[DNS] domain name news - 30 September

[DNS] domain name news - 30 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:20:30 -0700 (PDT)
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Net neutrality is 'big issue', says Internet Society chief

ICANN Board Moves New Generic Top-Level Domains One Step Closer to 

Input Sought on New High Security Program Aimed at Select Top-Level Domains

Revealed: how new domain registries are preparing to protect trademarks

ICANN Seeks Input on New High Security Programme Aimed at Selected TLDs

Is ICANN?s independent review dead in the water?

Come to the First Ever Dedicated New gTLD Conference: .nxt by Kieren McCarthy

U.S. mounting first test of cyber-blitz response plan

Cyber Storm III simulates large-scale cyberattack [IDG]

Results of cyber drill will help shape final version of response plan

Global cyber security games kick off [AAP]

Cyber Storm III kicks off in Australia

'Cyber Storm III' tests US preparedness for cyber attack [AFP]

A Rough Guide to Address Exhaustion (in 12 easy questions) by Geoff Huston

Mobile device boom sparks US net address shortage

Geist: U.S. uses domain names as new way to regulate the Net

Amendment Aims To Address Concerns With Online IP Bill

Net neutrality is 'big issue', says Internet Society chief
The internet should remain "open and healthy" for the sake of emerging 
businesses and information distribution, Jon McNerney, chief operating officer 
at the Internet Society, told the Guardian today.

ICANN Board Moves New Generic Top-Level Domains One Step Closer to 
ICANN?s Board of Directors has passed several resolutions addressing major 
issues surrounding the expansion of generic top-level domains (gTLDs), including 

trademark protection, morality and public order, and vertical integration.

Input Sought on New High Security Program Aimed at Select Top-Level Domains
ICANN is seeking information from prospective contractors and other interested 
parties who could assist ICANN and its High Security Top-Level Domain (HSTLD) 
Advisory Group in assessing and shaping a new program aimed at increasing 
security and trust for top-level domain (TLD) registry operators who choose to 

ACDR Proposal to be Recognized as an Official Dispute Resolution Provider Under 
the UDRP
ICANN has received a proposal from the Arab Center for Domain Name Dispute 
Resolution (ACDR) to be recognized as one of the official dispute resolution 
providers under the UDRP.

ICANN is Seeking Independent Researchers to Respond to Request for Proposal on 
WHOIS Proxy/Privacy Relay and Reveal Studies
The GNSO is responsible for developing and recommending to the ICANN Board 
substantive policies relating to gTLDs. The GNSO Council is now exploring 
several extensive studies of WHOIS and has asked ICANN to estimate the cost and 
feasibility of conducting several studies proposed by members of the ICANN 
community and ICANN?s Government Advisory Committee.

Letter from Tim Switzer to Rod Beckstrom
NeuStar Notice of Fee Increase from $6.85 to $7.30 per year.

Revealed: how new domain registries are preparing to protect trademarks
It will take many long years before the trademark community ever starts to feel 
comfortable in the domain name world. The impending launch of infinite new gTLDs 

will only prolong this problem. But companies intending to apply to run new gTLD 

registries have told WTR that they are keen to offer rights protection 
mechanisms and will learn from the recent successful re-launch of the '.co' 

ICANN Seeks Input on New High Security Programme Aimed at Selected TLDs
ICANN have requested information from prospective contractors and other 
interested parties who can assist them and its High Security Top-Level Domain 
(HSTLD) Advisory Group in assessing and shaping a new programme aimed at 
increasing security and trust for top-level domain (TLD) registry operators who 
choose to participate.


Is ICANN?s independent review dead in the water?
I have avoided the meetings of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team 
(ATRT) into ICANN for a few months because it was so incredibly frustrating to 
listen to 60 minutes of people organising hotel rooms in different parts of the 
world while the ICANN Board and staff ran rings around them.

