[DNS] domain name news - 1 November

[DNS] domain name news - 1 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 16:26:14 -0700 (PDT)
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ICANN Ombudsman Announces Departure

Understand the Value of Defensive Domain Registrations by Elisa Cooper

New TLD applications to open May 2011

Smart grids raise risk of cyberattack, says US expert

APEC Cyber Security Awareness Day [news release]

Marijuana Web Names Snapped Up, in Case of Legalization

Proclaimed Dead, Web Is Showing New Life
Twenty autumns ago, Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, came up with 
a catchy name for a revolutionary project that aimed to open the Internet to the 
masses. ?The World Wide Web,? he called it, and the image proved to be so 
evocative that, for many people, the Web has become synonymous with the 

ITU congress: where Kabbadi meets telecoms
There have been light moments in the day-long slogs at the Plenipotentiary. We 
were treated to one yesterday when a representative from no less than the 
Vatican made an intervention in the middle of some contentious discussions about 
the internet.

ICANN Ombudsman Announces Departure
Frank Fowlie has announced that he will be leaving his position as Ombudsman for 
ICANN, effective on or before 31 January 2011.

ICANN Ombudsman Announces Departure - Search for a Successor To Begin 
Frank Fowlie has announced that he will be leaving his position as Ombudsman for 
the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), effective on or 
before 31 January 2011.

Letter from Peter Dengate Thrush to Heather Steinmeyer and Alan Drewson
New gTLDs Overarching Issues

Letter from Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition, to ICANN Board, Peter Dengate 
Thrush and John Jeffrey
.XXX sTLD and GAC statements

Slate of Three Candidates Selected for Position of the At-Large Selected Voting 
Board Director
The At-Large Board Candidate Evaluation Committee (BCEC) recently announced the 
slate of three candidates for the position of At-Large selected voting Board 
Director. The three candidates, in alphabetical order by family name, are: 
S?bastien Bachollet, Pierre Dandjinou and Alan Greenberg.

ICANN begins to find its feet with published Board materials
Credit where credit?s due, the disclosure of Board materials of the organisation 
that oversees the domain name system, ICANN, has greatly improved since its 
first and woeful effort.

ICANN Board Sets Timeline For New TLD Launch
At the ICANN board meeting last week a single line resolution related to the new 
TLD launch gave a very clear indication of a timeline:

Understand the Value of Defensive Domain Registrations by Elisa Cooper
The bulk of corporate domain portfolios largely consist of defensive 
registrations which often include common misspellings, product names, and 
abbreviations in countries where they may not even be doing business. More than 
ever, with the launch of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) expected to occur 
next year, companies are now taking a hard look at their defensive holdings and 
asking themselves whether or not they really need all of these registrations.

New TLD applications to open May 2011
ICANN has named the date for its planned launch of the new top-level domain 
application process.

WIPO Activities Related to New gTLDs
These pages seek to provide a distillation of WIPO?s Activities Related to New 
gTLDs designed to assist in the prevention and resolution of domain name-related 
trademark abuse.

ICANN could fast-track final new TLD guidebook
ICANN is considering a fast-track process for the final version of its new 
top-level domain Applicant Guidebook that could see it approved this December, 
documents have revealed.

Fate of porn domain left in government hands
The porn-only .xxx internet domain is set to come under review by international 
governments, after ICANN deferred voting on the proposal until December.

Embattled ICANN Ombudsman Leaving
ICANN Ombudsman Frank Fowlie has announced he will leave his post no later than 
January 31 of next year.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Budapest joins the city TLD bandwagon
A Hungarian consortium is set to apply for .bud, a top-level domain to represent 

Christmas starts early at .eu
The countdown to the .eu Christmas competition has begun. Register a .eu domain 
name between 25 November and 25 December 2010 and stand the chance to win one of 
100 iPod Touches.

