[DNS] domain name news - 15 November

[DNS] domain name news - 15 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 18:15:58 -0800 (PST)
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ICANN and ITU: It?s time to start talking agreements by Kieren McCarthy

The Proposed Final New gTLD Applicant Guidebook is Available for Public Comment

An Update on ICANN Security Efforts

Developing Economies and the New gTLD Program

ICANN will not restrict cross-ownership by Milton Mueller

A Non-profit Constituency? Or Trademark lawyers engaged in deceptive and 
confusing labeling? by Milton Mueller

.?? Open Registration Commenced 11 November With More Than 200,000 Registrations 
On Day One

More than 100,000 users registered Russian Cyrillic domain ".??? during the 
first three hours of registration

ISPs essential to controlling spam botnets: OECD

The Role of Internet Services Providers in Botnet Mitigation [67 pages]

au: CERT Aus opens, has beers with AusCERT

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf warns over address changes

Google vice-president issues stark internet warning

Cerf: UK government should offer IPv6 upgrade tax credit

ICANN and ITU: It?s time to start talking agreements by Kieren McCarthy
It?s time for ICANN and the ITU to start talking, and work toward a mutual 
agreement. And do so sooner rather later. That is the conclusion of the GIBC?s 
Internet governance experts following a series of resolutions at last month?s 
ITU Plenipotentiary.

The Proposed Final New gTLD Applicant Guidebook is Available for Public Comment
ICANN is pleased to publish the Proposed Final New gTLD Applicant Guidebook that 
describes the process of applying for new generic top-level domains. The 
Guidebook was released today along with explanatory memoranda and detailed 
analysis of comments received on version 4 of the Applicant Guidebook. This 
Proposed Final version of the Guidebook is the result of a tremendous amount of 
participation and thoughtful feedback from the ICANN stakeholder community. 
Their contribution is evidenced through the product of several working groups - 
bringing key issues to resolution.

Interim Report of Geographic Regions Review Working Group Published For Public 
The Interim Report of the community-wide working group reviewing ICANN?s 
Geographic Regions is now available for public comment. All members of the ICANN 
community are invited to review that document [PDF, 356 KB] and share comments 
and observations with the community through 30 January 2011.

An Update on ICANN Security Efforts
As the community prepares to head into the 39th international ICANN public 
meeting in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, ICANN?s Security team provides this 
update on current activities. A little over a year ago, ICANN signed the 
Affirmation of Commitments to ensure the global technical coordination of the 
Internet?s system of unique identifiers. Preserving the security, stability and 
resiliency of the domain name system (DNS) is central to these commitments.

Developing Economies and the New gTLD Program
The Milestone Report and accompanying Addenda published for public comment today 
deals with a very important issue: how can ICANN assist applicants from 
developing economies to increase their participation in the new generic 
Top-Level Domain (New gTLD) Program?

ICANN will not restrict cross-ownership by Milton Mueller
At a special meeting November 5, ICANN's Board passed a resolution decisively 
resolving the controversy surrounding vertical integration of domain name 
registries and registrars. To our surprise, it not only resolved the issue 
correctly, but also with admirable simplicity.

A Non-profit Constituency? Or Trademark lawyers engaged in deceptive and 
confusing labeling? by Milton Mueller
A couple of trademark lawyers who work for nonprofits are trying to form a ?new? 
constituency as part of the GNSO?s Noncommercial Stakeholders Group. They have 
filed a Notice of Intent to form what they call the ?Not -for-Profit 
Organizations Constituency? (NPOC). That?s an interesting name for a couple of 
trademark lawyers to be attaching to their effort. Trademark law and policy is 
all about protecting consumers from confusing and deceptive labels. But this 
initiative seems designed to foster confusion.

New TLD guidebook bans domain front-running
ICANN?s newly published Applicant Guidebook for new top-level domain operators 
contains a draft Code of Conduct for registries that, among other things, bans 

What does ICANN say about terrorism?
While it?s true that ICANN has excised specific references to terrorism from its 
new top-level domain Applicant Guidebook, don?t expect any such groups to be 
awarded TLDs.