Come to the First Ever Dedicated New gTLD Conference: .nxt by Kieren McCarthy
Sometimes the heavens align. With the release of a number of resolutions from 
the ICANN Board on Sunday, we learnt two things: One, that there is a determined 

drive to get the rules for new Internet extensions, gTLDs, finalized in December 

at a meeting in Cartagena. And two, that the meeting immediately after that - in 

March 2011 - will be held in San Francisco

New TLD guidebook could be finalized in Cartagena
I?ve got the official line from ICANN ? it?s possible that the final Applicant 
Guidebook for new top-level domain applications could be approved as early as 

New TLD competition group throws in the towel
The ICANN working group tasked with deciding whether registrars should be 
allowed to apply for new top-level domains has failed to reach agreement after 
over six months of talks.

Do uncontroversial new TLDs exist?
ICANN?s Governmental Advisory Committee wants ICANN to drastically scale back 
the first round of new top-level domain applications, limiting it to 
?uncontroversial? strings.

Anti-terror rule dropped from new TLD guidebook
ICANN will cut references to terrorism from its Draft Applicant Guidebook for 
new top-level domains, after criticism from some Arab stakeholders.

ICANN?s new gTLD Program makes some progress (?sort of) by Tony Kirsch
True to form, the outcomes of the ICANN Board?s new gTLD Retreat in Norway late 
last week haven?t exactly provided the community with huge amounts of confidence 

in the fact that the new gTLD program will be finalised this year. But when you 
read between the lines, we may be able to provide supporters of the program with 

a little hope?

First Ever IDN Event and Auction on Tap for New York in October
Few topics have received greater attention this year than IDNs. So it?s fitting 
that the first ever ?IDN Event and Auction? will take place October 30, 2010 at 
the Haru Restaurant in New York City at 7 pm. The event is organized by IDNTools 

and will be sponsored by Register.com, Moniker and SnapNames.

ICANN Says It Can Scale Up to 1,000 New Top Level Domains a Year
Technical infrastructure can handle 1,000 new TLDs a year, but there will be 
other bottlenecks.

ICANN will not attend White House drugs meeting
ICANN has declined an invitation from the Obama administration to attend a 
meeting tomorrow to discuss ways to crack down on counterfeit drugs web sites.

ICANN Board Retreat Results in Specific New gTLD Directives by Elisa Cooper
Over the weekend, ICANN's Board of Directors met in Norway to discuss the fate 
of new gTLDs. As a result of the meeting, two resolutions were passed related to 

new gTLDs. First, the Board resolved to recommend further actions based on 
comments recently submitted by the Governmental Advisory Committee.

Athens Plans .Athens Top Level Domain Name
Municipality wants .athens, but may run into challenges with trademark 

sa: Registration Opens for Arabic Domain Names
Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC), an organization created to manage 
domain names with the country code ?.sa,? has opened registration for Arabic 
domain names, which use Arabic characters.

Cheaper dispute solution for small companies and private individuals
As of September 15, 2010, the fee for private individuals and small companies 
that want to retroactively appeal the allocation of a .se domain name through 
.SE?s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will be halved.

.SE halves .se domain dispute resolution fee
.SE halved the fee for private individuals and small companies that want to 
retroactively appeal the allocation of a .se domain name through .SE's 
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), effective as of 15 September.

M&C Saatchi wins ad account for new .xxx web domain
Maurice and Charles Saatchi's ad agency M&C Saatchi is about to get a somewhat 
racier new client after winning the ad account for the .xxx adult content domain 

name company.

U.S. mounting first test of cyber-blitz response plan
The United States is launching its first test of a new plan for responding to an 

enemy cyber-blitz, including any attack aimed at vital services such as power, 
water and banks.

Cyber Storm III simulates large-scale cyberattack [IDG]
A new cyberattack exercise hosted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
this week reflects the increasingly sophisticated attacks U.S. agencies and 
businesses face, DHS officials said.




Results of cyber drill will help shape final version of response plan
Lessons learned this week from the Homeland Security Department's third 
large-scale cybersecurity drill will help refine the National Cyber Incident 
Response Plan, which will be finalized for release later this year.

Global cyber security games kick off [AAP]
War games of a different kind will start on Wednesday with Cyber Storm III, 
designed to test computer security, getting underway.

