[DNS] domain name news - 2 August

[DNS] domain name news - 2 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 15:35:28 -0700 (PDT)
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Federal Register Notice: Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy:
The Department of Commerce?s Internet Policy Task Force is conducting a 
comprehensive review of the nexus between cybersecurity challenges in the 
commercial sector and innovation in the Internet economy. The Department seeks 
comments on measures to improve cybersecurity while sustaining innovation. The 
Department intends to issue a report that will contribute to the 
Administration?s domestic and international policies and activities in advancing 
both cybersecurity and the Internet economy. Comments are due on or before 
September 13, 2010.

Expressions of Interest for 2010-2011 Nominating Commmittee Chair - Deadline for 
Submission Extended to 30 August 2010
The Board Governance Committee ("BGC") has decided to extend the deadline for 
submitting expressions of interest to become the Nominating Committee Chair for 
2010-2011 term to 30 August 2010. This extension will help ensure that all those 
interested who have not already submitted expressions of interest will have the 
opportunity to formally do so.

Composition of Affirmation Review Teams 2 and 4: Security, Stability and 
Resiliency of the DNS & WHOIS Policy
Whereas a composition of the Affirmation Reviews 2 and 4 ? Security Stability 
and Resiliency of the DNS ? and WHOIS Policy ? was initially announced at the 
Brussels meeting in June 2010, Selectors of Review Teams 2 and 4 ? Mr. Rod 
Beckstrom and Mrs. Heather Dryden ? are now circulating a revised composition of 
both Review Teams that may be found at:

Brussels and the Month Afterwards: Celebrations, new gTLD and Security and 
Stability Issues Ahead by David Maher
The 38th ICANN Conference, held in Brussels last month, was an eventful one for 
.ORG The Public Interest Registry. We got world-wide press coverage for our 
announcement that we implemented DNSSEC for the entire .ORG top-level domain. 
Among the many nice compliments we got were these words from Lynn St. Amour, 
President and CEO of the Internet Society.

ICANN threatens to shut down registrar flipper
ICANN has said it will terminate one of its registrars for non-payment of fees, 
the thirteenth such threatening letter the organization has sent out this year.

Are ICANN Senior Staff Getting A Payrise?
At the ICANN meeting in Brussels one of the topics that came up for discussion 
both during the public forum and the board meeting, was the topic of 

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
be: Watch out for false online business directories
DNS BE received several complaints of Belgian business and organisations that 
own a domain name. They receive letters asking them to pass on their company and 
website details, or to check the details provided. Finally they are asked to 
sign and send the letter back to the sender so that these details can be 
included in an online business directory.

DNSSEC protects more than one sixth of the Czech internet
The Czech Republic is maintaining its leading position in the number of domains 
secured by the advanced DNSSEC technology. To this day, 100 024 of .CZ domains 
have been protected from misuse and forgery (the 100,000th DNSSEC-secured .CZ 
domain was registered on July 29, 20:26); this represents more than one sixth of 
all internet addresses within this domain.

Best performing 2nd quarter for .ie domain registrations to date: 1.1% year on 
year increase in Q2 registrations
The IE Domain Registry (IEDR) today reported the best performing second quarter 
for .ie domain registrations in Ireland since records began. A total of 9,448 
.ie domains were registered between April and June this year, up 1.1% on the 
same period last year. The total number of .ie domains at the end of June was 
almost 146,000.

JPRS Plans to Implement DNSSEC in JP Domain Name Services in January 2011
We, JPRS, have developed a plan to implement DNSSEC, the technology that adds 
improved security to the Domain Name System. Currently, we are working on 
preparation for the deployment in JP domain name services in January 2011. The 
purpose of this document is to present a background of the implementation and 
future actions.

.my Innovation Award 2010
For the first time ever .my DOMAIN REGISTRY is organizing .my Innovation Award 
for 2010. All business owners, individuals or companies using the .my domain 
names are being call upon to join the frenzy. The theme for the innovation award 
2010 is ?Celebrating .my Innovation?. The most innovative and creative websites 
registered with .my will have the chance to become the winners. Showcase your 
innovative ideas on your .my website and win big!!

