[DNS] domain name news - 25 October

[DNS] domain name news - 25 October

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 15:15:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Updated New gTLD Budget Published

Public Comment: Review of IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

ICANN's compliance has a long way to go

New TLDs dominate ICANN board agenda

au/nz: 2010 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards Winners 

2 Million .IT Domains While .CN Registrations Continue To Plummet

Consultation on DNSSEC Policy: .nz DNSSEC Policy Amendments Consultation Paper

au: WIPO shuts down 1saleaday.com.au

Why IPv6? Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself

IPv6 and cybercrime - what's the story?

Sex.com sold (again) for $13m

Sex.com Sells for $13 Million In Possibly Largest Ever Domain Sale

Internet Governance: A Developing Nation?s Call for Administrative Legal Reform 
by Dr. Surya Mani Tripathi [International Journal of Legal Information]
Abstract: The internet has emerged as a reservoir of information and has pushed 
the world to evolve into a global village. Increased communication across 
political, social and economic barriers has created a virtual society of its 
own. This networked society poses considerable challenges for Internet 
Governance. ICANN is the institution responsible for the internet management. 
ICANN has been at the center of the debates over global governance of the 
internet. Key concerns raised in these debates involve the legitimacy of 
institutions as well as the participation of developed and developing nations in 
Internet governance.

Updated New gTLD Budget Published
The New gTLD Budget is a critical component of the program and has been recently 
updated following public comment and additional analysis. Taking that into 
account, the Board approved the budget at its most recent meeting.

Public Comment: Review of IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process
We are nearing the one-year anniversary date (16 November 2010) of the launch of 
the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. The Final Implementation Plan for the Fast 
Track Process requires that the process undergo review annually. ICANN is now 
opening a public comments forum on the review of the process.

TLG Review ? Independent External Reviewers' Draft Report for Public Comment
ICANN continues its work to conduct bylaw mandated organizational reviews to 
provide for continual improvement in its technical coordination and policy 
development support roles. In August 2010, ICANN appointed JAS Communications 
LLC to carry out an independent, external review of ICANN's Technical Liaison 
Group (TLG).

Letter from Alan C. Drewsen (INTA) to Peter Dengate Thrush
New gTLDs Overarching Issues

ICANN's compliance has a long way to go
About a month ago I reported a domain to ICANN which has the most completely 
bogus WHOIS non-information I've ever seen. On Monday they sent me this message.

New TLDs dominate ICANN board agenda
ICANN has published the agenda for next Thursday?s board meeting and 
unsurprisingly the new top-level domain process dominates.

The next DAG, final or not?
When will the next version of ICANN's new gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook come 
out, and will it be the last? Whether you are pro, or against, new gTLDs, those 
two questions have to be foremost in your mind as we move ever closer to the 
last ICANN meeting of the year, in Cartagena this December.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
DCA launched a"yes" campaign ? "It is time for .africa"!
DotConnectAfrica (DCA) spoke on way-forward on the contribution of the ".africa" 
name to an ICT enabled environment, during the launch of the East Africa 
".africa" campaign at the AITEC ICT summit held in Nairobi, Kenya. With a 
campaign theme "yes to .africa", and echoing the successful launches of both 
Europa and Asia with their .eu and .asia regional identities launched over two 
years ago, DCA's is saying "It is time for .africa",in its campaign to re-brand 
the continent and bridge the degital divide.

au/nz: 2010 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards Winners 
The winners of the 2010 Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Awards 
were announced last night at a gala dinner at Crown Towers, Melbourne.

ch: Switchplus announces launch of new partner programme
Switchplus, commercial domain hosting services subsidiary of Swiss domain name 
registrar Switch, has launched a new partner programme.

39 per cent of Czech organisations do not monitor the number of visitors to 
their web pages
Even though internet presentations have become a commonplace element of company 
marketing, only 61 per cent of Czech organisations are interested in the number 
of visitors they have, according to a survey conducted for the CZ.NIC 
Association by the Markent company. This is a long-term trend; survey results in 
2006 and 2008 showed very similar results.