ICANN Board Votes to Enhance New gTLD Competition Eliminating Registry/Registrar 
In a surprise announcement by the ICANN Board, new generic top level domain 
registries will be able to own registrars, deciding to opt not to create new 
rules prohibiting registrars from applying for or operating new gTLD registries.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Proposal ????? accepted as Cyrillic domain of Serbia
ICANN finalized the technical assessment of the proposals submitted by the 
Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS) and accepted the 
label ????? as the Cyrillic domain of Serbia.

German ??? to be allowed in internet domain names
The German character ??? can be used in internet domain names as of November 16, 
an IT industry association announced on Thursday. New rules will make web 
addresses such as stra?e.de possible.

Deadline Looms, Domain Re-Registration Lags
With just two months to go before the cut-off date, 90 percent of the 
approximately 80,000 internet domains in Estonia have still not been 
re-registered, and are at risk of being shut down.

Autumn issue .eu Identity now available
The latest issue of EURid?s .eu Identity magazine is now available on eurid.eu. 
It features testimonials from several European transport and logistics companies 
that use a .eu domain name to better reach their customers. Also included are 
some memorable quotes from the Brussels ICANN meeting and a statistical overview 
of the .eu top-level domain.

As many as 250,000 fi-domain names
The number of valid fi-domain names granted by FICORA exceeded 250,000. On 27 
October 2010, the 250,000th fi-domain name, yprek.fi, was granted to a company 
called ATK-Palvelu Hakosalo Oy.

Registration Of ?.in? Domain Names In India
The registration of various categories under ?.in? domain name in India is 
conducted by the National Center for Software Technology (?NCST,?) headquartered 
at Mumbai (Bombay), and which website is accessible at: 
http://www.ncst.ernet.in/. The NCST describes the regime applicable to the 
registration of ?.in? domain names and establishes a domain name dispute 
resolution policy.

is: Quality Laws for quality domains
The Communications and municipality ministry has submitted a proposal of a bill 
concerning the country code top level domain .is and other top level domains 
that are in some way referencing or related to Iceland as stated in the 
announcement. Up until now or for almost 25 years (in the case of the oldest 
domain, hi.is) the rules of ISNIC have been applied to the registration of 
domains. They will continue to apply but in the future will be backed up by 

.jobs opponents get to the point
The .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition has sent off another ream of text to 
ICANN, spelling out more clearly its objections to Employ Media?s plan to open 
up the .jobs namespace.

SIDN introduces The.nlyst
We are therefore pleased to introduce you to The.nlyst, a magazine for everyone 
with a professional or non-professional interest in the .nl domain and the 
internet? from internet service providers and hosting firms affiliated to SIDN, 
to people working in the media and those responsible for other top-level 
domains. ... The primary focus of The.nlyst will be .nl. With more than four 
million domain names, ours is the world?s fourth biggest country-code domain. 
... In this first issue, we devote considerable space to the signing of the .nl 
zone using DNSSEC.

.?? Open Registration Commenced 11 November With More Than 200,000 Registrations 
On Day One
More than 200,000 .?? domain names were registered on day one of open 
registration for the Russian national Cyrillic domain. Open registration 
commenced on 11 November with any Russian citizen now entitled to register a .?? 

Open registration of "??" domains begins in Russia
The open registration of domain names in the first Cyrillic ???? zone has begun 
in Russia. Starting from today, any Russian citizen can register a Cyrillic web 
address on ?.???.

New Russian TLD is a smash hit
Russia?s new Cyrillic top-level domain, .??, has gone down a storm, beating even 
the recent launch of .co in terms of the speed of first-day registrations.

More than 100,000 users registered Russian Cyrillic domain ".??? during the 
first three hours of registration
ICANN approved the first non-Latin ccTLDs on 27 April 2010. Egypt, Russia, Saudi 
Arabia and The United Arab Emirates (UAE) were then approved to use ccTLDs 
written in their own scripts.

Cyrillic Domain Names Sell Fast
The body overseeing the .?? Internet domain said 184,352 addresses were snapped 
up Thursday as registration was opened to the general public, though some of the 
sexiest real estate was already long gone.