Afilias and .JO Registry Bring Native Language E-mail to Arabic Internet Users
Afilias and the National Information Technology Center of Jordan today announced 
that they have partnered to produce the first public demonstration of an e-mail 
message between two completely internationalized (or IDN) e-mail addresses in 
the Arabic language, using Afilias' new IDN e-mail technology and a fully IDN 
domain name and IDN TLD from the .JO registry.

Employ Media answers .jobs critics
The .jobs registry has responded to insinuations from its critics that it set 
out to break its own sponsorship rules with a plan to open up the TLD to generic 
and geographic domain names.

Nepal Government to monitor .NP domain registration
Government of Nepal is going to monitor on Nepal?s Country domain .np 
registration. It was previously authorized to a Private company, Mercantile 
Communications Pvt. ltd. Still Mercantile Communications Pvt is maintaining on 
.np domains registration.

Change of Registration Terms for .?? Preorders
From October 25, 2010 a new ?? registration preorder procedure will come into 
effect. Change of domains registration policy in ?? TLD will primarily concern 
the auction rules for the domains, for which two or more preorder requests will 
be received by the start of public registration.

NameJet and RegistryPro Partner to Auction Premium Three-Character Domains
NameJet and RegistryPro announced today a partnership to auction eleven premium, 
three-character .PRO domains starting November 16th, 2010.  RegistryPro agreed 
to partner with NameJet based on the success of previous premium domain auctions 
hosted on the NameJet platform.

Serious problems in one quarter of key domains in .se zone
For the fourth consecutive year, .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) 
has reviewed how government agencies and other key social functions manage their 
Internet presence. The review showed that more than 25 percent of the inspected 
.se domains still have severe problems concerning quality and accessibility ? a 
year-on-year decline of 2 percent. There are also major issues regarding the 
management of core details pertaining to e-mail and websites.

se: Statement concerning One.com
... .SE closed One.com for new registrations as of September 14, 2010. The 
reason for this action was that the company had registered .se domain names that 
had not been ordered by those customers.

.SO Sunrise Period Registration launches
The .SO Sunrise Period Registration is launching as scheduled on November 1st, 
00:00UTC. Your production environment will be activated at same time.

Sunrise for .so domains starts tonight
.SO Registry, manager of the internet?s newest open-doors top-level domain, will 
open its systems for sunrise registrations in a few hours, at midnight UTC.

Tuvalu?s Dot-TV domain code likely to drop in value, says consultant
An internet consultant says he expects the value of Tuvalu?s domain code dot-TV 
to diminish with the emergence of more generic domain names.

uk: Understand why it makes sense to secure your DNS
Nominet and Infoblox are holding a joint seminar on 11 November that will cover 
all of the latest issues and developments about DNSSEC.

.XXX Pushed Off Until Colombia ICANN Meeting In December
The ICANN board had a meeting yesterday and the question of the day was would 
ICANN grant final approval and sign the contract with .XXX. The answer is no.

Smart grids raise risk of cyberattack, says US expert
Smart electricity grids present information security problems for critical 
national infrastructures, especially for the US, according to a technology 
expert from the US Department of Energy.

Cyber defenders, attackers probe Stuxnet's secrets
No one may ever know for sure who built computer worm Stuxnet or why, but now it 
is out there it could prove as big a game changer for industrial system security 
as the Sept. 11 attacks were for aviation.

APEC Cyber Security Awareness Day [news release]
Attorney-General, Robert McClelland and Minister for Broadband, Communications 
and the Digital Economy, Stephen Conroy today marked the inaugural Asia-Pacific 
Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cyber Security Awareness Day.

Fighting botnets: Service rates reputation of IP addresses
Startup service provider ipTrust today said it was offering a program that lets 
businesses avoid botnets and infected machines by letting them know whether IP 
addresses are linked to suspicious behavior.

VeriSign to deploy DNSSEC in .com next March
VeriSign is to start rolling out the DNSSEC security protocol in .net today, and 
will sign .com next March, the company said today.