TRA sets Press Conference Launching Top-Level Domain dotEmarat (.??????) New 
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has set a press conference 
during GITEX Technology Week launching the new Arabic top-level domain name new 
identity and trademark. The conference which kicked off at 11:00 am at TRA stand 
was attended

The consultative committees of AFNIC update the Action Plan for 2011
The consultative committee meetings comprising AFNIC user and registrar members 
were held on 14 and 15 October 2010. The meetings enabled an interim update on 
the current projects and a discussion of the decision taken by the 
Constitutional Court of the French Republic on October 6. The consultative 
committees also discussed AFNIC's priorities for 2011, which will be submitted 
for approval to the Board of Directors next month.

AFNIC publishes an overview of the consultation on the opening of the .fr TLD to 
From July 12th, to September 26th, 2010, AFNIC carried out a public consultation 
on opening the .fr Top Level Domain to European companies and individuals 
residing within the European Union. With the opening of the .fr TLD to Europe 
scheduled for late 2011 as its background, the purpose of the consultation was 
to allow the public to comment on the changes to be made to the process of 
registering .fr domain names.

gh: ccTLD must be managed by state institution - Akumiah
Mr Eric Akumiah, General Manager of Africa Top-Level Domains (AfTLD), an ICT 
organization, has underscored the need for Ghana to vest the management of her 
Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) in an independent state institution.

Native American domain gives .jobs critics ammo
The coalition of companies opposed to the expansion of the .jobs top-level 
domain seems to think it has found a ?gotcha? in the recent registration of 

IE Domain Registry 2009 Annual Report shows IEDR continued to perform strongly
The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the not-for-profit organisation that manages 
Ireland?s top level internet domain, .ie, reports continued strong core trading 
performance for 2009 with overall continued growth in .ie domain registration 
numbers, reduced registry running costs and increased Members? Funds that will 
enable the IEDR to invest further in the development of the .ie namespace.

2 Million .IT Domains While .CN Registrations Continue To Plummet
The Italian ccTLD, .IT, has passed the two million active registrations mark 
this week with there being 2,001,192 registrations as of today.


mobi: 2010 study of mobile Web trends shows continued explosion of 
mobile-friendly content
dotMobi ... announced highlights of its third annual study on mobile Web trends.

Consultation on DNSSEC Policy: .nz DNSSEC Policy Amendments Consultation Paper
.nz is preparing to introduce the Domain Name System Security Extensions 
(DNSSEC) to strengthen the security and reputation of .nz.

Oman to offer Arabic domain names by 2011
Oman will introduce Arabic domain names or web addresses by mid-2011, the 
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) said yesterday.
http://www.zawya.com/Story.cfm/sidZAWYA20101021060802/Oman to offer Arabic 
domain names by 2011

With the goal of promoting security and curbing growing abuse of the Domain Name 
Systems (DNS), .ORG, The Public Interest Registry is launching the ?Practice 
Safe DNS? campaign ? a new initiative that will serve as a key resource for 
domain holders, registrars, web developers and IT professionals to learn how 
they can respectively play a increasingly relevant role in providing a safer and 
more secure Internet.

Keep In Good Company, Practice Safe DNS
Who?s hitting your server? As we head deeper into National Cyber Security 
Awareness Month, it?s about time we all take a step back and think about whether 
or not you ? and your IT colleagues ? are practicing safe DNS.

Terms and conditions of domain names registration in ccTLD .?? have been amended
Please note that from 11 November 2010 amendments to the Terms and Conditions of 
domain names registration in ccTLD .?? and Agreement on Registrars Accreditation 
in ccTLD .?? are coming into force.

PNINA held a specialized workshop for certified registrars
PNINA held a specialized workshop?Palestinian IDN country code Top-Level-Domain 
(.falasteen) Registration Policy? for .ps certified registrars on 14-10-2010 
More than 20 company representative have been attended.

Successful launch of IDNs and 2-letter domains under .si
On October 10 at 10:00, .si Registry began the registration of Internationalised 
Domain Names (IDNs) and 2-letter domain names under .si. Around 70 registrars 
participated in the landrush. In the first 30 minutes almost 2000 domain names 
were registered, however approximately 3000 registration requests were denied, 
because strings were not available anymore.