National ICT Month (NIM) 2010 & Merdeka promotion
.my DOMAIN REGISTRY will be having its final 50% off promotion* for this year on 
all .my domain name registrations and renewals in conjunction with the National 
ICT Month (NIM 2010) co-organised by PIKOM and MOSTI and also in conjunction 
with The Merdeka Day celebrations. Promotion starts from 1st Aug 2010 to 31st 
Aug 2010. Please contact your respective reseller for promotional eligibility.

nl: Nominations invited for the IPv6 Awards 2010
On Thursday 25 November, the second annual IPv6 Awards will be presented to the 
best Dutch implementations of the new Internet Protocol. And the IPv6 Task 
Force, which organises the award scheme, is inviting internet service providers, 
government bodies, educational establishments and private individuals to put 
themselves forward for one of this year?s prizes. So, if you have implemented an 
IPv6 application, why not make a claim? Nominations need to be in before 1 
November to qualify for one of the attractive prizes.

.ORG Inserts DNSSEC Key Into The Root Zone
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) today announced it has inserted its 
Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) key into the Internet root zone, 
joining the top of the Internet's "chain of trust." As the first generic 
top-level domain (TLD) to offer full DNSSEC deployment, the news dovetails 
.ORG?s June announcement that the third largest top-level domain is now signing 
second-level delegations.

Third Registration Stage of .?? Domains
From 12PM MSK on July 26, 2010 RU-CENTER will launch the third - last but not 
least sunrise registration stage of .?? domains.

"I Love .SG" National Day 2010 Promotion!
It's back! The "I Love .SG" promotion is back for the third year running as 
SGNIC joins in the nationwide celebration for Singapore's 45th birthday!

Nominet Celebrates .UK?s 25th Birthday As Second Largest ccTLD
Nominet, the national registry for .UK domain names celebrates 25 years since 
the first .UK domain names were registered on Saturday 24 July 2010 by becoming 
the second largest country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and fourth largest Top 
Level Domain (TLD). Since its inception in 1985, the .UK registry has witnessed 
the huge growth in the internet.

.UK is 25 years old
The United Kingdom?s dot-uk Internet domain is now 25 years old. Which in the 
Internet world is ancient.

.XXX domain contract could get approved next Thursday
The application for the porn-only .xxx top-level domain is on the just-published 
agenda for ICANN?s board meeting next Thursday.

Taking Back the DNS by Paul Vixie
Most new domain names are malicious. I am stunned by the simplicity and truth of 
that observation. Every day lots of new names are added to the global DNS, and 
most of them belong to scammers, spammers, e-criminals, and speculators. The DNS 
industry has a lot of highly capable and competitive registrars and registries 
who have made it possible to reserve or create a new name in just seconds, and 
to create millions of them per day. Domains are cheap, domains are plentiful, 
and as a result most of them are dreck or worse

Vixie declares war on domain name crooks: Bad news for domain name speculators?
Paul Vixie of the Internet Systems Consortium has plans to bring the equivalent 
of an anti-spam blacklist to the DNS itself.

ICANN chief to address hackers at Black Hat
Globe-trotting ICANN president Rod Beckstrom is heading to Vegas this week, to 
participate in a panel discussion on DNS security at the Black Hat conference at 
Caesar?s Palace.

Seven internet 'key holders' could insure against cyber attack
In a move that seems inspired by "The Lord of the Rings," seven "keys" have been 
handed out to a trusted circle of people who might get called upon to "save" the 
Internet in the aftermath of a cyber attack.

Internet Infrastructure Reaches Long-Awaited Security Milestone
Two years after a major flaw was exposed in the Internet's Domain Name System 
(DNS), a major upgrade to the infrastructure protocol that fixes that weakness 
is now up and running in all of the Internet root servers.

Global Internet Security Update Aims to Prevent Cybercrime
A critical upgrade to the internet's infrastructure that will help make it more 
secure has been made in what is described as an historic collaboration between 
ICANN, the US Department of Commerce and VeriSign. The upgrade is to the domain 
name system and aims to protect Internet users from certain forms of online 
fraud. The upgrade will eventually allow Internet users to know with certainty 
that they have been directed to the website they intended.


Internet upgraded to foil cyber crooks [AFP]
The internet has undergone a "critical" upgrade that promises to stop cyber 
criminals from using fake websites that dupe people into downloading viruses or 
revealing personal data.



Experts Agree DNSSEC Still in Early Stages
Two years ago at the Black Hat USA 2008 conference, security researcher Dan 
Kaminsky detailed a critical flaw in DNS that could have destroyed the Internet 
as we know it. Two years later, the root zone of Internet DNS is now signed with 
DNSSEC, partially as a response and a solution to Kaminsky's 2008 finding.