China appears able to operate inside U.S. networks for months
China could use mature technologies to exploit computer networks for 
intelligence collection against U.S. government and industry networks, operating 
inside targeted networks for months, according to a U.S.-China Economic and 
Security Review Commission report to Congress.

IDN ccTLD Addition to (Now Paperless) ccTLD Policy
As of October 20, 2010, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center is providing 
domain name dispute resolution services for both .AE and ??????. (dotEmarat) 
pursuant to the newly modified UAE Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UAE 
DRP) and Rules for UAE Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UAE DRP Rules), 
and World Intellectual Property Organization Supplemental Rules for UAE Domain 
Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

 - IPv4/IPv6
AT&T lagging while others lead on IPv6
Is AT&T behind on IPv6 deployment? That's one of the key questions facing U.S. 
government agencies and corporations as they scramble to deploy next-generation 
Internet technology ahead of the fast-approaching exhaustion of IP addresses 
using the current standard, known as IPv4.

Marijuana Web Names Snapped Up, in Case of Legalization
It was just about a year ago that Kevin Faler came up with his get-rich-quick 
marijuana scheme. No, he does not plan to sell the drug, even if Californians 
vote next week to become the first state in the nation to fully legalize it. He 
intends to sell the Internet real estate that could one day lead to marijuana 
Web sites.

1,000s of marijuana domain names registered in US
More than 1,000 marijuana-related internet domain names have been snapped up as 
California, US, readies for the potential legalisation of the narcotic.

Creditors Ready to Receive First $10 Million from Sex.com Sale
The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Central California has handed down an order 
approving the sale of Sex.com to Clover Holdings Limited for $13 million.

A Quintet of 6-Figure Sales Highlight Domain Aftermarket Action Over the Past 
Two Weeks 

... The past fortnight has been a good one for the aftermarket with five 
six-figure sales reported. Zero.com led the pack after changing hands for 
$379,420 through Moniker/SnapNames. The runner-up spot went to Wicker.com, a 
domain that Tal Moore picked up for $230,000 through WebsiteProperties.com (this 
domain has had a website on it but Moore told me he bought it for the domain 
name only as the existing site produced no significant revenue and would have to 
be redeveloped). DiscountVouchers.com completed the first three with a $157,000 
deal hammered out in the AcornDomains.co.uk forum.

6-Figure Sale at Sedo and Sensational Outing for ccTLDs Highlight This Week's 
Aftermarket Action
Sedo uncorked a $150,000 sale with RedWine.com to take the top spot on this 
week's domain sales chart. However, it was ccTLDs, rather than the .coms, that 
dominated the new all extension Top 20 Chart. With 12 country code domains 
claiming positions on the elite list and two other spots going to non .com 
gTLDs, only six .com domains earned places on the Big Board - the fewest since 
we began tracking the aftermarket seven years ago.

Parking Statistics Cleanup An Important Update from Sedo
At Sedo, we're dedicated to offering only the highest quality products and 
services to help you make the most of your domain portfolio. In a continued 
effort to do so, we've made some important changes to Sedo's parking program and 
are conducting a parking statistics "cleanup."

Publication, Innocent Dissemination and the Internet after Dow Jones & Co. Inc. 
v. Gutnick by David Rolph [University of New South Wales Law Journal/Sydney Law 
School Research Paper]
Abstract: The High Court of Australia?s landmark decision in Dow Jones & Co Inc 
v Gutnick (2002) 210 CLR 575; [2002] HCA 56 was the first decision by a final 
appellate court on the issue of jurisdiction over internet defamation. It raised 
a range of important issues, such as the meaning of ?publication? for the 
purposes of defamation, the place of publication, the ?multiple publication? 
rule and the application of basic principles of conflict of laws to internet 
defamation. Fundamentally, it turned upon whether existing legal principles, 
with or without some adaptation, could adequately accommodate the challenges 
posed by internet technologies.

UK's internet industry worth ?100bn - report
The internet is worth ?100bn to the UK economy, more than 7% of national income, 
according to a report out today.