Sunrise Period for .SO Commences 1 November
The Sunrise Period for .SO, the ccTLD for the Republic of Somalia, will commence 
on 1 November and continue until the end of the month. The Somalian government 
decided to open up the ccTLD and it was redelegated to The Ministry of Posts and 
Telecommunications (MoPT) in April of 2009, and will be available to the public 
for Open Registration on 1 March 2011.


Pentagon Will Help Homeland Security Department Fight Domestic Cyberattacks
The Obama administration has adopted new procedures for using the Defense 
Department?s vast array of cyberwarfare capabilities in case of an attack on 
vital computer networks inside the United States, delicately navigating historic 
rules that restrict military action on American soil.

Cybersecurity is 'really about the people,' official says
A strong cybersecurity workforce is critical to protecting government computer 
networks from attack, according to cyber experts.

FCC to Hold Workshop on Cybersecurity Roadmap [news release]
The Federal Communications Commission?s Public Safety and Homeland Security 
Bureau (Bureau) today announced it will hold a workshop to discuss the 
development of a cybersecurity roadmap by the FCC.

au: WIPO shuts down 1saleaday.com.au
The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has stepped in to 
effectively force the shutdown of an Australian e-tailer, following a trademark 
dispute with a U.S. company of the same name.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Why IPv6? Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself
If so, Vint Cerf, much-decorated "Father of the Internet," wants you to know 
that it's OK to blame him. He certainly does so himself. In fact, he does so 
time and time and time again.

IPv6 and cybercrime - what's the story?
[IPv6 Summit] I've recently returned from the Australian IPv6 Summit 2010 in 
Melbourne, where I was invited to give a talk about IPv6 and cybercriminality. 
Does switching to IPv6 have the handy side-effect of kicking the Bad Guys in the 
teeth at the same time?

us: Piracy domain seizure bill gains support
A proposed law allowing the government to pull the plug on Web sites accused of 
aiding piracy received a sizable political boost yesterday.

Chilean miner Jose Ricardo Ojeda Vidal copyrights 'los 33' [The Times]
IT is probably the most famous sentence in the world this year. The six words 
and one number have been replicated on T-shirts, flags and mugs. ... Three 
applications have been made for the internet domain name los33mineros.cl and 
four for estamosbienenelrefugiolos33.cl.

Bible.com investor sues company for lack of profit
A shareholder of Bible.com Inc sued the company's board members, accusing the 
ordained ministers of failing to profit from the "goldmine" potential of the 
namesake Internet property, according to a lawsuit.

Sex.com sold (again) for $13m
A set of three documents filed in California Bankruptcy Court earlier this week 
reveal that the world?s most valuable domain name ? Sex.com ? has been sold for 
$13m, just one million dollars more than it was sold for back in January 2006.

Sex.com Sells for $13 Million In Possibly Largest Ever Domain Sale
This week it was announced that the domain name sex.com, that has had a rather 
troubled past was, sold for $13 million to a Caribbean company based in the 
offshore tax haven of St Vincent and Grenadines by the name of Clover Holdings 
showing that the old adage of ?sex sells? being as true as ever when dealing 
with domain names. Sex sells. has bid $13 million for the potentially lucrative 
domain name.


Sex.com internet domain name sold for $13m
The sex.com internet domain has been sold for $13m (?8.2m). The domain was put 
up for auction in July 2010 when its former owner, Escom LLC, went bankrupt.

Sex.com Seeks to Sell Itself for $13 Million
The bankrupt owner of Sex.com is seeking to sell the domain name to offshore 
holding company Clover Holdings Ltd. for a hot $13 million.

Sex.com Will Be The Most Expensive Domain Name Ever Sold
When the Central California Bankruptcy Court approves the sale of Sex.com for 
$13 million cash later this month, it will be the most expensive all-cash domain 
name ever sold and publicly disclosed.

Sex.com and the World's Most Expensive Domain Names
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that sex sells. It should come as 
no surprise, then, that the Web's simplest sex-based domain name -- sex.com -- 
has just sold for a reported $13 million. Or, to put it in a rhyme, 13 million 
bucks for a synonym of ... well, you know.