WHOIS service for .rs domains
RNIDS has enabled the WHOIS service, which allows you to view the database of 
registered .rs domains.

Nominet launches a new, independent educational website to help people stay 
safe, do more and drive business online - knowthenet.org.uk
As the internet plays an increasingly huge role in everyday life, consumers and 
businesses are increasingly looking for help and advice on a range of online 

Insurance TLD draws interest
An initiative to create a top-level domain for the insurance industry appears to 
be attracting support in German-speaking countries.

ISPs essential to controlling spam botnets: OECD
Internet service providers (ISPs) are important control points in the ongoing 
effort to control spam and botnets, according to a report from the Organisation 
for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The Role of Internet Services Providers in Botnet Mitigation [67 pages]
Botnets ? networks of computers infected by malware ? are critical security 
threats. Based on the analysis of 109 billion spam messages, this report 
considers whether ISPs can be critical control points for botnet mitigation, how 
the number of infected machines varies across ISPs and why.

Only 13% of major hosts have deployed secure DNS security extensions
Research just released by EURid, the not-for-profit EU-sponsored registry for 
.eu TLDs claims that 87% of the world's TLD internet operators have yet to 
deploy a security technology known as DNS security extensions or DNSSEC for 

China mulls legal definition of hack attack
China's governmental departments are working on the release of a legal 
definition for hacker attacks, so as to bring about clear standards for 
conviction and punishments of hacker attacks, according to the Ministry of 
Public Security.

Afilias and DotAsia collaborate on DNSSEC implementation for .ASIA
This week, at the 79th Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting in 
Beijing, China, Afilias and DotAsia jointly announced that Domain Name System 
Security Extensions (DNSSEC) has been enabled for the .ASIA top-level domain. 
The signing of the .ASIA domain enhances global security and reinforces .ASIA?s 
commitment to become the Internet identity for businesses from Asia as well as 
those expanding to Asia.


au: CERT Aus opens, has beers with AusCERT
The government's official Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Australia has 
opened today a stone's throw from the veteran industry AusCERT offices, and 
staff say there is no bad blood between the two.

WIPO Center Launches Domain Name Dispute Resolution Services for .BR (Brazil)
As of November 12, 2010, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center is providing 
domain name dispute resolution services for .BR (Brazil) pursuant to the 
Regulamento Do Sistema Administrativo De Conflitos De Internet Relativos a Nomes 
De Dom?nios Sob ".Br" (.BR Policy) and the Regras do Centro de Arbitragem e 
Media??o da OMPI para o Regulamento Do Sistema Administrativo De Conflitos De 
Internet Relativos a Nomes De Dom?nios Sob ?.Br? (WIPO Rules for .BR).

DirectNIC chief tries to dismiss cybersquatting suit
The CEO of DirectNIC is trying to wriggle out of a cybersquatting lawsuit filed 
by Verizon, seemingly on the grounds that the telco has been unable to track him 

 - IPv4/IPv6
105/8 Allocated to AfriNIC - 11 /8s Remain at IANA
Yesterday, 11 November 2010, the IANA allocated 105/8 to AfriNIC. This leaves 
only eleven /8s remaining in IANA free pool of IPv4 addresses, or 4.3% of the 

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf warns over address changes
The internet could face years of instability as it moves to a new addressing 
system, one of the network's original architects has warned.

Google vice-president issues stark internet warning
Europe will run out of capacity for new internet addresses by early next year, 
potentially cutting the UK off from the rest of the world online, one of the 
founding fathers of the communications network warned today.

Cerf warns over address space squeeze
One of the internet?s founding fathers has warned that online growth could start 
grinding to a halt within six months as internet address space runs out.

Cerf: UK government should offer IPv6 upgrade tax credit
The government should offer tax credits to businesses that upgrade their 
networking equipment to support IPv6, according to Vint Cerf, who is widely 
regarded as one of the founders of the internet.


Vint Cerf: Give tax credits to UK businesses to act on IPv6
When the last five tranches of IPv4 addresses are available, the global registry 
will allocate one tranche to each of the five main continents, and then the only 
remaining addresses will be the few held by internet service providers.