'Nation of internet shopkeepers' pumps ?100bn into the economy
The internet is worth ?100bn to the British economy, making a larger 
contribution than transport or utilities, as the country becomes "a nation of 
digital shopkeepers".

Britain's ?100bn internet economy leads the world in online shopping
A quarter of a century after the first ".uk" internet domain name was registered 
in Britain, the internet is now more valuable to the country's economy than the 
transport, construction or utilities industries, a report published today will 

UK internet economy 'worth billions'
The internet is worth ?100bn a year to the UK economy, a study has concluded. 
The research, which was commissioned by Google, found that the internet accounts 
for 7.2% of the UK's gross domestic product (GDP).

Computer gaming: An American firm wants to turn computer games into a global 
spectator sport
The first round is over and 32 of the world?s best professional computer-game 
players are through to the next stage of the Global Starcraft 2 League being 
played in Seoul, South Korea. Over the next two weeks the players, including the 
reigning champion, Kim Won-ki (better known by his online moniker 
?FruitDealer?), will marshal their armies, ponder their strategies and crush 
their foes. The finalists will play in front of an audience of thousands (and 
hundreds of thousands more online) for an $87,000 first prize and the respect 
due the best Starcraft 2 player on the planet.

Google sees "huge" Latam online market opportunity
Google Inc is looking to partner with computer manufacturers and telecoms 
companies in Latin America to connect with what it sees as a "huge" growth 
opportunity for getting local businesses online, the company's top executive for 
the region said on Thursday.

The Netherlands Leads Europe in Online Visit Frequency; Average Internet User in 
the Netherlands Spent Nearly 32 Hours Online in September 2010
comScore released a study of internet usage in the Netherlands based on the 
comScore Media Metrix audience measurement service. The data revealed that the 
Netherlands ranked highest among European countries in terms of frequency of 
internet visitation with 78.2 visits per visitor in September 2010. Dutch 
internet users also exhibit strong engagement with an average of 31.9 hours per 
visitor spent online in September 2010. Users spent most of their time on 
Portals (7.2 hours), followed by Instant Messaging (6.9 hours), Social 
Networking (3.5 hours) and E-Mail (3.1 hours).

Microsoft's Push Into Gesture Technology
Prepare for Windows 8: Minority Report Edition. Microsoft said on Friday that it 
was buying Canesta, a small Silicon Valley company that specializes in 
gesture-recognition technology.

Chinese Supercomputer Wrests Title From U.S.
A Chinese scientific research center has built the fastest supercomputer ever 
made, replacing the United States as maker of the swiftest machine, and giving 
China bragging rights as a technology superpower.

China claims supercomputer crown
China has claimed the top spot on the list of the world's supercomputers.

China's Tianhe-1A takes supercomputer crown from US
China has overtaken the US as home of the world's fastest supercomputer. 
Tianhe-1A, named for the Milky Way, is capable of sustained computing of 2.507 
petaflops ? equivalent to 2,507 trillion calculations each second.

ACMA supports Day for Daniel with national Cybersmart activities
The Australian Communications and Media Authority, through its Cybersmart 
program, is joining forces with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to promote child 
safety as part of tomorrow?s national Day for Daniel event. The ACMA will host a 
number of Cybersmart Detectives activities in schools across Australia to help 
raise awareness of online risks and staying safe.

au: Prosecutor pursues first 'sexting' conviction in case involving naked 
DAMIEN "EZZY" EADES is caught up in legal history but perhaps not in the way he 
would have liked. The 20-year-old from Sydney's western suburbs is at the centre 
of Australia's first "sexting" case, after a schoolgirl sent a nude photo of 
herself to his mobile phone. The maximum penalty he faces is a two-year jail 

Sydney man to face 'sexting' trial
A Sydney man is facing a possible jail term after being ordered to stand trial 
in Australia's first "sexting" case. Damien Eades, 20, is facing an indecency 
charge after exchanging photographs via mobile phone with a 13-year-old girl.