New UDRP Provider Applies to ICANN, UDRP Status Back on Agenda
ICANN?s Board of Directors will again consider its contractual relationships 
with Uniform domain-name Dispute Resolution Policy providers at its August 5 
meeting, as well as consent to post an application from an entity wishing to 
become a UDRP provider.

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited and Allianz Australia Limited v. Throne 
Ventures Pty Limited
The disputed domain name <allianzinsurance.com.au> is registered with NameScout 
Corp. ... The appropriate remedy is the transfer of the domain name, however 
there is an issue of which complainant is the appropriate recipient. The 
First-named Complainant initially filed the Complaint and the remedy requested 
is to transfer the domain name to the First-named Complainant. Since this 
Complainant is an Australian registered company there is no reason not to 
transfer the domain name to this entity.

Call for Nominations: NRO NC ARIN Region
This is an open call for nominations from the ARIN region to fill one (1) seat 
on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council that becomes vacant 
with the expiration of Jason Schiller's term on 31 December 2010. Candidates 
must be willing to serve a three (3) year term beginning 1 January 2011. 
Incumbents may be re-elected for consecutive terms.

Pair of ccTLDs Sell for $750,000 to Help Non .Com Domains Take More Entries Than 
.Coms on Our Top 20 Chart for the 2nd Week in a Row
This was a very unusual week in the domain aftermarket. For the first time since 
we started tracking domain sales seven years ago, there are more non .com 
domains on our weekly all-extension Top 20 Sales Chart than .coms for the second 
consecutive week. Last week non .com's outnumbered .coms 11-9. The score was the 
same this week (in both cases the non .com contingent included eight ccTLDs and 
three non .com gTLDs).

Country Code Alchemist: How .CA Devotee Rick Silver Is Turning Canadian Websites 
Into Gold 

It should come as no surprise that Canada's Rick Silver spent much of his 
boyhood as a magician. As an adult, after spending the past decade buying and 
developing domain names, Silver now rules an online empire built on his nation's 
relatively unheralded country code extension - .ca - an extension that most 
others routinely overlooked.

Information Power: The Information Society from an Antihumanist Perspective by 
Jack M. Balkin [Yale University - Law School]
Abstract: This short essay, written for a book about globalization and 
information policy, argues that globalized information networks create new forms 
of power that transcend people's deliberate design. Digital information 
technologies enmesh individuals, groups, and nations in proliferating networks 
of power that they neither fully understand nor fully control, and that are 
controlled by no one in particular. These promote the proliferation of 
information production, information technologies, and information control 
mechanisms whether or not this serves human values.

Selling luxury goods online - The chic learn to click: Luxury firms are digital 
laggards, but some are catching up
When Oscar de la Renta, an American fashion house, launched a transactional 
website some years ago, it expected people to buy mostly smaller items such as 
belts and perfume. The firm was stunned when it received an online order last 
spring for an $80,000 sable coat from a new customer in New Hampshire. He 
couldn?t get to New York, apparently. Online customers have been snapping up the 
firm?s core product: $4,000 cocktail dresses. ?We could not have been more wrong 
in our expectations of the internet,? says Alex Bolen, the firm?s chief 
executive. Online purchases are still a small proportion of total sales, but 
growing rapidly.

au: Internet advertising to dominate as NBN tipped to stimulate media growth
The nternet will overtake newspapers and free-to-air television in 2014 to 
become Australia's biggest advertising medium.

Can Surfing the Internet Help You Lose Weight?
The Web, it sometimes seems, is a siren specter that lures us into sitting 
around like some species of houseplant while our trunk grows abnormally wide. 
Its abundant enticements keep us from doing what we know we should, like, say, 
making any movement whatsoever or consuming foods that do not come packaged in 

Google games pit search giant against Facebook
Google is spoiling for a fight with Facebook over the fast-growing market for 
online games, part of the search engine giant's latest attempt to build a social 
networking business.

I Tweet, Therefore I Am: Are Twitter posts an expression of who we are - or are 
they changing who we are? 

On a recent lazy Saturday morning, my daughter and I lolled on a blanket in our 
front yard, snacking on apricots, listening to a download of E. B. White reading 
?The Trumpet of the Swan.? Her legs sprawled across mine; the grass tickled our 
ankles. It was the quintessential summer moment, and a year ago, I would have 
been fully present for it. But instead, a part of my consciousness had split off 
and was observing the scene from the outside: this was, I realized excitedly, 
the perfect opportunity for a tweet.