Britain 'is running out of new web addresses'
A computer scientist known as one of the "godfathers of the internet" has warned 
that the UK could run out of new web addresses in just over a year.

UK 'will run out of web addresses by 2012'
Vint Cerf, a Google vice-president credited with inventing the modern internet, 
said that the ?unbelievable? trend could prevent UK businesses from 
communicating with their customers around the world and in the UK, and hold back 
the development of a new wave of connected devices.

UK Government joins IPv6 adoption chorus
The government has backed calls for companies to start adopting IPv6 address 
spaces at the launch of 6UK, a new organisation designed to help businesses on 
this path.

us: DoD research agency leads IPv6 transition
When it comes to compliance with the Internet Protocol Version 6 transition 
mandate for federal agencies, the Defense Research and Engineering Network is 
way ahead of the curve.

Go Daddy?s .co promo is a test
Go Daddy is was ?testing? the .co top-level domain as its default extension, .CO 
Internet has revealed.

GoDaddy Switches Back to .Com as Default Search Option
About 24 hours after promoting .co to the top of its search box, domain name 
registrar GoDaddy has switched back to .com. But .co remains the second option 
for people searching for domains at the world?s largest domain name registrar.

Logo.com Lands Atop This Week's Domain Sales Leader Board After $500,000 Sale at 

Logo.com left no doubt about who ruled the Top 20 chart roost this week after 
changing hands for $500,000 in a deal brokered by Sedo's Ryan Colby. That deal, 
the 11th largest sale reported so far this year, was more than seven times 
higher than the next biggest transaction. It also helped Sedo pile up 10 of 20 
entries on this week's sales leader board, more than any other venue.

Could vertical integration kill registrar parking?
Will ICANN?s decision to allow registrars and registries to own each other help 
reduce the practice of registrars parking unused or expiring domain names?

Free Webinar! Domain Names: Strategic Insights for SE
Sedo is hosting a new free webinar, "Domain Names: Strategic Insights for SEO," 
on December 15, 2010, at 2 PM EST. Space is limited, so reserve your free spot 

Sedo's Quick Domain Tax Guide An overview of changes and strategies to prepare 
for 2011 by Sandra K. Brooks, CPA & Author of 2010 Domain Tax Guide
Tax planning for domainers is more important than ever this year due to the 
uncertainty of tax law changes being contemplated by Congress. All taxpayers 
should stay on top of the news and may have to create multiple strategies for 
their 2010 tax year. Your plan may change between now and December 31st, and you 
should be prepared to switch gears if that happens.

Legal Brief - November Domains & Taxes by Ben Kradin, Sedo.com Legal Staff
As temperatures drop in New England, it?s hard to escape the cold reality that 
November has arrived and winter is just around the corner. This time of year has 
come to signify a time for decision-making ? a time to candidly appraise 
personal and financial standing, and to scrutinize business assets, liabilities 
and portfolios including domain names. It is a time to seek out assets essential 
to business and resolve to depart with those that are dispensable. This is even 
more a crucial issue in this critical tax year because the IRS has decided to 
move forward without several of the 2010 tax breaks.

Let .Me Help You Snag One Of The World's Catchiest Domains
Starting tomorrow, you have the chance to capture a domain name that could meet 
all your online branding goals -- as a direct advertisement for your product or 
service, a site that is easy to find, and a name that?s hard to forget. Have we 
mentioned this can all be accomplished in just two words!

UK net use grows despite digital inequalities
More Britons than ever have access to the internet, but inequalities remain 
between those with high and low incomes, official figures show.

Gartner Says Social-Networking Services to Replace E-Mail as the Primary Vehicle 
for Interpersonal Communications for 20 Percent of Business Users by 2014 [news 
Greater availability of social-networking-services, coupled with changing 
demographics and work styles, will lead 20 percent of employees to use social 
networks as their business communications? hub by 2014, according to Gartner, 
Inc. Analysts said that this is one of a wide range of capabilities that have 
emerged in communications, social Web and mobile, enabling richer interactions 
among people and expanding collaboration to a broader level.