Try.Me On For Size In Sedo's November Auctions
Starting Nov. 11, 2010, you?ll have a chance to Text.Me, Track.Me, Finance.Me or 
Friend.Me if you score the winning bid from a long list of catchy .ME names ? 
all of which make dynamic call-to-action domains.

Controlling the Uncontrollable: Internet Censorship in China by Haiping Zheng
Abstract: Though internet was not commercially available in China until 1995, it 
has been growing tremendously over the years. At the same time, the Chinese 
government has never ceased censoring internet, which has drawn much 
international criticism.

Archiving the web: National libraries start to preserve the web, but cannot save 
In the digital realm, things seem always to happen the wrong way round. Whereas 
Google has hurried to scan books into its digital catalogue, a group of national 
libraries has begun saving what the online giant leaves behind. For although 
search engines such as Google index the web, they do not archive it. Many 
websites just disappear when their owner runs out of money or interest. Adam 
Farquhar, in charge of digital projects for the British Library, points out that 
the world has in some ways a better record of the beginning of the 20th century 
than of the beginning of the 21st.

Enough already: information overload
Get a load of this. A survey released this week revealed the latest affliction 
to hit white-collar workers. It?s called ?information rage?, and almost one in 
two Aussie employees is affected by it. Overwhelmed by the torrent of data 
flooding corporate workplaces, many are on the verge of breaking point.

Gartner Says Social Media in Asia Pacific is Developing in Different Directions 
to the U.S. and Europe [news release]
The dominant social network sites of Europe and North America have yet to extend 
their reach into parts of Asia Pacific where local sites retain the leading 
consumer mind share and profitable business models, according to new research 
from Gartner, Inc.

S'pore govt taking cautious approach to social media
While the local government is embracing social media in order to increase its 
reach and engagement with the public, it is taking the cautious approach to 
address concerns about data privacy and protection.

DVD?s farewell
The DVD is not yet dead, but this week Netflix declared the disk?s condition 
terminal, and Apple turned off the heart monitor.

Half of EU Kids Don't Know How to Be Safe Online [IDG]
Half of the young children in the E.U. don't have basic Internet safety skills 
such as knowing how to control privacy settings or block unwanted contacts.

eu: Digital Agenda: survey of children's Internet use; competition for high 
quality online content [news release]
Children in Europe are on average starting to use the Internet at the age of 7 
but only one in three 9-12 year olds feel that there are enough "good things for 
kids" of their age online, according to a pan-European survey published by the 
European Commission. The study also shows that one in eight children have 
upsetting experiences online and they still lack skills and confidence using 
Internet. To help deal with these problems, the Commission has launched a 
competition to encourage the creation of online high quality content for 
children. The Commission is committed to helping parents and their children keep 
safe online as part of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Sectoral conference on ?Safe internet for russian children? was held in Moscow 
[news release]
On 12 October 2010 a sectoral conference ?Safe Internet for Russian Children? 
was held in Moscow. The Conference was co-sponsored by the Foundation for 
Internet Development, the Foundation Friendly Runet, and the Ministry for 
Telecom and Mass Communications.

us: The growing epidemic of children addicted to Internet porn
Kids as young as 8 years old have become addicted to pornography. Pornography 
has been the bane of many American communities for decades. With the advent of 
the Internet the problem has become exacerbated. Most parents are aware of the 
dangers of pedophiles, but other dangers lurk online that are just as 
potentially damaging to children--especially children between the ages of 8 to 
12 years old.

Illegal online sports streaming of matches 'increases'
The number of internet streams showing matches illegally has increased, say some 
of the UK's biggest sporting bodies.

Big Networks Block Web Shows From Google TV
In the latest sign that Google may struggle to transform television viewing with 
Google TV, its new service for Internet-connected TVs, three major broadcast 
networks and Hulu are blocking people from using the service to watch 
full-length TV shows on their Web sites.