nz: Blacklist to protect kids
Groundbreaking cellphone technology has been launched in a bid to stop teenagers 
being harassed by text bullies.

nz: Parents warned on iPhone dangers
An iPhone function can let strangers see where children holding the phones are - 
and a watchdog warns parents to find out exactly what the devices are capable of 
before bringing them into their homes.

nz: Vigilance urged over smart phone technology [ONE News]
Parents are being warned of the risks their children could face while using 
smart phones which allow strangers to know their exact location.

ca: Draft Report on the 2010 Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's 
Consultations on Online  Tracking, Profiling and Targeting and Cloud Computing
In the spring of 2010, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) 
held consultations with Canadians on online tracking, profiling and targeting; 
and cloud computing. We received numerous written submissions and held three 
public events in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. The goal of the consultations 
was to learn more about certain industry practices, explore their privacy 
implications, and find out what privacy protections Canadians expect with 
respect to these practices. The consultations were also intended to inform the 
next legislative review process for the Personal Information Protection and 
Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

U.S. regulator taking on cyberbullying in schools
Schools receiving subsidies for Internet service will have to teach students 
about cyberbullying and the responsible use of social networking sites, the U.S. 
telecommunications regulator said on Friday.

us: FCC Cracking Down On Cyberbullying
The U.S. telecommunications regulator said on Friday that schools receiving 
subsidies for Internet service will have to teach students about the dangers of 
cyberbullying and the responsible use of social networking sites.

German court sets file sharing damages at ?15, not ?300
A German court has said that a teenager who was guilty of posting copyrighted 
material to a file sharing network must pay ?15 in damages per track and not the 
?300 the rights holders were demanding.

Music pirate launches new assault on US
The internet entrepreneur credited with the dubious honour of all but inventing 
online piracy has revealed he is to launch a fresh attempt to bring free music 
to millions of US web users.

Android faces critical security study
An analysis by Coverity, the code analysis group, of the most critical part of 
the Android smartphone operating system has turned up programming errors, some 
of which could allow hackers or malicious applications to access users? e-mail 
or other sensitive information

3G network brings internet to Mount Everest climbers
Mount Everest climbers can now surf the internet and make video calls through a 
3G network, Nepalese telecoms firm Ncell says.

Nepal firm takes high speed Internet to Mount Everest
A private telecom firm took high speed Internet facilities to the top of the 
world on Thursday when it launched Nepal's first 3G services at the base camp of 
Mount Everest.

Norway tries to nip 4G advertising confusion in the bud [IDG]
Mobile operators have started using 4G to describe a variety of different 
services, which analysts and consumer organizations think can end up confusing 

Most smartphone users breach employers? security, says survey
More than half of mobile device users access their employer's networks every day 
without permission, a survey has found. More than 80% of users of mobile 
devices, whose security is not controlled by a company, say they have accessed 
work information.

New European research aims at making gadget batteries last longer [Reuters]
Making a mobile battery last ten times longer is a first target for a large 
research project that IBM, Infineon and a number of European universities 
unveiled this week.


India backs off on Blackberry ban threat [AP]
India has followed the United Arab Emirates in backing off from a threat to ban 
popular services on Blackberry devices, amid growing global concern over access 
to encrypted information.

Google bans 'love spying' application
A mobile phone application which helps jealous lovers keep tabs on their 
partners by secretly forwarding their texts has been removed from sale by Google 
after the company decided it violated its terms.

Mobile phone market slowing, smartphones still booming
Cellphone market growth slowed slightly in the September quarter due to worries 
over economic growth and component shortages, and the market growth would slow 
further in the current quarter, researchers said on Friday.

Android smartphone sales lift Motorola profits
Motorola on Thursday reported that its mobile-device business posted an 
operating profit for the first time in three years.

Motorola cellphone unit turns profit after 3 years
Motorola Inc made money from its phones for the first time in more than three 
years, helped by smartphones running Google Inc's Android software, and its 
shares rose 2 percent.