Online pay puzzle far from being solved
Are we there yet? No, we still have a long way to travel down the road taking us 
from print to digital newspapers.

Pope says internet users risk 'solitude' [AFP]
Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday warned that the Internet does not make people more 
humane but instead risks increasing a "sense of solitude and disorientation" 
among "numbed" young people.


au: Kids logging off to get into sport
New data shows more kids are playing organised sport than at any time in the 
past decade. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released yesterday reveal 
consistent growth in the proportion of children engaged in organised sport or 
dance, up from 64 per cent in 2000 to 69 per cent last year.

au: Children's Participation in Sport and Leisure Time Activities, 2000 to 2009
Using data from the 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2009 surveys of Children's 
Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities this feature article looks at 
changes to children's participation in sport and other recreational activities 
over time.

Logging on for longer: Australia's online habits revealed
More than 40 per cent of Australians access social networking sites each month, 
and spend 41.5 million hours doing so, the latest snapshot of our online habits 


Social networks drive huge rise in net traffic
SOCIAL networking, a sector dominated by Facebook, is sending Australians online 
in droves and driving a hefty increase in the amount of data downloaded by web 

Simple, honest rules to social acceptance: social media has revolutionised the 
way we connect, communicate and learn by Ian Rumsby, Australian chairman of PR 
firm Weber Shandwick
It crosses social and generational divides, rationalises our search for 
knowledge and permeates the most mundane of interactions. Despite the ubiquity 
of its name, it comes in a thousand shapes and sizes, some of which amaze and 
others that simply bore.

Benefits and pitfalls of social media for your business - do you have all the 
right policies in place?
Social media is being used increasingly, not only by individuals personally, but 
also by people who wish to promote their businesses and themselves in a 
professional or business capacity. Social media can be a powerful tool for 
achieving these ends.

Briton Loses Twitter Case, but Wins Following
The troubles of Paul J. Chambers began on a cold night in January, when his 
attempt to visit a woman from Northern Ireland he had met online was thwarted by 
a snowstorm that grounded flights at his local airport. Mr. Chambers?s first 
reaction, as in many things in his life, was to address the issue on Twitter.

UK councillor's tweet leads to arrest as airport joker loses appeal
A Conservative councillor has been arrested over a Twitter post that called for 
the stoning of a journalist, while another Twitter user has lost his appeal over 
a conviction for a message that said he would blow up an airport.

Twitter libel case is not just about the number of followers, rules High Court
A former cricketer can pursue his Twitter libel case further because the courts 
should consider more factors than just how many UK Twitter users saw the post, 
the Court has ruled.

us: Cyber-Bullying Education Needs to Start Earlier
We're all hearing and seeing the disturbing reports about cyber-bullying and its 
tragic outcomes. According to a Pew Internet Research study, 38% of girls and 
26% of boys online reported being bullied. But only 10% of those experiencing 
cyber-bullying tell their parents, according to Common Sense Media.

Should Free Speech Cover Books on Pedophilia?
If you want to test someone?s belief in freedom of speech, the easiest way is to 
bring up something morally abhorrent ? topics such as the defense of pedophilia, 
incest, the denial of the Holocaust, and so on. Amazon found itself right in the 
middle of that kind of battlefield today, after word got out on Twitter and 
elsewhere in the blogosphere that the online retailer?s Kindle e-book library 
includes a book entitled ?The Pedophile?s Guide to Love and Pleasure.? Hundreds 
of commenters have complained and asked Amazon to remove the book, but the 
company has refused to do so, saying it does not believe in censorship.

Amazon pulls paedophile manual from sale [Reuters]
Online retail giant Amazon has pulled an electronic book about paedophilia from 
its online store after complaints from online shoppers.

uk: New CEOP Chief Executive announced [news release]
Peter Davies, the Assistant Chief Constable of Lincolnshire, has been confirmed 
as the new Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection 
(CEOP) Centre.

UK united in battle against child sexual abuse images on internet
Today (7th October 2010) is the fourth national Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) 
awareness day. This year major UK internet companies are joining together with 
government departments, charities and police bodies to promote the IWF and its 
confidential online reporting service.

