[DNS] domain name news - 3 March

[DNS] domain name news - 3 March

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 17:06:38 -0800 (PST)
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ICANN and Qatar Celebrate Launch of Arabic Top-Level Domain: Use of Non-Latin 
Domain Names Continues to Grow

No support for U.S. proposal for domain name veto

Obama administration joins critics of U.S. nonprofit that oversees Internet

ICANN: No government veto over controversial top-level domains

ICANN Warns .JOBS To Get House in Order

9 Million.ORG Domain Name Registrations

Hitachi Joins Canon As Candidates for gTLD

Spammers exploiting internationalised domain names

What?s Wrong With .XXX? ? Part One: Part one of a five-part series meant to help 
educate the adult industry about the dangers of .XXX sTLD by Diane Duke, Free 
Speech Coalition Executive Director

au: National Interest Analysis on international Cybercrime Convention [news 

Global Domain Name Registrations Grow 1.7% in Q4 2010 To 205m: VeriSign

ICANN and Qatar Celebrate Launch of Arabic Top-Level Domain: Use of Non-Latin 
Domain Names Continues to Grow
Dignitaries in the Arabian Gulf state of Qatar today joined leaders of ICANN in 
celebrating the launch of the lnternet?s latest Arabic script TLD name.

Updated: ICANN Meeting 41 Fellowship Application Round Extended One Week - 
Program Ensures Global Representation at ICANN's Public Meetings
ICANN is extending the deadline for accepting applications to the June ICANN 41 
meeting until 6 March 00:00 UTC due to a venue location change.

Letter from Ieuan Wyn Jones, Welsh Assembly Government, re .cymru to Peter 
Dengate Thrush

IDN ccTLD Request From Ukraine Successfully Passes String Evaluation
ICANN is pleased to announce the successful completion of String Evaluation on 
proposed IDN ccTLD string for Ukraine.

No support for U.S. proposal for domain name veto
The Obama administration has failed in its bid to allow it and other governments 
to veto future top-level domain names, a proposal before ICANN that raised 
questions about balancing national sovereignty with the venerable Internet 
tradition of free expression.

Obama administration joins critics of U.S. nonprofit that oversees Internet
The California nonprofit organization that operates the Internet's levers has 
always been a target for global heavies like Russia and China that prefer the 
United Nations in charge of the Web. But these days, ICANN is fending off 
attacks from a seemingly unlikely opposition: the Obama administration.

ICANN: No government veto over controversial top-level domains
Less than two weeks away from ICANN's conference in San Francisco, 
representatives from the organization's Government Advisory Committee have 
rejected a US Department of Commerce proposal that would give GAC members veto 
power over new domain endings.

Making IDN gTLDs Attractive and Safe by Tina Dam
The primary focus of this article is to illustrate that the Applicant Guidebook 
is not supplying sufficient protection mechanisms, and creates too high 
financial barrier for those who are interested in applying for multiple 
Top-Level Domains (TLDs) that are translations/transliterations of each other 
and/or of an existing generic Top-Level Domains (tt-gTLDs).

US Government Reviews IANA And Flags Issues For Possible Change
The US government is seeking public comment to enhance the performance of the 
IANA functions in the development and award of a new IANA functions contract.


 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Is Ireland?s .ie to change hands?
The Irish country-code domain, .ie, may be up for redelegation, according to 
Ireland?s largest domain name registrar.

ICANN Says .Jobs Operation Violates Rules
The Internet?s addressing authority has ordered the manager of the .Jobs domains 
to fix problems with how it issues addresses within 30 days or face the 
cancellation of its contract.

ICANN Warns .JOBS To Get House in Order
ICANN has sent a stern letter to Employ Media, operators of the .JOBS gTLD, 
saying they are in breach of their Registry Agreement.

Employ Media Public Response to ICANN Notice
Employ Media LLC, the licensed operator of the .jobs Top Level Domain, is in 
receipt of a Notice of Breach from ICANN staff regarding the allocation of 
domain names in .jobs. We view the substance of this notice to be a surprising 
reversal of position and contradictory to prior decisions issued by its Board of 
Directors. Further, we find the claims contained in the Notice to be utterly 
without merit.
http://goto.jobs/Employ Media Public Response to ICANN.pdf

Employ Media Rejects ICANN Decision Of .JOBS Breach of Registry Agreement
The announcement this week from ICANN that Employ Media, operators of the .JOBS 
gTLD, are in breach of their Registry Agreement has been quickly rebuked by the 


CADNA Applauds ICANN .JOBS Charter Notice of Breach
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) applauds ICANN's efforts to 
enforce the existing .JOBS Registry Agreement with Employ Media, LLC.