Smart grids raise risk of cyberattack, says US expert
Smart electricity grids present information security problems for critical 
national infrastructures, especially for the US, according to a technology 
expert from the US Department of Energy.

Cyber defenders, attackers probe Stuxnet's secrets
No one may ever know for sure who built computer worm Stuxnet or why, but now it 
is out there it could prove as big a game changer for industrial system security 
as the Sept. 11 attacks were for aviation.

APEC Cyber Security Awareness Day [news release]
Attorney-General, Robert McClelland and Minister for Broadband, Communications 
and the Digital Economy, Stephen Conroy today marked the inaugural Asia-Pacific 
Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cyber Security Awareness Day.

Google Agrees to Change Ad Policy to Settle Case
Google has pledged to overhaul its rules and procedures for blocking certain 
advertisers from buying ?sponsored links? on its search engine as part of a 
settlement with French authorities announced Thursday.

Google pledges AdWords clarity, France ends probe
Google Inc has pledged to change rules and procedures for its keyword 
advertising policy in France to settle an investigation by the French antitrust 
regulator and stave off a possible fine.

Google will warn of Adwords policy changes to settle case [IDG]
The French competition authority closed a case against Google on Thursday, after 
the company promised to better inform users of its Adwords search advertising 
service of its policies, and to provide advance warning of any changes. The case 
followed a complaint from Navx, a French database publisher.


Austria to go to court on data protection directive [IDG]
In the latest of a series of actions meant to bolster the E.U.-wide,1995 Data 
Protection Directive, the European Commission announced on Thursday that it is 
taking Austria to court for failing to establish a completely independent data 
protection authority.

nz: Cold-calling scammers a rising threat
Internet watchdog Netsafe is warning of cold-calling scammers ramping up attacks 
on New Zealand computer users.

Vigilance urged over smart phone technology [ONE News]
Parents are being warned of the risks their children could face while using 
smart phones which allow strangers to know their exact location.

Phone scammers target NZ [ONE News]
New Zealanders being rung from overseas are being duped into allowing access to 
their computers and bank accounts.

nz: Computer scam fears
A computer scam is gaining momentum. It involves the scammer cold calling a 
victim and claiming to be from an IT support helpdesk. They offer personal 
information about the victim to sound authentic, but the info is stolen from 
websites. The caller then plants malware on the victim's computer or offers to 
fix the computer for a fee paid for by credit card.

Netsafe warns NZ computer users about increase in cold-calling scams
Warning computer users in New Zealand about the increased intensity of 
cold-calling scams in the country, Internet watchdog Netsafe has advised the 
people to hang up their phones as soon as they a particular call appears 

New scam gaining momentum - NetSafe
Telephone scams are becoming increasingly popular warns NetSafe as a new scam 
gains momentum.

Experts are concerned a cold-calling computer scam could escalate
A computer scam is gaining momentum.

Cold calling scam gaining momentum - NetSafe
NetSafe - a non-profit whose backers include the Ministry of Education and 
InternetNZ - today warns of a scam that is gaining momentum in New Zealand.

nz: Cold calling scam targeting Kiwis
NetSafe is warning of a scam that is gaining momentum in New Zealand.

Beware new computer fixing scam, Northland residents warned
The scam is being reported around the country and the Ministry of Consumer 
Affairs has warned people against falling into the trap.

What the Internet Knows About You
Imagine that a company could use the Web to rate your health, your 
employability?even your dating appeal. Welcome to the credit score of the 

UK MPs question Google over Street View data breaches
MPs have accused Google of deliberately collecting wi-fi data for commercial 
gain. It is another twist to events kicked off by the search giant collecting of 
millions of pieces of sensitive information via its Street View cars.

A Reassured F.T.C. Ends Google Street View Inquiry
The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it had ended its 
investigation of Google?s collection of Internet users? personal communications 
by the company?s Street View cars.

au: Google not serious about privacy, says Labor senator Doug Cameron [AAP]
A Labor senator has likened Google's approach to privacy laws as similar to the 
exploitation of sweatshop workers across Asia.