US Networks Block Web Programs From Being Viewed on Google TV
ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking TV programming on their websites from being 
viewable on Google Inc.'s new Web-TV service, exposing the rift that remains 
between the technology giant and some of the media companies it wants to supply 
content for its new products.

Google to Combat India Piracy With Online Music Search
Google Inc. plans to launch a music service in India to help users search for 
legal online streams and downloads, a move aimed at combating rampant digital 
piracy that has held back the country's entertainment industry.

Smart-phone lawsuits: Nasty legal spats between tech giants may be here to stay
History buffs still wax poetic about the brutal patent battles a century ago 
between the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss, another aviation pioneer. The 
current smart-phone patent war does not quite have the same romance, but it 
could be as important.

Gartner Says Mobility will be a Trillion Dollar Business by 2014 [news release]
Worldwide mobile voice and data revenue will exceed one trillion dollars a year 
by 2014, according to Gartner, Inc. Mobile will generate revenue from a wide 
range of additional services such as context, advertising, application and 
service sales, and so on. Each of these will be a significant business worth 
several tens of billions of dollars per year.

ITU paves way for next-generation 4G mobile technologies [news release]
ITU?s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) has completed the assessment of six 
candidate submissions for the global 4G mobile wireless broadband technology, 
otherwise known as IMT-Advanced. Harmonization among these proposals has 
resulted in two technologies, ?LTE-Advanced1? and ?WirelessMAN-Advanced2? being 
accorded the official designation of IMT-Advanced, qualifying them as true 4G 

4G World abuzz over LTE devices
The 4G World conference this week attracted 10,000 attendees, but offered few 
clues about upcoming 4G smartphones and end-user devices other than a few for 
WiMax 4G already announced by Sprint Nextel and Clearwire.

4G: Are we there yet?
Two of the most popular next generation wireless technologies are close to 
getting their official 4G moniker from the International Telecommunication Union 

nz: Joyce's 4G network damper [Dominion Post]
Communications Minister Steven Joyce appears to have poured cold water on plans 
to build a shared 4G cellphone network based on LTE technology, which would let 
carriers offer faster and cheaper mobile broadband.

FBI Warns Of 'Corporate Account Takeover' Scams
Cybercriminals are targeting the financial accounts of small and midsize 
businesses (SMBs), fraudulently transferring money directly from their accounts, 
the FBI warned yesterday.

Cyber Criminals Take Over Corporate Accounts [news release]
Cyber criminals are targeting the financial accounts of owners and employees of 
small and medium sized businesses, resulting in significant business disruption 
and substantial monetary losses due to fraudulent transfers from these accounts. 
Often these funds may not be recovered.

Pentagon Will Help Homeland Security Department Fight Domestic Cyberattacks
The Obama administration has adopted new procedures for using the Defense 
Department?s vast array of cyberwarfare capabilities in case of an attack on 
vital computer networks inside the United States, delicately navigating historic 
rules that restrict military action on American soil.

Cybersecurity is 'really about the people,' official says
A strong cybersecurity workforce is critical to protecting government computer 
networks from attack, according to cyber experts.

FCC to Hold Workshop on Cybersecurity Roadmap [news release]
The Federal Communications Commission?s Public Safety and Homeland Security 
Bureau (Bureau) today announced it will hold a workshop to discuss the 
development of a cybersecurity roadmap by the FCC.

au: Data privacy legislation hampering cyber crime prevention: ACC
Organised crime groups have penetrated law enforcement bodies, and authorities 
are helpless to fight back due to restrictive data privacy legislation, 
according to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) chief executive, John Lawler.

us: Fraud Advisory for Consumers: Involvement in Criminal Activity through Work 
from Home Scams [news release]
Consumers continue to lose money from work-from-home scams that assist cyber 
criminals move stolen funds. Worse yet, due to their deliberate or unknowing 
participation in the scams, these individuals may face criminal charges. 
Work-from-home scam victims are often recruited by organized cyber criminals 
through newspaper ads, online employment services, unsolicited emails or 
?spam?,1 and social networking sites advertising work-from-home opportunities. 
Once recruited, however, rather than becoming an employee of a legitimate 
business, the consumer is actually a ?mule? for cyber criminals who use the 
consumer?s or other victim's accounts to steal and launder money. In addition, 
the consumer?s own identity or account may be compromised by the cyber 

MySpace, Apps Leak User Data - Site Sends Personal IDs When Ads Are Clicked, a 
Journal Investigation Finds
MySpace and some popular applications on the social-networking site have been 
transmitting data to outside advertising companies that could be used to 
identify users, a Wall Street Journal investigation has found.