Twitter user sends world's 20 billionth tweet
Twitter, the social networking site which lets users say something in up to 140 
characters, has had its 20 billionth message posted. The landmark and rather 
opaque tweet was sent at 1544 GMT Saturday by GGGGGGo_Lets_Go, a Tokyo graphic 
designer for an advertising agency.

Social Networking Sites Reach a Higher Percentage of Women than Men Worldwide 
[news release]
comScore, Inc. ... released a global report on women?s online usage titled, 
Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet, which provides an in-depth 
analysis of the female Internet user, highlighting key trends by Internet 
activity, worldwide region and digital channel. Among its results, the report 
found that social networking sites reach a higher percentage of women than men 
globally, with 75.8 percent of all women online visiting a social networking 
site in May 2010 versus 69.7 percent of men.

Swan hints at possible filter changes
Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has suggested changes could be made to the Federal 
Government's proposed internet filter.

nz: Pupils watch porn on bus
Children as young as 12 have watched "hardcore porn" on a cellphone on their way 
to school in Blenheim, according to a Marlborough woman.

us: Miss Utah will advocate clean Web media for kids
Focusing on teaching excellent citizenship, this year's Miss Utah is working 
with a nonprofit organization to keep Internet pornography away from children.

us: Cyberbullies Beware of New Punishments: The new rules target activity on and 
Chicago's Public Schools are modernizing tactics to hit the delete button on 

uk: IWF publishes international briefing [news release]
IWF experience, tactical suggestions and wider considerations on combating 
online child sexual abuse content at national and international levels

One Way to Save the Music Industry
Does the answer to music retailing's collapse lie within the computer game 
industry? Global music revenues suffered a 10th year of decline in 2009, with 
sales and performance rights falling to $17 billion. In contrast, revenue from 
the computer game industry's sale of portable and console hardware, software, 
and accessories rose from $7.98 billion in 2000 to $20.2 billion in 2009 in the 
U.S. alone. The music industry may find inspiration in the game industry, where 
the prevailing Internet-driven trends of online subscription and community 
participation are reducing piracy and keeping consumers actively engaged.

YouTube Gives Users Their 15 Minutes of Fame
As of Thursday, you can subject your friends and family to 50 percent more of 
your baby making that cute cooing noise or your dog doing that funny dance.

ITU Interop event highlights IPTV interoperability: Future of television will 
rest on stable global standards, say experts
Industry sent out a strong message of support for ITU standards for Internet 
Protocol TV (IPTV) at an event held at ITU headquarters last week. Gathered in 
Geneva for the first of a new series of ?ITU Interop? events, IPTV manufacturers 
took part in a set of tests to demonstrate seamless global interoperability 
between their various IPTV devices, which have been manufactured to comply with 
ITU-developed standards, known as Recommendations.

Call to check on mobile network security
Mobile phone users are being encouraged to find out if operators are doing 
enough to keep their calls secret. Security researchers have released tools 
that, they say, make it easy to see what security systems operators use to stop 

Google Android apps ?collecting personal data?
Around 80 wallpaper apps designed for use on Google Android devices have been 
collecting personal information and transmitting it back to third parties, an 
investigation has found

Software released for attacking Android phones
Two security experts said on Friday they released a tool for attacking 
smartphones that use Google Inc's Android operating system to persuade 
manufacturers to fix a bug that lets hackers read a victim's email and text 

iPhone 4's Facetime Inspires Video Sex Chat Services [AP]
It's a maxim of technology: Invent the newest gadget and the porn industry will 
find a way to cash in.


Gartner Says Indian Mobile Handset Sales To Reach 138.6 million in 2010
Mobile device sales in India are forecast to reach 138.6 million in 2010, an 
increase of 18.5 percent over 2009 sales of 117 million units, according to 
Gartner, Inc. The mobile handset market is expected to show steady growth 
through 2014 when end user sales surpass 206 million units.

Two Gulf states to ban some Blackberry functions
Two Gulf states have announced bans on some functions of the Blackberry mobile 
phone, claiming security concerns. The United Arab Emirates is to block sending 
emails, accessing the internet, and delivering instant messages to other 
Blackberry handsets.

UAE to ban BlackBerry services, Saudi follows suit [AP]
The United Arab Emirates outlined plans Sunday to block BlackBerry e-mail, 
messaging and Web browsing services in a crackdown that could jeopardize efforts 
to establish the country as an international business hub.


BlackBerry users in UAE, Saudi may have services cut
More than a million BlackBerry users may have key services in Saudi Arabia and 
the UAE cut off after authorities stepped up demands on smartphone maker 
Research In Motion for access to encrypted messages sent over the device.