ICANN threatens to shut down .jobs
In an unprecedented move, ICANN has threatened to cancel a top-level domain 
registry operator?s contract.

ICANN May Shut Down .Jobs Registry
ICANN threatens to shut down .jobs, even after approving its ?registry service?.

9 Million.ORG Domain Name Registrations
There are now more than 9 million .ORG domain names the Public Interest Registry 
(PIR) announced on 2 March following a growth of 10.3 per cent in 2010.

.ORG, PIR Celebrates 9 Million Registrations
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) is pleased to announce that .ORG is now 
home to over 9 million domain name registrations. With a growth of 10.3 percent 
in 2010 ? the domain continues to be trusted and embraced, making it the world?s 
third largest gTLD.

GMO Registry Inc. Partners with Hitachi Ltd. to Apply for and Operate new gTLD 
.hitachi [news release]
GMO Internet Group Company, GMO Registry has formed a partnership agreement with 
Hitachi Ltd. to apply for and operate new gTLD .hitachi.

Hitachi Joins Canon As Candidates for gTLD
Hitachi has announced through a partnership with the Japanese GMO Registry that 
they will be applying for the generic Top Level Domain .HITACHI when ICANN 
begins accepting applications, possibly later this year.


Hitachi to apply for .hitachi
Japanese electronics giant Hitachi has emerged as the second big consumer brand 
to officially announce it will apply for a ?.brand? top-level domain.

Spammers exploiting internationalised domain names
Security experts are warning that spammers are taking advantage of 
internationalised domain names (IDNs) owing to their increasing availability and 
low cost.

Spammers exploit Internationalized Domain Names to punt penis pills
Spammers have begun taking advantage of Internationalized Domain Names as a home 
for penis pill portals and other spamvertised sites.

Trademark issues written off by ICANN board in Brussels
Citizens of Brussels are getting used to making their own decisions ? today is 
Belgium?s 260th day without a government. Meeting here in Brussels for an 
unprecedented consultation on trademark protection and new gTLDs, ICANN and its 
Government Advisory Committee (GAC) today showed even less decisiveness than the 
Belgian politicians: both sides said that not only could they not come to an 
agreement, but that they couldn?t even have a discussion.

New gTLDs and Children by Michael D. Palage
At first blush most are unlikely to see the relationship between new generic 
Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) and children. However, as a father and someone that 
has worked with approximately 50% of all new gTLDs approved by ICANN over the 
last decade, I have a unique perspective that may shed some light on this 
analogy. Hopefully, as the ICANN community begins to seek closure in connection 
with the new gTLD implement process, this article may offer one perspective as 
to what lies ahead. more?

ICANN's New gTLD Double Standard? by Michael D. Palage
Over the last two days I have sat in a room and watched a rather interesting 
dynamic unfold between the ICANN Board and its Government Advisory Committee 
(GAC). While I remain optimistic of there being a responsible closure to the new 
gTLD implementation process within the next six months, an apparent double 
standard being used by the ICANN Board could be a potential stumbling block.

ICANN Board: You Got It Right. Then You Got It Wrong. Now, Get It Right Again by 
Paul McGrady
The ICANN Board has itself in a pretty pickle. The Governmental Advisory 
Committee (GAC) Consultancy with the Board in Brussels was an apparent 
non-starter. After hundreds of man-hours' worth of comments provided by the 
Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC), the Board continues to claim that it 
lacks sufficient information on trademark issues in order to respond to 

What?s Wrong With .XXX? ? Part One: Part one of a five-part series meant to help 
educate the adult industry about the dangers of .XXX sTLD by Diane Duke, Free 
Speech Coalition Executive Director
Throughout this month, the ICANN Board will discuss some final issues with its 
Government Advisory Committee (GAC) before determining the next step in .XXX?s 
destiny. It is imperative that adult industry professionals understand the 
serious ramifications of this complex issue. In this five-part series, FSC 
Executive Director Diane Duke points out some of the atrocities in ICM?s 
proposed .XXX TLD and explains why owning a .XXX TLD may be far more dangerous 
and detrimental to your business than not.