Cyber Storm III kicks off in Australia
Fifty Australian organisations will face simulated cyber attacks this week in 
international security exercise, Cyber Storm III.

U.S. Public, Private Cyber Defenses Being Tested In Simulated Attacks
No, the U.S. isn't under cyberattack. But this week, government and private 
security response groups began exercises to see what would happen if it were.

'Cyber Storm III' tests US preparedness for cyber attack [AFP]
Keyboard warriors from the United States and a dozen other nations were battling 

a simulated cyber attack Tuesday on government and private networks that 
undermines basic trust in the Internet.


US cyber exercise providing valuable lessons: officials [AFP]
US cybersecurity experts will learn valuable lessons from an ongoing exercise 
that simulates a massive cyberattack on the United States, US officials said 


Federal Cybersecurity Exercise To Attack Content, Identities
The Department of Homeland Security kicked off its third large-scale 
cybersecurity drill on Tuesday to test government's and industry's ability to 
respond to hackers hijacking Web content and stealing personal identities with 
the goal of grabbing sensitive information and crippling federal and commercial 
operations, Nextgov.com reported.


Singapore seeks volunteers to beef up cyberdefense
The government has launched a new IT security initiative to drive coordinated 
efforts in cyberdefense and more effectively deal with cyberthreats at a 
national level.

Cyber takes centre stage in Israel's war strategy
Cyber warfare has quietly grown into a central pillar of Israel's strategic 
planning, with a new military intelligence unit set up to incorporate high-tech 
hacking tactics, Israeli security sources said on Tuesday.

Campaign to stop cybersquatting
The nonprofit Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) wants to make it 
easier for people to wrangle websites away from cybersquatters.

How Targeting Luxury Brands Online Results in Significant Traffic for Online 
Scammers by MarkMonitor
Suspicious Luxury Ecommerce Sites Attract Nearly Half as Much Internet Traffic 
as Legitimate Luxury Ecommerce Sites MarkMonitor, the global leader in 
enterprise brand protection, today released a special edition of the 
Brandjacking Index, focused on luxury brands

Group Wants to Become New UDRP Provider
Arab Center for Domain Name Dispute Resolution (ACDR) has sent a proposal to 
ICANN to become a resolution provider under UDRP. Based in Jordan, ACDR is a 
joint venture between Arab Intellectual Property Mediation and Arbitration 
Society (AIPMAS) and the Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP).

- IPv4/IPv6
A Rough Guide to Address Exhaustion (in 12 easy questions) by Geoff Huston
It seems that there is an increasing level of interest in the topic of IPv4 
address exhaustion, so I thought this month I'll share a set of answers to the 
most common questions I've been asked on this topic in recent times.

Mobile device boom sparks US net address shortage
The United States could run out of unique Internet addresses to assign to new 
devices by the end of next year, a telecommunications official said on Tuesday.

Will Feds Commit to Another IPv6 Mandate?
Will the Obama Administration issue a deadline for all federal agencies to 
support IPv6 on its public-facing Web sites?

White House issues IPv6 directive
Federal CIO Vivek Kundra has issued a directive requiring all U.S. government 
agencies to upgrade their public-facing Web sites and services by Sept. 30, 2012 

to support IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main 
communications protocol. 


Fed?s IPv6 plan called a "game changer"
Internet policymakers and industry leaders are hailing the Obama 
Administration's plan to upgrade all federal Web sites and e-government services 

over the next two years to support IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the 
Internet's main communications protocol.

Will US Government Directives Spur IPv6 Adoption? by Ram Mohan
Yesterday, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the 

U.S. government hosted a workshop discussing the state of IPv6 in the United 
States and its impact on industry, government, and the Internet economy. I was 
asked to be a panelist, along with industry executives from ARIN, ISOC, ICANN, 
Comcast, Akamai, Verizon, Google, VeriSign, DOE, NIST, and DREN. Moderated by 
Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Vivek Kundra, 
Chief Information Officer of the United States, this was the first event in the 
past few years to truly shine a spotlight on IPv6 adoption (or lack thereof) and 

introduce key directives to move this issue forward

Geist: U.S. uses domain names as new way to regulate the Net
Governments have long sought ways to regulate Internet activity, whether for the 

purposes of taxation, content regulation, or the application of national laws. 
Effective regulatory measures have often proven elusive, however, since, unlike 
the Internet, national laws typically end at the border.