BlackBerry service to be suspended by UAE [IDG]
Some BlackBerry services will be suspended in the United Arab Emirates from Oct. 
11 because the services do not fall in line with the country's regulations, the 
UAE telecommunications regulator said on Sunday.

White House proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity
The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel 
companies to turn over records of an individual's Internet activity without a 
court order if agents deem the information relevant to a terrorism or 
intelligence investigation.

U.S. military cyberwar: What's off-limits?
The United States should decide on rules for attacking other nations' networks 
in advance of an actual cyberwar, which could include an international agreement 
not to disable banks and electrical grids, the former head of the CIA and 
National Security Agency said Thursday.

nz: Govt to invest in cyber security technology [NZPA]
The Government is putting $4.4 million into advanced cyber security technology 
research by an Auckland firm. 


Anthony Doesburg: Cyberwar? It's a phoney war, says IT expert
The US is spending billions to combat an online threat that doesn't exist, 
reckons security veteran. It may be cyberwar out there, but where are the 

Warning to NZ: Keep technology secrets safe from China
An American expert in trading with China says New Zealand needs to protect its 
unique technologies and industries or it could permanently lose them to Chinese 

Former NSA, CIA Director Says Intelligence-Gathering Isn't Cyberwar
Black Hat USA 2010 -- There's a difference between the gathering of foreign 
intelligence -- the spy game -- and outright cyberwarfare, a former CIA director 
told an audience here yesterday.

us: DOJ Pushing to Expand Warrantless Access to Internet Records
This morning's Washington Post reveals that the Department Of Justice has been 
pressuring Congress to expand its power to obtain records of Americans' private 
Internet activity through the use of National Security Letters (NSLs).

us: Banks seek customers' help to stop online thieves
For generations, U.S. consumers have relied on banks to bear the primary 
responsibility for keeping their hard-earned cash deposits out of the hands of 
thieves. Now, banks want consumers to share the load.

Study: Youth Not Only Care About Facebook Privacy, They Do Something About It
Over the past year, Facebook and privacy are two topics that have become 
practically joined at the hip. The site has changed its privacy settings again 
and again and last winter CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared the death of privacy. One 
of the leading arguments behind all of this has been that we live in a new era, 
beyond the "age of privacy", and the new social norm for the next generation is 
to share, freely and without regard for such antiquated concerns as privacy.

The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets
A Journal investigation finds that one of the fastest-growing businesses on the 
Internet is the business of spying on consumers. First in a series.

Hong Kong Privacy Chief Pushes for Regulation
Hong Kong's outgoing privacy commissioner Friday urged the government to 
consider legislation to better regulate the actions of service monopolies such 
as Octopus Holdings Ltd., after the cashless-payment operator provoked public 
discontent when it admitted to selling personal data of nearly 2 million 
customers to business partners even though it earlier denied doing so.

Researcher Releases Facebook Profile Data
A security researcher on Wednesday released a file containing the names, profile 
addresses and unique identification numbers of more than 100 million Facebook 

Google cleared of wi-fi snooping in UK
Google did not grab "significant" personal details when collecting data from 
wi-fi networks, according to the UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO).

Google Wi-Fi data capture cleared by Information Commissioner
The Information Commissioner has ruled that Google is unlikely to have collected 
"significant amounts of personal data" with its StreetView mapping cars.

Information Commissioner gives Google all-clear on accidental Wi-Fi data 
Google was wrong to gather data about and from wireless networks when its cars 
documented the UK's streets for its Street View service but it is "unlikely" 
that the company gathered much personal data, the UK privacy watchdog has said.

Facebook data harvester speaks out
The man who harvested and published the personal details of 100m Facebook users 
has spoken out about his motives.

Kerry Prepping Legislation to Safeguard Privacy Online
Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., plans to introduce legislation to protect online 
privacy, saying the country needs new standards for "protection that ensure 
people's identity is treated with the respect it deserves."

Indonesia Finds Banning Pornography Is Difficult
As one of the heads of the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association, 
Valens Riyadi knows he has his work cut out for him.

Google says China search block may be tech glitch
Google Inc said its earlier report that Internet search services in China were 
being fully blocked could have been the result of a technical glitch that 
overstated the problem.

Google Search Engine Is Blocked in China
Updated: Google said that the search engine is now functioning normally in 
China. ?It?s possible that our machines could overestimate the level of 
blockage. That seems to be what happened last night, when there was a relatively 
small blockage,? said Jill Hazelbaker, a Google spokeswoman.