IWF members launch testing programme for blocking child sexual abuse content
October is an important milestone and marks the launch of a testing and 
transparency programme for the blocking solutions of IWF member companies taking 
the child sexual abuse content URL list.

us: Antibullying policy ready for airing
Franklin?s school system already offers a number of antibullying programs, but 
officials still need to establish ways to identify and measure the severity of a 
bullying incident, and determine whether it requires police intervention, 
according to a report recently released by a community task force.

Family Online Safety Institute #fosi2010 Reaches Over Half a Million People via 
The Family Online Safety Institute's 4th Annual FOSI Conference was not only the 
largest ever according to FOSI Chair Stephen Balkam, it was also the most social 
media savvy based on the number of people 'tweeting' during the conference using 
the #fosi2010 hashtag on Twitter. When I talked with Stephen during the first 
day of FOSI, he mentioned that while last year only a handful of audience 
members raised their hands when he asked who was tweeting about FOSI, this year 
nearly half the audience raised their hands. Not surprising, given Twitter's 
explosive growth in the last two years ? it now boasts over 160 million users, 
up from just three million in 2008.

Highlights from the Family Online Safety Institute Conference 2010
This week SafetyWeb is participating in the Family Online Safety Institute's 4th 
Annual FOSI Conference, and we're happy to be here along with several members of 
our Product Advisory Council including Hemu Nigam of SSP Blue, Anne Collier and 
Larry Magid of ConnectSafely.org, and Marsali Hancock of iKeepSafe.org.

How'd This LOLcat Get on My Flat-Screen? Google TV may change the boob tube 
forever. But does the Internet really make for must-see TV?
Poor TV. I feel for you. The tech and media titans aren't going to let you 
become quaint like radio. Maybe you were looking forward to living out your 
golden years relishing the awesomeness of shows like "Lost" and "Mad Men." 
"Avatar" ain't got nothing on "The Wire," right? It would be a retirement at the 
top. Time to recline in the Barcalounger, pull on a Snuggie, fire up the Pop 
Secret and gracefully watch this Internet upstart close out the rest of the 
century as the new medium of the masses.

LimeWire Disavows New 'Pirate Edition'
LimeWire LLC, potentially liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages 
for copyright infringement, issued a cease-and-desist notice of its own 
Wednesday, trying to prevent anonymous computer programmers from distributing a 
"pirate edition" of its file-sharing software.

Fox TV joins US networks to block Google TV
US TV network Fox has joined its rivals in blocking Google TV from airing its 
programmes to viewers.

Should You Be Snuggling With Your Cellphone?
... The cellphone instructions-cum-warnings were brought to my attention by 
Devra Davis, an epidemiologist who has worked for the University of Pittsburgh 
and has published a book about cellphone radiation, ?Disconnect.? I had assumed 
that radiation specialists had long ago established that worries about 
low-energy radiation were unfounded. Her book, however, surveys the scientific 
investigations and concludes that the question is not yet settled.

Faster 4G wireless networks are coming, slowly
If today's fastest smart phones deliver e-mails and Web pages with the speed of 
a thoroughbred racehorse, then the next generation of phones ? now rolling onto 
the runway ?- may feel like jet planes.

Microsoft sues Motorola, again
Microsoft escalated its legal battle with Motorola Inc. on Tuesday with a 
lawsuit accusing the phone maker of charging inflated royalties for networking 
technology that the software giant uses in its Xbox gaming system.

Smartphones in hacking risk
Certain smartphone models running Google?s Android operating system have 
security flaws that could allow hackers to steal personal information or record 
conversations, researchers said this week.

Has big business kicked its 'Crackberry' habit?
They used to call it the "Crackberry", because executives couldn't tear 
themselves away from the device.

ISPs essential to controlling spam botnets: OECD
Internet service providers (ISPs) are important control points in the ongoing 
effort to control spam and botnets, according to a report from the Organisation 
for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The Role of Internet Services Providers in Botnet Mitigation [67 pages]
Botnets ? networks of computers infected by malware ? are critical security 
threats. Based on the analysis of 109 billion spam messages, this report 
considers whether ISPs can be critical control points for botnet mitigation, how 
the number of infected machines varies across ISPs and why.