Amendment Aims To Address Concerns With Online IP Bill
The Senate Judiciary Committee has drafted a substitute amendment aimed at 
addressing some of the concerns raised by technology and public interest groups 
about legislation targeting online piracy and counterfeiting. .. Among the key 
changes to the bill the amendment would make include deleting a provision 
authorizing the Justice Department to publish a list of domain names linked to 
websites engaged in infringing activities without first seeking a court order. 
In addition, the amendment clarifies that an ISP would not be required to modify 

its network or facilities to comply with an order or "take steps with respect to 

domain name lookups performed by others," according to a summary of the proposed 


US Senators Propose Changes to Website Takedown Bill [IDG]
Leaders of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee have circulated proposed changes 
to a controversial bill that would force domain name registrars to shut down 
websites that allegedly infringe copyright, but the tweaks don't go far enough 
for some critics.

us: People Behind the Internet Question Plan to Block Piracy Sites
A group of engineers with legitimate claims to helping invent the Internet ? and 

we?re not talking about Al Gore ? are opposing a Senate bill intended to fight 
copyright infringement, saying it would endanger the system of domain names that 

underlies the Internet.

An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the Senate Judiciary Committee
Today, 87 prominent Internet engineers sent a joint letter the US Senate 
Judiciary Committee, declaring their opposition to the "Combating Online 
Infringement and Counterfeits Act" (COICA). The text of the letter is below.

CDT Protests Bill Requiring Registrars to Enforce Copyright [IDG]
New legislation that seeks to curb copyright infringement by requiring 
domain-name registrars to shut down websites suspected of hosting infringing 
materials raises serious free-speech concerns, a civil liberties group said 


Anti-piracy enforcement vs. a functional Internet
Resident evil screenshot The Times' Richard Verrier offered a compelling piece 
today about online piracy's effect on indie filmmakers, noting how Greg Carter's 

"A Gangland Love Story" (an updated take on "Romeo and Juliet" with rival black 
and Latino gangs) had found its way onto at least 60 bootlegged-movie websites. 
We can quibble about Carter's estimate of the monetary damage -- he says he's 
lost $100,000 in revenue -- but there's no defense for the sites and uploaders 
who've made Carter's work available for free.

Groups Urge Hearing On Online IP Bill
A group of public interest and industry groups wrote Senate Judiciary Committee 
leaders this week voicing concerns with legislation introduced earlier this 
month aimed at curbing online piracy and counterfeiting and calling for a 
hearing to better evaluate the measure.

Group Voices Concerns With Leahy's Online IP Bill
While it appears unlikely that the Senate Judiciary Committee will act on the 
legislation this week, the Center for Democracy Technology voiced strong 
concerns Tuesday with a bill aimed at cracking down on foreign websites that 
offer illegal copyrighted content or counterfeit goods, saying it could hamper 
free speech on the Internet and force Internet intermediaries to become the 
gatekeepers of the Web.

This is the Problem with the U.S. Congress Trying to Regulate Domain Names
What?s wrong with the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act being 
proposed in the U.S. Congress?

Spamhaus Releases The Spamhaus Whitelist
The Spamhaus Project has released a whitelist called the Spamhaus Whitelist. 
Long awaited in the industry, the Spamhaus Whitelist allows internet mail 
servers to separate incoming email traffic into 3 categories: Good, Bad and 
Unknown, allowing mail server operators to block known bad email traffic, let 
known good email traffic pass safely, and heavily filter unknown email sources.

Now That TRAFFIC Has Announced A Show For 2011, Whose Going To Run The Auctions?
The TRAFFIC show organizers announced yesterday that its going to hold its first 

show of 2011 right before the ICANN show in March in San Francisco.