Facebook's Broken Promises: Facebook Apps Leaking Private Data to Advertisers 
and Trackers
The Wall Street Journal is reporting today on yet another major Facebook privacy 
blunder. Despite Facebook's various polices and promises about users' privacy 
when using apps, apps have been feeding Facebook users' information to 
advertisers and Internet tracking companies regardless of the individual user's 
Facebook privacy settings.

10 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online
The landscape of personal data mining and exploitation is shifting faster than 
ever; trying to protect your online privacy alone is like trying to build your 
own antivirus software?really, really difficult.

Marketers Can Glean Private Data on Facebook
Online advertising offers marketers the chance to aim ads at very specific 
groups of people ? say, golf players in Illinois who make more than $150,000 a 
year and vacation in Hawaii.

Google admits Street View errors
Google has admitted for the first time that the cars it uses to photograph 
residential streets for its Street View service have in some cases illicitly 
collected complete personal e-mails, as well as passwords, from the homes they 

Google says its cars grabbed emails, passwords
Google Inc admitted for the first time its "Street View" cars around the world 
accidentally collected more personal data than previously disclosed -- including 
complete emails and passwords -- potentially breathing new life into probes in 
various countries.

British privacy body to re-examine Google
Britain's privacy watchdog is to look again at what personal information 
internet giant Google gathered from private wi-fi networks.

Google faces fresh Street View inquiry in UK
Data protection officials in the UK are re-opening their investigation into 
Google after the search group admitted its Street View cars had captured 
complete emails and passwords from domestic WiFi networks.

Google investigated over household data privacy breaches
The UK privacy watchdog has launched an investigation into Google after it 
admitted copying household computer passwords and emails from unsecured wireless 
networks, when taking photographs for its Street View mapping service.

Google spied on British emails and computer passwords
Computer passwords and entire emails from households across Britain have been 
copied by Google, the internet search giant, in a major privacy breach.

Italy orders Google to mark Street View cars: report
Italy's privacy regulator has told Google Inc it will have to make sure its 
"Street View" photo-collecting cars are clearly marked and their itinerary is 
publicized, a daily newspaper reported on Saturday.

Google tightening privacy leash on its employees [AP]
Google Inc. is tightening its privacy leash on employees in an effort to ensure 
they don't intrude on people while the Internet search leader collects and 
stores information about its users.


Google: 244,000 Germans Say 'No' to Street View [AP]
Internet giant Google says more than 244,000 Germans have asked that their homes 
be made unrecognizable in its Street View program, scheduled to launch in 
Germany next month.

Thousands of Germans opt out of Google Street View
Almost 250,000 Germans have told Google to blur pictures of their homes on the 
Street View service. The German government insisted that people get the chance 
to make the request as a condition of letting Google operate Street View.

Germans Unfazed by Google Street View; Low Number of Objections
Back in August, politicians slammed the upcoming launch of Google Street View in 
Germany as a massive invasion of individuals' privacy. But residents of the 20 
cities that will feature in the online service appear less concerned: Fewer than 
3 percent have applied to get their homes made unrecognizable.

More than 244,000 opt out of Google Street View in Germany
A quarter of a million Germans have objected to having their homes put on 
display in Google Street View. The service plans to launch by the end of the 
year and has sparked a heated debate about privacy issues in Germany.

Silence of the dissenters: How south-east Asia keeps web users in line
Governments across south-east Asia are following China's authoritarian 
censorship of the digital world to keep political dissent in check, the Guardian 
can reveal.

EU rules against levies on content copyright
Changes to Europe?s much-criticised system of copyright levies ? surcharges on 
products that copy music, books, films and other protected content ? are finally 
in sight after a ruling in the European Union?s highest court.

