in his state while taking photographs for its Street View feature.

us: Poll Finds Public Concern Over Online Privacy
A new poll shows that a large majority of consumers are concerned about being tracked on the Internet and favor a proposal from privacy groups to create a "do not track list."

China defends internet censorship
China has defended its right to censor the internet in a document laying out the government's attitude towards the web.

Freedom of expression on Internet guaranteed, says China [China Daily]
The government is striving to strike a balance between ensuring the free flow of online information and protecting national security and public interest, according to China's first ever white paper on the Internet released on Tuesday.

China vows no let-up to state control of Internet
China will not ease state control over what can be said online and will brook no foreign criticism of its rules, according to a government white paper released on Tuesday after months of wrangling about freedoms for Web users.

China vows no let-up to state control of Internet
China will not ease state control over what can be said online and will brook no foreign criticism of its rules, according to a government white paper released on Tuesday after months of wrangling about freedoms for Web users.

China's regulations to weed out user-generated maps
With China requiring online maps providers to operate under licenses this month, crowd-sourced maps and Google's own online product may soon face elimination in the market, says an analyst.

au: Senator Lundy raises ACTA concerns
ALP backbench Senator Kate Lundy has questioned the representation of Australian citizens in negotiations for the global Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which are expected to conclude later this year.

British Government lays out fast net plan
The UK's culture secretary has been talking tough on broadband in his first major speech on the issue.

Do Jeremy Hunt's forecasts for superfast UK broadband stack up?
The new culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that he wants - in the lifetime of this parliament (that's five years maximum) - to roll out broadband to remote areas which do not have high-speed internet access.

us: Net neutrality group signals cooling of hostilities
A new industry effort that bypasses Washington politicians and regulators indicates a cooling of hostilities over Net neutrality rules is underway.

?sterreich f?hrt Handy-Signatur im E-Government ein
In ?sterreich k?nnen Mobiltelefone nun zur Signierung einiger beh?rdlicher Vorg?nge verwendet werden.

ITU: Broadband will pay for itself
Broadband connectivity is an essential piece of infrastructure to bring countries into the next decade of development, a top official with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said Tuesday.

75% of New Zealanders to get 100Mbps fiber by 2020
Taking a page from the Australian broadband playbook, New Zealand has decided not to sit around while incumbent DSL operators milk the withered dugs of their cash cow until it keels over from old age. Instead, the Kiwis have established a government-owned corporation to invest NZ$1.5 billion for open-access fiber to the home. By 2020, 75 percent of residents should have, at a bare minimum, 100Mbps down/50 Mbps up with a choice of providers.

Africa to get broadband boost with new cable [IDG]
A consortium of 20 members have joined forces to build a submarine cable that will link Cape Town in South Africa to Penmarch in France.

ca: Industry minister talks up relaxation of telecom rules [The Canadian Press]
Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement says opening up Canada's telecom sector to allow more foreign investment will help Canadian companies get access to the money they need to be their best and will also facilitate competition to the benefit of consumers.

ca: Telecom industry readies for rules overhaul
The telecommunications industry has one month to lobby like it never has before now that Ottawa has opened consultations on how far it should go to relax foreign-ownership restrictions.

Minister says foreign telecom investment will help consumers
Canada?s telecom sector needs a healthy dose of competition and foreign investment could be the best way to guarantee continued innovation for consumers, said federal Industry Minister Tony Clement.

The argument between LTE and WiMAX continues to rage at least three years after it ignited. Though many, except for Sprint and Clearwire, think it might already be over, with LTE the winner.

India broadband bids reach $2.46 bln on 13th day
Bids for one set of nationwide wireless broadband spectrum licences in India totalled 115.2 billion rupees ($2.46 billion) on Tuesday, in what is likely to be the last week of the auction.

India needs more Internet infrastructure: report [AFP]
Fast and affordable access to the Internet remains a luxury mainly for India's urban elite, a new report says, and most families still can't even afford a computer.


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