Internet search engines: A crystal ball into the future?
Can Internet searches help industry watchers predict the success of a movie or 
the spread of an epidemic? Plenty of current studies show that when a trend in 
politics, consumer goods or even disease rises or falls, the Internet search 
volume for related terms rises and falls along with it.

Study finds predictive power of search
A new study claims web search statistics can be used to predict human behaviour 
- from record sales to the spread of influenza.

Web searches predict success for films, games and songs
Web search terms are a good predictor of the success of films, songs and video 
games even weeks ahead of release, researchers say.

Will your new film be a hit? Ask the web - study
Tracking web searches for new songs, video games and movies can predict which 
ones will be big hits, but often not much better than traditional methods, 
researchers at Yahoo Inc reported on Monday.

Internet the new junk food battleground
Child health experts say food and drink companies are doing anything but 
reducing their marketing of unhealthy products to children.

At 12, where is Google heading from here?
After 12 years in business, Google has become the dominant company in the online 

world, the one that other technology giants, like Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo, 
have to fend off and react to.

Chronic Disease in the Internet Age
People living with chronic disease are among the least likely to have internet 
access, yet once online they often dive deeply into gathering, sharing, and 
creating health information.

In Study, Children Cite Appeal of Digital Reading
Many children want to read books on digital devices and would read for fun more 
frequently if they could obtain e-books. But even if they had that access, 
two-thirds of them would not want to give up their traditional print books.

Survey: Children like e-books, parents not so much [AP]
Children are ready to try e-books, with some thinking that a bigger selection of 

electronic texts would make reading for fun even more fun, according to a new 
study. But a solid majority of parents aren't planning to join the digital 



Financial Advice Made for the Internet Age
A campaign from a big brokerage firm that borrows formats from reality 
television is getting under way on Wednesday, but do not look for it on TV.

The E-patient is In: How Social Networking Can Make You A Better Surgeon
The use of social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 

and other social media is exploding, particularly among millions of young 
people. Social network sites have been increasingly adopted by many online 
health-related professional and educational services. Social networking may 
represent an effective way for surgeons to better serve, i.e., to communicate, 
to educate, to care, for their patients, the public, medical students, residents 

and the general public.

Pew: Technology Is Positive But Carries Risks
The media offers competing visions about the impact of technology on society 
according to a new study released by Pew on Monday.

Australian scientists say they're coming first in a world-wide race [AAP]
Australian scientists say they're coming first in a world-wide race to create a 
new breed of super computers set to transform the way we live.

ICT research: Brussels showcase for intelligent robots, green homes, virtual 
reality and much more [news release]
More than 100 groundbreaking information and communication technology (ICT) 
research projects funded by the EU are being showcased at the "ICT 
2010-Digitally Driven" conference and exhibition in Brussels Expo from 27 to 29 
September. The event, organised every two years by the European Commission and 
this year hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the EU's Council of Ministers, 
brings together researchers, businesses and policy makers to show the latest ICT 

advances. Major themes this year are research for sustainable growth in a 
low-carbon economy, ICTs' constructive impact on everyday life and the 
importance of public funding and support in ICT research and innovation. 
Stepping up ICT research and innovation, a key objective of the Digital Agenda 
for Europe, will help increase Europe?s productivity and growth, improve the 
quality of life and overcome social challenges.

au: Internet filter alive and well
Communications minister Stephen Conroy has refused to back down on Labor?s 
mandatory ISP-level filter, despite the near impossibility of the controversial 
policy passing the lower or upper houses of Parliament.

au: Net nanny bypassed in iPad age: Conroy
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has vowed not to run away from the 
proposed mandatory internet service provider (ISP)-level internet filtering 
policy, stating that the advent of iPhones and iPads compromised parent's 
ability to supervise their children.

nz: My job: Staying safe all part of the job: Name: Martin Cocker
What do you do? As executive director I run Netsafe, a not-for-profit cyber 
safety organisation. We provide cyber safety education services and generally 
support the development of safer digital environments by promoting confident, 
safe, responsible use of New Zealand's online space through websites and 