The Great Cyberheist
One night in July 2003, a little before midnight, a plainclothes N.Y.P.D. 
detective, investigating a series of car thefts in upper Manhattan, followed a 
suspicious-looking young man with long, stringy hair and a nose ring into the 
A.T.M. lobby of a bank. Pretending to use one of the machines, the detective 
watched as the man pulled a debit card from his pocket and withdrew hundreds of 
dollars in cash. Then he pulled out another card and did the same thing. Then 
another, and another. The guy wasn?t stealing cars, but the detective figured he 
was stealing something.

nz: Man jailed for posting ex-girlfriend's naked photograph on Facebook.
A 20-year-old from New Zealand who posted a photograph of his former girlfriend 
naked on Facebook has been jailed for four months.

nz: Naked photo sends jilted lover to jail [Dominion Post]
A jilted lover has made legal history by being jailed for posting a photograph 
of his ex-girlfriend naked for millions of Facebook users to see.

Opinion: A Little Less Privacy, a Bit More Security by Simon Chesterman is 
director of the New York University School of Law Singapore Program
The European Union has announced that it will overhaul its data protection rules 
in 2011. Later this month, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Commerce 
Department will release their own reports on online privacy. Meanwhile, as part 
of the much-hyped efforts to prepare for ?cyberwar,? the U.S. National Security 
Agency is strengthening ties with organizations like Google and its efforts to 
mine social networking sites like Facebook.

It's Not Your Data Now
Since the beginning of the internet era it has been pretty widely accepted that 
when you join an online service, whatever data you put into it belongs to you.

Facebook and Google aren't the only ones who need to reexamine online privacy
Facebook and Google have been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. The 
social network is in the doghouse for the misuse of some users' data by 
applications it installed on their pages. The Web-services giant earned itself 
multiple government investigations - including an inquiry launched by the 
Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday - for collecting data from 
people's wireless networks as part of its Street View mapping project.

US Watchdog Planned for Online Privacy
The Obama Administration is preparing a stepped-up approach to policing Internet 
privacy that calls for new laws and the creation of a new position to oversee 
the effort, according to people familiar with the situation.

Groups applaud push to boost policing of web privacy
Advocacy groups have welcomed reports that the US government plans to boost the 
policing of online privacy with new laws and a new watchdog.

FCC Investigating Google Data Collection
The Federal Communications Commission is investigating whether Google Inc. broke 
federal laws when its street-mapping service collected consumers' personal 
information, joining a lengthy list of regulators and lawmakers probing what 
Google says was the inadvertent harvesting of private data sent over wireless 

F.C.C. Investigates Google Street View
The Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday that it was investigating 
whether Google had violated laws when it collected Wi-Fi data as part of its 
Street View photo project.

Attack on Russian Journalist Stirs Online Allies
Two years ago, Oleg Kashin was sitting in a sleek little coffee shop around the 
corner from the Kremlin when a novelist walked in and punched him in the face.

In the Grip of the New Monopolists: Do away with Google? Break up Facebook? We 
can't imagine life without them-and that's the problem by Tim Wu, professor at 
Columbia Law School. His new book is "The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of 
Information Empires."
How hard would it be to go a week without Google? Or, to up the ante, without 
Facebook, Amazon, Skype, Twitter, Apple, eBay and Google? It wouldn't be 
impossible, but for even a moderate Internet user, it would be a real pain. 
Forgoing Google and Amazon is just inconvenient; forgoing Facebook or Twitter 
means giving up whole categories of activity. For most of us, avoiding the 
Internet's dominant firms would be a lot harder than bypassing Starbucks, 
Wal-Mart or other companies that dominate some corner of what was once called 
the real world.

MEPs want EU to tackle abusive online advertising
EU citizens must be protected from abusive advertising practices that have 
emerged on online social networks, forums and blogs, members of the European 
Parliament said.

UN official urges regulators to help increase broadband penetration worldwide 
[news release]
The head of the United Nations telecommunications agency urged regulators to 
build on massive recent growth in mobile cellular penetration worldwide and try 
to repeat that success with Internet and broadband.