ICANN director has .xxx job offer
Sebastien Bachollet, recently installed on the ICANN board as its first elected 
?At Large? director, has been offered a job working for the .xxx top-level 
domain, it has emerged.

CADNA Applauds ICANN Chair Dengate Thrush for Delay in New gTLD Roll Out
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) applauds ICANN Chairman Peter 
Dengate Thrush's statement indicating further delay of the roll out of the new 
gTLD program. In an interview with World Trademark Review, as well as in remarks 
made at the McCarthy Institute Symposium, Dengate Thrush said that the final 
version of the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook would not be approved at the 
upcoming March 2011 ICANN meeting in San Francisco.

.Sport Trademark Application Games Continue
I guess trademarks are just like any other sport ? a big game. dotSport LLC, 
which wants to run a .sport top level domain name, has been aggressive in its 
hunt for .sport related trademarks.

Opinion: NATO Builds Its Cyberdefenses by General St?phane Abrial of France, the 
commander of NATO?s Allied Command Transformation based in Norfolk, Virginia
Last November?s NATO summit in Lisbon agreed to a new security concept that 
frames the way the alliance will address the full range of emerging threats to 
our collective peace and security.

Opinion: Cyberspace Wars by Joseph S. Nye Jr., a professor at Harvard and the 
author, most recently, of ?The Future of Power?
This year, the 47th Munich Security Conference included for the first time a 
special session on cybersecurity. ?This may be the first time,? the president of 
a small European noted to the high-powered assembly, more accustomed to dealing 
with armies and alliances than with worms and denial-of-service attacks, ?but it 
will not be the last.?

au: National Interest Analysis on international Cybercrime Convention [news 
Authorities will better positioned to prevent, detect and prosecute cyber crime 
offences if Australia accedes to the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, 
according to a key report tabled in the Senate today.

If Stuxnet was act of cyberwar, is US ready for a response?
The complex Stuxnet worm proved attacks on SCADA and other industrial control 
systems were possible. Are we ready if one comes our way?

U.S. defends Web site seizures
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency says government seizures of 
Web sites is about protecting U.S. industry, not regulating the Internet.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 knowledge is 'all over the map,' CIRA says
After wrapping up its first ever Canadian Internet Forum in Ottawa last week, 
CIRA head Byron Holland gives his thoughts on the state of IPv6 readiness among 
Canadian IT shops. Why he compares the entire process to a big supply chain

Global Domain Name Registrations Grow 1.7% in Q4 2010 To 205m: VeriSign
The total number of domain names registered grew by 1.7 per cent in the quarter 
ending December 2010, or 3.5 million, to 205.3 million according to the latest 
VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief. Registrations grew by 12.1 million, or 6.3 
per cent over the past year.

Internet Grows to More Than 205 Million Domain Names in Fourth Quarter of 2010 
[news release]
The global base of Internet domain names grew by nearly 3.5 million in the 
fourth quarter of 2010, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief, 
published by VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet 
infrastructure services for the networked world.

Peruvian Internet Policy Expert Seeks Political Ambitions
Peruvian domain name expert and general manager of Latin American and Caribbean 
TLD Association (LACTLD), Erick Iriarte Ah?n, is seeking election to parliament.


Best Ways to Find Five Letter Domains
I know a lot of you are looking for short brand names for your startup or 
personal web presence. These types of domains are some of the most sought after. 
Most entrepreneurs would be thrilled to have a pronounceable, memorable and 
relevant brand identity for their websites, apps and products.

 - German News
ICANN lehnt Einspruchsrecht f?r Top-Level-Domains ab
Die US-Regierung ist mit ihrem Vorsto? gescheitert, ein Vetorecht f?r die 
Vergabe von TLDs einzuf?hren. Der Regierungsbeirat (Governmental Advisory 
Committee, GAC) der Netzverwaltungsorganisation ICANN hat diesen Teil eines 
Antrags der USA abgelehnt. Daf?r erhalten Regierungen das Recht, Empfehlungen zu 
kontrovers diskutierten Domainendungen auszusprechen, die aber nicht bindend 

Regierungen f?r "Fr?hwarnsystem" gegen missliebige Domains
Vertreter der Regierungen fordern von der Netzverwaltung ICANN ein 
"Fr?hwarnsystem" f?r m?glicherweise unliebsame neue TLDs.