Google ver?ffentlicht Leitfaden f?r Eltern
... Leider ist das Safety Center erstmal nur auf Englisch verf?gnar, doch eine 
Umsetzung wird garantiert auch in andere Sprachen erfolgen. Bei der Erstellung 
geholfen haben Schutzorganisationen f?r Kinder wie Centre for Child Protection, 
Netsafe oder ChildNet. Einige Sicherheitsma?nahmen dieser Vereinigungen wurden 
zu Google hin ?bernommen.

us: Legal Briefs: Anonymous defendants in copyright suit ordered to reveal 
A federal judge in the District of Columbia has ordered a group of anonymous 
defendants in a copyright lawsuit over illegally downloaded movies to disclose 
their identities.

eu: Commission vows action to cut roaming data premiums to almost zero
The European Commission will take action if mobile phone networks do not reduce 
the cost of data services when used abroad, the Commissioner responsible for its 

Digital Agenda has said.

Knook to quit as Vodafone stalls on web ambitions
The architect of Vodafone?s push into internet services is quitting amid signs 
that the mobile phone operator is retreating in its battle with Apple and Google 

over the wireless web.

us: A Wider Wi-Fi Stream on Domestic Flights
Even as the number of airlines is dwindling ? look at Southwest?s plan to buy 
AirTran, announced on Monday, and the imminent merger of United and Continental 
? the business of providing in-flight Wi-Fi service on domestic airlines is 

Apple takes legal battle with Nokia to Britain
Apple has sued Nokia in Britain, extending the two technology giants' legal 
battle over patents beyond U.S. borders.

Anti-Iran Stuxnet computer bug had powerful backers
A powerful computer code attacking industrial facilities around the world, but 
mainly in Iran, was probably created by experts working for a country or a 
well-funded private group, according to an analysis by a leading computer 
security company.

Has the West declared cyber war on Iran?
Computers can go wrong, and everyone is used to it. But that's at home. We 
assume that the machines controlling the infrastructure that makes everything 
tick ? power stations, chemical works, water purification plants ? have 
rock-solid defences in place to deal with unexplained crashes or virus attacks 
by malicious strangers.

Computer Worm Hits Iran Power Plant
Computer systems at Iran's first nuclear-power plant have been infected with a 
potent worm capable of taking over their control systems, Iranian officials 
said, citing the most significant example yet of potential dangers posed by the 
so-called Stuxnet worm.

Legal row over who can use 'pod'
Apple has embarked on a legal battle over the right to use the word "pod". The 
row has come about because of a projector called Video Pod currently being 
developed by start-up Sector Labs.

Stuxnet worm can re-infect scrubbed PCs
A security researcher today revealed yet another way that the Stuxnet worm 
spreads, a tactic that can re-infect machines that have already been scrubbed of 

the malware.

ANALYSIS - Could Iran retaliate for apparent cyber attack?
Iran has limited capacity to retaliate in kind to an apparent cyber attack that 
infected computers at its sole nuclear power plant, analysts say, but some worry 

it could seek to hit back by other means.

FACTBOX - Implications of apparent Stuxnet Iran cyber attack
An apparent cyber attack on Iran shows the vulnerability of critical national 
infrastructure systems to attack through widely used computer programs and 
imported technology.

Stuxnet Attack Exposes Inherent Problems In Power Grid Security
Worm sheds light on ongoing targeted attacks against critical infrastructure, 
and Iranian news reports infections among nuclear power plant's employee 

au: Cyber criminals not ?technically gifted?: QLD Police
Understanding what drives individuals to commit acts of cyber crime, rather than 

focusing on technology, has become essential according to Queensland Police.

au: Cheap hardware infects govt agencies
Shadow Defence Minister David Johnston will seek to introduce new cybersecurity 
auditing powers into the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) after 
ministerial advisors reported that government agencies have bought cheap foreign 

IT hardware loaded with malware.


nz: Duped by a scammer
Fraud victim Sue Scott warns people to be wary of cybercrime after losing $7000 
in an internet scam. The 37-year-old Massey resident was selling her car online 
when a con artist struck.