Turkey lifts two-year ban on YouTube
Turkey has lifted its ban on YouTube, two years after it blocked access to the 
website because of videos deemed insulting to the country's founder.

Turkey lifts YouTube ban
Turkey has lifted its ban on video-sharing website YouTube as material deemed 
insulting to Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has been removed.

Turkey lifts two-year ban on YouTube
Turkey has lifted its ban on YouTube two years after cutting off access because 
of videos deemed insulting to the country's founder.

Britain urges U.S. to take down extremist websites
Britain on Thursday called on the United States to take down websites used by 
extremists and urged more concerted action to thwart militant threats before 
resorting to war.

UK watchdog to meet Home Office about plans to track email and phone use
The information commissioner is to meet the Home Office to clarify his concerns 
over the potential privacy risks involved in a revived Whitehall project to 
track the email, internet and mobile phone use of everyone in Britain.

Data retention policy treats all Australians as potential criminals
The Attorney-General (A-G) department?s proposed data retention plans would make 
all Australians crime suspects, Greens Senator, Scott Ludlam, said at a Senate 
Committee enquiry.

au: Privacy Commissioner calls for accountability, consistency on data retention 
The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, has told a Senate inquiry 
that any talks about a data retention regime from organisations or government 
needed to be consistent and accountable to stakeholders.

nz: Web body says fibre deal may be illegal
The Government risks riding roughshod over international obligations with plans 
to give investors in its ultra-fast fibre broadband network a 10-year regulatory 
holiday, according to an internet users advocacy group.

Missing voice on corporate tax reform: Corporations
The next time you hear some statesmen from the business community complaining 
that American companies can't compete internationally because of our 
highest-in-the-world 35 percent corporate tax rate, think of Google.

Sales of Video Game and Flagship Software Lift Microsoft
Microsoft?s profit engine is humming along nicely, even if most investors remain 
unimpressed and the software giant?s stock price is stagnant.

Microsoft profits from record first-quarter sales
Microsoft has announced a 51% rise in first-quarter profit, thanks to higher 
sales of its flagship Windows and Office software.

Big name firms form alliance to drive cloud standards
Some of the world's biggest companies are using their market clout to demand 
that computer equipment makers change the way they make their machines.

APEC sets new target for broadband penetration by 2020
Pacific Rim economies on Sunday set an ??ambitious?? target of diffusing 
high-speed broadband networks by 2020 and agreed to cooperate on promoting 
effective use of information and communication technologies in such fields as 
education, medical care, environmental protection and disaster management.

nz: Joyce: Funding Pacific cable not a priority [Dominion Post]
Communications Minister Steven Joyce has responded coolly to a suggestion to 
help fund a US$400 million (NZ$520m) communications cable that Pacific Fibre 
wants to lay between Australasia and the United States.

nz: Capital?s broadband network hits 15 and storms on
CityLink celebrated its 15th birthday this month in Wellington, but despite this 
miletsone the company won?t be resting on its laurels.

nz: Opinion: Why Newton?s law applies to telecommunications
Memories of my school days are a bit hazy and admittedly more convenient than 
accurate. One memory that does stand out is Sir Isaac Newton?s Third Law of 
Motion. You will probably remember it as something like; ?For every action there 
is an equal and opposite reaction?.

Broadband in America: Verizon has paid dearly to build a fast network. Now it 
needs customers
Verizon can get shirty about the word ?fibre?. America?s second-biggest telecoms 
operator successfully complained to the Better Business Bureau that competitors 
had touted ?fibre-optic fast? to consumers, even though their broadband networks 
did not run fibre all the way to the home, as Verizon does. This is not just a 
techies? argument. By an order of magnitude, an all-fibre network is the fastest 
way to move information from one place to another on the internet and Verizon 
has the largest such network in America. The difficult bit is making money from 


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