TLDs ? Neues von .africa, .org und .reise
Europa und Asien haben schon eine, jetzt will auch Afrika die eigene Endung: 
einer der Bewerber um das K?rzel .africa sucht bereits eine Registry. In 
Deutschland will sich .reise auf die Spuren von .travel begeben, w?hrend .org 
mit Halbjahreszahlen gl?nzt ? hier die Kurznews. 


nTLDs ? ICANN best?tigt weitere Verz?gerung
Die Internet-Verwaltung ICANN hat offiziell best?tigt, die Entscheidung ?ber die 
Einf?hrung neuer Top Level Domains erst nach dem f?r M?rz 2011 anberaumten 
Meeting in San Francisco zu treffen. Unterdessen droht durch die Unruhen im 
Nahen und Mittleren Osten weitere Verz?gerung.

Denic f?hrt DNSSEC ein
Die Denic wird die DNS-Erweiterung DNSSEC ? bei der die DNS-Eintr?ge mittels 
kryptographischer Verfahren auf ihre G?ltigkeit gepr?ft werden ? am 31. Mai vom 
Test- in den Produktivbetrieb ?berf?hren. Das teilte das Bundesamt f?r 
Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) mit.

Traffic ? Domainer verspotten SEO-Newbie
Der SEO-Spezialist Stephen Chapman wundert sich. Er registrierte einen 
Domain-Namen und leitete dessen Traffic auf eine andere Domain um, deren Traffic 
daraufhin massiv anstieg. Und Domainer spotten dar?ber. Es scheint so, als w?ren 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) und Domaining zwei sich fremde Welten.

 - French News
Les soucis du ma?tre d'Internet: L'Icann, qui g?re l'ensemble des noms de 
domaine sur Internet, s'inqui?te de l'avenir du Web.
St?phane Van Gelder pr?side le GNSO, l'un des deux organes de d?cision de 
l'Icann*. Premier Fran?ais ? acc?der ? ce poste, il d?fend le projet d'ajout de 
nouvelles extensions sur le Web, telles que le .paris pour la capitale 

Libye : quel risque pour les noms de domaine en .LY?
Qu?elle soit d?ordre gouvernemental, politique, technique? une interruption 
inopin?e peut menacer la p?rennit? d?un site. A fortiori un blocage total 
d?Internet comme celui dont la Libye, apr?s la Tunisie et l??gypte, a fait 
l?objet pendant quelques heures dans la nuit du 18 au 19 f?vrier. Quels sont 
donc les risques pour les noms de domaine en .LY?

.SE : une proc?dure acc?l?r?e pour r?soudre les litiges
Le registre su?dois teste pendant six mois une nouvelle proc?dure de r?glement 
des litiges applicable lorsque le d?fendeur ne r?pond pas aux all?gations du 

Nouvelles extensions : les gouvernements n?auront pas droit de veto
Les membres du GAC, l?organisation repr?sentative des gouvernements au sein de 
l?ICANN, viennent de rejeter la proposition du secr?tariat d??tat am?ricain au 
Commerce visant ? leur accorder un droit de veto sur la cr?ation de nouvelles 

 - Italian News
ICANN, no al potere di veto voluto dagli USA
Non passa la proposta del governo statunitense di istituire il diritto di veto 
sui domini di primo livello "scomodi". Alla governance dei domini verr? al 
massimo recapitato un "consiglio non vincolante"

 - Hungarian News
.at domain regisztr?ci? ingyenesen
Minden, legal?bb 2 ?ves .hu domain regisztr?ci?hoz 1 osztr?k domain nevet adunk 

No social media revolution for Cuba
A strange thing happened to me the other week. While the so called Facebook 
revolution was sweeping through Egypt I found myself in an almost completely net 
free zone, a rare black hole on the Facebook map: Cuba.

WikiLeaks, Internet in record Nobel Peace field
Anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, the Internet and a Russian human rights activist 
are among a record 241 nominations for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. ... Some 
pundits have said the Internet or social media such as Facebook and Twitter, 
which have been used to help organise dissent in countries with oppressive 
governments, could be rewarded.

PlagiPedia shows the web is passionate about correcting its own follies by Jimmy 
In recent weeks the world has watched popular protests topple dictators across 
the Middle East. These revolutions have been called "Twitter revolutions" or 
"Facebook revolutions", and although these claims are somewhat exaggerated, they 
are also not entirely fanciful. The truth is always more complex and more 
interesting than simple bromides can capture.