Computer virus risk to NZ systems, warns expert
New Zealand businesses running computer systems that could become infected with 
the Stuxnet virus should be "very concerned", says an Australian IT security 

Google Will Appeal French Libel Ruling on Search Suggestions [IDG]
Google has been found guilty of libel by a French court as a result of the 
company's automated search suggestions. Google plans to appeal the ruling, a 
company spokesperson said Monday.

uk: Law firm could face ?500,000 fine over data breach
The Information Commissioner could levy a fine of up to ?500,000 on the London 
law firm from which the personal details of more than 8,000 Sky broadband 
customers, 400 Plusnet customers and 5,000 Britons accused of illicit 
filesharing have leaked in the past few days.

uk: Police charge 11 over online banking fraud
Police said on Wednesday they had charged 11 people suspected of involvement in 
an online fraud that hit thousands of customers of some of the world's biggest 

nz: Gaps in privacy law raise data, cloud computing issues
A recent amendment to privacy law ? the Privacy (Cross-Border Information) 
Amendment Act - aims at meeting conditions set by the European Union on the 
privacy of personal information sent to or through New Zealand. However, the 
Privacy Commissioner?s office acknowledges there are still holes in the 
protection of personal information that is originated here and leaves our 

uk: Adult video-sharing list leaked from law firm
The personal details of thousands of Sky broadband customers have been leaked on 

to the internet, alongside a list of pornographic movies they are alleged to 
have shared online.

uk: Fresh ACS:Law file-sharing lists expose thousands more
The personal details of a further 8,000 people alleged to have shared music or 
films illegally have appeared online.

us: Public Wants Online Privacy Rules, US Official Says [IDG]
U.S. Web users are increasingly asking for tougher online privacy protections, 
even as they give more and more of their personal data to websites, and 
Internet-based companies are asking for certainty about privacy rules from U.S. 
regulators even as they also ask for flexibility to create new products, a U.S. 
official said Monday.

US Supreme Court Tests Free Speech Anew in Digital Age
Free speech stands front and center in the Supreme Court term beginning next 
week, in a pair of cases testing the First Amendment's reach in the digital age.

Editorial: Googling the Censors
In most repressive countries, government censors like to toil in the shadows, 
maintaining a cover of deniability as they block citizens? access to 
information. It is gratifying to see that the Internet and Google are making 
their job tougher.

Long Jail Term for Iran's 'Blogfather'
An Iranian news Web site reported on Tuesday that Hossein Derakhshan, an 
influential Iranian-Canadian blogger who was arrested two years ago when he 
returned from self-imposed exile to live in Iran, was sentenced to nearly two 
decades in prison by a court in Tehran.

Iran imprisons 'blogfather' for anti-state activities
The Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, a beacon for those fighting for freedom 
of expression in the Islamic nation, was sentenced to 19 years in prison today 
for alleged anti-state activities.

Iranian "Blogfather" gets 19 years in prison - activist
An Iranian court has sentenced a pioneering Iranian blogger to more than 19 
years in prison, a human rights activist told Reuters Tuesday.

Burmese websites attacked by hackers
Three Burmese news websites operated by activists and exiled journalists have 
been attacked by hackers on the anniversary of the Saffron Revolution. The 
sites' journalists believe the Burmese regime is behind the attacks.

Wikipedia founder says Malaysia should ditch censorship [AFP]
A co-founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia said on a visit to Malaysia 
Tuesday that the country should ditch censorship which is a damper on economic 


Web founder warns of Internet disconnect law 'blight' [AFP]
Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with inventing the world wide web, warned 
Tuesday of the "blight" of new laws being introduced across the globe allowing 
people to be cut off from the Internet.


us: 'Net Neutrality' Is Left to FCC As Congress Fails to Take Action
Net neutrality is joining the growing list of issues Congress isn't likely to 
act on this year, putting new pressure on the Federal Communications Commission 
to take up the matter.

us: Congressional ?net neutrality? deal falls apart
Negotiations over ?net neutrality? legislation fell apart along partisan lines, 
prompting calls from a top Democratic lawmaker to say that the Federal 
Communications Commission must act to regulate broadband companies

Net neutrality is 'big issue', says Internet Society chief
The internet should remain "open and healthy" for the sake of emerging 
businesses and information distribution, Jon McNerney, chief operating officer 
at the Internet Society, told the Guardian today.