No Changes Now in Rules for Web Access in Europe
Europe has sufficient legal safeguards in place to prevent the Continent?s 
telephone operators from selectively managing consumer access to the Internet 
and no new restrictions are needed, the European commissioner responsible for 
telecommunications said Thursday.

Regulators worldwide embrace principles of open networks, open access [news 
This year?s Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) defined a set of Best Practice 
Guidelines that will help stimulate the roll-out of the next wave of information 
and communication (ICT) networks, particularly in the area of broadband access.

Australian telcos 'wrong', wiretap laws are fine: govt
A top bureaucrat from the Federal Attorney-General's Department said that 
Telstra, Optus and Vodafone were "wrong, wrong, wrong" in thinking that new 
requirements for telecommunications interception were onerous.

Future of British Digital Economy Act 'in limbo' until next year, say lawyers
The Digital Economy Act, which has divided creative industries since its first 
inception, has hit what may turn into a considerable stumbling block.

InternetNZ critiques structural separation proposal in cross-submission
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has today released the cross-submission it 
lodged last Friday with the Ministry of Economic Development. This submission 
sets out InternetNZ?s response to issues raised in the initial submissions on 
the Ministry?s discussion document ?Regulatory Implications of Structural 

New Zealand offers three-strikes compromise [sub req'd]

The Origin of "World Wide Web"
The origins of our Webified age were hardly auspicious. Two decades ago, Tim 
Berners-Lee, a British software programmer at the CERN physics-research 
laboratory outside Geneva, was sketching out a global system for sharing 
information over the Internet. A March 1989 document that he drafted with the 
drab title ?Information Management: A Proposal? had met with minimal internal 
interest. Berners-Lee?s group leader, Mike Sendall, was mildly intrigued and 
allowed him to keep tinkering on the project, calling it ?vague, but exciting.?

Google Battles to Keep Talent
Google Inc. is fighting off Facebook Inc. and other fast-growing Internet firms 
that are poaching its staff, a reversal for a company that has long been one of 
Silicon Valley's hottest job destinations.

Opinion: Internet comments may one day receive the recognition they deserve
HAVE you ever wondered what the mysterious band of internet ''commenters'' might 
be like in their offline lives? Could it be that the sweet-looking grandmother 
in a mild-mannered salmon cardigan sitting next to you on the tram has a double 
life as Feral Beryl of Flemington, spewing vitriol on newspaper websites and a 
plethora of online forums.

au: OECD's each-way bet on NBN
The OECD has certainly given some oxygen to Malcolm Turnbull's campaign against 
the National Broadband Network, but its critique of the NBN is contradictory and 

OECD: Keep broadband competition - NBN has benefits, but may not be 
cost-effective, according to economic survey [AAP]
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) believes 
Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) promises large benefits, but may 
not be the most cost-effective strategy.

OECD unsure of NBN finances
The global Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has 
handed the Federal Government's flagship National Broadband Network project a 
mixed report card in its latest detailed examination of Australia's economic 

nz: Vodafone and Telecom together in rural broadband initiative
Telecom and Vodafone have submitted a joint response to the Rural Broadband 
Initiative (RBI), it was announced this morning.

nz: Govt broadband plans smothering industry, says TeamTalk boss
A shareholder at this week?s annual general meeting of TeamTalk sought 
assurances that the current dividend of 20 cents a share ? unchanged from the 
previous year ? would be maintained in the future. That wasn?t easy for 
directors to give.

Australian fined for child porn images [AAP]
An Australian on secondment in New Zealand has been fined more than $NZ11,000 
($A8,602) after being caught with 40,000 child pornography images.

Man caught in international child porn sting [Dominion Post]
An Australian man living and working in New Zealand has been fined after being 
caught in an international child pornography sting.

Aussie goes home in disgrace over child porn [Dominion Post]
An Australian in New Zealand waived diplomatic immunity to face child 
pornography charges ? and has been sent home in disgrace.

Aussie fined for child porn images in NZ [AAP]
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has stood down one of its staffers after he 
was convicted of possessing child pornography in New Zealand.


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