YouTube banned by Russian court
Russia's blogosphere reacted with anger today after a regional court banned 
YouTube because it carried a single video containing "extremist" content.

Russia clamps down on Internet, Google frowns
A court in Russia's far east has ordered an Internet provider to block five 
sites which it said disseminated extreme views, prompting U.S. Internet giant 
Google to say on Thursday the move restricted access to information.

Russian court bans YouTube over extremist videos [AFP]
A court banned access to popular video site YouTube in Russia's Far East because 
it contained a video that the Justice Ministry declared extremist, Russian 
newspapers reported Thursday.


Court orders YouTube and four other sites blocked over ?extremist? content
Reporters Without Borders condemns the draconian and disproportionate ruling 
issued by judge Anna Eisenberg in the Russian far-east city of 
Komsomolsk-on-Amur on 16 July ordering local Internet Service Provider RA-RTS 
Rosnet to block access to video-sharing website YouTube and four other websites 
from 3 August onwards.

US Congress Rethinks Its Ban on Internet Gambling
With pressure mounting on the federal government to find new revenues, Congress 
is considering legalizing, and taxing, an activity it banned just four years 
ago: Internet gambling.

Bet comes good as US moves to end ban on online gambling
The four-year losing streak suffered by Britain's online gambling industry could 
be about to end. The multibillion-pound industry virtually collapsed after its 
biggest market ? the US ? was closed down overnight when Congress introduced a 
surprise clause to legislation in September 2006, in effect making internet 
betting illegal. Not only was that a blow for investors ? it was a hugely 
expensive one.

Is an Internet sales tax coming to the US?
A movement is slowly building in Washington to banish one of the biggest perks 
of shopping online: not paying sales tax.

Life among the cyber-elite
Joichi 'Joi' Ito is to start-ups what Brian Epstein was to the Beatles. With a 
talented eye for a promising idea, the 44-year-old has spotted and nurtured some 
of the web's most famous names, with the likes of Twitter, Flickr and Last.fm 
all receiving his help on the path to social-networking success.

Internet Betting Gets Bigger as Online Gambling Companies Merge
Two of the biggest European operators of Internet betting sites, PartyGaming and 
Bwin Interactive Entertainment, said Thursday that they planned to merge, 
forming the world?s largest publicly traded online gambling company.

PartyGaming and Austria's bwin in tie-up
Internet betting firm PartyGaming has agreed to a reverse takeover of Austrian 
rival bwin (BWIN.VI) in a $3.3 billion (2.1 billion pounds) deal that will 
create the world's largest online gaming business.

Google vs. Microsoft in online smart meter monitoring [Relaxnews]
Microsoft announces the addition of a remote, real-time energy monitoring device 
to its Hohm service, while Google continues to expand its coverage as both vie 
for dominance of the smart meter market.

InternetNZ chooses Fellows and Councillors
Well-known ICT consultant, former InternetNZ president, blogger and occasional 
agitator Colin Jackson was made a Fellow of InternetNZ at the organisation?s 
annual general meeting, as was Laurence Zwimpfer, a long-time champion of the 
use of technology in education.

Pacific Fibre man, open source champ elected to InternetNZ
Council election results have been announced for InternetNZ, the organisation 
that lobbies on behalf of users, and administers .nz interent addresses.

InternetNZ Announces Council Election Results And New Fellows
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) announces official results in this year's 
InternetNZ Council elections and the appointment of two new InternetNZ Fellows.


Technology Races to Keep Up With Tide of Data
As smartphones and video streaming double the crunch of data carried over mobile 
networks each year, big advances in optical transport, data filtering and 
networking are keeping the Internet from collapsing under its own weight.

au: NBN to cover 93 per cent of nation - more than originally thought, says ALP 
Labor says its national broadband network will deliver super-fast fibre optic 
cable internet access to 300,000 more premises than first thought. Julia 
Gillard, campaigning in Perth, said the $43 billion network was being rolled out 
on time and on budget.

uk: Ofcom research reveals increase in UK?s average actual broadband speed ? But 
consumers still not achieving advertised speeds [news release]
The UK?s most comprehensive broadband speeds research reveals that the UK?s 
average actual fixed-line residential broadband speed has increased by over 25 
per cent over the past year from 4.1Mbit/s to 5.2Mbit/s as internet service 
providers (?ISPs?) increasingly move to offer higher speed broadband packages.


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