Jacqui Smith: My view of pornography: former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith on her 
personal experience
Eyeing my fellow passengers on the Tube heading for the Erotica show at Olympia 
last November, I wondered just what I was letting myself in for. BBC Radio 5 
Live had asked me to make a documentary about the UK porn industry, so where 
better to start than its trade fair?

App spies on Facebook relationship status
A new Facebook app that immediately alerts users when someone they have a crush 
on changes their relationship status is causing a stir.


Bosses switch on antisocial network
AN ANGRY red dot flashes at the top of your computer screen. As your mouse 
creeps over it, a message appears: ''Twitter use has exceeded the department 
average of 58.6 minutes per day - please self-regulate.''

Inside Microsoft: Innovation still on the menu
If you spent $9bn a year on research and development and employed 900 of the 
world's top computer scientists to come up with new ideas, what would you expect 
in return?

E-readers growing in popularity as publishers predict the 'year of the e-book'
The growth of electronic books is closing the technology age gap as more 
over-55s turn to Apple iPads and Amazon Kindles instead of the familiar 

us: No Protection Found for Sex Photos Altered to Include Minors [New York Law 
Sexually explicit photos of adults that have been digitally altered to display 
the faces of children are not protected expressive speech under the First 
Amendment, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled.

uk: 'I slit my wrists because I was cyber-bullied'
"You should go and kill yourself because you don't mean anything to anyone." 
When 14-year-old Carney Bonner read this Facebook message he was so distressed 
that he began to self-harm.

us: South Carolina bill would punish teens for sexting
Debate on a bill to punish teens for sexting in South Carolina has been delayed.


Norton Reports: Justin Bieber and John Lennon Top the Celebrity Charts for Kids 
Kids around the world have one really big thing in common when they?re searching 
for entertainment on the internet, and that?s music. Norton Online Family Kids? 
Top Entertainment Searches, based on more than 20 million anonymous 
search-engine queries from kids in 20 countries, found that the majority of 
entertainment searches kids conducted online (more than 75 percent) were for 
songs or musicians. 


Opinion: Listen to internet users before setting rules on piracy by HelenYoung, 
school of communication arts, University of Western Sydney
One in three adults in Australia has participated in movie piracy, according to 
a recent report by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft. But if we 
are a nation of digital thieves then we are not alone: an international report 
released this year said that stolen copyright material accounts for between 
one-fifth and one-quarter of all internet traffic worldwide.

Investors Are Drawn Anew to Digital Music
Since it emerged in the 1990s, digital music has been hugely popular with fans, 
but for online music companies and their investors it has almost never been 

Music labels making millions from YouTube, says Google
Universal Music will be confident about the success of Jessie J's debut album 
Who You Are which is released today, as she is one of the most viewed artists on 
YouTube this year with almost 40 million hits on just two of her music videos.


Japanese Phone Makers Look to Ride Android?s Surge
Japanese mobile phones are a gadget lover?s dream. They double as credit cards. 
They can display digital TV broadcasts. Some are even fitted with solar cells.

Apple's subscription model: some new reasons to be nervous
Digital music services like MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody have been vocal about their 
fear that Apple?s subscription policy will ruin innovative companies already 
shouldering start-up losses, and the industry?s concern was again on display at 
the FT Digital Media and Broadcasting conference on Wednesday.

Resist the Pull of Smartphones, Nintendo President Urges Developers
The president of Nintendo told video game developers Wednesday that smartphones 
were driving a trend toward lower quality, and economically unsustainable, video 

Spam on the rise again in Australia after lull: MessageLabs
Following the dip in January by the removal of some botnet providers, spam is on 
the rise again in Australia, according to security experts.

au: National Interest Analysis on international Cybercrime Convention [news 
Authorities will better positioned to prevent, detect and prosecute cyber crime 
offences if Australia accedes to the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, 
according to a key report tabled in the Senate today.

nz: Ministry Cautions About Quake-Themed Phishing E-mail
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Christchurch (New Zealand) is urging people 
to watch out for a phishing scam that's capitalizing on the Christchurch 
earthquake to exploit unsuspecting New Zealanders, so published Voxy.co.nz in 
news on February 23, 2011.