U.S. Is Working to Ease Wiretaps on the Internet
Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek 
sweeping new regulations for the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap 

criminal and terrorism suspects is ?going dark? as people increasingly 
communicate online instead of by telephone.

The Obama administration's war on privacy
In early August, two dictatorial (and U.S.-allied) Gulf states -- Saudi Arabia 
and the United Arab Emirates -- announced a ban on the use of Blackberries 
because, as the BBC put it, "[b]oth nations are unhappy that they are unable to 
monitor such communications via the handsets." Those two governments demand the 
power to intercept and monitor every single form of communication. No human 
interaction may take place beyond their prying ears.

Administration seeks ways to monitor Internet communications
Federal officials are planning to seek legislation that would require social 
networking companies and voice-over-Internet service providers to adapt their 
technology so law enforcement agents can monitor users' communications to catch 
suspected terrorists and other criminals.

FCC Chief Concedes Slow Pace But Impatient to Move Forward Quickly
Key parts of the Obama administration's technology agenda are stalled at the 
Federal Communications Commission, but its chairman said Monday that he's 
impatient to move them forward soon.

us: Boucher Moving Forward On Privacy Legislation
Privacy legislation aiming to protect consumers online will be introduced early 
next Congress House Commerce and Energy Subcommittee Chairman Rick Boucher said 
on Wednesday.

us: Congress passes bill to make Internet, smartphones accessible for blind, 
Congress passed a bill on Tuesday night that would make the Internet and mobile 
phones more accessible to people with disabilities. The legislation will go to 
President Obama next week to sign into law.

India's Spy Plan Said to Deter Business
In the United States, law enforcement and security agencies have raised privacy 
concerns with a new proposal for electronic eavesdropping powers to track 
terrorists and criminals and unscramble their encrypted messages.

Tech Firms Resist India On Software Code Secrets
In the last year, the Indian government surprised foreign telecommunications 
equipment suppliers like Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco Systems by temporarily 

blocking the import of new network gear.

us: Net Neutrality Bill Gives FCC No New Rulemaking Power
The FCC will not have rulemaking authority under a network neutrality bill that 
key House Democrats plan to introduce soon, according to a recent draft obtained 

by Tech Daily Dose.


us: California outlaws maliciously impersonating others online
If you live in California and make a habit of posing as others online, you might 

want to think twice. In an attempt to cut down on cyberbullying, California 
Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a new law that makes such an action 
a misdemeanor. The law specifically targets those acting maliciously, but 
critics worry that those who do it in jest or for activism could be targeted too 


uk: New regulator takes over video-on-demand content supervision
Regulation of television and video content delivered over the internet has now 
passed to the Association for Television On-Demand, or ATVOD, a former trade 
body turned regulator.

nz: Commission begins work on mobile rates
The Commerce Commission is to hold a workshop next week as it sets about 
determining the price mobile phone companies can charge competitors to connect 
to their networks.

nz: End of an era: Ernie Newman looks back
?Having been on a plane most of today, I got off to see the Google Mail previews 

show me the subject lines of emails, including one from Clare Curran saying 
Labour pays tribute to Ernie Newman. I thought to myself ? hell either Ernie is 
dead, or he has resigned.?

us: Student jumps off bridge after sex tape put on internet [AP]
A New Jersey college student jumped to his death off a bridge a day after 
authorities say two classmates surreptitiously recorded him having sex with a 
man in his dorm room and broadcast it over the Internet.

French Tests Find 3G Coverage at 900Mhz Less Reliable Than 3G Coverage at 2.1GHz
The French telecoms regulator says that it has been carrying out coverage tests 
on the country's 3G networks following a warning last December that the license 
holders could be in breach of their license conditions.


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