'Surveillance state' fear as British government revives tracking plan
A ?2bn plan to allow the police and security services to track the email, text, 
internet and mobile phone details of everyone in Britain is to be revived, the 
Home Office has confirmed.

Google 2.4% Rate Shows How $60 Billion Lost to Tax Loopholes
Google cut its taxes by $US3.1 billion ($3.16 billion) in the last three years 
using a technique that moves most of its foreign profits through Ireland and the 
Netherlands to Bermuda.



Google under fire for using tax loopholes to save $3bn
Google, the internet giant which makes profits at a rate of $1m every hour, is 
shielding billions of dollars from tax across the world by using complex 
financial structures known in the industry as "the Double Irish" and "the Dutch 

Google: Why it's so much more than just a search engine
Its activities beyond the internet, however, receive less attention. In the week 
that Britain cancelled orders for new Nimrod spy planes, it's striking to learn, 
for example, that Google recently placed an order with a German company for spy 
drones equipped with night vision cameras.

Behold the new golden age of TV in Australia
James Packer's $280 million raid on Channel Ten shows at least one person thinks 
there is still life in television, and at least one rich man who thinks there is 
money to be made from it.

Viewers vote with their remotes as box beats net
Call it lazy or call it easy, but television is anything but difficult to watch. 
Plug it in, tune it in, sit on the couch, watch. Broadcast television's great 
advantage over internet TV is its effortlessness: the harder it is for people to 
find a program, the fewer people will watch it.

nz: Mayor plans round table on IT [Dominion Post]
Wellington's information technology industry can expect more limelight following 
the election of former geek Celia Wade-Brown as mayor, but it is unclear whether 
the council will revive the leading role it assumed when it undertook its 
InfoCity initiative in the 1990s.


nz: Telecom split outline queried
InternetNZ says an outline of the way Telecom's structural separation might be 
carried out does not represent a clean separation and cannot deliver the 
slashing of regulation Telecom wants.

nz: ComCom slams ministry over Telecom split [BusinessDay]
The Commerce Commission has blasted the Economic Development Ministry's 
suggestions on how a split of Telecom into two businesses could be managed, 
saying the ministry seemed more concerned with the interests of investors than 










nz: Mayor plans round table on IT [Dominion Post]
Wellington's information technology industry can expect more limelight following 
the election of former geek Celia Wade-Brown as mayor, but it is unclear whether 
the council will revive the leading role it assumed when it undertook its 
InfoCity initiative in the 1990s.

Asian Cities Dominate Fast Broadband
High-speed broadband has become a phenomenon of densely-populated Asian cities, 
which now account for 74 of the top 100 global cities offering fast connections 
according to Akamai's latest State of the Internet report.


Australian broadband speeds stagnant: Akamai
Australia?s internet speeds continue to lag behind the rest of the world, 
according to a new research report from Akamai.

Akamai Announces Second Quarter 2010 State of the Internet Report [news release]
Akamai Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of cloud optimization services, 
today announced the release of its 2nd Quarter, 2010 State of the Internet 
report available for download at www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet. Leveraging 
information gathered from its global server network, the Akamai report provides 
insight into key Internet statistics such as broadband adoption, mobile 
connectivity, and attack traffic, as well as trends over time.

FCC wants broadcasters' unused spectrum to help meet growing wireless demand
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said he plans to 
encourage broadcasters to give up unused spectrum for auction to wireless 
carriers, an initial step toward achieving an agency goal of making networks 
faster for mobile phones and tablet computers.

FCC: Wireless spectrum shortage coming [IDG]
Mobile data traffic in the U.S. will be 35 times higher in 2014 than it was in 
2009, leading to a massive wireless spectrum shortage if the government fails to 
make more available, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said in a paper 
released Thursday.

NTIA Identifies Federal Spectrum For Reallocation
The head of the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and 
Information Administration said Thursday that his agency has recommended that 
115 megahertz of spectrum now controlled by some federal agencies be reallocated 
for commercial mobile broadband use.


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forgo fossil fuels, you're being part of the solution" - Dr Tim Flannery

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