US says China's Baidu is notorious pirated goods market
The US has put China's top search engine Baidu on a list of "notorious markets" 
for counterfeit and pirated goods.

U.S. calls China's Baidu 'notorious market'
The United States on Monday again put China's top search engine, Baidu Inc, on 
its annual list of "notorious markets" for counterfeit and pirated goods, 
fueling U.S. business community hopes for action in Congress against "rogue 

China tops list for online, offline piracy
U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk released a report Monday reaffirming China's 
role as the world's leading source of counterfeit goods - both online and 

us: Sen. Schumer calls for increased public WiFi security
Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday called on major U.S. web site operators such as 
Amazon and Twitter to switch to a more secure protocol to prevent identify theft 
and other security breaches in places like coffee shops.

Senator Schumer Calls on Sites to Step Up Consumer Protection
"As the operator of one of the world's most popular websites, you provide a 
valuable service to Internet users across America. With the privilege of serving 
millions of U.S. citizens, however, comes the responsibility to protect them 
while they are on your site."

'Microsoft support centre' scam continues, and takes turn for worse
The scam whereby people in Indian call centres ring up and insist that they are 
calling from "Microsoft Windows Support" and that they have been alerted - by 
Microsoft, or your ISP - that "your computer is running slowly because of 
viruses" - is still going on.

German regulators move on transmission of IP addresses to third parties
A German data protection agency has ruled that a company passing along IP 
addresses to a third party is illegal without the explicit consent of the 
individual IP address 'owners' involved. 


Britons caught out by booby-trapped web ads
Tens of thousands of people could have been caught out by cyber criminals who 
put booby-trapped adverts on popular webpages.

ch: Parliament cracks down on cybercrime
The House of Representative has agreed to step up international cooperation 
against computer hackers, data theft and online child pornography.

Facebook Facelifts Its Privacy Policy
On Friday, Facebook offered its users a sneak peak at a major overhaul in how 
the site intends to present its privacy policy, and asked whether they like the 

Facebook takes fresh step to open up users' personal details
Facebook is planning to make users' addresses and mobile phone numbers available 
to apps that people use on the site, although it says it would require users to 
give explicit permission for it to happen.

Facebook debating contact information request for minors
Facebook has told lawmakers it is debating whether to allow third-party 
applications to request contact information about minors.

Web's Hot New Commodity: Privacy
As the surreptitious tracking of Internet users becomes more aggressive and 
widespread, tiny start-ups and technology giants alike are pushing a new 
product: privacy.

Europe's highest court to rule on Google privacy battle in Spain
Europe's highest court looks set to decide whether Google should remove links to 
articles in newspapers, including El Pa?s, from its search engine following a 
Spanish demand about invasion of privacy.

Telling Libya's story over the Internet
An ad hoc network of information smugglers uses social media, accessed from 
across the border in Egypt, to share videos and firsthand accounts of the 

Malaysia media laws raise concern
The Malaysian government is planning to tighten media regulations. And that's 
unnerving many in the country. The government will put limits on the internet, 
raising concerns of a crackdown on free speech.

YouTube urged to delete radical cleric's sermons
Sermons from Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical cleric said to be linked to multiple 
terrorist plots against Britain and the United States, remain on YouTube despite 
calls for them to be taken down.

China Tightens Leash on Journalists
China appeared to reinstate some restrictions on foreign journalists that were 
lifted ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as the government tried to stifle 
online activists' calls for a "Jasmine Revolution."

au: Comms review set to start soon: Conroy [AAP]
A committee to advise on regulating new and old media will be finalised within a 
few days, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has said.

uk: Ad regulator oversees social networking and companies' own sites from today
From today, companies' communication on social networking sites and their own 
websites will be subject to regulation by the UK advertising industry watchdog, 
the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Net Neutrality Debate in Europe Is ?Over?
Is throwing net neutrality under the bus the price of a modern European telecom 
network? While the debate over a free and open Internet has raged in the U.S., 
it appears in Europe that the argument is largely over; net neutrality lost. 
What we are now arguing about is where to draw the line, not should we draw one 
at all.

Defining Internet "freedom": Ars interviews Senator Al Franken
Since winning election to the US Senate in 2008, Al Franken (D-MN) has become 
one of that chamber's top net neutrality defenders. With the House uninterested 
in compromise on the issue, the real push to gut the FCC's existing net 
neutrality order will take place this year in the Senate.

California legislation would tighten rules on Internet sales tax
California lawmakers are pushing measures that would require online merchants to 
collect sales tax on more transactions in a move to help shore up the state's 
sagging finances and level the playing field for bricks-and-mortar retailers.

us: States Make Play for Web Gambling
Efforts to legalize online gambling in the U.S. are moving to the states as 
lawmakers roll the dice on bills that aim to steer around federal laws 
effectively prohibiting Internet wagering.

us: Campbell To Re-Introduce Online Gambling Bill With Frank
House Financial Services Committee ranking member Barney Frank, D-Mass., has 
found a new partner in his quest to legalize Internet gambling and to reverse a 
2006 law that outlawed it.

Singapore issues ISP code of practice
The government has issued several mandatory security measures that designated 
Internet service providers (ISPs) must comply with as part of efforts to 
safeguard the country's Internet infrastructure.

Google Investing in Latin America After Region's Sales Rose 80% Last Year
Google Inc., the world?s biggest Internet-search company, is opening new offices 
in Latin America and boosting staffing levels by 50 percent to capitalize on its 
fastest-growing region.

nz: NetHui to gather internet stakeholders
InternetNZ is hoping a three-day conference will attract representatives of 
various sectors that are ?stakeholders? in the internet, to discuss a broad 
range of internet-associated topics.

Ofcom wants to ban misleading broadband speed ads
Ofcom is seeking to stop internet service providers from advertising unrealistic 
broadband speeds. Currently most ISPs advertise services as 'up to' a certain 
speed - for instance, 20Mbps (megabits per second).

ISPs must advertise average broadband speeds, not 'up to' speeds, says Ofcom
ISPs should be forced to advertise the typical speeds available on internet 
access packages and not the theoretical maximum currently advertised, telecoms 
regulator Ofcom has said. They should also not be allowed to cap 'unlimited' 

Average broadband speed is still less than half advertised speed [Ofcom news 
Average download speeds remain less than half of ?up to? speeds advertised by 
some Internet Service Providers (ISPs), particularly for current generation 
copper-based ADSL services, new Ofcom research reveals.

nz: Telco networks under pressure following earthquake
The 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch at 12.51pm on Tuesday 
February 22 caused widespread disruption to telecommunication networks.

nz: Ultra Fast Broadband on hold?
InternetNZ CEO Vikram Kumar says its organisation has heard that the government 
may call a halt the Ultra Fast Broadband initiative following last week?s 
earthquake in Christchurch.

nz: Fibre Watch: UFB on shaky ground
Will the government?s $1.5 billion ultra-fast broadband initiative survive the 
economic fallout from the deadly earthquake that has destroyed central 

nz: Govt considering UFB delay?
InternetNZ and the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development today 
released a joint statement about rebuilding a new vibrant Christchurch 
underpinned by world class broadband infrastructure.

InternetNZ calls for fibre roll out in Christchurch
New Zealand internet industry group InternetNZ and NZCID (New Zealand Council 
for Infrastructure Development) have jointly called for rolling out fibre 
broadband infrastructure when the city council begins rebuilding Christchurch.

InternetNZ And NZCID Call For Leadership In Christchurch Rebuild
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) and NZCID (New Zealand Council for 
Infrastructure Development) have today jointly called for leadership in building 
a new vibrant Christchurch, underpinned by world class broadband infrastructure.

au: Railway safety under siege as carriers scramble for spectrum
Australia's peak rail authority is battling to protect billions of dollars worth 
of investment in the safety of national rail networks, which is under siege as 
the carriers scramble for scarce Long Term Evolution spectrum resources.

Boehner rips FCC bid to regulate Internet
House Speaker John A. Boehner lashed out against efforts to regulate Internet 
traffic before an audience of evangelical Christian media leaders and pointedly 
responded to President Obama by comparing the challenge of the burgeoning 
national debt to the Sputnik-era space race.

uk: Vodafone scrambles to recover as burglary disconnects thousands
Hundreds of thousands of Vodafone customers were left unable to use their phones 
yesterday after important communications equipment was stolen during a break-in 
at one of the company's technical facilities near Basingstoke in Hampshire.

au: Vic man used chat room to groom children [AAP]
25-year-old man pretended to be a teenage boy to talk about sex acts with 
children in MSN Messenger.


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